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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 20, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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a bee, it's possible to sell food that is pricey and sugary and the under the victim, not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic. that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the mac, its corporate, me ah ah. hello and welcome to cross. we're all things considered. i'm peter lavelle, president joe biden invoke civil war parallels with greater frequency. this is
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ominous and dangerous. unfortunately, it would seem, this is how the major political parties and the media view, the state of our politics and a war. there are casualties and defeats in the culture. wars can one side vanquish the other, the, the cross fucking the culture wars. i'm joined by my guess, lionel in new york. he's illegal in media analysts in auburn. we have jeff dice. he is a president means as institute and in las vegas we cross the craig jar duleigh. he is the co host and co creator of the independent media show the convo couch or a gentleman cross cycles and a fact that means you can jump in anytime you want. and i always appreciate why don't let me go to you 1st year. i'm titling this program called the civil war, and the reason is, as i mentioned in my introduction, the president of the united states has this tendency to keep invoking the civil war
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. this he believe one is coming on or is he hoping one will go ahead, lionel? neither he is reading a script. you read something that's on a card in his pocket and it could be shy, is $42.00 long. it doesn't matter. the idea that he is trying to make a parallel between the civil war, i think about this for 750000 americans were killed in 4 years, 2 and a half percent of the population that will be between 7 and 8000000 dead today. just the fact that he's doing that, i'm going to probably you didn't go for godwin and bring in hitler. one. he is a murmur done. he is. he is pinocchio to the shadow government. your pedo. we have to forget what he's doing. we also have to stop calling this a civil war or some kind of a cultural war. this is just, this is cultural, social engineering gone nuts. this is a huge intellectual bar fight with no beginning and no end. it's a malay with,
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i don't think any. and in, in, in site quote, can let me go to jeffrey. i mean, i, there may or may not be a cultural war going on, but there are certainly a lot of play people that believe there is one going on here. jeff and i, and i find it really disturbing because you know, in, in our politics you can have opponents and you can have rivals. but now we're getting into the territory of enemy. and this is what i find very bothersome. and you see such rigidity growing on different sides here. and that is obviously not conducive to any kind of normative political culture that really disturbs me. go ahead, jeff. well, i think it's just 5 and dropping is pretenses. and the pretences that he's somehow present for all of us were that he represents some sort of democratic compromise that's. that's not the case. this is the kind of crow dehumanizing language you have when people are heading towards some sort of nasty shit. i'm in the country
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and i think it's like talking about a civil war. i mean, americans are fat there at old. they're depressed, half of them can't run to the end of the block or the 10 push ups. so it's really dangerous bad rhetoric and, you know, it's funny how the left was always saying that the right wants to re litigate the civil war. i even bring that up and look who's an italian american scholar it clermont and he wrote an article that very title, they called civil war a couple years back. i recommend people look it up because i think it really says the frame of where we are and i agree with lie it all day. biden is, is very much propped in this well, i mean, if he's a properties, a very dangerous, probably because somebody is giving him those words to read here. when we go to craig here. because the reason why i like this title of this program, because in a war you have victory or defeat, it's usually, you know, it's not a frozen complex. maybe that's what we'll end up getting as of the very long term frozen conflict here. but this is turning into
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a blood sport. okay. and that's what i'm really terrified later in the week. we're going to do a program on the january 6 events here. that is a blood sport as well. ok. i mean, what i'm saying is that there's no middle ground here and there, and it, it bothers me, but there's not even a set of facts that we can argue over. i mean, everybody has a different a script. and the other script, the opposing script is no invoice. go ahead, craig. just yeah, i mean, it's really scary because i kind of often think about how we're going to get out of this. and speaking from somebody who went to the capital on january 6 and what i witness and what the, what the media is putting out, it's even more scary. but this is all, you know, design, it's the divide and contract, divide and conquer, excuse me, keep everybody fighting with each other than the elite or the predator class whatever you want to tell them they get there. we're off with all the money. and the solution is we do have to kind of push back the narrative that's been given to us, the program that programming that's giving to us and we have to be comfortable with
