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i think, i think everyone needs a good set of games to watch, given the environment and, and i guess the psychosis of the world. now, with all the pandemic fears allen more sports colon is joining us life era. thanks a lot. we appreciate it. thanks. i thank you for joining us here on our team to national feel. wednesday, worldwide news headlines were back in half an hour. me, i the ah, the eastern half of the united states, we're going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human
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beings in their backyard. oh, my god. obviously some of the cicadas do not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out for 6 minutes or 400. i mean that's very satisfying. and my name is jason. whenever you can plug it in or you think you remember me, he'd been searching the river. it was pretty obvious. he had muddy boots on use, arrogant. he was sitting there like this with his muddy boot and you know, flicking mud all over the floor. and he just like he was king of
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the world wanting thought he was aggressive even at that time as far as as how he was we handled himself kind of, he got that feeling that he was searching for a criminal and that's when he told me that my son was a drug dealer you you're here for next semester and she kind of told us that he wasn't just using marijuana that he was actually selling it on campus. and he has had a felony against him and they haven't charged him with it yet. but he was pending to all these deliveries since they took place on campus, both their hands. so they're on and then he told us that
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andrew was a competent, short form. it asked for you to do is to do some buyers for me that were you that to where wire you have to go buy marijuana. i didn't even know what that was and i had no idea what he was. even talking about what that meant. me each individual we do, we have do 2 deals. okay. so you have to thinking, well, this is susan andrew. how can he, how can i help you talking about the same guy? i mean, just the agent, whoever told us that they believed, or he believed that he, andrew was on the run because he had to make these buys by may 1st and you'd only done half of them. you don't check with me if i lose contact with you. i'm just
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going to assume that you don't want to work anymore and that i'm just going to have the warrants or your us and then in jail. so i was just blown away. i mean, here my fun is missing and, and now they tell me he's a drug dealer, or i maybe got about them. didn't make sense to me. but none of that made sense. nothing made sense. i mean, tammy, just didn't know what to do. i mean, as far as what even to believe really and and where to turn in and sergeant helgren's son wanted us to do a press conference. we love you and we want you. we need to come home. everything will be okay. we pleaded for andrew on that news conferenced to come in like they wanted us to have him turn himself in. we love you and we
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want you home with us. everything will be okay. mm. i frankly not recall the ride or anything. cuz you know, we up and left and i was kind of in freefall, it just seemed like it was snowballing, rapidly, everything seemed to be fine. i mean, there were no red flags, no, nothing. that's what's making this so difficult for us as law enforcement it's i mean the red flag use
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the school, the individual, some other students put together. and they asked me to talk eric and i said some words, a little speech and begun farm to come home, right? if you are in trouble or just come home, want to help your friends most of the electrical program, missouri as far as the faculty and students. you know, people are pretty generous and they're going to give up their time and they're gonna, they're going to form these search parties and they're going to go scour. wherever law enforcement has identified us as potential places to walk me. oh, the campus police, i'm having to go back to class. that basically turn to say where you don't want any more students going missing. like what makes no sense? is there a black hole? trees somewhere they didn't tell anybody about and people were falling into it. me
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. we went just to places that we had gone when we go cruising or something. so can we drive down all the roads? we go and split our heads together and try our hardest to find something, get some sort of clue as to what happened or where he was or, and what was going on, but didn't come up with anything and started to seem like there was something else going on and we learned that the college police department was the ones investigating this situation by campus. police are supposed to make sure that you behave, make sure you're following the rules of the campus. you snuck bear in the room, look out for the campus, place. that's their job and the campus police should have turned the situation over to another agency immediately. they just don't have the experience and
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training necessary to deal with this situation. i and are static n d f. the student that disappeared on may 1st last seen leaving is dharm at the campus of the art called a state college of science, as parents are john and tammy tammy. good to have you. i news in the morning give me an evaluation of where this search for andrew is that basically don, hold off with as far as the campus police are concerned. and we're, we're not going to stop looking for a living else in the living. hell. and the why is the funds that are other so it's really a bad time a year and now he's gone to how do you feel that the state
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college of science has been in dealing with this situation? to me, it seems like they're not doing anything. andrea case just made me feel frustrated, but once you start hearing that other stations are having just as much difficulty getting basic answers, you realize there's something more going on. people were just trying to come up with theories and i think that's natural when you don't have a lot of answers, you want to find something me i would say probably after the 2nd week started having some notes about how tall it is and be in take care of their investigative skills are pretty limited as science when i could see, you know, we thought that they were probably doing the best they could. i don't know. i guess
