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it's huge anger on the ground. obviously, the main objective is to assess god our families and just to try and keep them safe . and if it's a really bad area to get them out of this. so we've identified a couple of installations, some schools and fields and things like that. shopping centers where we could get to families together and come to an indicator and potentially get a support to get supplies in, in people out until probably help can arrive until the situation can improve. the these i contribute back to the shop by the neighbourhood. watch who accosted the luther running with him down the street and recognised the labeling and brought him back. so what do you think with the fact that the close report back to you? we're very excited said thank you very much. see you all. thank you. not the scene we've been seeing during the whole week, but it does show that some stories have
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a happy ending policy. arty hillcrest, south africa. it is a park to the rafters news views, and hughes next joins scotty now and moments for the time. here again, they tell bringing you the stories that mutter this women's thing, bye for now. the president joe biden invoke civil war parallels with greater frequency. this is ominous and dangerous. unfortunately, it would seem, this is how the major political parties and the media view, the state of our politics in a war, there are casualties and defeat in the culture. wars can one side bank with the other the, with the us military spending estimated to be around 934000000000. you would expect one of the key components to be at full operation. and yet close to 15 percent of
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the f. 30 fives are grounded without their engines. we're going to discuss how this happened, and if this is a threat to national security and the 1st a repatriated prisoner from the guantanamo bay military base is being sent to morocco signaling the bottom ministration is committed to closing the military prison in cuba. we're going to bring you all the details. and meanwhile, a global tax increase has been introduced by the white house in order to level the playing field for countries. looking to keep multinational businesses at home, we're going to tell you the reaction. and the wildfires are ravaging the west, leaving death and destruction in its wake. but what if the source of the spark is a familiar company and it's not their 1st time it tosh a sweet looks into p g n d and why their equipment is under question yet again. i'm scotty, now huge and you are watching news views right here on our to america. let's get
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started. ah . the white house is making the closing of the guantanamo bay a priority in the 1st year, and while there is no public timeline. so the 1st attack need to be transferred. abdul, the chief s here is scheduled to be moved to morocco. a federal review board determined it back in 2016 that is attention was actually no longer necessary to protect against ongoing national security threats. but will this, but this will bring the remaining total at $39.00 with 10 eligible for transfer at one time. obey. now of the remaining 17 are eligible for a periodic review board can have been involved in the military commission process and to have been convicted. so does this mean the us is done with their involvement on the warranty there? while to help break it down. we welcome andy worthington and thanks for joining us . hi there. hi, scott,
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i'm doing good. now you are the investigate journalist. you are the author of on time of files, the stories of the 774, to cheney in america's illegal prison. you know about the issue you've been there, full disclosure. so of i, so i have to ask you, when you're looking at what the spider ministration is doing, do you believe that they will actually be successful in their goal of shutting down to get mo, at the pro, as it is handled in the present state. i very much hope so really. there are 22 things about the president at the moment. i mean there are 39 men still held. so we've got the 12 men who've been through go on trial, are going to be on trial and they need to have some venue told you about where those trials can take place. if the phrase needs to be close. the obvious thing is to move them to federal courts on the us mainland. the rest of the man who is still held are old men who have never been charged or tried with any crimes. i'm them and
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i think we have now reached the stage where everyone has run the patients with the notion that the united states can help people indefinitely without child to trial. after nearly 20 years, it is quite astonishing to have the united states, which claims to the rule of law holding people. so we've got 10 of these men who are already a truce, or at least in the bio net ministration, needs to look very closely whether it has any ability to charge any of the other men that is holding. these are the men who are generally known as forever prisoners . the reason and i think that if they can't find any way of charging the men, surely if they had any reason they would have done it by now, then they also need to be released. and really with these 2 groups of people, it looks on paper, at least to be quite easy to reach the point where the person will be close. see if that works out that way. in reality. well,