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uncomfortable situations. i think i've said this on the show before, we have to find a way to fight through, understand that whoever is giving that script is, is, is mean is meaning for us to, to fight each other. and it is really, really sad. i don't see an end in sight, so we just got to get in there and get dirty and continue to have those uncomfortable conversations at thanksgiving dinner day tables. i hope we can do that. yeah, craig, i absolutely agree with you. however, let me go back to line on new york, if, if you descend from the, from the narrative that the mainstream media is giving you called the worst possible things you called the worst possible things 1st. not last, not them. they're not the last words. they're the 1st words that people use, and that's what i find very frustrating if i disagree with something, why should i be called a races when it has nothing to do with race? but it always seems to run in that direction here. that is very, very dangerous, and i think of myself as a, as a good faith actor. i talked to people all across the spectrum and i do it respectfully. and i disagree with back with respect. and that is something,
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you know, what happened to respect in public discourse that's, that's the dangerous place we are at now. go headlines. you know, i have always been fascinated by crowds in schools, in murmuring of burge and gustavo, la, bon, and how we, how we all work? not individual. we, what in a group, what fascinates me, because i think there's some text and this is a collective psychology, is how fast and how ferocious and how angry and how determine ordinary otherwise passions citizens can be come when you tell them to do something. it's fascinating. look, all of a sudden people just started spouting this dis, rousseau, public for big kremlin baiting, just this cold war and nonsense about russia, russia, russia. and they had no idea why they were saying that they had no historical perspective, but they can jump into this ferocious posture,
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whether it's about masks or just a single russia, or the civil war or race or critical race theory. they can do it in a heartbeat. that's one. that's me. me how. why? yeah, i agree with you jeff. i mean, is this something about a comfort zone? you don't, you get along by going along. you go with your class, your tribe. you don't want to stick your head up because, you know, the people i have most respect for are people that disagree with me. and i have an intelligent conversation because that way you can resolve issues or attempt to resolve them. and to give a recognition that there are different points of view this seems right now. and so that if you different points of view are showing you some kind of radical dissident that has to be disappeared. i mean, look what we've seen at the end of last week when the, the white house says, you know, they're telling facebook coded to platform. this is terrifying. go ahead. jeff. so you mentioned earlier use the term vanquish, that's what politics is become,
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is just a proxy and a milder proxy to be better, a proxy for war. and so what was the co year showed us was that we're already in these illogical ghettos. we're already self segregating along the lines and what media we consume, what lifestyle we lead, where we live, all the stuff with coding salary to that. americans are engaging and foster session right now. you can look at the united van lines, the moving company survey to see where everybody's moving to and from. and i think that's the way forward. i am a big believer in separation over persuasion. at this point, we're still having the same old conversations we have had for decades and decades and especially about the role the state about socialism versus capitalism. we still have this ugly left right divide. we still enrich a political class. i think i agree as they, they make money and they benefit from this political divide for us to start organizing ourselves geographically. you know,
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we just heard the word session and i think that weight, what, what is happening here is that there is a secession of the mind. people are going into their safe places and there and there, and anything that they, that is brought to them that they disagree with. they just have to reject it. they secede from there, from the, from public discourse. and you know, that leaves the worst possible characters out there. the political lead may make the decisions what we talk about. and i refuse to bow down, but i talk to left when people all is well, talk to probably more luckily people than any other group of people. you know why? because i enjoy it. it challenges me. it makes me think. but it looks like our political lead to not want us to make it go ahead. but there's a problem. the problem is that we've decided to 330000000 people have to live under the yoke of basically, maybe a few 1000 people in washington dc. we centralize or politics, we centralize our legislation. if the disaster, the country is way too diverse,
