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tv   News  RT  July 19, 2021 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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and the me the the, the, the frauds, braces for tougher restrictions with more public places requiring health paul, whose to access and vaccinations, compulsory for more jobs bought in an almost public backlash follow it looked boys to pass them regardless of the people you can see working around me, role volunteers, call them to try and do whatever they can. those who have seen their lives swept away by the devastating floods in germany. turn on politicians saying it's actually nice. not just i've been trying to sort out drinking water for 2 days, but it's impossible to business own as an ordinary people alike. feel let down by the politicians hungry south africa key for hours for emergency deliveries,
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often lose left nothing to eat. when i strip the shelf clean in recent writing, when was about 3 days ago, people up in the bank there's nothing left hand ah life for a marty. it's cute, thanks for joining us in the program tonight. i'm daniel wilkins with you till sunrise. welcome to the program of the french government has put the finishing touches to new coven restrictions to be voted on wednesday. thank food making health paul is obligatory from all public places and compulsory nominations for certain jobs. the very prospect of all that sort of shocking number progress across the country on saturday. shadow doing the sky reports. well, whoa, whoa. phone showed that the majority of people all true the idea of mandatory
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vaccinations for certain categories of work is there all those who are still fiercely against this idea, it's been in the mid september health workers and others will have to be fully vaccinated. otherwise, they will not be able to go into work. i'm the government says that they may not be paid as a result of moving 3000000 appointment to be made in front for new vaccinations. however many, including those who say that they are not necessarily anti vaccine, feel that this is a way of escalating and taking away that freedom of liberty hearing from one of those is a nurse that we've spoken to here in paris. that's murphy, tom, this is what she had to say. we just, i guess explanation because i have a complex disease. therefore i have to talk to a specialist 1st before getting the job. and also there are people who caught the virus after they were, you know, q a. so for me to deal problems and also where you've all wanted affect the back
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scene. and she is not alone in communicate release today by the way, the unions for the firefighters, they say that they all whole so angry about this and they've described, this is being social and political pressure to be a no q lated, whatever the motivation behind the initiative of firefighters are against this latest attack on individual freedoms and request, it's the drawer pressure, and the threats of suspension and dismissal are not legitimate managerial tools. and a light is away from the w. i chose vaccines without coercion policy. we are not against vaccination, but remain strongly attached to individual freedoms. another point of contention is the health policy. now just a few months ago, president michael said this would not be something that would become compulsory in france. he said that they would not be aware you've discriminating people by making them do, we'll do something in once they start from when you say that is exactly what's going to start to happen,
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museums and other cultural institutions will require individuals to show that they've got the health passed to show that they've been fully vaccinated or so they've got a certificate to show that they could be negative to enter. and that's going to be expanded to other areas. restaurants, pub, balls, cinemas, even long distance transport. and that's why we saw that huge protest, so for the weekend will tend to be. so if you put more than a 100000 people in front, you re feeling great with anger against this idea. and while the test, so currently 3 for individuals are not going to be the case, meaning that people may have to pay up to 49 years every few days to prove that they are coping negative if they don't have a vaccine. and meaning that anybody you repeat is to do that will not be able to access the no malice sees of everyday life which includes apps drinking or eating a meal out on a terra sound to be another problem is that they forbid from going to chops and
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other places, if we don't get to health, passing vaccinate will need to eat live our everyday lives, et cetera. it's a logic. it seems like we have to return to the past. history has clearly demonstrated that we haven't injured pointless, suffering for an indefinite period of time. this will the people in government understand this. i don't know. there is anger rising here. we've already seen a tax on vaccinations centers including one in the south response that was burned down over the weekend. that's well being treated as often. and we know that anybody who attempts to access restaurants or balls when the health pulse is fully of force and they are found out will face the find out to will business owners basically meaning that anybody who does not want the back seen and there are many to still do not want that a going to be pushed and pushed into a very tight corner christian so called pink demick and wish over half a 1000000 people have got text messages,
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setting them to self isolate. has they been in contact with someone who infected with coded as now hit the prime minister and his chancellor? that's after the health minister tested positive for the virus downing street initially try to bypass the rules by taking pause and a pilot daily testing program. a spark, both outrage and the youth and what happens when the rules apply to the prime minister? he tries to wriggle out to them and pretend these on some pilot scheme that exempt him. i'm afraid that yes again, with the it's one rule for them. and another for everybody else. one rule for them with another made up because pilots came won't go down. well, full out will be bigger than bonded council. i test the pilot scheme and full deer and a chest track and tracy boris. and re she have a special pass and not have to isolate your sincerely morrison reaches mom. ah,
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it took less than 3 hours the about turn to be announced, and it came with mountain control. the sea about monday's lifting, almost all co restrictions in england dubbed freedom day. it's been hailed and the cried an equal measure. ortiz's alley reports been stopped. freedom day. but these thousands of protests here in bottom square. there is such thing. they have the idea of the government serving its freedom on people who think that actually what they've actually got is out. so these private restrictions to private companies and to resolve the trouble networks to decide whether or not for example, this big a mock should remain in place. ah, the don't get the president move it on part instruction is also encouraging people to remain cautious going forward. this
