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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 19, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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the hello and welcome to the promised. after all things considered funeral about russian president vladimir putin has penned a long article on russia and ukraine. needless to say, it is evoked a lot of responses. we tell you why this article is important also so long angle of merkel. germany's long serving chancellor. what will be her lasting legacy? ah to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess, jordan semi raleigh in budapest. he's a podcast or the guy which can be found on youtube and locals. and here in moscow were joined by dmitri bob, which is a political adolescent editor. if you know me, internet media project or gentleman cross talk roles and pick, that means you can jump anytime you want. and i always appreciate it. i mean,
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let's go to george in budapest. well, george, russia always seems to be in the news one way or another, whether it's an it isn't a very different way this time. vladimir putin, the russian president pen to very, very long article. a very studied article, i would say about the relationship that russia has with ukraine. now it's a, it's at the kremlin dot r u website. it's in english, ukrainian, and of course, russian, it is a vocal enormous outcry and discussion and obviously criticism here. why did he write this article, what's it about and who was directed to go ahead? well, i think the reason he wrote the article is that he is very concerned about the recent development of the, particularly since the my down of 2014 mainly the use of ukraine as a battering ram against russia. there's no sign of a beta. whoever is in the white house is continued to be used and he wants to
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place in historic context. this has gone on for quite a long time. russia and ukraine, russians in the ukrainian people all want people argue that before and but however, there have been times in the past when outside towers have sought to separate the russians in the ukrainians, and particularly to use the ukrainian or russian, you mention the polls. another call went on to the, the big one, which is austria, hungary and german enough or was 300 german essentially created ukraine in the world. and what's happening now, we've been kind of continuation of this and he really emphasizes again and again as he has done it for that he will not tolerate what nato's use of
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ukraine as basically the kind of a forward base from which to but the launch stacks will subvert russia, and that's really what he's, he's concerned with is just simply, russia will not accept this use of ukraine by nature regard that as an existential threat. ma, what we need to read this too because, you know, there's a number of theories out there. i mean, i think there are 3, i think it is directed to the, obviously the russian people. it was also directed to russians within the sovereign ukraine right now. and also, i think is gorgeous. mentioned here is a signal to the west, the ukraine as very special significance, the russians national security and certain things will not be tolerated. go ahead. i think it was primarily written for the people of your brain at large. not only irrational, but also radiance will also suffer because of this terrible situation. i don't
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think would you expect that any kind of reception, any kind of constraint is reception from the government. he actually said, right before, i can the budget code that you're bringing people are not hostile to russia. they're ukranian leadership. now unfortunately, it's certainly foster russia and they're very responsible 18 years or president landscape to this article shows that which was no problem. you know, just said i will read, it might have time. and he, he drove something about, you know, russia and ukraine is being brother, he's drunk about kind an apple. and he said, no, i see what to put in is the wasting his time on. instead of meeting me though, basically different than what he had to say when he was campaigning for the ukrainian presidency, is meant the different thing. well,
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you certainly ask expect ations because everyone knew that he was a russian speaker. i mean, he is coming to cobb, his company made money on jokes in russian they almost that would be formed in ukrainian. and people expected him because he is from ukraine from cree were wrong . people expected him to be sensitive to the sentiments, always ukrainians. but it's not the 1st time that it's happened. so i mean, coachman problem is to make russian official language and your grade on the 2nd official language. and he received a, he is electorate in the east after that basically young core, which promised the same. and she didn't do anything, only thing and to fulfill the expectations of he's electra so that fans jillions is not very different from the previous president. but that, you know, the bad side with the was i do it, is that the walk and,
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and i think we can wait until writing this article where he basically says the trash and you're bringing people. he has been waiting because he hoped that these feeling the sentiment would express itself in ukraine. but now when you have a draconian language rules in ukraine, basically prohibiting the public use russian language. when all the movies have to be docked in ukrainian imagined, you know, you live in canada and then some assess. first you can't watch american movies for the us say, which say something good about police. and on the 2nd, all the movies strong, the usa will be dumped by our f. this with a thief. so awesome, excellent. know, how would people in kind of do it's a prejudice and, you know, after 5 years and finally decided it was time to speak out and you know what, what, what i, what i find very interesting is that, okay,
