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tv   News  RT  July 21, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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satisfying the the ah, the julian that was flooding in china in a 1000 years, it's cause death wiped out transport, infrastructure, breach dimes and even spoke to huge bloss aluminum on the situation is said to be getting worse. the old, encompassing reach of spy phones. the french president ordered a series of investigations off the report that merged, but he and his senior team will potentially snoop on by israeli developed spyware. also ahead from nobody suggestion,
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there's unchecked inflation on the way. no serious economy. president biden says the highest u. s. inflation rate in 13 years was foreseen and won't last long, but certainly not bringing much comfort of those feeling the pension in their pocket. groceries are definitely out. and also the around are also going up. i don't buy anything, one of the what the make it says nowadays i, i truly, truly no more than 2005 along with specialist planes and paratroopers of mobilized in a huge fight against wildfires. and ne, russia that have already ripped through an area bigger than california. ah, well welcome to the program tonight here an international i'm real res to show you in moscow where it's now just off to 8 p. some
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a shocking foot show you in our stories. this hour, at least 25 people have been killed, more than a 100000 evacuated just safety. it's after devastating floods hit china on tuesday . the country's been deluged with what weather forecast is calling the heaviest rains in a millennium. the who's or not just for a moment. let's break down exactly what's happening all across the country. here on this map, for example. in the red, you can see the worst hate region right here. we're talking about china is essential. and province its largest city jang zoo is currently along the yellow bank. those banks have both right there. she said they've got the yellow river. now, according to the weather forecasters that painting a very grim few days to come. they say more heavy rain and even strong go winds
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will be hitting the region of a typhoon, causing all the havoc is expected to hit those nearby regions just down here on the coast. among them. of course, out of shanghai or the zoom in now on ginger, which has seen some of the most dramatic events so far. now what we can show you here on the program is ultimately a waterfall inside joint use airport coming right down through the roof. things were so bad at the hub that it was unable to accept incoming flights for 26 hours. we passed of the local subway system completely submerged, leaving terrified commuters trapped under ground. and that work had to be completely shut down for the meantime though, over ground, a cause was seen just floating all the way down these flooded streets, where rescue was plucking people from the raging torrance as well. it was water that also triggered a huge explosion at an alley minion plot. the
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incident happened after a nearby river burst its banks. its waters reacted with chemicals at the sight. a massive tomb of smoke could be seen rising into the sky and a local reporter wang men. g brings us to let us now from the streets of ginger. i'm here at home, want to say that it has to be blocked by the to actual re capital city on central time of the probing where the rest was due on the way has a re for a capital pro has left. it's called the only one se ring you have proof of funds is right now for weather forecast. say it will last until tomorrow, late. it's a from a local authority and say, the way for a capital city research hungry and let me clean up half of 3 days while it's for year rainfall remains around $640.00 millimeters, which means that has witnessed a ho year ring for each of the 3 days, the central theatre people's liberation army said on wednesday morning. it has sent
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for more than 3000 men and 8 defects of equipment to fight to the floods. want to carry out your walk in the city emergency response level, a flat being raised to level one. the railway operator has to have a carried out to ensure safety, such as the stopping services and lowering the operation speed at some residential area. so you have to be caught up for water supply and electricity. the providential flood control and a drug really had a quarter reported up more than 140000 residents have been affected by torrential rains. and who and i seems to like 60 and, and 10000 has relocated to safely so far. really, it just seems of total devastation, dozens of cities and tackling massive disruption to transport services. roads just swept away the railroad lines damaged as well. the extra rainfall is also
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threatening several dams and reservoirs. in fact, the authorities have now reported a 20 meter breach in a dime to the city of lou yang, a warning it could collapse at any moment. we understand now, soldiers, police and military personnel have been deployed to help with the rescue efforts. thousands of branded in a suburb of ginger. many have been waiting for blood to subside since last night. we followed a rescue team into one of the worst effect. it's area where up to a 100 people happy mandate for 24 hours. rescue is have resorted to live both in areas where the water level rick is the nice move shovel arrive to help on tuesday night. his company is dedicated to dissolve to rescue your shame on me. roy thought, all the water can reach a depth of up to 2 meters, many are surrendered at this point and they don't have any food. we're in a difficult situation right now. i believe has to both moves forward. the water
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gets deeper and cause how means the merge. a local resident led us an area where around 20 people waiting for help yesterday and many cars are still under water and people in the area can get out. only 3 of us swam out to find the reza cute for help. there is no more signal at all due to the loss of internet and communication tools. this stranded on their own dozen people were found trapped in the lap dated building, started talking about within an hour, doing water reached by next to the shortwell. i was submerged in the water with me and put it up, put it on me on the outside mail where you would go up. oh no. yeah. well, let me get a loaner. not yet a migrant worker. in jingo, now has to find a hotel to stay in with many hotels either fully boots all flooded. no easy task.
