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tv   News  RT  July 21, 2021 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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the who's ah, deadlines are not in the u. s. and germany strike a deal on the north stream to pipeline. but val action on russia, citing the alleged threat to security opposed to by the energy pipeline project. the julian was flooding in china in a 1000 years. it's caused depth wiped out transport infrastructure brief jobs and sponsored choose lots of other menu. and as we understand the situation is said to be getting worse, nobody suggestion completion?
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no, sir, is that a bible says the highest us inflation rate in 13 years was port seen and won't last long. that's not bringing much comfort to those feeling the pension that focus groceries are definitely out. and also the rents are also going up. i don't buy anything when it wasn't as nowadays. i truly truly know. ah, just a moment after 11 pm on wednesday, here in moscow, this is asi, international from all of us. here are very welcome to you. and this news now just in germany and the us have reached a deal over russia, north stream to gas pipeline in europe on the sides, agreed that dependence on russian energy poses a security threat. well, let's learn a bit more about this. now let's cross live to us here peter. all of us,
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the latest on this developing short a pico so what exactly have the sides agreed upon so far? while this agreement between washington and berlin ultimately means that the united states won't try to actively stop the node stream to gas pipeline project. the, the brass tax of the agreements are that both the united states and germany will invest in ukraine in order to get them to diversify away from needing to be a dust. transits. country full rushing gas going through pipelines across the territory, the ins and outs of the deal. all that germany will be the broker or attempt to be the broker for a deal between moscow and kiev to get an extension to the current gas trends. a deal for at least another 10 years. they're looking to extend it to around 2034. there's also the idea that both germany and the united states will invest heavily
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in ukraine to try and diversify away from gas. but this agreement also contains threats against russia. the threats that sanctions could be put in place in the future. the united states and germany are steadfast, in their support for ukraine sovereignty territorial integrity, independence, and chosen european pass. the united states and germany are united in their determination to hold, rush her to account for its aggression and milan activities by imposing cost of our sanctions and other tools. the truth is, it's a bit late if anybody was to try and stop this project anyway, just a few weeks ago, it was announced that the construction phase of north stream 2 would be completed next month. after that, it would take around 3 months for certification and health and safety checks to be carried out and then the pipeline is done. it's finished and it can start pumping gas from the,
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the gas fields of siberia through under the baltic sea and directly into northern germany. it's germany that needs this gas, of course, as well as the huge demand for rushing gas here. 43.4 percent is the increase year on year for the 1st half of 2021. that's germany demand for russian. gus the united states had wanted to sell germany in the rest of your more of its liquefied natural gas. however, that comes with a lot of extra costs, because not only is it got to be shipped across the atlantic, it then has to be re justified in special plans before it can be put into, into use. now, despite the agreement between berlin and washington, it is quite clear that in the united states does not happy with this project. you told this committee that you believed at the nordstrom to pipeline would have disastrous effects on u. s. national security. that it would have disastrous effects on european security
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by making them subject to economic energy blackmail from russia, and that it would enrich and power to carry out that black male. you continue to believe that i do sen or while node stream to is a huge political issue in the united states. the russian point of view on this is that this is always been a business project, a commercial project, and one that's being done in the fact that it's been done with germany, with a partner that they have a long standing. well, history of cooperation with when it comes to energy and in particular, the gas sector. thanks for that. at least 25 people have been killed and more than 100000 evacuated off the devastating floods china. on tuesday, the country's been deluged with what weather forecasters are calling the heaviest
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rains in a millennium. ah, toilets breakdown what's happening across the country as we show you this map here in the red you can see the worst hit region a china central had non province. it's a large city jew is located on the yellow river whose banks have already bus weather forecasters of painting a grim few days to come with more heavy rain and strong winds. the typhoon causing all that's havoc is expected to hit these or nearby regions in the yellow on the map among them. shanghai, just for a moment. let's zoom in. now one jang drew, which i've seen some of the most dramatic events. what we can show you here is a waterfall inside of juice airport, coming straight through the roof. things were so bad at the hub,
