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tv   News  RT  July 21, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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because he closes professor richard murphy, thank you. have that's it for the show will be back on saturday to yesterday. since far as johnson became the prime minister, the u. k. following the resignation of to resume the 2nd consecutive resignation of a prime minister in the past 5 years after she failed to deliver breakfast and build and keep it. that's why social media and let us know if you think that needs to be a stronger track down on tax haven. the job in the worst flooding in china in a 1000 years, it's called debt, wiped out the transport infrastructure region and even spot that huge bloss aluminum degeneration is said to be getting what nobody suggestion is. i'm sorry, lation on no serious conference and the president biden says the highest us inflation rate in 13 years was 14 and won't last long. that's definitely not
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bringing much comfort to those feeling the pinch in their pocket. groceries are definitely up and also the roads are also going up. i don't buy anything. but i think he said now with a truly truly no more than 20055 is along with the specialist at the plains and power to mobilize. huge fight against wildfires and ne russia that has already ripped through an area bigger than california. ah, welcome to the program tonight here on the international rule research in moscow. where's just off the 10 pm, some unreal footage to show you in our stories at this hour. at least 25 people have been killed and more than a 100000. evacuated off the devastating floods in china. on tuesday. the country's
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been deluged with what weather forecasters are calling the heaviest rains in a millennium. the me unless i break down exactly what's happening across the country, bring you up this map in the red and you can see the worst hit region we're talking about china's central hand on province. its largest city, james. jew is located on the ghetto river whose banks have burst, weather forecasters painter grim few days to come with more heavy rain and very strong winds. the typhoon causing all this havoc is expected to hit these nearby regions and the yellow on the map among them. shanghai, let's zoom in now on jing ju, which has seen some of the most dramatic events. what we can show you, for example, this is a waterfall inside juice airport. coming right through the roof. things were so bad
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. in fact, i thought hub, it was unable to accept incoming flights for 26 hours. in parts of the local subway system completely submerged, leaving terrified commuters trapped on the ground. the network had to be completely shut down. now meantime, over ground cars were seen floating down the flooded streets, while rescuers were plucking people from the raging torrance, it was water that also triggered a huge explosion at an aluminum plant. the incident happened after a nearby river burst banks, its waters. we understand, reacted with chemicals at the side. a massive plume of smoke could be seen rising high into the sky. a local report weighing mangee brings up the latest now from the streets of june. i'm here at one of the area that has been blocked by the to actual way, a couple of central china,
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a probing where the rescue was due. all the way to has a re, for in a capital state central group has left the other one se ring you have proof of funds is right now for weather forecast. say it will last until tomorrow's latest from the local authorities and say the re for in a capital city, a racist hungry. i'm time the limit of 3 days while it's totally year rainfall remains around the $640.00 millimeters, which means the house with me today is a whole year ring for each of the 3 days. the central theatre people's liberation army said on wednesday morning. it has sent for more than 3000 men and 8 defects of equipment to fight to the plot. to carry out the rest, your walk into stacy, emergency response level, a flat being raised to level one. the railway operator carries ask us to ensure safety such also stopping services on lowering the operation speed at the right
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central area. so you have to be called total water supply and electricity. the providential flaw control and a drug really had a quarter reported up more than 140000 residents, have been affected by torrential rains. and who and i seem to like 16 and 10000 have been relocated to safely so far with dozens of cities. and now tackling massive disruption to transport services. roads have been destroyed and swept away railroad lines damaged the extreme rainfall is also threatening several dams. and reservoirs authorities have reported a 20 meter breach in a dime new, the city of lou yang, wanting it could collapse at any moment. the soldiers, police, all sorts of military personnel have been deployed to help with the rescue efforts . sounds in so people are branded in a suburb of jungle. many have been waiting for the last. it's a fight. last night, we follow your rescue team into one of the worst effect is areas where up to