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let's look at why the base is actually founded for mind. we're about to hit the 20th anniversary of september 11th. and obviously the deadly terrorist attack that happened here on the united states. that's what actually justified at the time president bush opening, get most of they could put whatever. so whatever enemy combatants, they think they came across over there over here and keeping them separate for america. us is now pulling troops out of afghanistan, which was justified after $911.00. we're now looking like possibly might be in iraq . so what role could this base service say? it's time i agree and you say, but what else could this base possibly serve or the time to completely pull out completely off the that side of cuba? well, it's definitely time to stop it because to be honest, because it should never have existed in the 1st place. if the united states wanted to hold prisoners that have been captured on the battlefield than he could have done with a prisoner of war camp, which could have been established and that can extend, it did need to be but had it been in guantanamo ship,
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it conforms with jimmy conventions and it never did. the other side of the story is that the united states was capturing people accused of involvement in terrorism after 911. and yes, it was refusing to put them on trial in federal courts. and as we've seen over the trials at one time in the military, commissions have been an abject failure. they've hardly reached any, any conclusions, any convictions and the ones they have. some of those have been overturned on appeal and we still waiting for the 911 trial to go ahead over time. so the federal courts were always the better routes. and if you actually wanted to prosecute people or alleged involvement in terrorism, hundreds and hundreds, the cases have been successfully prosecuted the whole time. the grand panama has been open. and yet we have to fight here in santa most clearly, that didn't work either. should have been federal court trial, they should have been prisoner of war camps when china was an aberration in terms
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of the law. and in terms of the way that the united states has always dealt with people at the price of their liberty. well, but the question is, suppose the terraces which they were charged with, which let's talk about this. if these, if they are transferred back to morocco, what happens? do you actually believe due process and if they are terrorist who have in terms of killing people, do you believe that they will go be given that same rights that you're asking for them to be given here in the us will happen to morocco that they will stand a fair court and morocco are we possibly going to see them just released like we've seen past prisoners released. what are you talking about? the one man who's just been released to morocco because i mean, he was unanimously approved for from the prison as not posing. that's right. to the united states national security. i mean, really, so we're into another country. do we actually say they're actually going to be given this fair due process that you are expecting to happen in the us as well? no, i don't think that there's any question or anything, the men who,
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who allegedly committed serious crimes of terrorism, they going to be prosecuted one way or another. now i do that by not a ministration limp along with the military commission system when they moved into the federal court system. but you know, the point i'm making really is that over 2 thirds of the men who are held at guantanamo have not been charged with a crime, which i said on the u. s. i agree, they should've been given due process and in their time, great conversation, we had obviously one that's going to continue. hopefully this just means there's more peace and less terrorist in the world today. thanks for joining. thank you very much. the 35 joint strike fighter has been a problem to the u. s. military in some form since its creation. now currently the jet, which has been marked as the money put in the sky as 232 planes in the air force. them 15 percent are grounded currently without their engines, which is actually pretty important. if you want the heaviest of all the fighter
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jets to actually get up in the air. so with a sticker price of a $100000000.00 per plane, there is a debate going on about whether or not should be more effective to just replace the f $35.00 where they knew fighter, which could actually be cheaper and lighter. so discuss the future of the $35.00. it's role in the u. s. military moving forward. we bring in david swanson, executive director of world beyond war. i have to ask you, this is a very, very intimidating bird, very technologically advanced at the time that it was created. do you think that there's actually more of a future for the 35 and just being very expensive lawn art? well, i think as long as the u. s. congress and white house are doing the bidding of lockheed martin both as customers and as dealers, imposing this monstrosity on other governments around the world. the answer will be yes. and it won't matter whether the thing is a failure on its own terms. of course, i don't want it to work. i'm glad it doesn't have engines. i'm glad it can't fly.