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it was unable to accept the incoming flights for 26 hours. and parts of the local subway system will completely submerged, leaving terrified commuters trapped on the ground. we understand the network had to be complete and shot down. now the meantime above and over ground cars were seen just floating down flooded streets, while rescuers were plucking some lucky people from the raging torrent, it was water that also triggered a huge explosion at an early minion plot. the incident happened off or nearby river burst its banks, its waters reacted with chemicals at the sight. a massive plume of smoke could be seen rising high into the sky, a local reporter, whining, and bang g brings up the latest from the streets of ginger. i'm here at one of the area that has been blocked by the to actual way in a capital city of central china as a whole, probably where the rest will walk through all the way to have a re for in
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a capital role has left the only one se ring you have for you to find that right now, whether full cap say it will last until tomorrow's latest from a local authority and say the rainfall in a capital se, se a resource hungry i'm time. let me clean up half of 3 days while it's her year rainfall remains around $640.00 millimeters, which means the need to have a po, year ring for each of the 3 days. the central theatre people with liberation, army said on wednesday morning. it has sent for more than 3000 men and a 2 sets of equipment to fly to the flood and to carry out your walk in the city emergency response level, a flat being raised to level one. the railway operator has to have a carriage asked us to ensure safety, such as the stopping services and the lowering the operation speed. at some residential area. you have to be caught up,
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water supply and electricity. the providential flow control and draw to relieve headquarters reported up more than 140000 residents have been affected by 2 racial rings and who and since july 16 and 10000 half the relocate to the state police so far the dozens of he's are now tackling massive disruption to the transport services, roads destroyed, swept away rail lines, damaged the extreme rainfall is threatening several dams and reservoirs. in fact, the authorities have reported a 20 meter breach in a dime to the city of lou yang, a warning it could collapse at any moment. soldiers, police, all sorts of military personnel of all been deployed to help with this state of operations on the rescue efforts. thousands of people landed in a suburb of ginger. many have been waiting for lost at the sight. last night, we follow a rescue team into one of the worst effect is areas where up to
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a 100 people have been mandate for 24 hours. rescuers have resorted to life both in areas where the water level rickies beneath michelle for a while to help on tuesday night. his company is dedicated to dissolve to rescue 3 be your same issue. with all the water can reach a depth of up to 2 meters, many are surrendered at this point and they don't have any food. we are in a difficult situation right now. i believe has to both moves forward. the water gets deeper and cause how means the merged, local resident led us when area where around 20 people waiting for yesterday that many cars are still under water and people in the area can get out on the 3 of us swam out to find a residue for help, there is no more bow signal at all. due to the loss of internet and communication tools, the stranded on their own, a dozen people were found trapped in the lap dated building. within an hour the
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ring water reached by now. after the short, well, i was submerged in the water with me and put it up, put it on me on the outside of mail where you were to move out. whoa, whoa, whoa, not yet a migrant worker in jungle. now has to find a hotel to stay in with many hotels either fully, both flooded no easy task. this is one of the worst affected areas. the 3 all inundated the traffic lights are not working. there is no electricity, no internet, daily supplied and not available for the locals. what's worse? there will be more rainstorms in the next few days. they didn't see dtn. don't go on and providence with inflation in the us getting a 13 year high. people are rapidly feeling it in their pockets. a new poll says 88
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percent of all americans are worried about a disproportionate increase in living costs. as an abiding bo claims it hasn't come as a surprise to him, and it's certainly not affecting his spending plans. our experts believe in the data shows that most of the price increases we seen are, were expected, and expected to be temporary. nobody suggestion is unchecked inflation on the way. no, serious times. let's check that no one checked inflation claim. now if you have a car, it costs you twice as much to run it as it did last year. your prices have double your daily breakfast now comes with an 8 percent price site has gone to melt. bacon and fruits have gone up. on top of that, you've got consumer prices that have hit their highest amount since 2008. now, despite the presence assurances, america's working families already being hard hit by the pandemic are starting to feel the pinch. the groceries are definitely up,
