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tv   News  RT  July 21, 2021 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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the financial survival guide. when customers go buy, you reduce the price. now well, reduce the lower the best under cutting, but what's good for food market? it's not good for the global economy. the, the all encompassing reach of bestbuy phones, the french president prime ministers, the world health organization chief. and even just some of those who potentially been snipped on by is really develop spyware. also ahead, nobody suggestions. i'm checking station on the way. no, serious economy. president biden say is the highest us inflation rates in 13 years, was foreseen on won't last long, but that's not bringing much comfort to americans to be in a pinch in their pocket. the groceries are definitely off. and also the rents are
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also going up. i don't buy anything, one of the, what the me give it says nowadays i, i truly, truly don't use more than 2000 firefighters along with specialist planes on the hard truth preserve, mobilize in a huge effort to contain fierce wildfires in north east russia top already torn through an area larger than california. ah, wherever you're accounting the news hour from today. welcome to moscow into our team international. let's get to our top story. it's been revealed, not the french president was among more than a dozen high profile figures. may have been potentially snipped on via is really develop phone spyware. it's according to a new report on the pegasus hacking tool,
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by a group of investigative journalists, our t, charlotte, group and sky has been looking at the ripples being caused by the revelations. well, these latest leaks from the pegasus project has caused a huge scandal hearing france after its been revealed the president to manual my call may have been one of those individuals who was targeted by intelligent services, not just him, but 15 members of his government from 2019 rules said to have had the numbers on this list of data that has been leaked of those who were targeted. now not only does it seem that president might call, in some of his government ministers were targeted, but even that close relatives and spouses, for example, it's reported that the wife of the form of french prime minister edward felipe was also targeted with this spite software. now this is just the tip of the iceberg,
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because in france, we understand that around a 1000 individuals were targeted that includes human rights, activists, politicians, and journalists who were spied on by intelligent services from countries such as morocco. now this list even includes the human rights activists here in france, dominique, simon, know, she do mean you could human. the fact that dominic seminar was spied on means that almost all important journalists in all at a tauriel offices in france could be spied on. that's what's important and it's not just why it's happening. this means that absolutely any information can be leaked. this is a violation, not only a fundamental rights, but also most importantly of confidentiality. it also appears that a several media editors of papers have fronts, may also been targeted by this software. and as a result, the parents, prosecutor, has opened up investigations to look at that data breach. and so group which is the
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group behind this software said the president mac quote was not a target of its customers, even though his number appears on the they say that that doesn't mean it's conclusive that he was spying. but you can imagine the present mack on his government ministers as well as all of those who so fall had details revealed in this possible huge pack of phones will be incredibly worried and all probably changing their telephones at this moment. just to add to charlotte's piece, the revelations about money will mccrory are the latest developments in the story council really been making plenty of headlines. it alleges is really hugging spyware that can infiltrate phones has been used by governments across the world to potentially target politicians. journalists, activists, and even religious figures, the software, how to originally been developed to help in the fight against the organized crime
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and terrorism. the developer itself, as dismissed the accusations being made about the product. and so a group firmly denies false claims made in your report. many of which are uncorroborated theories, the re serious doubts about the reliability of your sources, as well as the basis of your story. in the latest addition of our team going underground show wiki leaks editor in chief kristen her ruffin. sensations, he's amazed up. the stories only gaining traction, no scope of these private spying. companies was exposed a decade earlier. we did to point out the seriousness of this business to 10 years ago, almost december, 1st, 2011. we can publish internal documents, exposing the incredible scope of over these privatized spike companies and the servers they were offering to this particular jeans and
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targeting activities and political opponents. and i'm generally in 2011 when the duty i'm asylum. so as long as seeing this publication, another press conference at city university in that story got very little fraction that to me. and i was very surprised at the time because it was such a strong revelation. strong story, but it has taken 10 years. and now to maybe reach to pollution, maybe people are now ready to upset the fact that these are spy 2 sons and they can be carrying one. but it must surprise to to us that we can live with inflation in the u. s. hitting a 13 year high, people are rapidly feeling it in their pocket. a new port save 88 percent of americans are worried about the disproportionate increase in living costs.