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craig and las vegas, you want to react back, cuz i think it's a very good point. well, i just want to say, i think that it's a different time right now than it was years years ago. obviously. meaning that we had the technological boom and those in charge have us, you know, have our minds. they have a spot where they want to be, and other words, they use different type of techniques. it's almost like we're involved with professional wrestling right now. and they know how to move one side against the other. we're back in the days. you know, people would have these conversations, you know, the things given to day table was a lot different with a lot more rich with a lot more diverse and we never have each other for what we had to say. but now we're taught that, hey man, if that person says something different than you, then you have to hate them. and it's just like i said, they have looked by the, you know, what? because we can get out of this. and some people are just taking the bait and they're just constantly going back and forth with each other. and it's really, really sad, craig, you know, it's even worse. it's not only that you have your family member, you should snitch on your fat. you should snitch on your family member right now. i
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mean, this line will give me the last 40 seconds before you go to the break here. i mean, a snitch culture is not only does it divide groups of people, it divides families go ahead. you know, when i 1st started to talk radio in the eighty's left, so we'll just use that as shorthand. you always say, why is it that the light is so mean the angry and then when bar and bill clinton one time from your 4th one, was lamenting the fact that there was no left wing answer to this day. right? or the conservatives don't know where to be found. you sit back in the tower and they cow, and the best they think now was doing some pretty room on fox knows if somehow 10 him out to one intellectual rebuttal to this onslaught of basically intellectual charity. my how the time to check. well, you know what light will never, never depend on republicans to do the right thing. ok, believe me. all right, here are a gentleman got to show our break. and after that short break,
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we'll continue our discussion on culture. we're stay with our take on drugs noted as a way to come back, a great problem. what's the one? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a tragic. he told us that andrew was competent short term. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like something else had to be happening. who want to make? no, certainly no borders and the blind number please. as
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emerge. we don't have authority. we go to the back seen the whole world, leads to take action. be ready. not a joke. people are the judge, you know, crisis we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are together in the moon
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the welcome back to cross truck where all things are considered. i'm peter le beltran, and you were discussing the culture wars. ah, ah, okay, let's go back to jeff. jeff, how much is the, the mere existence of donald trump in our public space? motivate this, these divisions and divisions that are getting greater and greater because there is obviously talk that he may run again. and it seems to me because of the 1st 6 months of the, of the biding ministration media is just dropped off the cliff. i mean, their ratings of just, i mean it's devastating. ok. and then i don't know if you've noticed, but the last few days these kits and tell books about the, the last days and death agony of the, of the trump administration. that's all they're talking about right now. they need
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to talk about this, this turns it up here. and it really, hans, them here because the prospect of trump getting back into a public life that seems to give them some kind of stimulus here. and then we continue to hear. i mean, i am sick and tired of hearing about the trumpet and that is great. and there's a lot of problems in that country. ok. but that's what. and then even fox news gets pulled into that, reacting to what they say. and it seems to me there are so many other issues we have to deal with, but trump is on their mind. and he actually continues to dominate political discourse. go ahead, jeff. while he haunts them, there's no question and look, he's not the kind of guy you can kiss and tell about he doesn't care. yeah, this is all. they don't want. trump merely to go away. they want his entire movement and everything beyond it to be to be characterized as outside the pale of acceptable politics in this country. i mean, this is a psychological coping mechanism for people who are absolutely certain that hillary
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clinton would when that she was in a deterministic way. the next president, the 1st female president. and when that didn't happen, they had to have a narrative so that they could cope with this emotionally. they couldn't just accept that. she was a bad candidate in trump one, so they crafted this russian narrative. they crafted it. now, this january 6 narrative, they crafted all kinds of narratives. you know, that they spin, to try to say, you know, these terrible people, these deplorable, have no say and no place in american society, and they need to die off and they need to go away. and they're not going away as quickly as they, as they hope. and so i think that this is a big cope. yeah, i perfectly described, craig, you know, the, the same to portables, correct me if i'm wrong, but the same deplorable voted for barack obama twice again. this is what i think so extraordinary. and then jim crow was back. we hadn't heard jim crow for the longest time. i mean, it's extraordinary. and i think it is because of trump or the populace figure,
