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have all been dismissed by ukraine over the years. was a key of blaming everything that's happening. the country on the so called russian aggression, the russian foreign ministry added that the complaint was a result of several factors. first, a complete disregard for human rights violations in ukraine. second, the continued violation of their own law as well as their own constitution. and finally, thirdly, an inability of the ukrainian law enforcement and judicial system. so properly investigate these appalling facts. while that's the news for this, our, if you want to find more details on those stories we just went through. you can always check out our website, r t dot com or follow us on twitter. i'll be back with more news just about 30 minutes. so stay tuned ah, the ah
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ah ah, ah ah, when i would show the wrong one all room just don't the rule out. the thing becomes the attitude, an engagement equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground in the
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harvey weinstein is being transferred from new york to california. we're going to tell you exactly why. and when industry needs 1000000 workers in the us to meet the demand, but it is a good time for the economy, i guess as know. and what role did the f b i play in the box plan to kid at michigan, governor gretchen whitmore. plus parson state up in congress regarding the january 6 committee. we're going to bring you the latest on the drama. i'm starting to use and you were watching news you use right here on our to america. let's get started . ah . new york prison officials handed over convicted rapist and former hollywood mobil . weinstein to be relocated to california this week. and today in court. weinstein made a shocking plea. our d correspondent natasha suite,
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has more on the reason for this transfer. disgrace movie producer harvey weinstein is now here in los angeles. he's been released by the new york state department of corrections, despite his attorney's plea for him to remain in new york. the motive behind the transfer was for wine seemed to face additional charges. and today he pleaded not guilty to 4 counts of rape and 7 other sexual assault counts were they were charged to violate b l aid. she was very forceful for actual again coming. ringback into court in wilcher today, where any brown jumps through in a face mask, harvey weinstein pleads not guilty to all new sexual assault charges. and you are a judge in june approved harvey weinstein. extradition to california just denied his lawyers request to keep him at a state prison near buffalo. that's where he was serving a 22 year sentence for a rip conviction last year until the start of jury selection. in the los angeles case, why? sean's attorney argued he should remain in wendy correctional facility is hospital
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like maximum security setting. his lawyer said weinstein was receiving treatment from a lady's, including a loss of eyesight, was 69 year old was charged in january 2020, with 11 sexual assault counts in california, involving 5 women streaming from alleged assaults in los angeles, and beverly hills, from 2004 to 2013. the charges include rape, forcible population, sexual battery by restraint, and sexual penetration by use of force. the california charges were now to shortly before weinsteins conviction in new york city on charges that he rape an aspiring actress in 2013 in manhattan. hotel room and forcibly performed oral sex on a tv film production assistant in 2006 at his manhattan apartment. in april, wind scenes, attorneys appealed to conviction. they also requested a new trial. some legal experts say, well wind scenes case was put on hold as a result of covered and that major progress has still been made. i think, to some extent, the me to move movement has been overshadowed by things like coven and black lives
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matter and all of the things that have been happening in this country. but i still think when the dust settles were still in a much better place than we were several years ago now, one scene has already denied all allegations in new york and california before today's plea, reporting for new. if you choose and partial suite, our team to give us an insight on this move, we welcome legal and media and ice line, a line. thanks for joining me on this. thank you. ok to talk about just at 1st the big picture. what is your overall take on his treatment and prosecution 1st in new york, but obviously now we're going to california what is the worst trials in the history of american jurisprudence? look, scotty. nobody likes this guy. he's ugly. he's disgusting. he's a pig. you've heard these tape. i know that i'm not excusing what he did. well,
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let me put it q me give you an analogy. harvey weinstein is to jeffrey epstein. what the j. 6 is to be l. m. an antique. the amount of attention. the ascent you wish prosecution of this man was unlike anything anybody has ever seen. you remember when he had to show his gen ed toll in court? what was the purpose of that other than me humiliate him? remember when you had witness after witness? not charge. basically telling the jury she did this before. so if you don't get them now, if you have any doubt he's done this before, this is this past similar evidence conduct. it was one of the worst case it ever. so let me ask this question again. why wasn't there even a tense, just 10 percent of the attention paid to not hard,