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president biden, the claims and how can come as a surprise to him, and certainly having little impact on his spending plans. our experts believe in the data shows that most of the price increases we seen are, were expected, and expected to be temporary. nobody suggestion is unchecked inflation on the way. no sir, is the kind. let's check that no one checked inflation claim. now if you have a car, it costs you twice as much to run it as it did last year. your prices have double your daily breakfast now comes with an 8 percent price. as the cost of milk, bacon and fruit have gone up. on top of that, you've got consumer prices that have hit their highest amount since 2008. now, despite the present assurances, america's working families already being hard hit by the pandemic are starting to feel the pinch. the groceries are definitely and also the rents are also going up and just household items,
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making serious progress to ensure that it works the way it's supposed to work for the good of the american people. while construction material is out of this world, somebody's making some good money, and i think it's because joe biden, we can help families in small business, is whether the ups and downs or as the economy recovers. i don't buy anything when it's me what the government says nowadays. i, i truly, truly know. look, we brought this economy back from the brink. now biden refuses to hear those voices . perhaps you listen to those within his own party labor market tightness, behavior of housing, markets, and asset prices all rising in a more considering way than i worried a few months ago. this raises my degree of concern over heating scenario. there are huge uncertainties, but the focus of concern now should be on overheating. and if that's not enough to change the president's mind on the economy, perhaps this comparison is the wake up call. he needs. the u. s. is in the very best position from a long term point of view. i don't see how these can and well,
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when we're running now, budget deficits, something like 15 percent of g d p. this is beginning to look a little bit like a latin american con, pre printing and spending money like there is no tomorrow, as pretty clearly got people concerned. biden gave the excuse that the spending is necessary to tamp down inflation, which is ridiculous, has nothing in common. the, you can't stop the consequences of monetary printing by doing even more monetary printing, which is what it means to spend this level of money. and the fact is that biden, and all of his advisors and the political party that he represents our big spenders, and they want to spend more money, they think that the u. s. government can go into infinite amounts of that. there's no limits whatsoever. they really believe this 5, mature is us. the problems are just temporary, but perhaps it's a bit like the pandemic and the economic aftermath. it's a bigger problem than was 1st thought. but it seems to be
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a problem that biden's apparently incapable of recognizing failed mop and r t new york. and it's those bell tightening americans who've been funding the space streams of the richest man on earth. i was on funder. jeff pays off house. thank employees and customers for helping him. the last off. it is very rocket, but his one words receive that surely reception with claims of exploitation growing r t dot com or the pulse to your website also is more on this following story. 12 people not being killed and more than a 100000. evacuated to safety after devastating floods had china's central had none province on choose. they. the region has been dell used with what weather forecasters are calling the heaviest rains in a 1000 years. just look at this cars flooding down flooded streets, while rescuers pluck people from raging torrance of water. incredible footage.
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parts of the subway system were inundated, leaving people trapped underground as well on tuesday, very severe flooding in the range and also triggered a huge explosion of an alan mini implant the apocalyptic, almost in the incident, came after a nearby river burst its banks, its waters reacted with chemicals at the sight leading to what you're seeing, a massive plume of smoke rising high into the sky. well indeed, dozens of cities in the countries interior. no tackling must have disruption to transport services. roads have been swept away. real lines damaged as well. this is all happening in the center of the country, the extreme rainfall. it's also threatening several dams. reservoirs on the authorities have reported a 20 meter branch and a dum near the city of lou young. warding now, that could collapse with in
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a moment, but to thousands of soldiers, police and militia members have been deployed to help with the rescue efforts in hand for from flooding in china to drive its unbelief is in russia more than one and a half 1000000 hectares. of forests has been consumed by raging wildfires in the northeast, yet truit region, some 50 towns and villages have been blanketed with choking smoke. emergency services, volunteers, local. they are all bottling to bring the flames under control around 2000 people, 300 vehicles as well. have been deployed or senior correspondent, rosco. steve has been looking at the scale of the tragedy. wild fobs in just one russian region have consumed an area that is larger than jamaica, or montenegro and full cost aren't good. it's hot,
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it's dry. and it's burning. ah, me, the to put it far out, you have to, you have to get to it, which is a problem. given the vastness of rushes force firefighters are literally parachuting into the fire zones to join the efforts. the government is sending more and more resources and manpower and vehicles and fire fighting across to combat the inferno. but local activists said, still not enough that reaching out internationally for help. they've even us leonardo dicaprio for assistance. okay. i've heard you. i, in my management's, we'll look into it, then we will talk with your thought in charge to see how we can be of help. siberia
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is dying now. also be re hopes for your help. can you post on your official page about 5 in siberia, please. okay, i'll fix a meeting with my management. thank you very much. leo. siberia loves you. the activists to publish the exchange. they the, the lead has it, but so far as he's already had the response, if we received an official offer of help, then of course we would be happy if he came over and provided some assistance. but to be honest, i find it hard to imagine what he can do to extinguish the awkward fires sit in in hollywood. publicity is always good. the more noise that people raise, the more attention that these fires will get. this is a perfect fall storm. historic heat leveled, lack of rain, dry forests, all came together in these fires that have burned down thousands of square
