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and as it were, weber's behavior from the video is very concerning. but before i talk about that, go back the day before me where officer webber went to andrew statics, dorm room. and that was the 1st threat that was made to andrew. the threat being, you're in trouble, you're going to be charged with felonies. we have you on video and audio recordings selling marijuana to 2 different confidential informants. if you don't work with me, you're going to prison for 40 years. wherever said,
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you can come to the law enforcement center and meet with me tomorrow and you can work with me and i'll help make some of this. go away and make the punishment a lot less. but you can't tell anybody you can't tell your parents. you can't tell your roommate, you can't tell your friends. you can't talk to an attorney. you just need to come and talk to me. and for this to work, nobody can know about this. potentially, the max is 40 years in prison, 40 years. obviously, you're probably not going to get 40 years, but the possibility that you're going to perform present time, if you don't is asserting his authority and giving andrew false information for the amount of marijuana that andrew sold to the 2 different confidential informants. there is no way that he would have gone to prison for that
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amount. most likely with that at that level of the crime, you're looking at probation, maybe some community service. i can't imagine why you know, andrew was thinking in his situation, sitting with this guy who we thought was probably just going to be just like a slap on the wrist meeting like a don't let us catch your screw and up again. and then all of a sudden this guy's like, yeah, you got to work with us or you're going to face 40 years will cross your whole life . if we have to like ah, it was one of the 1st times i've actually seen the footage of it happening and watched it happen. and able to see the body language and the reactions that take place between the individuals. and once you learn more of the background, you can understand why someone who had never really been in trouble and was only 20 and trying to get through college would be scared to death for you to do use advice
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for me that were you have to wear away or you have to go by marijuana from individuals and, you know, depending upon how you do and so forth, you know, a lot of this could go away, you know, are you, andrew was under intense pressure and he was terrified of the consequences. most of the time they're looking for more than pot or anybody, anything other than marijuana and i think the contact intensifies and then i think they give them deadlines to do more just to people to get the you know, the felony level. so i think whatever it was, a bowie, and i think that his actions caused the death of a static can. when you check any call, the text message works just fine. when you're sending andrew a boy, he's still
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a boy. i mean, he isn't legal to have a beer in our state and you're going to send him after these drug lords to me that was the worst part about all. ringback in november of 2013 until may of 2014. there were 3 fives that andrew did under the direction of officer webber. ah ah, after those 3 buys levers still wanted one more. now that would have been sometime in early 2014. ah ah
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ah, really, there was very little communication from january to april. i had to wait on him. there are some research projects that have been done that talk about the psychology that goes along with becoming a confidential informant. and the pressures that are emotionally put on someone that once an individual is approached and brought into that situation, it will change them forever in i don't know what was going on and, and his mind, i just know that what he was probably being asked to do was to dive deeper, find someone else i
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don't down trade, but informing you want to get all the charges. well, you've got to give me somebody data, then you ah, there was a point around april 15th that there was no more communication. and that's a real red flag in there were in a red flag name. nothing. that's what's making this so difficult for us is law enforcement red flag named nothing. why wasn't jason webber and contact with andrew static every day? why didn't he know where he was at all times? and if, if andrew was not responding to officer webber, why didn't he bring him in,
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bring the charges because he wasn't doing what he'd been asked for this situation to go on from november of 2013 to may of 2014 is problematic. don't certain about if you want me, if there's anything to try to get what you normally get. i want to know who jason wherever worked for, because somebody empowered him to lie to andrew. somebody empowered him to basically play off andrew's worst fears. and that was simply tonight point of the topic. what is seneca? and are they to blame for the death of andrew santa? earlier this week, tammy, static andrews, mom blamed them go for her sons, dad know, center just to be clear, stands for the south, east multi county agency, narcotics task force. essentially. they could be perceived that a local drug and force agency down in richland county sim, operates as their own entity, with their own board of directors,
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and their own oversight. investigators have permission to be on the campus, but they don't have to notify the school about who they may be investigating. ah, one thing that we found really odd is that one of the sergeant at the campus police station was on the board of some cob. this or hewlett, at all the one drug task force board member n d s c. as police sergeant steve helga said sergeant, how can son was on the some come board? ah, they should not have had that conflict of interest. a 3rd party should have been investigating what was going on if they knew who andrew was and what he was doing. they shouldn't have been investigating that. talking to me. starting august 9th, they're lying and why when he talked with me. then we had
