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tv   News  RT  July 19, 2021 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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never change that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the reasons for them it, it's corporate. mm. the, the people you can see working around me are all volunteers. he's coming here to try and do whatever they can. those who have seen their lives swept away by the devastating floods in germany, turn on politicians saying it's action they need not just words of support. i've been trying to sort out drinking water for 2 days, but it's impossible. business owners and ordinary people alike, if you'll let down by the politicians. facebook is killing people with misinformation. that's the claim of president biden, who's blaming the social media giant for his failure to reach covert vaccine target
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. the all eyes to the skies are correspond enjoying the best in the business. pilots prepared to flex their way, the annual max or show taking place. ah, wherever you're counting the news hour from today, a warm welcome to our team. my name's unit to our top story. the hard work begins massive cleanup operations are underway in germany following the catastrophic floods. they're a huge army of volunteers, of joined firefighters, police, and the military and tackling the devastation. german chancellor, anglo merkel visited some of the worst effected areas in western germany,
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describing the scenes of surreal terrify, stating that climate change must be addressed more. 180 people have lost their lives. many more are missing with intense search operations. continuing, the del you just said to be the worst of its kind in 200 years or europe correspondent peter oliver reports from germany. the people you can see working around me are all volunteers. you've come here to, to try and do whatever they can. one of the big problems they say that facing though, is that there's no real coordination with the emergency services, like the fire brigade, or the police, or even the military who are here in this area as well. although there's no shortage of people willing to help. many of those don't know if by turning appear, they're actually causing problems by parking cause in the way of stopping emergency vehicles guessing where they need to be. i think it's a heart to,
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in this federal system to, to coordinate some things like this. i asked the firework is where my help is needed because i drove with my brother and a friend here just to help. and they just didn't know exactly where to put the help they will like, i don't know either. and a lot of people are just like, ok, we want to have would want to do something but tend to make it worse if just standing in the way or the blocking the roads for the, for the, for the work is really need, like firework isn't nursery. and stuff in germany, senior politicians have been pledging their support for those and the federal government will not pull it say, i hear there is a rumor that the military won't be there. the army will be there to help for as long as needed. i promise. as if it is good that the federal and state governments have announced their support for those who suffered great losses. the affected communities will also be helped to repair the damage in the hour of need. our country stands together can stop the whole of germany will help this region needs of the community, know the country will be able to fix this alone,
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but we'll do everything or build whatever can be rebuilt about we can not every political leader has struck the right torn, while german president franklin died, maya was offering messages of support and lush. it the man who will potentially be the next german chancellor of the september's election within laughing and joking in the background doors. having to clean up the devastation, say words of support, a one thing actual help is another, and they are seeing enough, you know, i've, and we have a situation that really calls for action. even this help on the spot is probably more effective than any efforts by the authorities who are wondering what's going on. i have to stress that people relying on the government's feel somewhat abundant . but we have a lot of community support, including your people's clubs, volunteer firefighters, and groups of people have teamed with their friends. we would definitely not be able to manage without these people here. i've been trying to sort out drinking water for 2 days, but it's impossible. it was supposed to ride between 8 o'clock and 9 in the evening,
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but we only got it today. we have enough food, thanks to private donations. totes are available. we have never been so aware of how comfortably we live before business owners and ordinary people alike feel, let down by the politicians. now with it, the flood waters have receded in most places in the west. tens of thousands of homes are without electricity and running water. maintaining supplies to those areas is alongside making sure that buildings and infrastructure like bridges are secure among the top priorities for those on the ground. they are demanding that politicians back up, their words of support. we action peter, all of a r, t west in germany. the white house has been facing flag over the failure to reach its cobit vaccine targets. former president donald trump, past claim the pace of inoculation has fallen because people don't trust the current administration. the media or last years election results. joe biden though
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is pointing the finger at facebook thing disinformation on the platform. busy is quote, killing people are utter guilty of takes off the story when barton promised to vaccinate 70 percent of americans by the 4th of july, few could have predicted that it would be phrased look, that would stop him, doesn't make much sense, but that is allegedly exactly what happened according to the white house? so barton breaking his promise is facebook's fault. according to the white house, what's your message? the platforms like face the world, people. really, the only pandemic we have is that we've increased this information, research and tracking within the surgeon general's office. we're flagging problematic post for facebook. the federal government is now marking post that it
