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army, you need to protect yourself and get inform wildcard ah, the eastern half of the united states, we're going to have 1000000000 trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their back yard. oh, my god. obviously some of the cicadas do not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out are 6 minutes to 400, a very satisfying the
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this security camera video and downtown bish connect shows young men grabbing a girl and forcing her into a cup no one comes to 26 year old. i kinda think of an aide. everyone assumes that a bride is being kidnapped to become an event and gets done. this was the last time she was seen alive. rune, this slow, wagner still more gym oscar watch than most of them don't use target on my finger, on the development of them. the counselors, at the barter search, the mobile and the past, that sort of thing. was that the good? i'm not going be to go to the right, come much will. the minute the investigator just laughed and advised the distressed mother to keep calm and start planning a wedding. 2 days later she heard of the tragedy through her news feed in a field in the same red car into which i had been push shepherd,
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found 2 bodies. the kidnapper had murdered her 1st and then committed suicide, issued photo, missouri. for them be so good on my gifts. similar naturally deal school. there's a bush and upon john motional, more cobalt blue book to live. i don't need someone to move this is marsha, why does it? my estimates vary, but anything from half to 2 thirds of brides and can get done a married against their will. the local custom of kidnapping brides is known as catch you, which is care keys for, grab and run around. deal with those. are you still? you lose is we're going to go through. this is their own. me come when you puzzle. i just
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wanted the show the whole country, the young gathered in the hundreds in front of the interior ministry building, demanding the ministers resignation. the authorities tried to justify their position, they had searched her eyes out, but to no avail. despite having the cause number played and descriptions of the kidnappers, we're going, you got the, those, you know, you got that much so much live would deal with no proof that you didn't buy it from nico. good afternoon, miss gould with a long divorced parents and the women still lived together just a month before she would take a noise under graduated from the university and found a job in a woman factory. you stay in the dallas and i was my,
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my son bob to killing to get going to hide there was have to still be in the industry if you don't know anyone. i thought i had already bought a ticket to withdrawn bill. she wanted to find a job in turkey to make some money, you know, suitable of course, and you also it, him, you know, those are you on which are on board not to room hospital. your not just the house look shot the emit charm wounded tom. monotheism. y'all hung up over on the vehicles, hiccough all of all think not the whole of also whole clinician lost control was the, the girl trying to break free from kidnappers to them? bringing home a bride is a cause for celebration. but for the victim, it's
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a tragedy. the there are dozens of similar clips on the internet. for example, this state is still community by ever not her real name on her request was abducted a few years ago in a similar way. near was that in the year, the queen jo, i sir, sidney gloss at the law says no one was like, you know, just why she did not. then the girls show that before the abduction, she hadn't even glanced at her 18 year old kid another. but he still had his side set on her, and after a while plucked up the courage to carry out. i got you shook i would dog but such a lid. deploy those for you when this shows you don't want prince, i do claim revisions because your thought he asked me what the what the oscars
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pardon me. blushing and you probably work with them, but i just, i just knew, provided the machine was on the skyline is currently is i just want to let you know on my cell phone because i was trying to grow your school. you say she had me or you said it was in your biology. eventually the parents did take their daughter back, but doors often remain close to many girls that are usually pretty much grossed of at a feet ocean. coupled with this, what do you, what are the most, and can you go by with you? keep me from one nor from what i could have somebody size as the newest, give humans number shop. i just got to risk your hosting as much as could off is
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a management consultant. he once helped a woman in dire straits, a stranger than another. now he and his team regularly held alika, 2 victims. he estimates that sofa, they've helped some 30 young women to return home. when she used to deal with school rally. goes with them to me, almost as much as it comes. we could see it still it can be just simple. but what i did not say bratcher wasn't with us. luckily for camilla, her parents didn't turn away. they listened and took her for a medical exam to avoid unwanted rumors. and the police looked into her case. knowledge would dish and we will get to you in a joke. genius, the store you bought in the slavery minister with the city of to punish long upon
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your move as soon as you come in. as baron also took pity and allowed the kidnapper to free the in later they married their daughter off to him last they all as well as for the 1st you need to hear i'm a question which is so do yet because i don't camilla can love about it all now that the many girls abduction is still a dark time in their lives. there's often no one to turn to for help as in ice, yada kind of pick up his case. after meeting through instagram, zemett, a big 10 is by of began with courting her, but soon turn to threats. because i do get, you know, drop church here. what that official to them on monday i can have on the personal get them a dish business on this. notice them soon. joey wilson, one long, long the job with the sin this time job. we seem the joking just like an awful lot long job. hitching thought among woocommerce, which was long,