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a reporter. he just went to the college, walked in and tried talking to him, and he got the door slammed in his face and told to turn his camera off. your honor any review started. ah, there shoddy investigated, work was terrible. but again, it goes back to the fact of why are they letting some officers onto their campus, not knowing what they're doing. it's all money driven. the reason that some excess is due to money from the federal government. they're dealing in small level crimes like marijuana buys, because it helps their numbers, the more arrest that they can make. the more charges that they can show,
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the more money they're going to get to keep going. so it's almost like a commissioned sales job at that point is meant me, my little brother was actually going to in dfcs at the same time as andrew, and lived in the same dorm. at the same time. there is no drug problem and we'll pretend it's fabricated. i would say that they're targeting people that they know are going to have a little bit a pot here, and they're the numbers that they use. mostly marijuana live it's misdemeanor level . it tells you that they've bastardize the war, drugs in federal funding for their own benefit. the purpose of federal funding, that's not the purpose of these standards, is to investigate is to dean this male big organizations dangerous organizations. full chillers real chilled. the andrew sad. actually this room
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hadn't been in my phone since i don't i just saw up dollar format, isis fighters, and now a boarding a philippine naval ship with $900.00 just aren't abdulla still don't know, watch waiting for them but it is can i.
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ready ready have financial from job today. we money laundering versus 2 or 3 different. oh good. this is a good start. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas, in the cayman islands, you never know. probably the banks are complicit in their club. barbara, we just have to give me a call and say, hey, i'm ready to do some serious laundry. ok, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for safety. oh, beautiful jewelry and how about luxury automobile again for my you know, it, money laundering is highly regal copier correct spot. ah. ready ready yes, crunch. class. enough person
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i knew christabel often the said it with the blue book truly you were the the because it's always more you to meet the teacher going to contribute the usually so which and francis and what gone. yeah. cuz really knew from the moment that she's in the background, is that none of my new middle child on taught phillips? i me,
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this is the video tape deposition of steve help us and think about the plaintiff in the matter of john and tammy say, deck versus jason webber at all right here again, your family for that the testimony are about to give will be the truth. the whole truth and nothing but the truth. i do say your name, steven fell this morning officer webber. morning. we've never met prior to say how when you know who the family wanted to bring a lawsuit against anyone that was responsible for the disappearance and death of andrew me. where does the funding come for some? there are 2 different grants are they provided with the statistical information that you put together as to the number in case those are. and so not at the time of the, the, the grant application of the statistics coming and quarterly reports that go on. i
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burned j grabbed better website, and those are reported. we were able to bring a lawsuit against jason webber for his involvement with some cut. the law suit is alleging negligence. so essentially this handling of andrew as a confidential informant. also we have a ledge fraud and defeat. in other words, they misled andrew in to getting involved in his role as confidential informant, which we believe led to his death. ah, are there any other specific courses you can point me to? even are professors you've been trained on strictly confidential form and i have no me one point your your department was a part of the program. i sat on the board. yes. so through the time that and the
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savage, when this think you were still a board member of them. yes. they were privy to cases that were operating but not who was doing what? such as the c eyes there would be aligned across the sheep that would say in dfcs case, and what the drug was that they were working on. but that was, it was a number system. we didn't know who the people were. neither the agent nor the so often tell, centrally 2016 the state college science was involved in the task force. correct me when if ever were you informed of control by saying performed on campus for which anderson was the target
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the day that he went missing or that night when he 1st made aware of that and he said it was acting as a confidential informant point. right. with them on that moment, prior to that on march 10, 2014 recently under attack, it said, are you still alive? now remember that bill? did you have any concerns about him? i didn't contact me or i haven't heard from him for a while. i didn't have any concerns i just asked, you know, is just a figured speech april 17th 2014. you gave me a deadline of may 1 to complete another bio truck. why the may 1st deadline? because at that point, he was on the question that he's gonna be graduating from school and he will be
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leaving the office in area. and it would be difficult for him to complete what he needs to complete traveling back is going to go. that was may 1 andrew and i believe so. i know who steve, how this and as was he involved in the andrew cedric handling and so he would have never participated on our deals. was he aware that the consent search was taking place? i honestly, i don't recall it out sometimes we, you know, if we go to the jury, different jurisdictions, sometimes we will notify the sheriff of police or, you know, if it's on campus steve, typically these individuals don't want to know what we're doing and south and sees a big one for that he never really wanted to know what we're doing on campus. what is the extent of the relation ship between campus and place now?