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this is one of the worst effect is area. it's the streets all inundated, the traffic lights are not working. there is no electricity, no internet, daily supply, and not available for the locals. what's worse? there will be more rainstorms in the next few. you see dtn don't go when i'm provence. french president manuel mac crohn has ordered a series of investigations. after reports, his phone was under surveillance, new leaks reveal, he and the members of his senior team were among high profile figures, who may well have been snooping on with his railey developed piece of phone spyware . it's called pegasus. now it's been revealed not only micron and his ministers were targeted, but also they're close relative, including spouses. not just the tip of the iceberg in france alone around a 1000 rights activists. john lists and politicians were reportedly spied on suspicion falling on morocco as the country that may have been interested in the
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french president and this team, morocco, one of, excuse me, frances diplomatic allies is right now denying any, and all of the claims. now, these revelations are the latest developments in a story that had already been making plenty of headlines. it alleges israeli hacking spyware that can infiltrate phones as being used by governments across the world. the software was originally developed to help in the fight against organized crime and terrorism at the firm behind it dismisses allegations and it's so a group firmly denies false claims made in your report. many of which are uncorroborated theories, the re serious doubts about the reliability of your sources, as well as the basis of your story. well, in the latest episode of ours, he's going underground program wiki leaks editor in chief christian robinson says he's amazed the stories only getting traction now. as the scope of these private spike companies was exposed a decade ago. to point out the seriousness of this business to 10 years,
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total time uses december, 1st, 2011. we can publish internal documents exposing the incredible scope for these privatized spike companies and the servers they were offering to this particular gm's targeting act and his political opponents. and generally in 2011 when the duty i'm asylum was a long, seamless publication. mother press conference at city university in that story got very little fraction that to me. and i was very surprised at the time because it was such a strong revelation. strong story, but it has taken 10 years now to may be reached to relation. maybe people are now ready to upset the fact that these us by tools that they can be carrying. but
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this is a commercial surprise to, to us. we can right now there's fury across france, which on wednesday introduced vaccine passports for certain public places of protests, right? now are happening nationwide with paris hosting the largest rally of people are also unhappy about mandatory inoculations for jobs and sectors from a health to hospitality. let's cross live right now all the way to the french capital. charlotte, which is why for us, can you bring this up to speed? charlotte, what's the mood on the street that well, there is a huge amount of anger to 100 people come out for this particular project. but as you mentioned already, there are projects taking place for the country and it is not the 1st time we have seen people take to the streets because they have been so unhappy with the idea of
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the house past. but just want to explain a little bit about what that is, because it's already coming to school today. it's quite the fact that he's in the national assembly behind me and now to painting extra measures. joe, do we expect to be putting forward on friday? so wednesday, which is today, if you don't have a house to show that you'd be fully vaccinated again at 19 who you don't have a certificate to show that you are cov, is negative. you will not be able to go into a cinema, into a portal, or even in to see him if there are more than 50 individuals in that museum. in fact, i was in the swimming pool this morning and one gentleman came in and he said, i've gotten my certificate at home. and they said, sorry, say you cannot come in because of the new regulations. the idea of what needs to be anything right now is to extend that would mean that would go to crappy to pause the restaurant to long distance traveling. would even mean the people don't have
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the pre condition, wouldn't be able to keep them new outside of one of those without the stablish was facing massive mind. now we've been speaking to some of the individuals here on live is this. and they think that this is a slippery slope in through a health dictatorship community. we're no longer free to cheese or med since we take, we have every right to ask what kind of regime this is. and it looks like this is a regime that's become authoritarian. and dominated by big pharma on the thirty's obligating people without consent or explanation. yeah, that's tyranny. clearly who pull over here to the found freedoms? every one has the right to decide himself. get vaccine if you want. don't. if you don't like every person is free to decide it's not just the protest is here. we've been talking to the nurses and health workers if we be able to
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communicate through the cracks from the firefighters unions across the thing that they are against a mandatory vaccination. one of the issues that being debated if that is pass, this is what my government will me in the pur, people in certain professions after september 15th will not be able to do their job unless they put it back to the 8th. if there's a possibility that they will not be paid either, you can imagine that there is a huge amount of consternation as people are trying to get exactly what they do. if they are someone who is getting this vaccine, i just want to give you a sense of what the situation that we're hearing from the moment we heard from the health minister olivia over on a couple of hours ago. who said that they were 21. the changes in the law 24 hours from 18 the previous day. so as you can see from the moment getting a ride, resenting post cases. however,
