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tv   News  RT  July 19, 2021 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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and talk with the sleeping and then the water comes, then you can open the door just in your room and you're drowning europe is coming to terms would be off them off of devastating floods default to germany, declare a state of emergency while laboring countries were also hit by torrance, of water leaving at least 180 people that correspond reports from the da's office here in our file in the state of rhode island. latin. this is one of the worst effected areas by the flooding. you can see over to my left on this building where the water actually reached, well above my own head highway of this gulf war. that's what it looks like down.
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yeah. if you carry on further down the road to the south africa and take up arms to slice off, looters made a week of late spot weather jailing for president. schools of people have been killed. another unlock. griggs, of 100. 60 more children are found in canada. the indigenous community is a government to publish school attendance list to get a clearer idea of the scale of the tragedy that says native people stress repression exists to this day. agenda started still happening to us not taking up for seriously. predators know that they could target and people in general know that they could target ah, well, for most good, what's in the weekly and all the international,
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daniel hawkins, we beautiful sunrise, welcome to the program. 190 people are dead and many more missing with a death told expected to rise. that's the grim bottom line of flash floods that hit parts of western germany, belgium and the netherlands and other nations as well. that you said to be the worst of its kind in 200 years, the worst affected towns and villages saw entire homes, bridges, and power lines swept away. mm. in 15 minutes or full as our office, our neighbors houses. everything was under water. it was very quick, it looks as if a bomb has hit like world war me for
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the flooding is now spread to east in german who's the west of the country that's been hit the hardest, both in terms of the human toll info, structural damage. german chancellor, anglo mark, or pay to visit the some of the worst effects of areas for a sudden german language barely has the words to describe the devastation inflicted . but from what i've seen, it's incredibly hardening to see how people are coming together. they are helping each other and the solidarity that exists. and under his theory in phyla, in the state of rhode island, to latin this, this one of the worst effected areas by the fluid. you can see over to my left on
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this building, where the water actually reached well above my own head. the job for people here right now is cleaning up following this disaster. you can see just behind me, as people have taken all of their belongings from their houses, putting them out on the streets. everything covered with thick brown, sludge mud. the rain waters, the flood waters brought with them when they came into people's homes. extreme, heavy downpour started on the wedding say, and sold months worth of rainfall. in a matter of hours, people in the town say it would be on the worst nightmare. isn't mere, has talked to several people at the bridge over the destroyed or the bridges in all the towns have been equipped away. people don't have anything to eat or drink. there is much and such everywhere. everything is damaged. many houses of color is
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the biggest disasters ever happened. here it was, the english stood the speed at which the waters rose cause the loss of people of god. this, coupled with it being the middle of the night seem to have contributed to the number of people killed in listed on the electricity and mobile phone networks were shut down by the rise of water with no way of contacting the outside world. no one knew who was missing and who didn't have connections. local officials in violence said around 1300 people were missing on friday. thankfully, number is decreasing as communication networks are restored. it all happened very quickly last night and lasted about 20 minutes. first, the manhole covers came up and then the water level rose up, the windows, the windows burst and within 2 minutes the hell house was flooded with water 2 meters high. i think it will take at least 2 or 3 years to clear everything up.
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lena brenna and her family were asleep when water from the river, usually half a kilometer away, started to flood the lower floors of their home. i heard screaming outside and then my dad, he screamed, i went outside downstairs and there was already like water flooding into our like downstairs. it was like so fast that we just grab stuff and tried to get up there. i think it was like maybe 15 to 20 minutes. so the water came up to here. so if you're sleeping and then the water comes and they can open the door, you're just in your room and you're drowning. i can't even describe the feeling like you see your house destroyed. it's going to be destroyed. this never happened before. it's like, i don't know. nobody would love it. you could even prepare for this.