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i'm glad it's a disaster. because the thing, if it work, it's supposed to be offensive, not a defensive, insane, still potentially nuclear war starter and the new russian plane and the other planes made in the u. s. and in other countries that are in the same line. same thing. these are the things we shouldn't want to work, but the f 35 is the star is the standout that not working well. and it's interesting to bring that rewrite to all of the other planes that are going right. i didn't come to my right now. obviously, russia today introduce the category. i think it's called the, the check me fighter. and that's another, all of these are right. every country, korea, china, everybody has a bird. you don't want them to work. but at the same time, if everybody else has one, isn't important to have at least your own version of it for your own defense or is that sure a weakness within the u. s. military system, if are burned down while everybody else seems to be getting theirs up in the air pretty well. absolutely not. there is no credible threat out there not
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to the u. s. sorts of most other countries that invest ridiculous amounts of money in militarism, although none of them remotely approached the united states or russia is that $7.00 or 8 percent of us military spending. china is under 15 percent of what the us and its allies and weapons customers spend on militarism. there is no serious threat out there. the u. s. would be safer without having spent the past 20 years investing in this corrupt catastrophe that other nations are now duplicating and building. and potentially they are going to have work better than the u. s. version . and then you're right on that when other military, when other countries go in and obviously like you said, other countries have looked at buying are birds that are using them, are they actually buying the military equipment themselves? or more importantly, are they buying the support of the people who sold them buying in this case, america support in any sort of operation they do because they're using our
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equipment. yeah. when you talk about the cost, the initial cost of buying these things is minimal in comparison to the cost of flying them, fueling them, maintaining them training people to use them upgrading them, fixing them, you know, repairing the broken computers, replacing the, the non working engines and so forth, on top of which they don't replace, they do a worse job than older airplanes. they were meant to replace add everything at bombing at at be still at whitening other airplanes that so called ground support their failures on their own terms. on top of being the most expensive, the crashing the most polluting the most, making the most noise, damaging children's brains with how much noise they make. they are a disaster all the way around, which is why they're such a great symbol of, of the us military industrial complex. and i said, i, that's something we preach against as off as possible on the show to show,
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obviously. but there is a reason why countries do have a military. so what would be your reason knowing what you do knowing your background on this? what is your reason when other countries do have plains that work, that are meant to be just as much of an offensive as, as this plan is? how should the u. s. react, are you saying that we shouldn't have anything to defend it just in case in the future? it's better not to have them keep them grounded, but hey, we have them if needed. what would be your approach to it? they serve no defensive purpose, despite being in a department that was rename defense in 1947. they are forced attacks on other countries. the reason that canada made by 88 of these monsters, despite massive protests around canada, is because it does the bidding of the u. s. government, which does the bidding of lockheed martin, where the united states to spend less each year each year on its military. rather than more, even the tiniest bit you would see a reversed arms race around the world. when the united states bends more than just
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about every other country, including all its allies and weapons, customers put together and then exclaims, we must defend ourselves from the chinese are increasing their military spending. well, when the united states decreases its military spending, so has, and so will china. well, and, and i understand that you actually think that the us backed off that other countries like china, turkey, russia, per se, the middle east, that they would actually reduce their numbers as well. the united states could radically reduce military spending and military weapons build up around the world simply by ceasing to sell weapons is the overwhelming lead the number one weapons dealer and the state department serves to pressure other countries to buy these weapons. what passes for enemies? the countries that the united states refuses to cooperate with because they need these, the enemies for propaganda purposes, the russians, china, iran,
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and so forth are not actually any wrecked. and you would see them scaled back their militarism. so i'm all like russia already are in some ways scaling back their militarism if the united states would as well. and, you know, this was something that people hoped for in moving from the trump administration to a new u. s. government and thus far were getting just the opposite. more of the same great conversation really want to continue this down the road. thank you so much for joining us. well, more taxes on global companies benefit the us workers. well, we're going to talk shop with a financial expert after the break. ah, the ah .
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back guys or finance or survival guide. when customers go buy, you reduce the price, didn't help. well, reduce a lower that's under cutting, but what's good to food market is that get to the global economy? oh, right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's possible to sell food that is fatty and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never
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change, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific advancement ah, what's driving the reason for that? it's corporate me a global 5 to 15 percent has been proposed by the bottom is tre, should help try and prevent companies from shopping from the lowest tax rates to operate a move which is seen to be the most sweeping tax, a form of the global tax system and over century, they should make multinational corporations pay an appropriate share of tax wherever they chose to operate. but well, there's really a level playing field help us answer we bring in debbie lloyd, c a. d o b financial services. thanks for joining. thanks for having me. ok, so you've seen this, we've looked at on the surface. it looks like a great idea. obviously. level the field. i surprisingly 130 nations have agreed to this. so wish countries, is this going to hurt and who will it actually benefit the most?