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she joked the fellowship through another series on the non title up in the same bottom. i mean prism bowl. often the song service said it will come well, not just for the after a out a disappeared and stopped answering her phone. her mother's 1st thought was, this is he is doing. she calls the pennies for help. but the detective didn't even ask for a description in state. he asked if i drank vodka, a jewel, i knew each each man and all those each be on a chick. this is a specimen. got us. what now? one of the name is chuck to the no one on on like there's some of the hard to make sure the right them the building on line. yeah. mine. yeah. the person who's been in the system to my now that you're not getting called all the way because i'm not good through the topic. really the problem in proof and my stem in the me, me,
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i mean that the man off the bottom of the water ball let his skin the barouche. the report was to ship to the eye. witnesses i'm advised to memorize. com models and details to help identify kidnappers, and then call the police. but that was no help toys and his relatives. they had to search for the missing guild themselves as cool, even spoke to her on the phone, to phone and all those get that and you all that good on getting the child much get because i'm older mama, when they, when they go to the i don't know who i should go to my law. don't show me again at the moment that i took a job which they gave was shown. one thing is that she never did make it back to him other than rejected me with some of the question because you did, you also just want to do at the digital vision that going out in the,
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in the vision when they're not vital numbers. and it will show what the militia, or the vision and the categories, beliefs of recently faced accusations of negligence. after one particular case in 2018, provokes a public outcry borderline to dolly, because he was 19, and her dream was to be a doctor. she had a steady boyfriend, but that didn't stop many bus driver miles back by the chef kidnapping cost and who really want to pull them in much in one of them either. she was really, really a lot of much of a motional is a little part of that. i don't get a large fill veiling doesn't move in possible is just trying to get out on the kid . never end. his victim would attain 2 hours later on the biscuit gosh highway. they were taken to the jail police station where officers failed to keep them under observation. not as big killed the girl he loved right there in the police station . after him, the other would be suited count the letters
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b and enter into her body. end for the name of the young man, bernard was in love with. then he stamped himself in the stomach several times, but not fatally. borderline however, could not be saved. investigators later trying to save face surveillance camera video disappeared mysteriously, and the crime was not portrayed as violent. they even tried to claim that the letters calmed into the girl's body put burns from an iron. the 1000000 doesn't puzzle. just one miss, which is good for that, which i didn't mean, i mean, not going to produce a lot of good job from a lot, a lot of mobile, but i'm going to some, a lot of good. all of can get done full if not to speak, but the sheriff and his accomplices trial to get now, but was sentenced to 20 years in a maximum security prison june was read all you mustn't. the laws of other men chosen determine the player to just was a move. this is not going to get to that. so
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i use ah, is your media a reflection of reality? the in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? tyson, lation unity. are you going the right way,
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or are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is truth? what is in the world corrupted. you need to this end. ah, so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows, ah, in a drug started as a way to come back, a great problem. what's the wonder? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a tragic, told us that andrew was competing short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college
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student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening. a wave of protest swept through crickets done after berlin murder. a large portrait was hung on the medical college dorm building, where she studied as a reminder to everyone of how bride kidnapping can. and for the person, whether you go into the vision or trying to for the, for the college for, for the newest addition, silly little thing. but also if you could deal with them my youth, i'm going to walk out the show for sure. what she does know, but anyway, to make sure she showed on with yours and i wonder why she was from the machine your choice. i was going to give you the chip in can get
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done. and i could choose the topics of pranks means and videos. ringback in the most dramatic scene in this short film, for example, a kidnapped bryan has been given a white scarf, symbolized compliance and consent. but her family comes to the rescue and they tear it off. then the grooms grandmother lays down to block the door that kidnapped bride can't leave the revered and guess. don't you go just step over them? i don't mind i i don't, i won't publish them. watch a minute the the scene for today's episode of this straight talk t v show is i got you a sensitive topic and can get done as the host puts it. by. yes,
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godaddy now the tier more docker bridge. the civil pression, senior golf. you dumb move, kia, kia, eugene, yeah. bitchiness, eyeglasses, engine, helium, rid of civil crew. it's considered, she's mere, includes ramco, they actually rather eliminate the the schedule that would still cause it's a shade you still got to do. yeah. because the mostly t as that sort of leaves, you only could that the source we did see in months and months of reaching says release in the w a film of the mother is one of the most ardent women's rights activists and care gets done. she stages protest and organizes flash mobs against like a to a solution for him. nora can dumb way immediately or provide reach and
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there's always boys to meet the judge. good. good, good reviews. really. so which is going to work on? yeah. because really new to the ssl is reason you decided you would still need you on your doorstep. stylish premium store is the v on their store that camilla to live live with her kidnapper for a year and a half. but the marriage quickly fell apart. she's now married to a man, she really does love on nyah, somewhere. close lazy to live alone. calling on what she was, she knew she eventually finished school independently as an extra meal student. then she learned to use a sewing machine, got a job as a seamstress,