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one blessing is that no more rain has fallen in this area in recent days. well that means is that the clean up opperation can get on the way, but it's going to be a painful and on jewish process and it will be a long time before any sense of normalcy returns to these towns. as water continues to be pumped from the lower floors of buildings in the path of the flooding. people here slowly coming to terms with a tragedy which is killed so many i left many, many more with their homes in ruins. peter, all of a fi, fi la germany, south africa as seen its worth. vonn, it's in decades, rising and looting wraps it off the jailing of a former president. more than 200 people have been confirmed dead in the middle of the rights in the city of dublin. there was a dramatic incident involving a small child who was miraculously saved a warning. you might find the following images distressing. the flames and gulf hub
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local flat, a desperate muddle through a door to a crowd of weinstein is on the street below. they didn't seem cheering as a total up was caught safe and sound. the mother described to us her terror. miller, who is doing what i can say. yeah. she was so shocked because she always remind me of what i did to her leg when she was seeing that building outside. she was pointing to my mom. you drew me down, you to me, whatever news, flights of spending we only smell smoke from the 16th floor and the lady from the recession. she was going floors, facilitating us to come down. we reached the 2nd floor. we're not sure because we are outside of the plant. so when they were saying that people from the 3, those standing in the street, but they were trying to help us taking the lessons for us to go to the latest. so when i was there, that was the other big lady said she can carry that baby from you. so i think the
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face, down face, outpatient, didn't give me to be me. so i can come out because the only thing i wanted would be to be out. she refused to said, no, i'm going to go fast enough, so you're going to get accumulate. they do, and i'm down after she got into the sale of the cell phone with her. it was people are trying to help and now there was no any other way for us who were stuck. and he was little fussy, there was a lady behind me. i told you, can you please tell me the babies can't carry the baby for me, so i'm going to go down the knock down darling. you can give the babies who me control the babies with me. so are you stay to the babies for me? the baby is crying, and no, no, never mind new crime, just solid to me. came flooding me up, the kitchen, people is gleaming. so i go, go and i was relieved because i can see people in the trains a lot, but i didn't even know those people, but i saw a the willing to help us that it made me pause and see that. so if we color joe and i was waiting for them to come together,
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then after to the baby and now escape when they can see ocean the nose going to my niece because i was holding my hair like the last, you know, they called shading me directed me go to say go the say the took me down to the catching me also. he and everyone saying your, you, you are brave. brave rioters have been writing stores and warehouses with an estimated $800.00 shops, destroyed local for cleaning up what remains with some even full in groups. the helpfully patrol the streets and prevent further violence. our correspondent, fall asleep, spoke to some of the hell because in south africa way, the retreat west africans community is going out on a voluntary patrol tonight. they lost faith in the country's police. and so like other minority communities have taken upon themselves to fame. the own street and the own houses. ah,
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i think that both of them are due to the amount of water all over the country. they've been deployed to many different areas. that's why we are assisting good luck and we're going to go to an article just calling city. we had to report with communities actually locating that protecting shopping today and growth bombings, approximate i've discussed. ah, what do you see here? people are guarding the shopping scene for looters. they'll probably be in the whole not got somebody to be vehicle in and that's what they're going to be for the not digitize. the, the people from the, the community itself is guarding the self contained in
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these blocks have been placed in the road to stop any kind of potential looters driving down this road towards the shopping center that's nearby here and potentially trying to loose it the i with technology like this, what we can do is we can see them in the dark and we can immediately dispatch some of our guys to go into sit there, and it's actually happened the other night as well. i mean, what this also does is this little thing over here. so we can turn this on and it makes a very wide area like and especially the other night when they saw that they weigh that off. they were hiding away from us. but the moment the b to dawn,
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they obviously got the sky and they went back to where they came from. we don't have to put our guys into it to hobbs way until it's absolutely necessary for them to react. we can another shopping center where the guys have trapped other volunteers who've also been here for the last few nights, making sure that their communities are safe. we only for the same purpose, so they more experienced, they've got the weapon with the knowledge. so we follow the lead, all the all countries understand so, so it's pretty sad at the moment. but you all after saying you ought to go, she's a lost friend on one of the townships on the end of our button. and we preventing those to come into a sub those records. thoughts going to keep it allows us as much as looting going on, there's a lot of possibility that has come out of the united the country. and in a different aspect where we had a lot of division prior to this. but it's not that people that are looking at looters, basically. so you got the blacks white in the color, all standing together to prevent the same thing from happening in all our