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viruses sadly still not back, cases are rising. massive that makes program has very severely weakened the link between infection and hospitalization, between, between infection, a serious illness and death. and that is the bible thing. so please, please, please be cautious to say that this will take place to stay and that they should remain in place. the government urgently needs to change course. drop the plans to lift all restrictions and rebuild public faith in the isolation system. they've undermined the same time, but also the medical exposure to generally an agreement that the government have taken the right decision to lift most of those measures. as far as i can read it, the policy seems reasonable. it's where the whole than the only thing that isn't reasonable is the different countries are there for countries while northern ireland, scotland, a doing slightly different thing. this is still in us and it's peggy politics like
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the mayor of london, the mayor of manchester, or want their own ideas. they want to insist on masks, for example, on public transport craziness. we have to have a national policy when it comes to the question of because contentious, so called back seem possible as well. so position across different parts of the political spectrum. government minutes have said that they are still working on their role. but even business owners, some within the hospitality industry, the cinema industry, theaters and others. how about refusing to employ coven vaccine? paul ford for self installation. those employ saying it's workable won't be able to, but it's saying that the government should say that close to have been double work so they should at least be exempt from having. so i'm going to come to members of the public to pay the many, all remaining portion of those use the public transport networks regularly say they
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feel very uncomfortable using them towards you want to say they feel slightly uncomfortable, maybe 3 court people who are regularly attended like clubs before the time doesn't say that would still make them feel uncomfortable. so while there are those who are happy that they've opened, they're established and people are somewhat addressing a return to mother to there's so many of the countries will be taking portion that i brought on. can i or senior clinical lecturers, university of accurate as medical school, says heard me anything you might not be in reach just yet to get the, the advantage of heard the immunity you would need about 75 percent fully immunized . unfortunately, with a delta variant which is more infectious, you now have to upgrade to 80 percent, 85 percent before you can get what you would call that comfort zone of her community thought could be to back seen. they're not as good as say the vaccine for
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me though. you can be immunized, but you can still get mild, moderate infection with africa and asia and south america. very, very poorly immunized. we could get another very and which could be, i hope not, but which could be more severe, disease causing and more transmissible, etc. remove all those restriction and infection control and a rising tide of cases and leverage to wall and control is a little bit risky. the hard work begins massive cleanup operations are in the way in germany following the catastrophic flooding. the huge army volunteers as joined firefighters, police, and military and tackling the devastation is expected to cost billions of euro's german cells. angler merkel visited some of the worst effect areas in western germany. she described the scenes as real and terrifying and stated the more to be done to tackle climate change. 180 people have lost their lives with many more
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missing. europe correspondent, p to oliver reports from germany. the people you can see working around me are all volunteers. you've come here to, to try and do whatever they can. one of the big problems they say that facing though, is that there's no real coordination with the emergency services, like the fire brigade, or the police, or even the military who are here in this area as well. although there's no shortage of people willing to help. many of those don't know if by turning appear, they're actually causing problems by parking cause in the way of stopping emergency vehicles guessing where they need to be. i think it's a heart to, in this federal system to, to coordinate some things like this. i asked the firework is where my help is needed because i drove with my brother and a friend here just to help. and they just didn't know exactly where to put the help they will like, i don't know either. and a lot of people are just like, ok,
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we want to have would want to do something but tend to make it worse if just standing in the way or the blocking the roads for the, for the, for the workers who really need like fireworks and nursery, and stuff senior politicians have been pledging their support for the federal government will not pull up. the army will be there to help on for as long needed products in the hour of need. our country spans together got installed. the whole germany will help us region have and not every political leader has struck the right tone. while german president frank voltage died my was offering messages of support and lush. it the man who will potentially be the next german chancellor of the september's election within laughing and joking in the background. those having to clean up the devastation, say words of support, a one thing actual help is another, and they, seeing enough, i've heard this. we have a situation that really calls for action. even this help on this part is probably
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more effective than any effort by the authorities who are wondering what's going on . i have to stress that people were on the government feels somewhat abundant. but we have a lot of community support, including your people's clubs, volunteer firefighters, i in groups of people have teamed with friends. we would definitely not be able to manage without these people here. i've been trying to sort out drinking water to day, but it's impossible. it was supposed to ride between 8 o'clock and 9 in the evening . we only got a day. we have enough food, thanks to private donation that totes are available. we have never been so aware of how comfortably we live before business owners and ordinary people like you let down by the politicians. now with the flood waters have receded in most places in the west, tens of thousands of homes are without electricity and running water. maintaining supplies to those areas is alongside making sure that buildings and infrastructure like bridges off cure among the top priority for those on the ground. they demanding that politicians back up their words of support. we action peter, all of