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kilometers of ancient woodland and killed countless wild life. this is the taste of what's to come as the climate changes. because the overwhelming prognosis is the these 5 will rage, worse and worse every sama, all over the world. garcia, still ahead, taking it to the mux, they reynando show mix. it's returned just outside of moscow with high up 10 thrills, marking the opening. we've got the highlights through the short ah, rather driven by remove shaped by person. those in
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me dares think we dare to ask me when i would show the wrong one. i'll just don't rule out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground in the moon. ah,
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let's start the program back with the situation in south africa, which is still reeling from last week's violence. and as you can see here, must loosing sparked by the jailing of former president jacobs. and wildly protest, hubbard ready resulted in more than 200 debts, 2000 the rest as well. local fear things could still get worse. ortiz policy, or has been seeing 1st on how people are coping. we here in hillcrest waste of good than in south africa, where the feeling on the ground is that although the whites and looting has subsided for now, there is a 2nd phase coming. and that phase could potentially be more damaging. with me is matthew and member of the local community watch who's also being in the thick of it . that's why do you think things are going to get with i think we've got a situation where a lot of the, the looters and the mother just have destroyed their jobs. so there's no way for
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them to, in an income that you bought each tv and you can't, you can't just gone to the bible and alcohol. it's all going to be going to be wanting to come back and need more. what about police station? i mean, i've heard rumors that the police station close to be targeted next. and if so, why target police station? there's a big potential for that because the police do, you have weapons, they stole weapons at the stations and unfortunately, they're not run the positions on run as well as that could be, you know, they're not very often not the most secure place. this is a local gun shop and the owner who has been talking to us but doesn't want to be on camera, has been saying like other gun shop owners in the area that had his shop not being protected with security. it would have been completely looted as it is, he's run out of ammunition as people have bought at all for fear of a 2nd uprising at the moment. the trying to take away all right, t own firearms,
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legally, to defend ourselves. the system is supposed to be you apply for a firearm, you get it within 30 days. legally. that doesn't happen. it's taking up to 7 months now. which obviously is incredibly difficult. if you're in a situation where you feel your loss in danger and you want some protection, you can't get it, which is very, very difficult to. so i think the events of the last 7 days of proven set we, we can't rely on. we can't rely on warn, fortunate the police or the army to come and safeguard us. we have to do it ourselves. me. this is becky hill. what can hill industrial park? this is where the one of the main hotspots for the teachers and the violence started. and they were up here for hours, they fight apartment could really get you have a good part of them. need the police to come and assist the police, didn't come this and the private security had to run because they went to court to
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deal with peter's. basically i'm here at a storage facility where 90 percent of the units were destroyed and burned. it took the police and emergency services more than 48 hours to reach here. this is just one of many incidents happened simultaneously in durban and johannesburg. what we believe happened is that we caught the fire brigade and they needed police support, and the police were tied up with places like the malls and bigger, bigger establishments. and unfortunately, we were left without support. other than those local community who are amazing immediately. and we thank the community for the supports that we were out without support for all i would say at least 40 hours people have stood up and we've done what we needed to do while we are doing it while we are supporting the police and
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then not supporting us is something is created starting to create a huge anger on the ground. obviously on the main objective is to assess god, our families, and just to try and keep them safe. and if it's a really bad area to get them out of this. so we've identified a couple of installations, some schools and fields and things like that. shopping centers where we could get to families together and come to an indicator assessor and, and potentially get a support to get supplies in, in people out until probably help can arrive until the situation can improve the . 3 these i can triple back to the shop by the neighborhood watch who accosted the luther running with him down the street and recognised the labeling and brought him back. so what do you think with the fact that the close report back to you? we're very excited. thank you very much. see you all. thank you. not the scene 15
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scene during the whole week, but it does show that some stories have a happy ending policy. artie hillcrest south africa. the skies on the outskirts of moscow has been roaring to the sun and the latest in a v. a sion technology is because the max, international, or shows in full swing, the 1st major offense of its kind globally in the cobra, to europe. hundreds of companies for more than 50 countries are showcasing not just current developments, but offering a glimpse of what the future may bring. ortiz julia shop of oliver with their day will. russia's main aerospace exhibition, the max ation salon open the stores for the 15th time with many as shows getting cancelled because of the pandemic. marks has become the highlight of the world ation calendar. therefore, hundreds of companies from 56 countries participating, presenting their latest developments. one of the most anticipated debbies of mark's 20. 21. isn't you fight a jet set to take to the skies in 2023. it's called the check mave. this is