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a 100 people have been mandate for 24 hours. rescue is have resorted to live both in areas where the water level reaches beneath mucho to help on tuesday night. his company is dedicated to dissolve to rescue the same issue with the water can reach a depth of up to 2 meters. many are surrendered at this point and they don't have any food. we're in a difficult situation right now. i believe has to both move forward. the water gets deeper and cause how means the merged, local resident led us when area where around 20 people waiting for help. so many cars are still under water and people in the area can get out. only 3 of us swam out to find the reza q. can you for help. there is no more bow signal at all. due to the loss of internet and communication tools, the stranded on their own dozen people were found trapped in the lap dated building
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. within an hour the ring water reached by next to the short. well, i was merged in the water with me. don't put it up on me on the outside mail when you go, whoa, whoa, whoa, not yet a migrant worker in jungle now has to find a hotel to stay in with many hotels either fully flooded. no easy task. this is one of the worst effect is areas the rates all inundated, the traffic lights are not working. there is no electricity, no internet, daily supply and not available for the locals. what's worse, there will be more rainstorms in the next few days. they don't want the dtn don't go on, i'm probing with inflation in the us hitting
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a 13 year high. people are rapidly feeding it in their pockets. and new poll says 88 percent of americans, a worried about the disproportionate increase in living costs. president biden, though, claims it hasn't come as a surprise to him, and it's certainly not having an impact on his spending plans. our experts believe in the data shows that most of the price increases we seen are we're expected and expected to be temporary. nobody suggestion is unchecked inflation on the way. no serious kinds. let's check that no one checked inflation claim. now if you have a car, it cost you twice as much to run it as it did last year. your prices have double your daily breakfast now comes with an 8 percent price site has gone to milk, bacon and fruits have gone up. on top of that, you've got consumer prices that have hit their highest amount since 2008. now, despite the president's assurances, america's working families already being hard hit by the pandemic are starting to
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feel the pinch. the groceries are definitely up. and also the rents are also going up and just household items, making serious progress to ensure that it works. the way it's supposed to work for the good of the american people for construction material is out of this world. somebody's making some good money, and i think it's because joe biden could help families in small business is whether the ups and downs or as the economy recovers. i don't buy anything. what is the what the government says nowadays? i, i truly, truly don't look. we brought this economy back from the brink, now biden refuses to hear those voices, perhaps he'll listen to those within his own party. labor market tightness, behavior of housing markets, an asset prices all rising in a more concerning way than i worried a few months ago. this raises my degree of concern overheating scenario. there are huge uncertainties, but the focus of concern now should be on overheating. and if that's not enough to change the president mind on the economy,
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perhaps this comparison is the wake up call. he needs. the u. s. is in the very best position from a long term point of view. i don't see how these can and well, when we're running now, budget deficits, something like 15 percent of g d p. this is beginning to look a little bit like a lesson american country printing and spending money like there is no tomorrow, as pretty clearly got people concerned. biden gave the excuse that the spending was necessary to tamp down inflation, which was ridiculous out of nothing in common. the, you can't stop the consequences of monetary printing by doing even more monetary printing, which is what it means to spend this level of money. and the fact is that biden, and all of his advisors and the political party that he represents, are big spenders, and they want to spend more money. they think that the u. s. government can go into infinite amounts of that. there's no limits whatsoever. they really believe this slide show us the problems are just temporary, but perhaps it's
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a bit like the pandemic and the economic aftermath. it's a bigger problem than was 1st thought. but it seems to be a problem that biden's apparently incapable of recognizing. caleb mob been r t new york more than one and a half 1000000 hectares of forest has been consumed by raging wildfires and rushers, north east your kuta region from 50 towns and villages of all been blanketed with a choking fog. emergency services, volunteers, and locals are old battling to bring the flames under control. we understand around 2000 people than 300 vehicles have been deployed. of corresponding with gas via has been looking at the scale of this tragedy. wildfires in just one russian region have consumed an area that is larger than jamaica or mountain. that group and forecast aren't good. it's hot, it's dry and it's burning. ah,
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me, the to put it far out. you have to, you have to get to it, which is a problem. given the vastness of rushes farce. far, far as are literally parachuting into the far zones to join the efforts. the government is sending more and more resources and manpower and vehicles and fire fighting at crops to combat the infer knows, but local activists said, still not enough that reaching out internationally for help. they've even us leonardo dicaprio for assistance. ok, i've heard you, i in my management, we'll look into it. then we will talk with your 30 in charge to see how we can be of help. siberia is dying now. also very hopefully help. can you post on your