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because that's what they have. you know, the democrats hate the, the, the progressives and republicans are terrified a populace. ok, and that's what keeps this going and watching everyone fight each other. it's just perfectly fine with them because trump does haunt them. it haunts the political system. it cons. the leads go ahead in las vegas. well i don't know if it's necessarily because trump is a way that the media is doing bad. first off i think the media is going bad and really. ready losing their numbers is because they're so dishonest and people are catching our independent media like ours it is or gaining and gaining, gaining, gaining ground. however, i just, it's really true that certain times i thought ok, this part was move. maybe it's something cool you know, and saying it's something that it's not the normal establishment politics, but the more and more it goes on, it's like, i say the more and more it feels like professional wrestling. so i'm getting very, very nervous with what's going on over here, to be honest with you, because there's a lot of things about trump i dislike. i don't use the way forward as far as i'm
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concerned, and i don't know what lives on the horizon. so despite everything that we see what's going on in front of us, it's still just, it's so uncertain what's happening because everything seems like such a charade. and the media just seems to be so far off ever than they've ever been before. so who knows what we're going to see down the road? yeah, i absolutely agree with you, but you know, line on the more trump supporters or, or targeted, or there's the perception that they're being targeted. the more it props up donald trump. i mean, this is a vicious cycle go ahead line or have you ever been around the civil war? reenactors? probably not where you are now. but in our country we have people who are civil war, reenactors. some of them only, you know, history from the civil war. some of them are show in their character. i think the forgotten where they were. there were donald trump administration, reenactors whose only ideal politics are only rest on venture and their only
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existence only was a lie only matter, only had subsidy. when donald trump was in office. and the idea of them saying good bye to that is beyond anything they can imagine. so they're reenacting as though donald trump is still there. now, the problem with that is, if you ask anybody who is of that particular persuasion, tell me one thing you like about biden and, or harris and or just administration, tell me the biggest success here to 4. and they will look at you blindly because they test and i addict. ultimately, that will be their downfall. you have to give america something doable for and not present yourself as the non anti trump. they will learn. it's jeff, let's go back to the word vanquish here. because you think the, the people, the, the people that are fighting the culture wars, they truly, the 1st of all, they truly see their opponent is an enemy here. i don't see how you change that.
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and there is this perception that you can win this cultural war, which i think is, is you in illusion. i mean succession, you know, people are, are so try ballistic right now, is that you know, that if you can't, when you can't overtake them, you can't convert them, you're going to turn inward, which again, would create a new secessionist movement and, and it will actually be materialized go ahead jeff, while vanquishes the term and that's what happens when you try to make people irrelevant or powerless in society. and that's the goal. i mean that's the clear goal. once you believe that people are fascist, that what they are promoting is evil, then it becomes very easy to just dismiss them as human beings. so that's, that's, you know, the undercurrent here. i think where this goes is a form, a sauce the session. we better pray it does. the subsidiary principle decentralizing things from washington. and i'll tell you what donald trump does
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need to run for president he, he made huge strategic errors. it's fine for him to occupy space in their heads and to concern them, but everyone should stop worrying about running for president. i would like to see governors like ron to sad to say i'm not going anywhere. i'm. i'm here to save the republic of florida. i'm here to make florida and economic power else. i'm here to say in florida, you don't need mandatory vaccines. i'm here to say and 40. you don't need mass. i'm here to stay in florida. we don't have taxes. i mean, we have to start thinking along these lines because trying to win over, let's say, 8085000000 people international election i think is, i think truck would lose, frankly, if you ran again. so i'm tired of this nationalization of everything. i think it's an absolute dead end. and frankly, i think in terms of cost benefit, my perception of left progressives today is that, you know, wasting time and energy. try and convince them. yeah. it is a bad strategy. well, i mean, correct. yeah. convincing them by denigrating them. i mean that's not