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not existing. i don't know if they're even working on the campus or not anymore. bitch could be and i wouldn't have any idea at all if you had known that andrew said it or any other student at the school science was acting as a confidential informant or were the target of a by from a confidential informant? would you have done anything different towards that student for this or me? i i
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want to tell me exactly each what they were doing with andrew up until that point, if they're, if they had him under so much pressure that he actually did commit suicide. i want, i want to know, i want to know what they were doing with them. the truth. i'd like the truth. oh, campus police asked me if i had a gun missing and they thought that andrew might had one. and so then i checked my guns and yeah, it was just missing from them from the garage. oh,
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he ran through my mind. can't see this didn't oh for him to do it without leaving a note or something, letting us a finger by due us. i do not believe that for a 2nd. or the question that we may never have truthfully answered. and the only person that might know what really happened is officer webber get lined up. and then the biggest thing was he being asked by something more than marijuana was he being asked to go to people that he didn't really know and never interacted with to buy whether it was pots or something else.
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i take it, he wasn't answering pod, i wouldn't think that would lead to a bullet, but whatever it was, i think that he went and met up with somebody bigger and better than anybody. and he had expected or that he trapped to not do scared me many ended up in there. i have a lot of people who talk to me about my involvement with the static family. and those are the people that support the static family. don't really care whether he wish murdered, or whether he took his own life. i know that's a bad thing to say, but they don't really care because what they care about is that he was put in a position where it's one of those 2 things. what happened in the end, the narrative that got us to the end should never have happened. and so while i
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believe that andrew was murdered, i don't think it should take away from the fact that if in fact he did commit suicide and that was not any thing that andrew did without somebody pushing him towards. ready we adore having those guys around and i value the fact that they have that much respect to come and in spend time with us because we get to watch them. girl we're not sure really what to do with the farm. we want to keep it in the name by that's going to be pretty hard to do. now. i was expanding at the time of andrew's the house. i was just was renting some more past year and i was going to expand my heard building it up for for his future and stuff. and after his
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death i've basically just lost all my ambition. stone, have any will anymore me i me. ah, ah ah ah
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ah, ah me, ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, ah,
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ah, ah, ah me, ah, [000:00:00;00] ah,
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some in ah, president joe biden invoke civil war parallels with greater frequency. this is ominous and dangerous. unfortunately, it would seem, this is how the major political parties and the media view, the state of our politics in a war, there are casualties and defeat in the culture. wars can one side bank. we should see other i is your media,
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a reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? tyson nation community. you going the right way? where are you being that direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend to join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, ah, me, eastern half of the united states, we're going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human
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beings in their backyard. oh, my god. obviously some of the cicadas do not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out are 6 minutes a 400 i mean that's very satisfying. oh, no, certainly no borders and my number is emerge. we don't have authority. we don't, the whole world needs to take action and be ready. people are judge crisis, we can do better,
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we should be better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we need together now on the all encompassing reach of the spy phones, the french president, cried ministers, the will, health organizations, chief, even a king, some of those who potentially being sneaked on vice rarely developed spyware. also, nobody suggesting the junction inflation on the way, no serious economy because of the bottom that says that the highest us inflation rate for 13 years was foreseen and won't last long. it's not bringing much
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comfortable to the americans feeling the pinch in that pocket. groceries are


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