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would you say that you agree in some direction, so on people and immediately the reaction in the west was like, oh this is a sign will be period is this is so dangerous, you know, mission medical met by them in the washington you know, last week and she and they said the chinese and i me and rush is an enemy, and this is not dangerous. this is local style. you know, basically, you know, by the said that we will not allow china to undermine open free society, which open free society did join the destroy the united states. and you will buy subordinate, co in 2014 destroyed, and the open democratic society of ukraine, you know, it is no longer due mckorick suffered in a terrible and these people never apologized for that course. they never do in georgia. what i think is very interesting here is that let me approach it with, with great detail and
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a lot of research in time. and i've been told me actually wrote it to but this is a intro family issue. the need is talking about here. but when you look at, when you look at western policymakers, i think we from nato countries, there interesting you, crane or ukrainian is scant. it's best because your brain is from, from the western perspective, it's a cudgel and burn the russians. i mean, i've always told this to people, for many russians, ukraine is not a foreign policy issue. it's a domestic policy issue because of the familial relations they have people's relationship to the dom bout and even further into the hinterlands of ukraine. and that's why it's so very important to russian for the west. it's just an idea. it's a policy, it's a country. go ahead. yes, that's exactly the point. and that's the point that makes the gain of the game in this article that the western. and he says,
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the western part potentially run your grade. i mean, ukraine doesn't be have any sober and it the moment because it is run out of washington and brussels. they're only interested in ukraine is as a way of just pushing russia to the east of eliminating all russian influence out of europe altogether. which is why they're also interested in bella rhodes. i mean, what was the scenario that they played out in 2014, in, in my dance, they want to play out the bellows, the bellows. ukraine will be incorporated within the so the need so you can rush, we just got and that's the job to go. so they have no interest at all in your approach. and the evidence of that is that, look at the disaster. ukraine has experience just one of the 14th. i mean they last year, as you said in this article, it doesn't look to me like interested in getting done backpacks, so they're almost lost the dumbass as well, nato in the year care less. i mean,
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let's be counter intuitive if they really, really, really cared. they would bring it into the alliance like, but it wouldn't be because of the savings of the, of ukrainian people when it's democratic experience. and when they call it the, the revolution of dignity, you know, but they don't. and that is really, that's the answer has nothing to do with ukraine. what do you mean? because it seems to me, again, it was really, they had interest in ukraine. i mean, they never had interest in the people of yugoslavia that had nothing to do with it . okay, they don't care about the people in the area, but they're there, they don't care about the people interact with, they stayed there and then they don't care about the people of afghanistan and there are still some there. want to stay there or find a way to stay there. again, these are all countries go ahead. well, i don't know, maybe they, i'd seen themself. i mean that the nation build us in washington. i mean, they don't, they don't want to go out. but look, look at the fruit. ok. bushnell is now even worse than indeed in the eyes. or what
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kind of you to florida. i mean, the privatization, more than just after you can only use off the area. you know, you grain in the 1st year after my don, it's g d b, i mean big school grania and dog boss, but the g d p, all the areas which remained ukrainian and this is 97 percent of the korean territory. the g p u fell almost 10 percent because ukraine cop always, almost always economic price, the russia, it left their free trade zone with russia. it embrace the european union, but the european union did not allow them to do its markets. so it's a tragedy yet. but also, politically, i think joe, politically, it's a lucy tree for everyone in the national interest. you know, nice petrol, wrote an article headlines, how to break the cultural read walk and ukraine. and nico petro writes,
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and that basically it rushes great shift eastward, as he calls. and i mean, embrace in china and gave them all the content. it was an enormous push when, when the west undermined young orange and basically live, always pay to speak, maybe ukraine and then russia by, by the way, which is article, if you look at the just to it, he says that we agree that ukraine is a sovereign state, by the way, i have to a little bit argue with, with george here. i think austria hungary did not create ukraine. i mean, even push control about your grade in the early 19th century, but they certainly did create militant anti ration ukrainian nation. that identity did not exist in the 1900, but they created it doesn't independence, they didn't. okay. i mean, anyway, there was a short period after that notion when the ukraine was, but basically ruled by you nationalists about the identity of the type over
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a 1000000 to bring in there. yes, it was created by, by hundreds basically said that your grade, isn't it because we don't want to be russia. we won't accept or continue our discussion on some real estate with the financial. why the guy? i don't. why a guy on the futures, that's not an almost friday. that's the last time i buy it from the future. so from watch kaiser, we look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except when the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to
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great truck rather than fear i would take on various jobs with the artificial intelligence real summoning the theme in a robot must protect its own existence, was the ultimate to cross topler all things considered in peter la bell. this is the home addition to remind you, we're discussing some real names. the go back to georgia in budapest, well, anglo merkel. georgia is finally finally leaving the political stage. you know, i have to admit, i had