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they didn't seem to frantic about trying to find them, i guess, but i asked him if they had checked the of the, the, or the other surveillance stuff in town. you know, as far as see any and andrew or seeing a movement at his car moved, you know, i said, what did you check with the train and the and tax season and any of that stuff. and it's andrew gotten any of that and checked in fargo, if any, anybody's seen him there or anything like that. oh no, that's a good idea. i think he was just, i don't know what they were doing. i mean the other than waiting for a phone call, i guess i don't understand what you're doing. this went on for i say, weeks and not the trash news today. folks in the andrew static case, the young man we've all been searching for since he went missing on may 1st and now
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warrant has been issued for andrew's arrest. static is wanted on drug charges. details of these charges are still emerging, but andrew was allegedly caught selling marijuana on 2 occasions on april, 4th, and april 9th, 2013. 1 sale was for 20 bucks. the other was for $60.00. the was like, are you kidding me? all of this for $80.00 worth of pot. my son is missing for $80.00 for it says pot i was wild. wild. show me a campus where you cannot find $80.00 worth of me . i remember waking up the news that he had been charged. i was like, what is this? i was this even a thing they can do. this is completely or try your friend home. and now you're
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going to throw some kind of bogus charge. yeah. like i had not put it together at all. how does warm does happen now that have gone missing? what crime did you commit? where did they see him? what? like how to, why is that happening now? i knew it was everything was just a confusing, a little mess for a while. they're like that whole month, which is the most confusing thing that's ever happened. me. ended up filing the warrant, i think on monday. and they thought the other police have to get involved. you know, just kind of everybody's looking for him. i think that was the reasoning for filing the charges so that kinda shut down the publics and willingness to help. nobody wants to look for a drug dealer. my own mother to this day, believe that andrew was a drug dealer. anybody that knew him knew there was more to the story. i
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assume that you know, he just took off and this is more than he could handle. but at the same time i, i had this idea that yeah, but where's, where's it going? where do you, where's it going to go on me? you're going to check to be every so often that we see that if you don't check with me and contact with you, i'm just going to assume that you don't want to work anymore in that i'm just checking the warranty. ah, me. i was having a panic here, sitting in the pedicure chair with my feet in the water and surgeon helga some
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called he said, what are you doing? and i said, i'm having a panic here and goes, are you alone? and i'm like, no the gals here, you know what? he goes. whereas john and i said he's on a fishing trip. get him home. me . i was actually fishing with my buddies just to kind of get a weekend away. ah, tammy had called me that they had found a body in the river and i knew it was, and i, i just got to the house and of course were waiting. the sheriff showed up with tammy's pastor and told us that it was andrew ah,
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i mean it was like whereas the, you know, it's all different. so when you finally when they finally found the body and then you knew that he was dead. and i remember just like i couldn't keep my eyes drive because this is just like the reality. now, you know me is tough to i mean deep down, you kinda knew it has been a long time. you just didn't want to accept it. and philip smack in the face, ah, ah, ah,
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in the surgeon how hinson called us. i grabbed john. every time he spoke, it was something new and bizarre. he said andrew was shot in the head and he had a backpack or rocks tied to them. that's when he told us over the phone. he believed there was a suicide. he was just waiting on the coroner. and once he found the gun, he would be confirmed that it was a suicide. me.
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so the 1st day i'm at tammy. she decided i'm gonna talk to the news. so i walked and i didn't know what to expect. you know what i mean? we had heard about what was happening, but i didn't know i was just walking into this. and tammy said, my son was killed. and i had to call my producers like, hey, this is actually your story today. i know you just wanted me to get a sound bite here, but this is your story. she says her son was killed me. andrew sonics, mom tammy sat. i spoke at a local radio station today saying she believe her son was murdered. we discovered that when andrew was found on june 27th, he wasn't wearing the same clothes he might missing and cameras. in his dorm caught this footage, he was last seen wearing this sweatshirt, but one is body was found, he was wearing a different jacket. ah,
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he was shot in the head. his backpack was weighted down and he was thrown in the river. the backpack or rocks, was kind of the kicker for me. and like if you're going kill yourself, he can do that anywhere. why would you need to make your body disappear? who? who andrew was shot with the 22. andrew went into the red river and he came up on the minnesota side of the red between him leaving that dorm. and when he was shot, there was a change of clothes. there were rocks in the backpack for me personally. andrew, his murder makes more sense and what the cops could come up with and all they could come up with is a suicide. like, wow, that's it guys got rocks in his backpack tied to his body. that doesn't sound like
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a suicide. that sounds like murder one on one in this developing story, tammy, static is fighting back tears as she talks about not having answers in her son's dad or just really hasn't been any effort to keep this family updated. the static family is bringing their own attorneys to the fight and now they want the f b i to investigate. i think people knew it was a major story right away. when that happened, people knew something was going on. that just doesn't happen. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening. they're not going to do their job to let the f b. i get involved. somebody that can look at this case fresh without this suicide, in the back of their minds planted by the campus police and everything. i want them to look at the whole case objectively. when i met tammy that day and had a personal conversation with tammy, i thought ok,