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not jeffrey epstein. calling maxwell, but the 100 or more of the victims. it's been all but forgotten. so what i'm saying is, i don't want them to get off the hook. i don't know necessarily why they have to replicate this. again. it l a. they're entitled to this. he certainly could have waived in a parent for an arraignment. you know, in risking coven. but scotty, what they did to him was an abomination. you can still get him, they just didn't care about anything. and i know i'm the only person that i'm not sympathizing with them, but i'm a lawyer and i swore to uphold the constitution, and the constitution applies to you. me and even harvey weinstein. and i understand that, and i'm like probably going to, sorry if i don't give them much 70, but i see where you're coming from as a lawyer as what you swear to protect. and i know that you care a lot about sex trafficky and stopping it. something near one of your causes. so
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you, i trust your opinion on this. that being said, considering what just happened with bill cosby, where he got out on charges that had nothing to do with his actions, but on a legal technicality. but so therefore he's allowed to walk free and a lot of women are going, but it does that does nothing to say that he did not do the horrible things that we now know that he did. is there any concern to possibly that same card could be played here that if you say that there's been such a horrible, horrific prosecution of weinstein in new york or california? could we see winds and going down the same path of what bill cosby and possibly walking free on a legal technicality. what let me out, my dear, dear. and let me talk to you about this legal technicality of bill cosby. i know that's not what we're talking about, but i'm glad you brought it up. they made a promise to him not to bribes. acute him, they made a promise. they said, listen, if you testify on this deposition and help this woman recover money,
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we won't prosecute you with you have no fit amendment right. are you sure? take our word for it, where the prosecution and then a why. if you think that's a technicality management, i think i would beg to differ, though i understand the anger or him. nobody wants to every hear of a re best getting justice when none of this victim. that's what when we talk about technicality. remember in harbor wind, the that case in new york probably isn't going anywhere. he's convicted that most probably going to be for the rest of his life or the term of this. these are new cases right now. i, here's the story. you can't spend a lot, let me bring this. they did the same thing and bill cosby. i'm glad you brought that up. similar fact evidence. things that bill cosby did that he's not being charged with. now that may make complete and total sense to the lay public,
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but scotty, if you're on trial for shoplifting, all gods are speeding whatever it is. right. do you want me to bring up something that happened in the past that has nothing to do with this? we know that it's no use, she has a tendency to break the law. here's something she did before you say, what does this have to do with this case here while he shows a similar fact pattern, shows a similar propensity come on. i understand you're talking to legal aspect, but i to tell you, i still think they're still should be just and sir, for those victims for bill cosby. him walking free is an abomination in my it's a lawyer redo the case if you want, but don't let him just walk free and let him get away with what he did. or in this case, i said, i'm concerned about why it was so badly prosecuted final. we're going to get to the conversation. i think this is not going to be the end of this story. oh no, no. thank you. thank you. moving on,
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the assertion builders and contractors, a trade association may half of non union members of the construction sector says the us housing market needs up to 1000000 additional construction workers to meet the demands. now the sort of supplies in multiple industries, but coupled with a distorted labor market and a high demand for homes. even if you find the materials to build your house is still might not be able to be guaranteed to the actual workers to construct it. so what is the solution and where did the problem begin? let's ask tom nor, thanks for joining me on this issue. you know, i have to, i have to ask you, tom, every industry right now look around yourself mainstream having a hard time finding workers, but is 1000000 accurate and why such a high deficit and this is private and public construction. well, the deficits come in because we still have this continued just unemployment with these extra benefits. for instance, i do work in the construction industry and i do,
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i do sell commercial sales for it. and i do some pretty large accounts. but what happens is, if you're going to pay an employee, $60.00 extra $300.00 a week to stay home and not work on top of whatever the state unemployment is. they're going to stay at home because now we're in the middle of summer. they can go on vacation. yeah, they might be getting paid 25 percent last, but they don't have to pay for gas. they don't have to worry about food when they're out. when they get to go fishing and camping with their family, i'm a vacation that they've never been able to happen. this shows us that it cannot make socialism through this appointment doesn't work. greece tried this writers ago and we remember how that work. germany and the european union had to bail them out . most labor shortage is going to continue until we stop paying permanent unemployment benefits. the other reason why the housing market is so short is because we have so many, for close years that we have stayed the ability to close on from the bangs. at some point, the band is going to be ripped off in this academy is going to start grading really,