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a 5th generation supersonic aircraft with a single turbo jet engine. if he's a younger brother of the 357, find the jets but a smaller, lighter, cheaper in terms of production and maintenance. but if his healthy, it has internal weapons phase and a very impressive payload company, and they will call it a plain, an architecture, meaning that potential buyers, international buyers in particular, will be able to order a plane they need for that particular purposes. according to the planes design is they are developing a 2 seat and unmanned versions of the jet. somebody up the plane is high speed. it has a speed of mike, $1.00, which is about 1900 kilometers per hour. it's as powerful weapons, you can carry more than 7 tons of payload. these bombs missiles will have
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a cannon installed. so it's a fairly powerful aircraft in the same time it's light. it has one engine. well, that reduces the range of its flight, but still another important achievement of russian aircraft manufacturers is the medium whole m. s. 21 aircraft was domestically produced, p v. 14 engines. just a couple of years ago, this plane was flying with american pross and weekly engines. and nowadays, the russian made units lifted, playing into the sky during demonstration flights. regarding b, m. s 21. we the pratt and whitney engine, you saw one such aeroplane fly with it today, and we have the russian p d. 14 engines. there will be 2 versions, one with russia components and another with imported parts. we do these deliberately, so let customers especially or in once have a choice. the super chair, $100.00 is the original shot and medium whole passenger plane that has the right had been on the market for a decade. and the demand is high,
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as 3 domestic airlines have signed contracts to buy hundreds of new planes, making the supercharger, one of the principal aircraft for regional transportation, the medium student, what we see today. and she clearly shows that russian aviation has great potential for development. and across the industry continues to create new competitive aircraft, or domestic airlines, the receiving modern super jet airliners and in the near future, the new m. s. $21.00 across one into service. it seems like russian engineers pay a lot of attention to the development of new types of engines. hybrid engines, in particular, powered by tricity and hydrogen electric engines are being developed to power small planes and helicopters, old and new technologies will help reduce harmful emissions, making flights more eco friendly. you lash up all of our see there's been a new victim of council culture, william shakespeare, reknown creative writing course in the u. k. is to be the colonized which includes
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dropping the works of the english playwright. the move was immediately ridiculed with many running it anti academic. it comes after some students at the university of east anglia complain the course was dominated by privileged white meal experience. so now a new module will focus on quote, the emergence of modern english from a multi lingual medieval society. and it's colonial expansion. that essentially means that bards being booted and or 3rd board in africa, asia and south america, no top the reading list. we ask people in britain for their thoughts today, everybody must bring their own stuff to thanks to chase that this is imposing on people to on it and basically finding it it's censorship. because if you think some of the attitudes don't correspond to your own. absolutely short term isn't
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completely misguided, obviously that each other might find it offensive. well, that needs to be read to do. i've only been told that it would be a big mistake. the fact is that the place were written when they were in time to they were and i think that people, i think people are big enough to be understand what kind of a time, why wouldn't be you wouldn't write about today. but then, i think sort of the dumbing down, but nobody, nobody able to process the information themselves. i don't think that's progress. dare i say pretty nuanced views. they're on the streets of the u. k. the universities defended the move thing. the changes make the course more diverse and inclusive that students will learn study literature from around the world, including publications, from its own award winning graduates. but talk radio host, john gaunt, isn't having it. intimacy. sangria, some of the total reflections in the world did that creative writing course,
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so they actually attacking their own needs just seemed to me to be deaf. of course, let's make sure the syllabus has writers from other ethnic backgrounds. let's make sure we show it's in its whole new clarity. but the idea is that you start by counseling, shakespeare no, or that you counsel white male writers. how does that help any one? you can't just conflict and pretend shakespeare didn't exist. i mean, they would never do this in some way, like crumbs with molly. this is council culture outage. worse is woke agenda. and these students need to basically get a life you can learn from the classics. wolf's at all. no, not necessarily by studying the merchant of venice for example. think that every didn't in there is acceptable. course you don't. you look at it in the whole and that's what needs to happen. we want our kids to get education. not indoctrination,
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don't we go ahead of an anticipated deal between germany in the u. s. in the next few days concerning russia's nord stream to pipeline essentially aimed at reconciling. there are differences the russian on boston to the us on a totally off has be ensuring his insights into the project. the chances for cooperation between moscow and washington in the future. he talked to r t for us in just only economic projects, not been more and less, but i don't understand why we should use political tools to, to press on anybody to get some advantage. it seems to me with due respect to my american fans administration,
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i would like to say that it's unfair competition on international markets. i discuss this issue as many politicians. sometimes frankly, i'm not katy, i'm not blind, but some of them don't know where ukraine iis. so i don't understand why it's important for united states. it seems to me that a political figure. some politicians just only would like to use ukraine as their tool to press on the russia to have a good relationship between the united states and russia. it is the interest of the united states people as well as russian pre duration. we could say that we are doing full preparation. we are the main nuclear steve. we are
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prominent members of security council. we.


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