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a lot more hope for her in the beginning. mostly for the reason that she comes from eastern germany and i now you play in retrospect, i'll be honest with you. thought that she could be more of a bridge, a beach for between east and west, and i was been proven disastrously wrong. ok. she's been in power a long time and i think she leaves with a pretty scanty legacy about a negative one. go ahead. george. very scanty legacy. it really what she's been about is just saying in power, not making any decisions and trying to have it both ways of old times. so she goes to. 2 washington law stripped washington and sign a washington declaration with joe biden, which others, the usual nato pious is about democracy and so on. but basically, what's most important is that the name is the call of european security that she's
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actually appears to that. and then she has the insolence to demand that russia continue to provide gas via the ukraine route. and so no, no, trying to nothing to do with the use of ukraine as a natural gas. i mean, you know, americans are ignorant about all of this. they were like, it was germany that had went to the russians and said, we want this stream to a pipeline under the baltic because we are worried about the security of the actual german industry, which is, you know, basic the powers that power german economy. you know, based on ex, well, it doesn't have secure energy. it's a lot of trouble. now, she says, you know, where we're going to hold the russian, speak to the west. germany is not in any positions. it's a little russians,
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you know, where, where and how they just sent their natural gas. i mean, so, so let me muggle to the list. so i know too much. she goes off to washington and the rates, the russians that typical of marco was chancellor when there was the illegal change of government in. but she didn't say a word. did she? ok, i mean, that is why germany wanted pipelines because of e. u. nato policy that just stabilized ukraine, that made a different trans that necessary for joe. so i think that is really one of the most of the greatest failings of her chancellor's hip. i mean, she bought the ukraine policy. she's trying to save energy policy and it's not germany if you're p and why. ok, so the most again, i thought she came in with great hope and it's this kind of a whimper as she goes out the door. go ahead. well i,
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unfortunately i didn't have the same high expectations for her in 2005 when she came to power because i speak german and i followed the story and 2003. when the counselor get her try that had the courage to refuse to go to iraq. and miracle was against it. you know, just look at the article, look at her speech and the bone stuck. she said, well, i mean she's coming. so she says something like, we have to stay loyal to all american and read your weiss well, you know, translation to normal human language that we had to go, that we had to go with them just like all day and you know, the breakers did. and that would have been a disaster for drugs and so i didn't speak stations for her when she came to power into 1005. but the hosp to the food was beyond anything. i would imagine it was. look, what was, you know, europe when she came to power. there were some meetings we've been russia and the
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you you know, there they quoted me was about and no one dream daughters had nightmares about degree crisis, which she handled terribly, you know, basically, recession a lot of private individuals who had money in on their bank accounts. in cyprus, lease greece, no one could imagine a war, and you war in eastern europe. and let's face it. not only did not say what she actually promoted, the might done who her foreign minister of esther male. it came and spoke to the so called protest us, who killed 38th ukrainian policeman in the process of this, sol, cool. that last, that actually almost 5 months between 20152014 nico at petro. in his article, i think you're very right. you're right that the west repudiated the peaceful
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condition of power which was agreed and which was signed on the 22nd of february, 2014. immediately after it became clear that critical check to see is total control . the west forgot about the supreme. it was america was the 1st to forget that it was her foreign minister. now the president of germany, find stein why she signed this. she guaranteed this agreement between yano and their position. and now the western media pretense, it doesn't remember, it portion said that they lost the paper. you know, they were when he was asked to produce the document, which people saw a sign on television. you know, we just lost it. i can find it in the paper. i mean go back to georgia of 2015. they opened the doors, the immigration to europe. that is, i think that is really the hallmark of history 100 years. now remember her that issue? yes. because of course, it was the policy an absolute disaster in it. so,
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but he led directly to the breast. and i mean, i have not been, she hadn't opened the door. the british was none of them to leave you. and that was a huge calamity for you, because it helped fuel the or bon, who hungary, who now all of the europeans, a little tearing their hair, all this horrible, horrible person, you know, creative, you know, he sees on this issue. it was always a nash with but this was, that was, you know, meet them, drink, amazing things is that she lives every calamity. i mean, she bungled also. li, the her energy policy because she mostly got to close down all the sort of the nuclear power plant. she said ok, we're going to get rid of all the fossil fuel energy about the menchie, which is one of the reasons why should move for this not stream to and now she