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really badly. because these houses people are over year behind. we're talking a middle class randomly. we make $60000.00 a year normally that's been going and taking advantage of this unemployment. most of them are probably thinking the government's going to bail me out now and that's the taxpayers are bailing them out. not the government. that's where the money comes from. any think, well when they left this unemployment stuff and they worked up the foreclosures, i am going to be able to have the government bail me out where in fact they're going to serve for closing on these homes. you have families $24000.00 behind. now on their mortgages, most of them are going to have the ability to catch that up and pay it. so if you wait till april of next year, mark my words, we're going to be a huge economic downturn and housing prices are going to bomb it. because they're artificially built up by the government right now. government can only sustain this type of deficits for so long, but you still have the demand right now. people wanting to build and they still are
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obviously probably enjoying some of the savings they've had over the past. years from the government money, but they can't do it and you're talking about it. so they can, you're talking about the workers on it. a lot of conservatives feel like this is going to be the way that immigration reform is issued in so they can impact and bring more workers in detail because people want to have their houses built and they're willing to sacrifice. what could that, what impact could that be if they do bring in immigrant workers to the american businesses like yourself, like my family business, that builds as a small custom home builder. what impact is that have when you bring in, when you flood the market with people that are cheap labor, they don't have necessarily some of the same standards that the american workers are being held to. well, what happens is when we go onto the economic downturn, that's going to happen from the shortages once the government bandage can be ripped off or trying to deflate the market and drop the wages even lower to the point where people are going to be able to make enough money to pay their bills. so the market isn't the solution either. the actual solution is to remove these government
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additional benefits and let the market start working its way out. maybe we take a 6 month slow process of repealing this type of stuff. but then the government and making sure that the market can catch up, that the economy can go ahead and start to recover a little bit and stabilize. the problem is our politicians always fail us. and what's going to end up happening in and they feel back that bad day and nobody's going to have time to catch up to us. so pulling these workers even across the board are still going to work either because we're going to drive those wages way further down. and because by the time they get here, it's made a hit just as those damaged or ripped off from the government. and we're going to create a bigger economic depression than what we're facing. well, and so there's ways we can go about doing it the right way. absolutely. tom and you know, what we're talking about. we're not even talking about the skilled labor that's needed in some of these places that we have a retired generation of builders that are going and we don't have that next generation because there's been no incentive for these trade schools to grow while everybody else has been bailed out tom norton,
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president of michigan conservative union. thanks for joining me. so why did speaker possi else trump fire brand from her january 6 committee? well, we're going to discuss and give you the 360 view after the break. the . ah, i'm at kaiser with more of my guide to financial survival. this is a hedge fund. it's a device used by professional value ags to earn money. that's right. these hedge funds are completely not accountable and just adding more and more to them. totally destabilize the global economy. you need to protect yourself and get inform, watch casually. ah
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ah, the questions are being raised regarding the attempted kidnapping plot against mission. governor gretchen wimmer, several members of a militia group in michigan called the wolverines watchman were arrested in october of 2020 for putting to kidnap the governor. now however, at least 12 informants of the f b i were actually involved in the group including one f, b i, informant, who paid for all the planning meetings and was even encouraged to recruit others to the plot. so is this a case of entrapment by the f b i. what help us discuss who bringing that brian, ceo of american majority. ned, thanks for joining me on this. absolutely, i see that you're kind of chuckling at this because i want you to help me remind our viewers what was the environment in october and why this was such a huge story at that time beyond just a kid not being plot of
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a politician. yeah, of course it's october 2020 going into a rather important election on this case, revolves around governor and gretchen whitmore, of michigan, a key state guy. it's a bizarre case, scotty. i mean, 12 informants obviously being handled by a special agent of the f b i to try and trap 1414 guys, one of whom has pled guilty, but 13 of said, we're not guilty. the amazing part about this, scotty is the entire play in the inception for this idea that quote unquote kidnap whitmore, was actually started by an f b i informant. and i'm, i'm questioning, would there have been anything, any conspiracy, any of this happened if it weren't for the f b i, i mean, this all was like the f b i coming up with a plan to actually kidnap whitmore. it's truly bizarre and they spend so much money on this. i think the leaving form was actually paid 60000 and got a new car out of this. scott is just absolutely insane. what was done in all,