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deems problematic for facebook to take down it's 5. this is for every one's good. they say one time thing to save lives. they say this is ministry of truth level of no fees and they're literally admitted to collude with media to control the narrative, this a censorship. this is the union of corporate and state power. one of the classic hallmarks of fascism that they people who spend 5 years babbling about fascism support probably didn't expect facebook to put up a fight. see, facebook has been playing biden scape good game for, for much longer than biden has been president, and they're very good. the data shows that 85 percent of facebook uses in the us have been, or want to be vaccinated against cobra. 19 these and other facts tell a very different story to the one promoted by the administration in recent days. as i said, these guys are my screws that deflecting reflect again,
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dissipating blame. generally, the only fax, the make it into facebook press statements of those that make them look good years and years of scandals and disgrace have taught them. well, facebook would love full transparency if there was a guarantee of positive stories and outcomes. but when transparency creat uncomfortable moments, the reaction is often to shut down the transparency as an example that team of facebook employees recently found that conservative media on the platform has outperformed everyone out in likes and shares even off the facebook that and trump . so what are the executives do? they disbanded the entire team, just for sharing facts, our own tools, and helping journos to consolidate the wrong narrative. it told a story they didn't like, and frankly didn't want to admit was true. facebook men, the biden administration, they deserve each other, that 2 wins of the same stick,
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moved, blameless, and righteous, both eager to fence at the race ideology and debate that they don't like. the only difference is one is help and money and the other help and power. and we the ordinary people. we're just going to have to learn to live with a world where we need corporate or government approval for our opinion. at this point, facebook is already extremely sensory us and they're prohibiting any type of information that counters the narrative that they are. so intent on maintaining. now, the government itself is stepping in and censoring content. they're telling facebook what a sensor. so this is strictly prohibited by the 1st amendment. i think it's basically an attempt on the part of the administration to enforce a particular narrative and to exclude all others. and also it's
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a way of shutting down political opposition to the by administration. and you might think of facebook as an extension of the state. i don't see any possibility of them actually being regulated in any way. the only thing that will bring them down will be real competition. and the venture will like from facebook by flocks of people who had enough britons, so named pink demick, where you're a fool warn you to self isolate, for coming into contact with a cobit case as claimed to high profile victims, the prime minister, paris johnson. and his chancellor, that's after the health minister tested positive for the virus or dining st. intended to bypass the rules by taking part in the pilot daily testing program. parking both outrage and a hasty you turn. what happens when the rules apply to the prime minister?
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he tries to wriggle out to them and pretend these on some pilot scheme that's exempt him. i'm afraid that yes again. we see it's one rule for them and another for everybody else. one rule for them with another made up because pilots came won't go down. well, full out will be bigger than bonded counsel. i test ah, the pilot scheme and full deer and a chest track and tracy boris. and re she have a special pass and not have to isolate your sincerely morrison's reaches mom. ah, it took less than 3 hours for the about turn to be announced. they came and made mounting controversy about the plan lifting of almost all colbert restrictions and england from today pseudonym freedom day. despite the rising infection rates last week, more than half a 1000000 people were forced to self isolate by the context tracing up the reform
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parties definitely leader to list the government has simply failed in attempts to have a consistent coordinated policy. clearly what happened was that the government tried to get away with it by trying to use this idea that they were actually involved in a pilot scheme where they could be tested every single day. and it just seems incredibly hypocritical that that seems to be one rule for them. one rule for the rest of us. and so what for me, this smack solve is the fact that we have a totally route to the government. the government doesn't know what it's doing and clearly actually, i think they start coming for a couple of hours and then realize there was no way they could get away with it. and, and there's a really important point here which is that the government only governs with consent of the people. and i think this government is fost running out of goodwill from the people. and actually the british public have been extraordinary. they have actually tapped to the rules. the vaccination levels in this country are extremely
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high. and i think people have have this incredible responsibility to do the right thing. but it seems that the government feels that it is untouchable. and i sense that actually people are pretty angry. the way things are going. we've got businesses that are failing. we've got people who are struggling for their livelihood. and the government seems increasingly out of touch. it cannot go on that needs to be a change. the south african president, serial rama poster has called free unity after the chaos that engulfed his country over the past week. violent riots and looting spark by the jailing of his predecessor has left more than 200 people. did another critical issue. dozens of pharmacies helping left, devastated with everything taken, including all prescription medicine that spark, serious concern about the consequences of using random drugs. communities have also faced food shortages with local sharps and warehouses, either ransacked or brenton volunteers helping trying to clean up the nis while