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we found that that has be no right in admission. but the government has said is the 4th wave. it's not coming, it's already here, not one of the reasons why they want to see this fascination rate increase in product. not having attract some of the individual concerns around the thing that necessarily vaccines. but they're not sure that this is the right taxi box. i'm doing right now there is no scientific consensus. on the one hand, we are told this is a solution on the other that there are lots of secondary complications and no decline in cases. the benefits in the benefits are different for every age group. for example, young people might not be that badly affected by the virus. so the vaccine is not necessarily for them. i would be ready for reducing liberties. if i could understand the cause, reason, but i really don't trust the reason. they are setting
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a fairly riley pro to have behind me, but we've also seen him in today to show which is in the southeast to me and me on with protested to me the time and actually took the picture of the president. my phone in discussed is what's happening. i did also be in touch with one was burned down just a couple of days ago that's been treated as off on that. have been that right after he's to have for if i feel of extending the health. in addition, there are also being put up a pressure packhorse here. mckinney brings into that too. so there is a huge amount of anger on both sides including going through and happy summer. happy wearing yellow saw how you made your, whether you to buy your seat or not. the reason i'm
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trying to say the situation now is what happens. it really doesn't really affect this french society. meanwhile, the poor street is all being discussed in the assembly behind me because my friend was called passing leave mother dream fascination was effect. this is absolutely necessary to deal with the health minister saying as well, but no, not to 10 every new if somebody who has yet to be back, that's why they concerned and not why they saying that they have passing this. that determination from these individuals who have been the fact that they just want a choice, whether or not they should be combined with the fact that very soon think have to pay for tests to show that they are convinced that really struck in the record here in front to have food room as well. the surgery was looking for fake comes in
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to get because we know that there was a massive industry and not in fact, we know that they have been arrested. the police investigating several rings over the last few months, but that seems to be an option that some people are considering because of that, there's also an amendment because in the law that says if that path, than anybody found supplying or using a fake have to have kids could not just face a fine of $7050.00, but also up to 5 try for the course the world. but as you can see, there also citizens willing to come out history to defend what they say is the liberties or lucky. thank you. with inflation in the us hitting a 13 year high, people are rapidly feeling it in their pockets. and poll says 88 percent of all
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americans are worried about the disproportionate increase in living costs. president biden though, claims it hasn't come as a surprise to him. and is certainly having little impact on his spending plans. our experts believe in the data shows that most of the price increases we've seen are, were expected, and expected to be temporary. nobody suggestion is unchecked inflation on the way. no sir, is the kinds. let's check that no one checked inflation claim. now if you have a car, it costs you twice as much to run it as it did last year. your prices have double your daily breakfast. now comes with an 8 percent price as the cost of milk, bacon and fruit have gone up. on top of that, you've got consumer prices that have hit their highest amount since 2008. now, despite the presence assurances, america's working families already being hard hit by the pandemic are starting to feel the pinch. the groceries are definitely and also the rents are also going up
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and just household items, making serious progress to ensure that it works the way it's supposed to work for the good of the american people for construction material is out of this world. somebody's making some good money and i think it's just joe biden. we could help families in small businesses, whether the ups and downs or as the economy recovers. i don't buy anything when asked me what the, wherever me give it says nowadays i, i truly, truly don't look, we brought this economy back from the brink. now biden refuses to hear those voices, perhaps he'll listen to those within his own party labor market tightness, behavior of housing markets, and asset prices all rising in a more considering way than i worried a few months ago. this raises my degree of concern overheating scenario. there are huge uncertainties, but the focus of concern now should be on overheating. and if that's not enough to change the president mind on the economy, perhaps this comparison is the wake up call. he needs the u. s. as in the very bad position from a long term point of view, i don't see how these can and well,
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when we're running now, budget deficits, something like 15 percent of g d p. this is beginning to look a little bit like a latin american con. printing and spending money like there is no tomorrow, as pretty clearly got people concerned. biden gave the excuse to spend is necessary to tamp down inflation, which is ridiculous out of nothing in common. you can't stop the consequences of monetary printing by doing even more monetary printing, which is what it means to spend this level of money. and the fact is that biden, and all of his advisors and the political party that he represents, are big spenders, and they want to spend more money. they think that the u. s. government can go into infinite amounts of that. there's no limits whatsoever. they really believe this by mature is us. the problems are just temporary, but perhaps it's a bit like the pandemic and the economic aftermath. it's a bigger problem than was 1st thought. but it seems to be