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and also the runs are also going up and just household items, making serious progress to ensure that it works the way it's supposed to work for the good of the american people. construction material is out of this world, somebody's making some good money, and i think it's because joe biden could help families in small businesses, whether the ups and downs or as the economy recovers. i don't buy anything when asked me what the government says nowadays. i, i truly, truly don't look, we brought this economy back from the brink. now biden refuses to hear those voices, perhaps he'll listen to those within his own party labor market tightness, behavior of housing markets, and asset prices all rising in a more concerning way than i worried a few months ago. this raises my degree of concern overheating scenario. there are huge uncertainties, but the focus of concerned now should be on overheating. and if that's not enough to change the president mind on the economy, perhaps this comparison is the wakeup call he needs. the u. s. is in the very bad
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position from a long term point of view. i don't see how these can and well, when we're running now, budget deficit. something like 15 percent of g d p. this is beginning to look a little bit like a latin american country printing and spending money like there's no tomorrow, as pretty clearly got people concerned. biden gave the excuse that the spaniards necessary to tamp down in station, which was ridiculous out of nothing in common. the, you can't stop the consequences of monetary printing by doing even more monetary printing, which is what it means to spend this level of money. and the fact is that biden, and all of his advisors and the political party that he represents, are big spenders. and they want to spend more money, they think that the u. s. government can go into infinite amounts of that. there's no limits whatsoever. they really believe this slide show us. the problems are just temporary, but perhaps it's a bit like the pandemic and the economic aftermath. it's
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a bigger problem than was 1st thought. but it seems to be a problem that biden's apparently incapable of recognizing. caleb mob been r t new york. well, more than one and a half 1000000 hectares of forest has been consumed by raging wildfires and rushes . ne cooties region and 50 towns and villages have been blanketed with choking smoke, emergency services, volunteers, and locals are old battling to bring the slaves under control. around 2000 people and 300 vehicles have all been deployed. a correspondent, but our gas via has been looking at the scale of this tragedy. wildfires in just one russian region have consumed an area that is larger than jamaica or mountain. that group and forecast aren't good. it's hot, it's dry and it's burning. ah,
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the the yeah. to put it far out, you have to, you have to get to it, which is a problem. given the vastness of rushes farce far, far as are literally parachuting into the far zones to join the efforts. the government is sending more and more resources and manpower and vehicles and fire fighting at crops to combat the inferno. but local activists said, still not enough that reaching out internationally for help. they've even us leonardo dicaprio for assistance. ok, i've heard you. i, in my management's, we'll look into it, then we will talk with the authorities in charge to see how we can be of help. siberia is dying now. also very hopefully help. can you post on your official page
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about 5 in siberia, please. okay, i'll fix a meeting with my management. thank you very much. leo. siberia loves you. the activists to publish the exchange. they the, the need has it, but so far as he's already had the response, if we received an official offer of help, then of course we would be happy if he came over and provided some assistance. but to be honest, i find it's hard to imagine what he can do to extinguish the awkward fires. sit in hollywood ability is always good. the more noise that people raise, the more attention that these funds will get. this is a perfect fall storm historic heat levels, lack of rain, dry forests, all came together in these files that have burned down thousands of square kilometers of ancient woodland and killed countless wild life. this is a taste of what's to come as the climate changes,
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because the overwhelming prognosis is that these 5 will rage worse and worse every saba, all over the world. alright, still to come here on the program on our team can close it infections or run among athletes taking part in the upcoming cocoa olympics. organize as mulling whether or not to cancel the game story and live analysis just the i choose ah ah,
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i will. the long when i will show the wrong the why don't just don't the room. yes, to fill out the thing because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart and we choose to look for common ground the just not going in 20 minutes past the hour. here in moscow there's been a new victim of council culture,
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the one and only william shakespeare are now to creative writing course, and the u. k. is to be de colonized which includes dropping the works of the english play. right. the move was immediately ridiculed with many branding it as anti academic. now it comes off to some students to the university of east anglia complain the course was dominated by privileged white male experience. so now a new module will focus on quote, the emergence of modern english from a multilingual medieval society. and it's colonial expansion of essentially means the bonds been booted and also born in africa, asia and south america will now top the reading list. what we did ask people in britain for their thoughts today, everybody must bring their own set up. the thanks for this is imposing people to on it and basically family. it is censorship because it does, you think some of the attitudes don't correspond to your own?