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a r t west in germany. your friends also been hit hard, the capitals of rainbow sharing with 2 metro station, clothing to flooding feet for also on the water, making it difficult to travel across kia. a week's worth of rain fell in just under half an hour. what house is receiving flack for fighting to head itself imposed target, vaccinating 70 percent of americans so bought and i was pointing the finger at facebook saying was information on the platform is killing people. the social network rejects shots saying it's not their fault. the president missed his go. more garcia takes out the story when barton promised to vaccinate 70 percent of americans by the 4th of july, few could have predicted that it would be facebook that would stop him. doesn't make much sense, but that is allegedly exactly what happened according to the white house. so barton
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breaking his promise is facebook's fault. according to the white house, what's the message, the platforms like face the world? people really well. the only pandemic we have is that we've increased disinformation research and tracking within the surgeon general's office. we're flagging problematic posts for facebook. the federal government is now marking post that it deems problematic for facebook to take down its 5. this is for every one's good. they say one time thing to save lives, they say this is ministry of truth level of no fees and they're literally admitted to collude and with media to control the narrative, this a censorship. this is the union of corporate and state power. one of the classic hallmarks of fascism that they people who spend 5 years babbling about fascism
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support, probably didn't expect facebook to put up a fight. see facebook has been playing biden scape good game for, for much longer than biden has been president. and they're very good. the data shows that 85 percent of facebook uses in the us have been all want to be vaccinated against cobra. 19 these and other facts tell a very different story to the one promoted by the administration in recent days. as i said, these guys maya screws deflecting reflecting in dissipating blame. generally, the only facts that make it into facebook press statements are those that make them look good years and years of scandals and disgrace have taught them. well. facebook would love full transparency if there was a guarantee of positive stories and outcomes. but when transparency creates uncomfortable moments, the reaction is often to shut down the transparency as an example. that team of facebook employees recently found the conservative media on the platform has
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outperformed everyone out in likes and shares even off the facebook by and trump. so what are the executives do? they disbanded the entire team, just for sharing facts, own tools, helping journos to consolidate the wrong narrative. it told a story they didn't like, and frankly didn't want to admit was true. facebook men, the biden administration, they deserve each other. that 2 wins of the same stick, moved, blameless, and righteous, both eager to fence at the race ideology and debate that they don't like. the only difference is one is help and money and the other help and power. and we the ordinary people. we're just going to have to learn to live with a world where we need corporate or government approval for our opinion. the point facebook is already extremely sensory us and they're prohibiting any type of
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information that counters the narrative that they are so intent on maintaining. now the government itself is stepping in and censoring content. they're telling facebook what a sensor. so this is strictly prohibited by the 1st amendment. i think it's basically an attempt on the part of the administration to enforce a particular narrative and to exclude all others. and also it's a way of shutting down political opposition to the by administration. the south african president of culture, unity often von, at riots and gulf, this country over the jailing of his predecessor, lucy, got his dozens with pharmacy taking everything, including all prescription medicine communities. have also face food shortages with local shops and warehouses or the run sex or but down. some people have complained
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about going for days without food, volunteers and organizing emergency deliveries. the hardest hit areas are correspondent paul lee has been talking to some of them. i'm here to smoke in the field in the town of brag, pan in south africa. everything you about to witness has been organized by volunteers from the feed and medical supplies that are being brought to the a field loaded onto these flights to the pilots who have volunteered to take these items to the south africans, desperately in need. in the province of consumer natal, but we just individuals collecting food for people who need it, just doing it collectively. there's a need for, for baby products, bit food, a baby formulas. so those are the essential items that we are focusing on. i'm about to get into this phase, macau van and it's full of goods being taken to people in south africa. the
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last week we'd be very busy over the day, some of the days, even the blood movies, all 80 of and if it down to that i very with no way to be pretty good. so food down to the shop. well, well, i bet you didn't hold me. i'm just gonna catch a lift now, which to local students who've offered to take us to the local mosque some way the food is being distributed. people have been coming here for hours and they've come from wide and for some people telling me that they've been in the queue for 23
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hours and people haven't eaten for days. you see the shove, the empty after the looting, the shop loving only a certain amount of time, people are pending, bangs, there's nothing phase notch, all. so my name that has been no, nothing. it is nothing list. so you came for nothing. nothing is that that placement game to so nothing. when was about 3 days ago, is this the worst it could have been was and there was also the never the violence and looting seems to be over for now. but the hunger and impact that it left in its wake is going to be felt for quite some time. politically than russia successfully testified is next generation weapon. these are going to have a sonic massage was last for a warship. the parents see before striking land targets along the coast.