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a problem that biden's apparently incapable of recognizing caleb mop and r t new york. and if those belt tightening american to have been has to be natural. se funding the space streams of the richest man on earth, you know the story of the amazon cloud. jeff bays off, he went out to thank his employees and customers for helping him. bloss dolphin is very of rocket, but his was received rather a chilly reception claims of exploitation grubbing the full story right now. he's gone for there's been a new victim of our council culture that of the only well william shakespeare renowned, a creative writing course in the u. k. is to be well the colonized which includes dropping the works of the english play right at the move was immediately ridiculed with many branding it anti academic. well, it comes off to some students at the university of east anglia complain the course
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was dominated by privilege to white male experience. so now our new module will focus on quote, the emergence of modern english from a multilingual medieval society. and it's colonial expansion. that essentially means the bod, been booted and author is born in africa, asia, and south america. now it's all the reading list. we ask people in britain for their thought today, everybody must bring their own set around to thanks for this is imposing one to speak with you on it and basically family it is censorship because it does, you think some of the attitudes that correspond your own things absolutely short term isn't completely misguided, obviously that at each of them, what is my find it offensive? well, that needs to be addressed to, you know, do i will listen to that. that will be a big mistake. the fact is that the place written when they were in the time that
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they were and i think that people, i think people are big enough to better understand what kind of time, why wouldn't be it wouldn't right. like that today. i don't, i think sort of effectively dumbing down, but nobody, nobody able to process the information themselves. i don't think that's progress. the university has defended the move, saying the changes and make the course more diverse and inclusive. i think that students will now study literature from all around the world, including publications, from its own award winning graduates. but talk radio host, john gone. he's not having it is anglia, sula, taught in the world, did that creative writing course. so they'll actually attacking their own needs just seems to me to be deaf. of course, let's make sure the syllabus has writers from other ethnic backgrounds. let's make
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sure we show it's in its whole new clarity. but the idea is that you stop by counseling. shakespeare no, or that you counsel white male writers. how does that help anyone? you can't just conflict and pretend to shakespeare didn't exist. i mean, they would never do this in some way, like crumbs with molly. yeah, this is counsel culture. outage was, is woke agenda and the students need to basically get the life you can learn from the classics. watson, all, no one asked necessarily by studying the merchant of venice. for example. think that every didn't in there is acceptable course you don't. you look at it in the whole and that's what needs to happen. we want our kids to get education. not indoctrination, don't we? more than one and a half 1000000 hectares of forest has been consumed by raging wildfires and rushes
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ne cooties region. as i'm 50 towns and villages have been blanketed with choking smoke, emergency services, volunteers and locals are all baffling to bring the flames under control. around 2000 people and 300 vehicles have been deployed. ortiz, mariah garcia, has been looking at the scale of this tragedy. wild 5 in just one russian region, have consumed an area that is larger than jamaica, or montenegro and full cost aren't good. it's hot, it's dry and it's burning. ah, the the yeah. to put it far out, you have to, you have to get to it, which is
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a problem. given the vastness of rushes force firefighters are literally parachuting into the fall zone to join the efforts. the government is sending more and more resources and manpower and vehicles and fire fighting crafts to combat the inferno. but local activists said, still not enough that reaching out internationally for help. they've even us leonardo dicaprio for assistance. okay. i've heard you. i, in my management's, we'll look into it, then we will talk with your thoughts in charge to see how we can be of help. siberia is dying now. also very hopelessly a help. can you post on your official page about 5 in siberia, please. okay, i'll fix a meeting with my management. thank you very much. leah siberia loves you. the activists to publish the exchange laid the, the lead to that, but so far as he's already had the response,
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if we receive an official offer of help, then of course we would be happy if he came over and provided some assistance. but to be honest, i find it hard to imagine what he can do to extinguish the awkward fires. sit in hollywood ability is always good. the more noise that people raise, the more attention that these funds will get. this is a perfect par, storm historic heat level, lack of rain, dry forest. all came together in these fires that have burned down thousands of square kilometers of ancient woodland and killed countless wild life. this is a taste of what's to come as the climate changes, because the overwhelming prognosis is that these 5 will rage worse and worse every saba, all over the world. they got their fires and russia, the flooding and china, also flooding, of course, in north and northwestern europe. amazing video and pictures on our website. odds
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here dot com. the meantime, we're back with more in half and oh, the do need to have the united states. we're going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their backyard. oh my god. obviously some of the cicadas do not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out
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for 6 minutes or 400. i mean, that's very satisfying. and i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except when the short or conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to create truck rather than fear i would take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. we have somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with.


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