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a affective strategy in my mind. ok, i mean you're a deplorable. ok and you're it redeemable. so i mean, i agree with jeff i'm, this is a total waste of time. and, and peter, just, i'm sorry peter, but i don't want to vanquish the left. i want the left to do what they want and live is they want i just don't want to be yoke to them via washington. d. c. ok. well, i think everyone would agree with that. ok, craig, how about, how about you? i mean, can we have peaceful coexistence then go ahead. we can only a peaceful coexistence when we understand the power structure. and i think a lot of people are still stuck on this left, right. kind of, teen, tribal isn't what, not the more things go along. and the more that we are, what's the word impoverished or thrown out of the streets and the money is taken away from us. we get a little quash, swaby like the big, the great reset, the not going to own anything will, will finally understand the power structure is top down. and if we can understand that together,
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then we can make some no change. but i think i'm going to go on to the point where your last gets get said. so yes, i think it's all about local politics right now. and like geographically dividing ourselves and going where we, where we best fit in. but i don't think we can ever give up this fight. we have to so we have to try to talk to people. we have shows like yours shows like this where we say let's just sit down and talk. but understanding that power structure, that's the important thing though we gotta keep reaching such a fascinating point. you know, line or, i mean, i agree with jeff and craig, i mean i'm much more of a decentralized person. i know your community know your neighbors, you know, know who they who teaches your kids, you know, sit on those boards. ok, know what they're reading. ok. that is so much more empowering here. but i know what we see both parties doing is nationalizing every single issue that and they do it intentionally. okay. they are in tech because i to, i truly believe that keeps most people power live. okay? cuz i don't see any virtue in the republican or democratic party at all. okay. at
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all. go ahead. lionel most important issue that we can talk about in my country, the land of the free and home of the brave is that all of this is terrific discussion and i love it. and i enjoy moments like that when, unless you can secure the vote, unless you can make sure that the people who are voting actually are voting and that every vote counted was actually cast. all of this is for not when we think important. we have one of the rules, the main rule of our society today is that you cannot quite, you know, the 1st of all the fight is don't talk about the 1st of all this democracy never can question the safety or the results of any election ever. if you know you will be forever alienated from any social media platform will be because the conspiracy years and then it is the one subject. because if i can never win at the polls, it doesn't matter how we do my neighbors. it doesn't matter how i deal will
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actually regarding race, none of that matters. the number one issue and it's interesting the issue you can talk about at all at any level because the courts have spoken is the idea of this fractured contaminated franchise. that's the issue. and isn't it fascinating? that's the 1st thing that will get you kicked off of any platform as it gets brilliant. it will get jeff, let me give you the last 40 seconds here. what people don't believe in the sanctity of elections anymore that they said it's. that's where we're sitting right now. 30 seconds, go to you. jeff, finish it off. yeah, it's beautiful. it's beautiful. peter democracy has dropped his pretest as we no longer think of this compromise down the middle between the far left and the far right where nobody gets everything they wanted. but everybody gets a little bit of what they want it right. nobody thinks that anymore. we understand that there's the parasitic political class, i think it's a beautiful awakening and it actually, i have a lot of optimism. ok,
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a parasitic political class. that's the best way to end this program here. many thanks, and i get to new york auburn and in las vegas, and thanks to where viewers for watching us here are to see you next time and remember across the me i oh right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. is profitable to sell food that is pricey and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic. that industry has been influencing very deeply. the
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medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the? it's corporate, me. ah, is your media reflection of reality? the in the world transformed. what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community. are you going the right way or are you being direct? what is truth? what is faith in the world corrupted? you need to defend the join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah,
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we ventured a new era, an era of confusion about deflation is giving way to a new era about the confusion of inflation. ah, the eastern half of the united states, we're going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their backyard. oh, my god. obviously some of the cicadas do not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out of minutes. 400 i mean that's very satisfying.
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and the a great systemic failure. germany faces criticism for not doing more to prevent last week's flooding treasury. despite for years, warnings, almost $200.00 lives, a loss of damage caused will amount to billions. come in to one, the richest man. jeff pays successfully complete the 10 minutes spice light and his private companies broke it off a 1000 petition for him not to return to earth despite in your pocket majorly.


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