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well, whoever doesn't sign up for it is, is going to be the winner because companies are gonna gravitate towards repairing the lowest taxes when you. so if you're a big multinational, multi international company, amazon, google, whoever, aren't you going to want to go where you pay the least in taxes. so companies and countries alike are going to have some decisions to make. not everybody has signed on board, ireland hasn't signed on. they have got one of the low as taxes in europe, and they want to stay that way. a lot of the caribbean islands are a safe haven for corporate companies wanting to not pay as much in tax. do you want to pay more in tax? do you want the company you work for to pay more in taxes? that's less for you. and as there been any sort of announce is like, ok, it's either all or nothing if everybody doesn't sign out of this and it's not going to because i think you're right. i think if only some of the countries implement that it just gave a really big advantage to those that are holding out that are already probably the
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biggest violators are taking of already in existence. well, yeah. and you, you don't want a level playing field, right. i mean, this is business, not everybody wins, right? so we're going to a more socialistic society where everybody gets the same pay every will, doesn't cost the same, to live everywhere. what does that going to do to american workers or russian workers or wherever workers, you know, if everyone gets paid the same, then more people pay taxes, the corporate taxes aren't going to go as far. so if they're spending more money on taxes, which they're going to do, then they're gonna have less money to put an infrastructure less for their employees, less for benefits, and they're going to move their locations operation to these countries that don't have a high tax base. that's going to be a loser for us. and that's, that's kind of one of the concerns that out in the bottom it's ration realize, you know, taxes are big corporations but so as cheap labor and resources, as you mentioned, because it's amazing. the ones that the lowest tax is also have low labor, low,
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low infrastructure because guess what? they don't really have is the standards that we said here in america. so do you think this is really going to d tor companies for moving their operations when they have these other qualities, even if they say okay, fine, we'll embrace that. we'll do the 15 percent, but we still are going to make our money up there. we're still gonna be very attractive because we don't hold our companies to the same workers standards that maybe the united states and other countries do. we know who's going to lose is us the workers. you know, the workers are the ones that are going to be left behind or us as a consumer. things are going to cost more. if you're going to charge a company just a mom and pop company with taxes, just think about it on a regular family. if you have to pay more in taxes, you have less to spend on other things. big these big national companies and international companies are no different. they're going to have left. so what about the stock market? how this going to do when it comes to profits and profit shares and stock prices. this is going to be a problem all across the board for all income levels, the workers and the people that invest in stocks. ok,
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so it makes no sense. so why is it being propose? why is this being championed by this administration? who are they trying to make happy with this? the whole world we, we have become in the united states, why we want to be like everybody else and everything needs to be level. a lot of, of our younger generation believes that everybody should be the same. well, you can just drive through neighborhoods the, do you all want the same cars? you know that people with the money and the people without the money. they have made choices and what they do and how they're educated and where they work and how they work. how long they work. so if everybody is going to play the same, then it's going to be a socialistic society. government's going to take care of everything. and i think that's what they ultimately want. capitalism is threatened, of course, and i kind of grew up in an america where, you know, not everybody won a prize at soccer. right. and we've kind of condition the younger generations to believe that it's okay everybody try and that's what really matters. that's not
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what really matters is not how business works well, what works better and better. what would be a better approach. this approach, which we obviously talked about doesn't work, is you're never going to get the same sort of standards and quality for employee rights. in other countries or actually motivating by giving the rewards to businesses to stay in america, not punish. you can punish them if they go out, but more importantly, reward them for staying here. why? if we never seen those kind of plans, even in the president trump, we did not see as many of those they took regulations away, but we did not want to share reward for those companies to stay here. well, i think he tried not reward them but, but bring them back. a lot of companies had moved a lot of their money overseas. and so he enabled by lowering corporate taxes for a lot of those companies to bring back workers, bring back jobs to america. and i think he did that, but what this is going to do is if you tax our companies more than fine, they'll pay the taxes if they have to. but what else are you going to? what's the benefit to them?