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by the way, special agent trask who was running these informants, has now been arrested for spousal abuse for abusing his wife after they came back from a swingers party. so amazing people, the f. b, i has working for them these days and i understand the importance or informants in this group, but to have 12, almost one, inform it for every person in the group that was arrested. that's a pretty high big amount of pressure involved in their you know, should there actually be an investigation? more importantly, a disclosure. exactly. what was the role these f b i informants were playing in the group? no, absolutely. i think we have to have an overall investigation into what the f b i is doing these days. i am of the opinion. it's become heavily politicize heavily weaponized against anybody that they think might have any opposing thoughts or ideas. and it's an attempt, i think, in this case, but in other cases, to frame people as suppose it extremist, so that we can actually, so they can actually have justification for actually targeting people as extreme us who might simply have different political views of the government. so i think this
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is actually really troubling. scotty. what the f b i is doing these days. and i think a total abuse of their power in a total abuse of taxpayer funds that funds the f. b. i that also then funds these informants. i think we need to investigate the f b i and quite frankly, i think in 2024, whoever the republican candidate for president should have an answer in a solution to what do we do to reform the f b i moving forward because i think it's in and heavy need of reform. well, and it makes you wonder about the manipulation which goes to this accusation being made by conservatives regarding the january 6 events on capitol hill. yeah. you know, conservative. say there are instigators in the crowd who helped incite the crowd. now we're finding in this case, guess what, there were actually people that were involved. how do you feel about that? does that kind of also give some sort of aid to that comment that not everybody out there was actually out there as the borders? no, absolutely, believe that, scotty, i by think we need to have a real select commission committee. not what pelosi has a total for us to get to the bottom of the issues of why didn't pelosi have more
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security on the capital that day when even parking attendants new days ahead of time. hey, stay away from the capital there's. there's going to be a big crowd. i also want to know what was the f b i roll in january 6, whether informants were there agents. and i think if we get to the bottom of the issue and actually have a real investigation to what happened on january 6, i think we'll actually see a lot of fingerprints from the f b i on it. well, and at the very least, let's find out where those pipe bombs come. i'm really shocked with everything that we found out of everyone else, where we still don't know who actually put the pipe bombs and for the aren't seeing the dnc. but now i want to keep you out because speaking of january 6, there has been the trading of public jobs today that happened on capitol hill. this is speaker plus the 1st rejected tip of the republicans that were picked for the general 6 committee rep, jim jordan and indiana representative jim banks. those were both starch allies, the president trump, and they did actually vote against certifying the election. but should that deny them a seat on this investigative committee?
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well, we like to give you $360.00 view and we're going to bring back in ned ryan, but also bring reckon democrats charges and civil rights attorney, robert patello. robert, welcome to the conversation on this. things got a okay, well obviously i have to ask you, what do you feel like robert, what is the objective of this committee? why being very clear that the american people are unprecedented tech on our capital . something everything since $814.00 our enemy enforced tried to not only in vainly capital the united central america flight a confederate flag, but also to stop the democratic proximate, the installation of the new president to stop the county of one of our electoral college votes. and to in many ways overturn the democratic will be american people . so this idea that somehow we're offering skating, we're going to keep trying to distract from that simple fact. i think so the republicans are not serious about this from the beginning because of what they understand. a real investigation may be putting their members at risk for their complicity in this and i think that's what we think every robot lot put in place by
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republican they prevent that from happening. okay, so now you heard you heard, roberts is response and that's exactly how the democrats feel. do you think that this committee is about finding out information that we don't already know? is that what this is all about? or is this out about going after trumpet supporters for the future as are still rumors already circulating about what he's going to be writing in 2024? no, absolutely. i think this is an attempt to sad attempt that will fail to keep the big lie going that somehow, january 6 was an insurrection. that sort attempt to frame people who had serious questions. scotty, i want to remind people why they were there on january 6 to begin with because they had serious questions about the november 2020 elections, which by the way, were funding really interesting things. coming out of maricopa county in arizona, fulton county in georgia. there are still serious questions about how the elections were actually held in 2020, where they actually free and fair elections. these people had real questions, were some people do, but absolutely, i want to get to the bottom of again, donald trump, want to have more national guard. why wasn't that follow through with why did nancy
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pelosi not have more security? what was the f b? i rolled, if any, in january 6 and it is an attempt to frame donald trump and his support is the somehow extremist, when in fact i think there were some stupid people that most people, honest, hardworking americans who had serious questions about how the elections were actually conducted in 2020 and it's attempt to silence them and i have to tell you this is shameful. what is taking place? it's a force of a committee and what they're doing to what i call political prisoners right now in dc who are being held on on the finish, the pretences on trust passing other things. i think it's a total shame that our justice system has devolved to this. well, and that's a, that's a good point. that's what i'm bringing over. do you, robert? you hear those questions on both sides? so robert, why wouldn't speaker plus the allow any republican who would want to serve on this committee? this is about finding out the honest truth. doesn't the truth speak for itself? absolutely, and that was so interesting, the republicans voted down the full committee investigation into january says,