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others have form groups to protect their businesses saying the police can't cope or correspondent paul asleep or has been talking to some of them i'm carrying elberton, city and south africa, the way the minority wife of the cons community is going out on a voluntary patrol tonight. they lost faith in the countries police and so like other minority communities have taken upon themselves to defend the own street and the own houses. ah, i think that both of them are due to the amount of water all over the country. they've been deployed to many different areas. that's why we are assisting that was going to go to an article college. we had to be both of the communities actually
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locating that and protecting this shopping today. all the time bombings, approximate i've discussed in what you hear people regarding the shopping scene for looters. they'll probably be in the whole not got somebody to be vehicles in the life of the fun. and that's what they're going to be for the not digitize these, the people from the, the community silva guarding the shopping to me. these rocks have been placed in the road to stop any kind of potential looters driving down this road towards the shopping center that's nearby here. and potentially trying to use it the in
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with technology like this, what we can do is we can see them in the dark and we can immediately dispatch some of our gosh to go to say, and it's actually happened the other night as well. i mean, what this also does is this little thing over here is just like, so we can turn this on and it makes a very wide area like and especially the other night when they saw that they were the dos they were hiding away from us. but the moment to be done, they obviously got this gate and they went back to where they came from. we don't have to put our guys into it to hogs way until it's absolutely necessary for they to react. we can't get another shopping center where the guys have mixed up with other volunteers who've also been here for the last few nights, making sure that their communities are safe. we already for the same purpose, so they more experienced, they've got the weapon with the knowledge. so we follow the lead,
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all the all countries understand so, so it's pretty static the moment. but you all after saying you ought to go, she's a lost friend on one of the townships on the end of our button. and we preventing those to come into us. others record starts going to keep. it allows us, as much as looting going on, there's a lot of positivity that has come out of the country and, and in a different aspect where we had a lot of division prior to this. but it's not black people that are looking at looters, basically. so you got the black, white in the color, all standing together to prevent the same thing from happening in all community. it's quite cold here and now it's late. it's past midnight. we're going to head off . the gods themselves will stay here until the early hours of the morning. the situation remains tense and no one really knows what they come. bring policy a r t arbiten still ahead. the british opera hoping to rick it in over the death of a former russian spy. is it hitting the right notes without the details of the
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brain? ah, o, i join me every thursday. alex, summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in the media reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safer. tyson lation community you going the right way?
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where are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, ah. hello again. it's got dramas, a former russian spy, a poisoning, and plenty of songs. the story of the death of alexander lithonian girl has been turned into an opera in london with cell i chose, the organizers are claiming they've got a hit on their hands. so ski a tailor though has been checking just into that performance actually is with reality full disclosure. i am
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a big fan. so when i had that a new one had passed onto the scene to check it out, like all of the classics, i'm talking ida. com and tough. got this one take a short week and give nothing away. the me like all the classics. it starts with a song about chemical element. ah, yes, ex finance. yeah. bolton decided to have a job at music and for his debut, chose the story of alexander and young co, former at the b agent, tons and my 6 informant who was poisoned with a radioactive substance in london back in 2006. he lived 25 years, also deteriorating,
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with his body being eaten from the inside out. so i was very moved by that. it was then this inspiration came that he had the ingredients for an opera. these ingredients include historical inaccuracy, may contain giving no evidence stereotyped. the evil putin regime, obviously, i'm fond gardening over a man who put me to some pretty bad things in his time. but that was mean about putin so automatically became a free to fight and obviously a hero. in short, all the ingredients found in the traditional anti russia dish, the so many like pasty in the west and made all the more appetizing bolton cells it . as fact, i hope i've written something that might have longevity and keep the story alive in the long run. that's one of the things opera can do. one element that didn't make the car up the truth. take the operator audibly. most morbid moment, the reenactment complete with gun toting stake, terrorist walking amidst the audience of the duke ross got there to siege and
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moscow. so back in 2002 on catch you. medicines took 900, fer, took his hostage security forces later to the building, and they killed the terrorist, bought by then, 130 hostages, had already died. but is the universally known truth in russia and abroad. but bolton's money guy, and he knows what cells inexpensive are 2002 and less hostage taken moscow's de bravo theatre. stayed by the f. f b to spread anti church, and failing a cynical politicization of the deadliest attack. the capitals ever seen. also living in cuz murder is presented, case closed as opposed to hit job. obviously, even though a british inquiry itself only use the what probably an event of tourism a highly likely, you know, points the thing without coughing up the proof. imagine then how devastating it must have been for bolton when the reviews for his opera came in. and well,