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official page about 5 in siberia, please. okay, i'll fix a meeting with my management. thank you very much. leah siberia loves you. the activists to publish the exchange. they the, the lead to that, but so far as he's already had the response, if we received an official offer of help, then of course we would be happy if he came over and provided some assistance. but to be honest, i find it's hard to imagine what he can do to extinguish the awkward fires sit in in hollywood. publicity is always good. the more noise that people raise, the more attention that these fires will get. this is a perfect fall storm historic heat level lack of rain, dry forests all came together in these files that have burned down thousands of square kilometers of ancient woodland and killed countless wild life. this is
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a taste of what's to come as the climate changes. because the overwhelming prognosis is that these 5 will rage worse and worse. every saba, all over the world has been a new victim of council culture, the one and only william shakespeare, a renown creative writing course in the u. k. is to be the colonized which includes dropping the works of the english play. right. and the move was immediately ridiculed with many branding it as an academic. now it comes off to some students at the university of east anglia, complain the course was dominated by privileged white male experience. so now a new module will focus on quote, the emergence of modern english from a multilingual medieval society, and it's colonial expansion. that essentially means the body being booted and
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offers. born in africa, asia, and south america. now top the reading list, we did ask people in britain for their thoughts today, everybody must bring their own set. thanks to shape. this is imposing one to speak with you on it and basically family. it is censorship because if you think some of the attitude correspond to your own, absolutely short term isn't completely misguided obviously that each other might find it offensive. well, that needs to be addressed to, you know, to, i've only told that it would be a big mistake. the fact is that the place written when they were in the time that they were. and i think that people, i think people are big enough for their understand what kind of time, what it wouldn't be you wouldn't write like that today. but then i think for the dumbing down nobody,
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nobody able to process the information themselves. i don't think program university has defended the move saying the changes make the course more diverse and inclusive . i think that students will now study literature from all around the world, but including publications, from its own award winning graduates. but talk radio host, john gone. he's not buying it, you know, sees anglia, some of the top in the world did that creative writing course, so they'll actually attacking their own. it's just seems to me, to be deft. of course, let's make sure the syllabus has writers from other ethnic backgrounds. let's make sure we show it's in its whole clarity. but the idea is that you stop by counseling . shakespeare no, or that you counsel white male writers. how does that help any one? you can't just cancel it and pretend shakespeare didn't exist. i mean, they wouldn't never do this in some way like prompts with molly. this is council
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culture outage. worse is woke agenda and these students need to basically get to life. you can learn from the classics wolf so no, no, not necessarily by studying the merchant of venice. for example. think that every then in there is acceptable course. you don't, you look at it in the whole and that's what needs to happen. we want our kids to get education, not indoctrination, don't we? a german pro china blogger is vowing to sue a major newspaper for defamation. it's off to develop, published an article, claiming the influence that was part of an alleged ring of chinese propagandists. navina, hayden says the paper has completely twisted the truth. you guys might have developed put me at 21 year old student on public display and poked a finger at me saying,
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look, she's probably working for china and making money from it. to put it mildly, i was disappointed my opinion of the media only got worse after this. i saw how this information was created, and i think that it's often not done by chance. i tried to show a different point of view on twitter so that people have a more complete picture for events because all follow me to say the chinese liberal everson, china says propaganda and everything that china does is bad. i just wanted to present a different point of view on the situation. back in june, i developed published a paste on an alleged network of chinese advocates. claims members tried to sell china to the german public as a progressive and philanthropic country. it says that people are part of a worldwide media propaganda strategy regardless of whether they're aware of it or not. now navina family rejects all the allegations, including that twitter activity actually helped a chinese partner find work. and that he had told her what to say in media