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and started taking orders like improved, but after her own kidnapping camilla now worries about the children in her new family. first go right in mama price range. the condition is still kind of similar, so i already now still went to a june of 2 years from now she's bought for money. willis. clearly no question. when you get the question, but you more than what you much motion is ation. if i could show more, which was what to do, got to finish up with the fight against rape and get down is led by women. natalia nik agenda is a member of the local parliament marco can yes, she insists the attitude to women must change. for example, kidnapped girls are ashamed to talk to male police officers about what happened to
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them. it would be much easier if they could speak to a woman. ah, look, all right, and it was a custom with the social problem of going to range. and then i'm like, you could be me, us be miles and you more with that with before with me you wish and many girls are ashamed to speak out about the humiliation they've endured, especially in rural areas where the law carries much less way than in the capital aah! most of the children go venue. all of them for somebody to meet with the shop. lashania. sure. sure, sure. you, let's see when you read to make sure she knew of most of what's going on with her
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point was proven almost immediately. this is dash can footage of a kidnapping that appeared recently on the internet. and this is the driver's account of what happened. i left them alone, so how much so much going on with them. i think will take on one account. i'm in washington. i and then see my name's pedal of them on the nation and i think by country will open a loan that may make some quotes come with
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all the basic and knowledge analysts made a film about delica tobac in 2013 of course the situation and get this done has changed since then. for example, the penalty for kidnapping is now most of in the capital theft, until recently, it was the other way around. they should go through it because of the can adapted. michel was the luck. we are needing the organ. i couldn't believe it. she knew none of the use krishi has a golf course. even if it's sort of a pool, the tip of the, you know, she just, you know, because of the, with the hard to fix someone you know, i know just with news to come all the city. i wish me to go to work with them with just the team. yeah. with just a team. yeah. do you agree with them? we're just with to keep the same law the rhythm because when the new adjusted, but it goes me due to the hotel, which should lead to google using
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a financial mac. i mean, that's ready to come on them. according to kennedy's police, during the coven pandemic, domestic violence is increased by 62 percent in the capital alone across the country. the actual situation is no more reassuring. down there is no face to the board down them. that was nice. just couldn't you do boyer premier placement? this is very history on for you and them picking up the truck tv stuff. it's a version yet for you. it the more we can just to show you this, let them know. thank you for i need to do for you the such them by showing me a question since last i knew the situation doesn't change despite straight to penalties being introduced. i have this goodhearted salesman, a stumbled on the underlying reason. stealing
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a wife is cheaper than your mother was calling the problem they're going dealing with was just a piece at this point. since this with my new spiritual mentors might be able to change public opinion. according to religious leaders, there is no islamic tradition for kidnapping brides of us more of a true style so that they really need to ski those rubber chucks, gab which the guy near nearest knew him in the field last year. the push jim mulder chillik knew more. it was me, stephen put the deputy mccullough. m a d to the media to read them or be go get them was possible. so boy, you know, so last year stobel natural for took it, which he really because on the for middle past we want
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us to a new stick, a kidnapping. senior julia young people, particularly in rural areas, need to be taught that islam sees men and women as equals. kennicott stands with interest leaders tried to exert greater control by introducing a marriage. register the 1st for the country. just moment your dental premier be in place. what was the newest done isn't a piece of glass here. zation nivia. he said last year so i needed to check brock nationally, even though if i'd like to send that in and share one of the with the modal. not don't pick up product completion and blushed. the sharon you've used to with why
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you not, don't want, you know, move that child brock unusual. i knew it was just a super, we're doing a doctor to senior us, but dallas got it to be with you in some movies i didn't get to hear when you when you're thinking and talk to you guys and you nice. i mean, unless you, there you go to lay eyes or she will do what they did a room. i love to my room room for all of i to feel free to put a lot of smart. they feel when you cut news out mostly. what did they 30 do my
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luck on both of them because for she knew yes it was a hustle recess. got a lot warm in the autumn just often and linda numerous and the mobile to to learn to run. know so i thought po novela will always ida group showed up in the local and none of my middle charts. good luck on your topic. other get up there was another kid, nothing just 2 days after the high profile merger advisor to kind of think of a police in region reported arresting. 3 kidnappers food attempted to adopt the 17 year old girls. a marriage like a to grab and run this time they couldn't run far. it was reported that the girl has been returned to her parents.
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ah, the ah ah ah, the eastern half of the united states,
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we're going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their backyard. oh my god! obviously some of the cicadas do not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out or 6 minutes or 400, a very satisfying and we've entered a new era of confusion about deflation is giving way to a new era about the confusion of inflation
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the the news the a grave systemic failure, germany faces criticism for not doing more to prevent the flooding. tragedy this by previous morning, the devastation is claimed, almost 200 lives and cause damage thing to billions of euro. also coming off on the program, us army veterans throw some shade on the sunglasses company vocally for it puts the wrong war on terror. assign.


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