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we have the power of journalism. we have the power of finding public records. we have the power of being able to hold those who are paid by tax dollars accountable . ah, talk that she has had a lot of question and can't seem to figure out where to get the answer. do you know where she should be looking? no, i really don't know where, where she should be looking on on that. i think a lot of people have a lot of questions, the toner, stand the investigative process. you just really have to look at the timeline of events that took place when andrew was reported missing on i believe those may 2nd the campus police. the dfcs were the lead investigators by june, shortly before andras body was found. there were,
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i would say 3 or 4 different law enforcement agencies that were involved. but it was really still to this point, hard to tell who was actually in charge, who was actually doing anything ah, the investigation was turned over to the b. c a in minnesota. but n dfcs was originally investigating the north dakota agee's office and b, c. i in their report said it was a minnesota b c a case, the b c. a said that's not true, they have nothing to do with it. i was furious. i was saying the way everything was be presented from start to finish. the way the police were handling it from pretty much de one and her static death investigation is being handled by campus police. the police are not working with the campus. police cops aren't sharing information . i was absolutely out lay away very
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lay way of putting in the f. b. i's response was essentially that they weren't asked by local law enforcement to be involved unless they were asked by law enforcement to get involved. there was no reason for them to get involved at that point. all due respect to the campus, police, you know, they've got a job to do. and it is not in gating, a potential murder. i remember asking this school official, do you feel like you're in over your head? and i don't really remember his response, so that time i don't know if he had a response or not, but that was one of the last times we ever got to talk to a school official about the case. no one wanted responsibility. and so if you didn't want responsibility in the front end by doing anything on the backend, you were taking responsibility. and so there it was much easier to use the narrative of. he took his own life because then he was responsible
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the police came here. oh, i can't remember how long after his body was found. it was a lie a low and basically told us the progress or lack of progress that they were at what stage the investigation was. we didn't know all the particulars. they didn't tell us all the evidence of what was going on, but they weren't telling us everything. i . we were at that time just trying to find anything, any document or any video they had. tammy had told us that they had a cell phone, tammy, and told us they had a laptop, things like that. so we were asking, okay,
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did you find information on his laptop? could we get a copy of that or do you have video documentation of him being interviewed? why i didn't know what i was expecting, but when i 1st pressed play, almost felt wrong. watching him today the jason webber was yeah. it was just like you could enact me over with a feather related november 22nd thing is 20th birthday. it starts off with smart alec comment that you don't want to spend your birth through here. well, you expressed interest one day. like i said, you're facing the 2 felonies and the course misdemeanor church from yesterday. it's
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a 25 minute video. it took me probably a week to get through it. that's probably not a way to start off your young adult placement. right. so the police came in and destroyed is for why this was a college student. so i mean that the got me and it inspired me to really look at the case. but look at the case, i'm not looking to hang the lease or any, but i'm looking at the fact that when i saw the fact i was scandal, i was, i'd never seen anything as bad as you know, good ways attacks me in the morning or the night before we do something for tomorrow, don't wind up for tomorrow and then you can lie. some of my notices of it was
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really simple. line them up, find criminals and get evidence. line them up, line them up once a rest and conversion to inform. it's because we have or agents that i work with. we are, you know, you're not like you only see, we are working with other people and we work a big area with who's it for one emissions to get another informant and another arrest number. and he did it. the thing is the investigation conduct justification. what did you, for instance, when you interrogated him, find out what his source was? could it be that you didn't do it because if you question too much, you'd find out that it was one of the other informants who gave it to you. and if that's the case, you understand, you committed a felony, you the police office. if that's the case, just like in your situation,
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you have no clue who probably around you all, you know who in this out. ok. you probably maybe try to think of ideas and stuff, but i'm not going to tell you if you have informal giving don't, to subject subject gives is to inform it to was the investigation. you the guy in charge of informers. you created the crime and that's it. perfect frames. oh, i remember that we're in the middle of an opioid epic heretic opie lloyd epidemic. and the 1st thing i see is they haven't made want to be way to rest, not one on this. i just
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wonder you didn't tell me or tell anyone. mm. mm mm ah ah ah, right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's possible to sell food that he's 20 and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the reasons for them if it's corporate,
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me ah, with our top headlights or whatnot us and germany strike a deal on the north stream to pipeline. but avow auction on russia over the alleged threat to security post by the energy project. and moscow is fists pipeline is purely commercial. the worst flooding in china in a 1000 years. it's called death wiped out the transport, infrastructure breach guidelines and even fall to huge block an alley when you implied the situation.


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