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the massage had its target, which was 350 kilometers away from traveling 7 times the speed of sound and it'll be school or russian navy submarine and ship russian app power is also getting an upgrade with plenty of new kid on display at the max. asha you're outside moscow or he is eulissa for vala, joined an arabic, siemens, preparing for the events. opening the record. the launch of the month 2021 international s face and all preparations are in full swing in the most regional members of the 1st slide. alabassic teams are
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practicing best sounds right before the show, and we are lucky enough to be part of the hassle. so this is my 1st life would be 5 life. our 6 team i flight has existed for 12 years and during this time, dad become multiple well champions in both group. and so by 6, the guys train in the pool to 50 to 64 planes with paste and engines. the team also has a unique support to says he want in the arsenal immediately after the marks asian sho, zacharon will travel to poland to participate in the world championship. it's better not to look down the pilot instructor irina marketplace policy. blaine. she has been involved in asians for for over 35 years. why do you think so many
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people suffer from ara fabian? why are many people so afraid to fly? to say it's absolutely no typical for me. so i just feel sorry for those people who do not understand what kind of happiness they are depriving themselves of democratization in space alone, defense slide group will present the most varied program would be participation of 6 aircraft. the well coordinated flight of the team during the performance is the most doesn't go pilot must speak the same language. therefore these days trading is very intensive. well, cut off, i know the key to a good flight is sleep, food, and rest. it's necessary to sleep, at least a 1000000 hours. you need to be hungry. they say the key to successful performance is facing yourself, your teammates and the accuracy of the calculation. therefore, before each flight, all the formations are practiced on the ground level or flight program. always
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turns round training. this is particularly important for group flight because the planes are very close in the air next to each other. according to the pilots, the most aerospace alone is the perfect platform to meet every 2 years, communicate and show you, as well as to show what they have learned and upload bench humans of others. you lasha pub, oliver. see that's awful. this new news out from the team and myself, we were talking in 30 minutes with all the latest join us again, that the russian president vladimir putin. it's penned a long article on russia and ukraine to say it is a book, a lot of response also. so long angela murphy, germany long serving chancellor. what will be her? last? i
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use the eastern half of the united states. we're going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their backyard. oh my god. obviously some of the cicadas do not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out or 6 minutes or 400. i mean, that's very satisfying. and we've entered a new here, an era of confusion about deflation is giving way to a new era about the confusion of inflation.
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ah, francis, a decision order which has traditional catholics outrage. is this adaptation going to help the church be more inclusive or move to divide and possibly raise the fundamental traditions which have existed since its founding? we will give you the $360.00 view and polish layer is still in south africa and will bring us the latest regarding the continued at rest. as the violence has now claimed at least 212 live trial for jacob's humor, ex president as resumed. i'm going to use and you are watching you use right here on our to america. let's get started. ah, following the arrested president jacob, do my south africa erupt into lethal protests that have killed more than 200 people
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in the streets? now, over the weekend civil unrest over to look the seaside city of durban as a citizens, that rush to defend their homes and business from the mob violence. now the south african government has deployed 25000 troops to assist local police forces in the streets. now, meanwhile, there is a humanitarian crisis, quickly engulfing much of the country as food and critical supplies run. very scars argued policy layer has more from one city that's in dire straits. i'm sure the small in the field in the town of black pan in south africa. everything you about to witness has been organized by volunteers from the food and medical supplies that are being brought to the field loaded onto these flights to the pilots who have volunteered to take these items to the south african desperately in need. in the province of control in the town, we just individual collecting food for people who need it,
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just doing it collectively. there's a need for, for baby products, food baby formulas. so those are the essential items that we are focusing on. i'm about to get into this phase, macau van and it's full of goods being taken to people in south africa. ah, me. last week i will be very busy over the day some other days, even hey guys, it didn't have it down. but that i very with no way to be pretty good. so good down. but natal guntee completely got most of that but well good. well i bet you didn't hold.


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