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where they are, continue to pretend you know, they try to investigate everybody except for the actual insurrection is what the f b i have to do. what about capital? we believe what about national guard, where would be a venture that was more involved in this? why don't we investigate the people who broke into the capital near the scene on the capital ground their feet on the help desk. this is what part of the we put only john george, who may be an absolute material witness in the investigation. so like jim bates on schools already made a statement about this investigator. what they're attempting to do was change a topic, an obvious game for what we don't want to talk about what these people were doing. always say, well, these were good american people who just had questions about the election. the reason i heard questions about the election, republicans, it lied about losing the election for 24 months leading up to this and looked at the historical printed in. so what happened with germany where they had a crazy people? storm the capital, the we're home foot, then you have the overthrown that republic. when they look at italy, when they hit creek, and people dorm, the capital,
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you have the overthrow bet republic you have in france in 1799. on the 4th, romeo started the clue. in 1799, the polio gave me that same thing, left the legislature inside of the room and over the electric indian 2nd for the 1st 1st republic. so that i did, but they were just simple tourist walking around who are upset about something antithetical to the history democracy in the western hemisphere made to try to downplay that. it was only jim jordan on a panel to distract from the actual solution show that they are still complicit with interaction ned, are you trying to downplay it? no, i'm not. i think, well, let me put this, i think to call an interaction is a lie. i was nothing of the sort and i think the thing that's really interesting to me, scott, is they don't want to have a conversation about the 2020 elections. they don't want to. they don't want these audits to move for the fact that biden is going after these audits. so hard. ag garland is going after them so hard. if you want fair and square, you're welcome. any and all audits to show that, hey, we won fair and square,
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you can now shut up republicans. in fact, they're trying to fight that all transparency and what took place. and i think the thing that sad is we've come to the spot in our country, scott, in which we don't trust the process. and it's not just me, it's literally tens of millions of the american people going, hey, we don't trust their institutions. we don't trust the process of the license, we don't trust the d o j, we don't trust the f b i. and that's a really serious problem for our country. and we've got to figure out how we can restore trust in it. and one of the ways that we do that is we have transparency and i don't think we're getting any of that on any level. okay, well i'm going to give robert, i'm going to give you the last for on that response and more priority about the people that are being held. are you worried about the due process? due process being denied at this point, we talked about get, know all the time. could the same thing we haven't got 20 seconds, i give it to you or not do process requires notice in the hearing the notice of the charges against him. they are having a hearing on the charges. what they've done, i find interesting republican, i believe in back in the blue becky law enforcement, unless they are forcing laws against their political days and what the case they want to go after they're deal jay. they want to be f, b i. we need
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a free and fair hearing, so we know exactly what happened. told to prevent that from happening after every lunch going forward. robert, even perfect on time. ned, thanks for joining me. we'll continue the conversation. they. scotty. thank got it, and that's all the time we have for today show, but i've thomas, this is a conversation which will continue follow me on twitter, add scotty and huge, huge the hash tag team in the 8th download port dot tv on your app or android device thanks for watching. ah, the war on drugs started as a way to come back, a great problem. what's the one? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it's got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a tragic,
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told us that andrew was competing short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly, they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like something else had to be happening with the eastern half of the united states were going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their back yard. oh my god. obviously, some of the cicadas do not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out
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for 6 minutes, 400 i mean that's very satisfying. on today's headlines on our international, a chilling effect on press freedom, that's the reaction to a new law proposed by the u. k. government, which could see journalists face lengthy prison terms if they disclose state secret . the julia of the devastation in china made what is said to be the worst flooding in 1000 years since cause death wiped out transport infrastructure and reach danvers and a sports world cover up norway's beach hand.


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