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essentially goes and blames the russians for something that she did. but the strange thing is, is that she has the wible these years and there you can see the something fundamentally wrong in germany. this, this is the some, this class the complacency, like that just wise and goes on and on. if you're, it seems to me it's really interesting and we have the mantra for the establishment of nato, after the 2nd world war and the beginning of the cold war as they keep the americans in the germans down in the russians. us. he is, that embodies that, but it's not been necessarily in the national interest of germany or even europe in my mind. and so for me, it's a spend force and it's getting negative returns, except for, you know, people making money off of this in western journalism and think tanks and things like that. i mean it's, it's a spent force. it's showing, it's not it's not generating and any positive returns. say with you george, go ahead. yeah, that's it. and we now look hopefully, well,
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maybe the next person in away from michael. but chances are the next will be very much like michael will try to have it both ways. well, you know, we, we need good relations, russia with stability, or we need to stay with the americans. so that kind of revolution follows the of a demon reverse with gal schroeder, i make a sort of have got some fresh ideas that that's not going to happen. i mean, the game, you know, whoever makes me am just going to be yeah, yeah let's, let's just been an expert in line. speaking up the next person like dimmer. you and i have talked at great length about how media joker europe's political class is. i think the anglo merkel is the queen, mother of the mediocrity that we see in the, of the political class. go ahead. if you want me to cut the long story short what i dislike about her, what was the worst thing about her? she is a real altering liberal. she sticks to that very georgian,
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that explains all of her favors. i mean, the look at the political scene in germany when she came to borrowing 2005. no one could imagine that radical parties would be. she was a 2 parties system where the liberals between them, you know, the christian democrats and social members. it looked like it would continue. now we have the furniture for germany, which obviously reflects that opinions of many people in germany, especially a good relations with russia and purely defensive role for nato. but this party has been sidelined, i mean the morocco was the 1st time to say that these people are never going to have any influence on exports or whatever. so she, she basically, she's a division of figure, she's the hillary clinton over on germany. that sounds the other thing that george just mentioned there also variable. i mean,
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she was the motor of sanctions against trash for the for impulse. after 2014 crisis in you, in ukraine, they will raise your cost europe, at least 100000000 euros. they want to post more because they keep exchanging these sanctions and during your meetings with the buy them, she basically keeps saying that sanctions need to stay. why should something that doesn't produce? you pointed out why should stayed, you know, and also i think she played a very negative role. you know, you know, i represent, you're told that i don't when you're, when trump warning tonight, the states as event, you know, the german news, right, you know, merkel became a sort of leader of the free world because she was so i go to sleep. you are and what you've seen, where she spent for mental need her. she wants to have no extra steam to. she has been, we know by them is the lead or the free. well, i don't just go,
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it was just dismissed. the people, even though it was stuff that you're, i would contest would be my head to say, you know, this can kind of a purity here. i think just complete mediocrity all over the place. modeling through and missed opportunities left and right and create and change to the political landscape of germany while when demons. absolutely right. we have people contesting this ideology and the the, the establishment. and that's all because of merkel over the last 30 seconds. got a huge or yeah, there's always been an opportunity for your 2000 independent roll between the united states and russia. and you know, there have been people like rolling on occasion, schroeder, because i'll take it later that you know, the role to quash, anything like that. and actually europe into just a slave us of all of the united states. i guess,
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i think that will be her legacy or a german, that's all the time we have. want to take my guess here in moscow and in budapest, one i think our viewers for watching is here to see you next time. remember across the the a. ready ready launch crunch l i class and i tried to push me off. the song said it was just the culture blue book to leave you for one for the the because it's
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always more you to meet the he's going to repeat usually through which and it's gone. yeah. cuz really new bushel was the moment that she is not a monumental charged rock on top driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me i
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think we dare to ask me ah, me, eastern half of the united states. we're going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their back yard. i obviously, some of the cicadas do not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out for long or 6 minutes more 100 the i mean that's very satisfying. in
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the the news the bronze prices for tattle restrictions with them all public places requiring a health policy to access vaccination, compulsory for more jobs, quite an almost public backlash. parliament looks for the past these new laws, regardless of the people you can see working around me, year old volunteers who come here to try and do whatever they can. those who seen their lives up to where you bought the devastating floods in germany. turn on politicians saying it's action they need not just empathy. i've been trying to sort out drinking water for 2 days, but it's impossible to business owners and ordinary people like to be let down by the politicians.


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