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communities. it's quite culture and now it's late at past midnight. we're going to head off. the gods themselves will stay here until the early hours of the morning. the situation remains tense and no one really knows what they come bring policy a r t arbiten kind of as in business community has urged the governments of public school attendance list going back decades to investigate crimes against them. it comes as the unmarked graves of $160.00 more children are found in the country this week. the rate of community says that's just the tip of the iceberg. i didn't even talk about the abuse in residential schools to my children. many of our children who ran away during the winter and froze to death on their way home. and the black ropes start lying about the children. oh yeah, they're doing fine here. in the meantime,
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they were missing and no one had searched for them. we had to steal much of our food in order to achieve 5, and that's only part of our sure bible in red and show schools. i want you to imagine you have a 6 year old daughter that's been taken away from your has to go into an environment that shows no love, no hugs, no support. nathan, but verbal, emotional, spiritual abuse. i can't speak my language today because for experienced across that way. i've tried, you could scream and cry and bank and there was, you know, no one there to, to rush you waivers. giraffe and be
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you could scream and scream your vision. no one there to come to your help residential schools. the last of which, closing 997, worrying that a similar thing, native children in the canadian culture removed from the families. many of us physical and sexual abuse for more than a century. 150000 will put through the system with more than 4000 death recorded in 2015 the truth and reconciliation commission officially recognized the policy of cultural genocide the scandal further growing this year with the 1st discovery of unlocked grapes. oh, i i
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the discovery of the graves has led to outrage across the country on kind of the day earlier this month, statues of queens, victoria, and elizabeth. the 2nd would topple by crowds chancing no pride in genocide. some indigenous groups cool for the annual celebration to be cancelled entirely. most time though, has been direct to those who ran the schools, leading to christian churches being attacked with several bound to the ground. from the minister said the country must learn from mistakes of the past is difficult in moments like peace to fully comprehend the decisions of the past that led to these tragedies and atrocities. but it is necessary to absorb them and understand them. to be
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able to move forward just true. those words are just all enough for many in the community. he would the morning an apology from the pope, the whole, the catholic church responsible for months. what happens and believe it has a case to answer. people are talking about wanting an apology from the pope. why do we have to for that, why, why hadn't gotten pulled is not apologizing. i feel like the people who i get up to the polls are feeling the same way. genocide is still happening to us to the bay. you know, the governments have these policies in place that don't work with us. when police do mental health checks with our people, they either die or they're thrown into the institution where pills are thrown down. and if there's any children in the wall, they're automatically thrown into into the child welfare system. so there's
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a lot of things to get done with the police, not taking reports seriously. and predators know that they could target. and people in general know that they could target a huge wildfires. the fed up in the far east in the federal districts of russia croft had been deployed to fight the flames as well as thousands of firefighters on the ground. there are almost $200.00 active sites that are burning in the region. russia's ministry for emergency situations says that on sunday, a number of funds were extinguished across an area of some 87000 texas fixed smoke, and several cities in the region leading to air pollution limits being breached. and the flights being grounded ludicrous. that's how one british lawmaker has described. and i'd but buy top be a company was suggest code would vaccination is the only way to get life back to normal. there's been a low uptake of shots by those under 30 politicians of war. heineken commercial
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sends out the wrong message. the heineken really ought to consider whether discriminating in loyal customers who may be, cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons. there were lots of people who can't be vaccinated and it's quite wrong that they should not be able to go into a pub and have a drink. ludicrous. i'm surprised to not making recommendations and other countries given their levels of vaccine hesitancy. the advert comes after british ministers reportedly drew up plan for mandatory vaccine passports to into pubs and restaurants from the awesome that's despite was seen as a hugely successful inoculation program with 35000000 people fully vaccinated in the u. k. was in those far from the only country where pro vaccine precious in full
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swing lot was an australia which has been criticized from pulling scare tactics. i'm for using an actor from an age group not yet eligible for the maxine on top of that the pace of could ation and the country is slow in part due to dose shortages. suddenly, my critics, i makes these campaigns even less appropriate. we put the issue up for debate. really worry for me about this is you're going to create a to take society. that will be those people who com to have a vaccine for medical reasons or maybe for their own reasons, or maybe because they younger and they haven't seen invite yet. there is therefore going to be a to, to, is this, this is not going to create to, to the system. that's absolute. poppycock, people who can't have it for medical reasons can have a medical exemption. but if they just choose not to have it,