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they want in fact, the 5 star, all of which might suggest that this is an offer, a full of so many shocks, terrors and malign. ms. thieves that you leave the theater shaking with fear and righteous indignation. so it might have been if, for instance, just the code which had been available to compose it. sadly, bolton is no source to code which poor thing and already gave it all the way. did that shape bank russians of that bunch of stumbling drunk. i didn't mention them, but they all there in the boots and the kid up silenced opposition. and rewriting of history, highly likely, and even a bad le leica, it should have been didn't the easiest cell of his career. but you know, police have thrown in a meddling bad. well, for good measure. 7 months after the u. s. election on there is still wrangling over the result are a zone as senate republicans recently hard contractors to probe whether the vote
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count was for. but the company charged with investigating is asking for much longer than the initially proposed 60 day deadline. the protracted story has led to comparisons being made with hillary clinton's attempts to denigrate donald trump's victory in 2016 ortiz eager sit down. i've been taking a closer look be gracious in defeat, a very basic rule of good sportsmanship, but it's one that no longer applies to the race to the white house. i want to provide an update on our ongoing efforts to expose the tremendous motor fraud and irregularities which took place during the ridiculously long november 3rd elections . i am determined to protect our election system, which is now under coordinated assault and see if we are right about the fraud. joe biden can't be president. oh, damn you, democrats and your voting heist months on from the election. and some trump support
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is still can't accept. he lost very much like hillary clinton and her campaign couldn't back in 2016, dishing out millions on yes, a vote recount. he refused to say he would respect the outcome of the election. i believe he knows he's an illegitimate president. he knows. i remember i did win more than 3000000 votes than my opponent. this recount business didn't help the democrats overturn trumps victory 3 years ago. and it isn't helping the republicans now. they're still stuck in the bargaining stage of grief, claiming to have discovered more than 75000 male and ballots in arizona, which were never sent. they haven't released in a number yet, if you will. however, we do know that those numbers do not match with american county at this point to do this or that they hired cyber ninja is. yeah,
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that's the actual name of the contract. the firm, which by the way, has no expertise in elections. these auditors, well, mangers ended up scrutinizing ballads for bamboo fibers on the assumption that fake ones had been sent from south korea all pretty desperate, and it's not just in arizona. it now appears that actually was meaningful voter fraud in fulton county, georgia last november. that is not a conspiracy theory. it's true and there's another e re parallel in how the loses took it in 2016 and last year, showing that even arch enemies are alike. i've been telling candidates who have come to see me. you can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee. and you can have the election stolen from you if you count the legal votes by easily when, if you count the illegal votes. busy they can try to steal the election from us.
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the democrats, really enjoying, of course, looking down from their high horse, now at the in denial trump as it's as if they've never spent 4 years trying to find that on from supposed ties with russia, never flushed tens of millions of dollars down that drain never attempted to impeach trump twice, none of which undid their defeat and got rid of trump. if only america could have 2 presidents it's the annual showcase of everything. ariel the muck, sir. a show is a bite that take off just outside moscow. it will see the skies filled with plains being put through their paces, including those from the russian 1st flight or club ortiz, julia shrimp, of oliver. it's the ride with the the
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record of the month 2021 international s face. and all preparations are in full swing. in the most original members of the slide, alabassic team are practicing best sounds right before the show and we are lucky enough to be part of the household. so this is my 1st life with the fast life, our boss, 6 team i flight has existed for 12 years and during this time, dad become multiple well champions in both group. and so by 6, the guys train in the port yes, 5254, playing with paste and engines. and the team also has a unique support. says he want in the arsenal immediately after the marks asian sho
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zacharon who travel to poland to participate in the world championship better not to look down the pilot instructor irina marketplace policy, blaine to have been involved in asians for for over 35 years. why do you think so many people suffer from ara fabian? why are many people so afraid to fly? to say it's absolutely no typical for me. so i just feel sorry for those people who do not understand what kind of happiness they are depriving themselves of democratization in space alone, defense slide group will present the most varied program would be participation of 6 aircraft. the well coordinated flight of the team during the performance is the most doesn't go pilot must speak the same language. therefore these days trading is very intensive. won't cut off. i know the key to a good flight is sleep, food,
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and red. it's necessary to sleep, at least a 1000000 hours. you need to be hungry. they say the key to successful performance is facing yourself, your teammates and the accuracy of the calculation. therefore, before each flight, all the formations are practiced on the ground level. flight program always starts with round training. this is particularly important for groups like because the planes are very close in the air next to each other. according to the pilots, the monks, aerospace alone and the perfect platform to meet every 2 years, communicate and show you. as well as to show what they have learned and upload bet humans of others. you list of all of the skies are going to be buzzing this week in the mosque. region, short documentary time next to your own r t. c. what's being shown and moments hope to catch you again the top my for.


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