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interviews, but we contacted the developed for comment. meanwhile, the german blog again says the claims about a huge impact on her life. as my son shot me, and then finally most of the trouble of faith from this whole situation comes from the internet. on the one hand, i often receive threats and then so some twitter on the other. and this frankly, worst me much more if you google my name, the search engine, the space oldest articles about me, devout and translations of its articles published in other media. my greatest concern is the thought that when one day i look for a job, my employer would see all this articles about me and most likely things. we're not going to hi her. this is what i'm most afraid of for the moment. everything that is on the internet will remain there. that's why i want to do them. i'm 21 years old and i can't lose every chance of getting a job, just because devout was such nonsense about me. just on
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a 20 pause down here in moscow, a bikini scandal, his embroiled the world of handball. that's off of the sports european federation, find the norwegian women's beach team for opting for shorts instead of bikini bottoms. as the rules require, the decision promote an angry reaction. this is completely ridiculous. how many attitude changes are needed in the old fashioned matcher? world of international sport? oh my god. the worst thing is that they just do not understand the quality point once. is that even possible? can you please stop the 4th beginning onset said, your beach henberg games. it's embarrassing, disgraceful and sexist. your routing buses, port and your own reputation, make the international handle federation. officials where bikini bottoms for a week. the rules will be changed quickly. why do you force women to play beach hands borne outfits that sexual objectify and expose them?
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come back to the 21st century and immediately polish this outdated rules. the rules allow male players to wear shorts, but not the female athletes. federation spokesperson admitted she herself didn't know the reason for this, but stressed that this issue wasn't a priority ahead of the olympics. our norway has campaigned against the rule for 15 years and the team's short wearing is a will a deliberate protest. now sports uniforms have cause controversy before earlier this year at a beach volleyball tournament and cut. our players were annoyed when they were asked to swap it up. a key needs for shirts and trousers. doha, those said this was not a requirement and teams sport has beg usual bikinis at the upcoming tokyo olympics . swimmers have been banned from wearing special cups designed for people with afro hair styles, a backlash show, seeing that decision come under review. and last week, a double paralympic will champion express disgust off to an official complaint that
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her sprint briefs what to short. well, let's talk about this further. now here on the channel a paula diana, a women's rights activists. author joining us as is elis cashmore, professor of sociology at after university and anthony webber of political commentator to all 3 of you. very good evening from moscow. thanks for joining us here on the program tonight. i'm pretty straight to you. it's 2021. isn't it? time that women were allowed to wear shorts instead of bikinis in the sport will re, i think, the arguments change always change. you said this competition, we're well aware of the rules, as you call them, have a duration where one of the beast is the roles. because retractor or precedent for a spool. so i think that's also the only given that because no way you close to spain inside the say how good they were. they use the psychological change to
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an opposition by race it be cool, because why did they do this? in the fall was michael not be full. so i've got a lot of sympathy with occupants, but i think it's totally wrong to call the song speakers like other on the the opposition been could have a cooling of some because if you're going to data sort of thing, you got to have calibration without but seems it seems that the full web business chain can highly challenge. we need to know how many teams actually won't change as well. and i'm sure there are reasons for this. i certainly don't agree where you're picking. the awesome is somehow factual because we can just as sexy and i'm sure see and but katie also will thank. thank you for that perspective. i
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wanted i wanted to throw it over to paula for a moment because ultimately then the day anthony has appoint rules. are rules on the day. i mean everyone has to abide by them. right paula? no, i'd not so ride. i'm afraid. i think that rules when they're stupid, like this rule, that can be not abide and actually well done to this brave women that finally they showed the sexism in there for duration. and i think every woman in every field of life has to do with the same because this is enough, honestly, by the way, i think the other speaker, it never played volleyball because if you know how to play volleyball, you know that being the bikini doesn't really make any, you know, anything better in your game. but some might say that when a lot of people it does happen, it happens on a beach with signed. and perhaps there's some sort of confusion with that ellis over to you is a bit of a bind for the federation. they just can't go just bending the rules. did you think