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so they're going to have to move that down a few levels, right? so if they are more money is spent on taxes and they have less to spend on wages. just like if you raise the minimum wage here in the united states. so then pizza head now they're paying their, their, their person $20.00 an hour to deliver pizza. great. well that just means me and you have to buy more expensive pizza and we're not going to buy more expensive piece if we can't afford it. we're going to make it ourselves so those people are going to lose their jobs. so raising the minimum wage, forcing taxes, not letting competition thrive is going to do more harm our economy. i believe that it really is going to help it. well, is it unrealistic? also, and i think about why change a phases and putting up his, his shuttle into the space. i think of some of the big corporations that over the last year and a half of credit, they made a lot of money. well, everybody else seemed to be hurting. they were the ones that did not have to really take a government loan. probably some of them did. you know when you get them, they operate in various different countries. do we really think that there's actually going to be an accountability factor that somehow they're going to end up
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paying more taxes in whatever country that they choose to locate in when considering their probably some of the biggest donors do these politicians that are making these roles well, that's just it. so if you take all of jeff phases money, so what does that going to accomplish? you're going to lose a big company. you're going to lose. a lot of employees are going to lose their jobs and how are they going to hold them accountable in other countries? if you just provide services there? well, he'll just pull out, he just won't work in those countries. so those countries, what did they gain? they actually lost revenue, they, they lost products, they lost services that their country needs. so i don't believe this is going to help globally at all. i think it's going to hurt us well, and i want to talk about this argument that here in the u. s. the businesses possibly that they already under pay their employees and value more profit for the executives ever growth? is that capitalism right? there? it is capitalism, but it's the owners of the company. so if a board of trustees operates a company,
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they vote on what everybody gets. if you don't like to work for the wages of that company, go work somewhere else. as a mom and pop business, i own my own business. if my employees don't want to work for my wage, they can go work somewhere else. but i have to make a living. and when i make money, i buy cars. i've, i've got 2 kids. i'm putting through college. i'm spending my money, i'm not saving it all for me. i'm not going on glamorous trips right now. i'm putting my kids through college, so i'm spending what i make. if i don't make it, then my kids don't go to college then right. what happens to them, debbie? i think it's a trickle down effect. it is definitely a trickle down effecting and good luck to your kids with college paying attrition bill that i know to say great chatting with you. i'm chatting with you too. thanks so much. well, it's been a rough, wild, wild fire season, no relief in sight while firefighters are working to battle blazes throughout the western us. pacific gas electric has found documents, emitting their power lines may have been the cause behind, yet another fire large correspond to touch. sweet has more on the relentless fires,
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sweeping the country. pacific gas and electric base here in california is a 1000000. they may have cars yet another fire. p genie has been in the hot seat for many years for causing many pleases, including the safe, deadliest wildfire firefighters. are working to contain the dixie fire. the active blades hovers in northern california and on the southern oregon border so far as burned over 30000 acres and is 15 percent contained lot of smoke and there's a lot of emergency vehicles that are traversing that, that road in order to get to areas and we spell just in abundance of caution that would be better to, to close the road and, and protect the citizens in that area. the boys is just northwest of the town paradise, california, and survivors of that horrific fire that killed 85 people watched as the blades burned. but these 2 fires also have something else in common. pacific gas and electric, known as p. jeannie are poorly responsible for both p g. any reported, a worker was responding to a circuit outage at 70 m. on july 13th,
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they were blown fuses in a conductor on top of a pole, a tree leaning on the conductor, and a fire at the base of the tree, according to new documents on the company's website as a result of challenging terrain and road work resulting in a bridge closure the employ couldn't reach the pole with the bone fuse until 4 40 pm that day. the utility worker called his supervisor, who then called 911, and the dixie fire is just one of at least 80 different wildfires in the west and wildfire in southern oregon. the bootleg fire has thorsten area larger than new york city and destroyed 20 houses. sheriffs came up and he was getting in contact with her over the day. and at that time $4530.00 to get out. he will survive. so you know, you stay, you'll die. he'll die deep into the curly. we're lucky to escape in time with their cats. the flames reportedly crept within 5 feet of their house, the heat melting their trailer and storage units. now,
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according to the national inter agency fire center, more than 1000000 acres has been burned from these active fires in the west, across 13 different states reporting for new use and sweets r t. and that's all the time we have today. thanks for watching. ah, ah, me, eastern half of the united states, we're going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their back yard. oh my god. obviously some of the cicadas do not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out
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for 6 minutes. 400 i mean that's very satisfying. and the, the only campus thing reach of this by phones, the french president prime minister in the world health organization chief and even a k. just some of those who potentially being sniffed on body is really develop spyware. also had in the program. nobody suggestions. i'm checking nation on the way no series of president biden said the highest us inflation rate in 13 years was foreseen and won't last long. but that's not bringing much comfort to americans feeling the pinch in their pocket. groceries are definitely and also the
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