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absolutely. short term isn't completely misguided, obviously that at each other, but it might find it offensive. well, that needs to be addressed to, you know, do i want to go to that? that would be a big mistake. the fact is that the play written when they were in the time that they were. and i think that people, i think people are big enough to bear on the stand. what kind of time, why wouldn't be you wouldn't write like that today. but then i think sort of effectively coming down, but nobody, nobody able to process the information themselves. i don't think this program university has defended the move, saying the changes will make the course more diverse and inclusive adding their students will now study literature from all around the world, including publications, from its own award winning graduates. talk radio host john going isn't having it
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you know, see sangria similar talk or like in the world did that creative writing cause, so they actually attaching their own. it's just seemed to me to be deft. of course, let's make sure the syllabus has writers from other ethnic backgrounds. let's make sure we show it's in its whole new clarity. but the idea is that you stop by counseling. shakespeare, no. oh that you cancel white male writers. how does that help any one? you can't just conflict and pretend to shakespeare didn't exist. i mean, they would never do this in some way, like prompts with molly. this is council culture outage was, is woke agenda and the students need to basically get to life. you can learn from the classics watson, all know enough to necessarily by studying the merchant of venice. for example, think that every didn't in there is acceptable course you don't,
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you look at it in the whole and that's what needs to happen. we want our kids to get education. not indoctrination, don't we? holding the olympics during a pandemic was always going to be difficult, with a tokyo game still to start over 70 participating athletes have tested positive for cope and since the start of the month. now the major sports event is being held him at a state of emergency as a number of new infections in japan. spirals, the games organizers insist the venues are safe for both competitors and spectators and officials. for the us women's gymnastics t was refusing to stay at the olympic village after 2 athletes that tested positive on monday. now, the tokyo organizing committee does not dismiss the idea of cancelling the games at the very last moment. the final decision will be taken later based on how the situation evolves. let's learn a little bit more about this 1st life now for calling us to alan. more joining us
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here we're offering to national here this evening and moscow. thank you very much for coming on the program allen. do you think? was it a bad idea to try and hold the olympics during a pandemic? tell us for some number of times the radio tale forwards from russia. so you were asking, is there a way to go ahead? you said yes, you know, we can counseling. ready go ahead, bring up the last year. i would have been again, when we were quickly returning to football, in that case where we are under timothy. because we're going to be very mental health people who are say no lawsuit. and again, i think you said you can bet your bonds are only
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mental health, mental health because you know, just going to be always excused for new cases occurs. angela, this is, you know, there was a 3361 where the japanese, they're being charged as possible will be great to be seen by it. or maybe, i mean, you mentioned the panic. i mean, the u. s. g of gnostics, team refusing to stay at the olympic village during the games. alan, is it possible that they could start a trend that other countries might follow suit? would they have for us? so they can, they can really want to, to, to be us all to go, daniel was some of the other europe. so the merge are all so much, it would be
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a job as well. that not worried therapy for whatever. so what i think that they're not going to be need is because they're not very well, like to respect to community. and i think overall, i think most teams want to stay where is days and i'm also a favor. i don't you think that you think in any way that tokyo could be regressing becoming the host of this? i'm a japan, it's economy as hemorrhage to really, really badly and, and, and stage and games like this cost. it's an absolute fortune. now we see much with how the, you know, even in some of the, the, your bet wrong best games in my memory you're, here's what it is. all even daddy huge cost, huge difficulties trying to re purpose different and so forth.
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tokyo had been very unfortunate. i think we should, we saw today in 2032. the olympic bass will be in grid. it will be only 3 are on the city building. i think that is gone. gone. you know, coffee, look, it's a whole. the games will be great. people who are poor, old hope, you're as the last, you know, tourists, there's been so much extra money on trying to bring in color coded wrong. maybe quicker. and worst of all, we're really going to kill them most. nearly all, all the was sold and they can't be sold. so they are basically paying penalties to investors to buyers for property. i still know
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you'll be happy. so it's huge. i think we're best reading by through the journey. yeah. as you say, i mean there are massive economic implications when it comes to the tokyo games here. allen, in the day, you know, when it comes to whole cove, it issues pandemic, worries, virus phase, and all that it's, it's the athletes themselves that are potentially gonna pay the price. they spend years getting ready for an event like this. odds are you think the games will go ahead at this point? i. i just lost you, but now i've got you back. what do you think the game's going to go ahead? what? yes they have. they have to. i mean when, when, when do would be our commentators were really negative about it. we're talking to cancel, cancel, cancel, and what did he took to get it? correct?
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it's better law he's going for this of us me, mrs. bergen. because we know last year when we were told nobody this trade or this year, you know, no retaining as well, solely remote up and trying to calm down a lot of people. he lives in every sense for you. so it has to go ahead, go ahead. i mean, i, this is probably the least in the real blue. i think i actually watch for the event because this is going to be, it has to be unique experience for the for those who were there were sitting in the say, yeah, i think i think everyone needs a good set of games to watch, given the environment and,
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and i guess the psychosis of the world now with all the panoramic fears allen more sports columnist joining us life. thanks a lot. we appreciate it things. i thank you for joining us here on our team to national feel. wednesday world wide news headlines. we're back in half an hour. mm . i the ah, the eastern half of the united states were going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their backyard.


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