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they're creating their own apartheid. they have a duty, particularly young people now to do their bits for the rest of society. those who needs see should be happy. they leave law, generally, the room numbers for population who have been magically advised. she doesn't actually work. they don't transmission. i'm putting, i believe i suggest you check the world war. i very, i suggest you stop spreading misinformation and face impulses. jerry, you get behind this. there is a very big question over whether young people should have this faxing at all. and the reason for that is actually most young people will get cobit that recover. they'll be lot, no long term sequentially, and this is about personal choice and responsibility. i want to do the 3 things. i could go over and have a referendum that young people have
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a jude say they should get vaccination as well. no one's talking about coercion. no one's talking about monday tree jobs. but if young people want to have fallen out to life, it's coming anyway. actually, we should be encouraging those people certainly over 40 to make sure they have a vaccine. i would like younger people to have it as well. but i do believe in personal choice in liberty, we don't believe in compulsory vaccination, but what we do need to do is to get brittany back on track a perhaps not so secret south, frances maintenance elegance, agencies giving a sneak peak behind the curtains of the launching a website to attract new talent. turns up most people want to give double. 07. a run for his money is all to you shot it. do the sky report. it's made out to be one of the coolest job in the world. working for the secret service is not only to drink, come, shaken, not stirred because the coolest gadget. and of course, you always get the bad guy that a new or a certainly work for the french with 52 percent thing that they want to be
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a fine margin. what kind of want to be a spy? to have a big car, a beautiful wife, money, a lot of money. i'd love to because it would be fun. this monday run investigations and sometimes it's very sensational to discover the hidden truth . and i would love to, i always have the best tables in restaurants. the best cars, the most beautiful women, and totally spectacular. and they know it all because they are the people who know everything in a big to make the pros, fact black cloak and dagger the french secret services to the g. i saw you giving me a mortal, a peek into its work, its launched the 1st website which snippets about top secret missions pending on terrorism, cyber attacks and foreign agents. and no, they're not talking about me,
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but just hold up for, for a 2nd. nobody didn't put it in the buddy. young. we'll go look at that. are you? where was i? me? oh. oh, take even as sage advice, those buzzing ages, a professional manipulator. a spy will 1st show sympathy. an interest in the private life and activities of the person they are targeting. they are unenlightened, strategist who will do everything in their power to track their target in an insidious spiral from which that person will not be able to extricate themselves without outside help. the i see you all,
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but coming by is tantalizing. but what model would the french take on until they won't meet aging? that's $100.00. 17 double 0701. the james bond, the seriousness of the case is that called the money james james bond. because he's tax in due by the 2 of them because i do both o assess why $17.00 and james bond. but i'm in fun. so i'm a little bit more for i want to say, oh it says 117. he says, says because he's french for sure, that's what i said. we will move james bond because he is always the back to james james bond because he's charismatic, but don't get too excited. while a pro says the dream to the pe you, the french secret service may now be more transparent. if you do show enough
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promise to be recruited, more than likely the only high life you're going to be doing is watching fine movies from your desk. i'll see, empower, that's all from us for this, our cross cutting away in just a few moments time and programming from a documentary shuttle. if you're watching us in the u. k, you know neil is taking a seat in half an hour time to get you up to speed on the morning level. use headlines. join us again with me. ah, i, i
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i use driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me i think we dare to ask in
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arg i hello and welcome to stop there. all things considered a funeral about russian president vladimir putin has penned a long article on russia and ukraine. needless to say, it is evoked a lot of responses. we tell you why this article is important. also so long angle of merkel, germany's long serving chancellor. what will be her lasting legacy? ah,
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to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess, jordan 70 raleigh. in budapest, he's a podcast or the guy which can be found on youtube ad locals. and here in moscow were joined by dmitri bob, which is a political adolescent editor it in us, me, internet media project hard gentleman, cross talk roles and effect. that means you can jump anytime you want, and i always appreciate it. i mean, let's go to george in budapest. well, george, russia always seems to be in the news one way or another, but it's an, it isn't a very different way this time. let me put you in the russian president pen to very, very long article, a very studied article i would say about the relationship that russia has with ukraine now. and it's a, it's that the kremlin dot r u website. it's in english, ukrainian, and of course russian. it is an enormous outcry and discussion.


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