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fines were the right way to go? they should give them the money back and say, to get the whole thing. we're going to exercise a bit of common sense flexibility and get in sync with dissolved guys. but of course, sport does not very good record when he comes to staying in the spirit design, guys. it's only just over 1516 years ago, that then president of p for soccer's governing organization. ready set black with encouraging female football as to a time skimpy clothes because he felt that it would make them more marketable, at least in that case. however misguided he was, you could understand that he did have a motive to make women's football more marketable. and of course, it is more marketable and that he didn't get his own way, of course. but i'm struggling to find a rational behind this, you know, rory, because i mean, the people who have drawn up the code, the dress code, obviously had one set of rules in mind,
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but they must have realized that they have to change with the times. and this is almost unthinkable to ask a women, a serious women sport contests to abide by laws. the rules that were drawn up some time ago when they weren't offensive. but this is frankly offensive. now i list, i think it was a good point. me to talk about a uniforms potentially being marketable anthony over to you. who do you think the uniforms are more important for the competitors or the spectators? well, i think we have dealt with the argument for our teams. she won't, we, we need so there won't be argument solve her writing. katy bosses maybe some very good arguments for that is i think james, pulling from the school stumps, which, which he is really out of order. and then actual competition. because arguments
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about dress code should be for school should be done well before the semester will tournaments. i think it is wrong so that she is in just people again because i want to know is anything about sports psychology now is that you can do a lot of things under your position and try to get yourself enough. so i'm not saying a fair point by you the anthony, but power is itching to the comments here right now and i'm probably just forgive me for a moment. i don't want to sound like a chauvinist for goodness sake, but, but is all of this such a big deal. i mean, the bikinis that the women are required to wear that hardly thongs. ave a cheese, a big deal. it's full, substantial is not only for mile because it showed the sexism behind this. so as well as you know, before we were talking about having the address code that is more marketable, this is offensive for women because we never sold that for men. and did we ever
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thought, you know, maybe other women and we watch more, you know, football players, if they play with a tight, you know, shorts of they show their chest. no, of course not. we wanted the atlas to be comfortable with their plane. we want them to perform at their best, and this is the only matcher. in this case, we have to stop the thinking that to women's bodies are for the show and they have something sexual with them. so of course, it's a problem to have a bikini. you know how much you have to move when you play football. the kid can as well, you can show more than you want to show. and why is that? why we come you short or i part of what i can see. sorry to jump here, but i can see alice is poised to comment over to you. well, i grew paola. there is a serious point here, but in every other sport where women have made an impact in recent years, the uniforms are the same as the men thought was watching the new cricket competition the 100 earlier today,
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the women dressed in the same as the men so what, what, what is the problem here? why are the, why is that a division over dress code? it doesn't make sense to me that there be handled association has done what is almost unthinkable. and i have made a gap of the 1st order here. some are con, get into mind the person who's impose this fine and lay down the law that should resend it and say ok, we're going to show discretion here. and we will be revising a dress code in years to come put under review as i'm sitting over to you. do you want to stand? i guess in some shape or form, the idea that women might be being sexualized here. this is a chauvinistic rule, perhaps to make women whoever key needs during this board. well, i think the arguments about dress obviously needs to be revised. i don't personally
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think they don't respect faith or factual at all and i don't get it all given what i do think is they should definitely not because you'll suffer quest and such are for other sports teams say post tons and then pines funds, but they may be didn't just stunned. maybe it's not a standard. i don't think it's, it's done. i think it some bureaucrat, he's laying the law down for role and put on print here. we've got to wear bikinis . wrote gentle about gentlemen. and ladies please that we're going to have to continue this conversation. effect is about usage. we're running out of time now. but paula, diana, a women's rights activists, an author ellis cashmore as well. professor of sociology and after university and political commentator anthony webber, all 3 of you, thank you very much. please stand by. thank you and well done. no vision team.


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