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from america? no, nothing. if we lived in a world where white lives mattered. and i was not white like ms. newman and i wasn't new from black america. i learned to speak back to one aboriginal people, a lot of them. now the police were at war with statistics. i'm scared that my children are going to grow up in the country. that thing says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system than their other fellow friends in daycare. me join me every 1st day on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business. i'm show business, i'll see you then, me just
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simple. a bomb, judy. she didn't know, i don't simple thing a little, those loan which is going to go along. i was going to go when you see me, when you have this week, what do you particularly at? and you've worked with the level of, excuse me and let me know when you come from the script and look, it doesn't finish. when you get closer to glued with the machine are still still soft. can you put you on the list that he was supposed to meet with me and i'll start with you soon. this new show which we have seen the ship. joe of the new the l a. l. d. especially up to just
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the enemy. does that mean those are struggling to really do to assist? so you would like me to walk them, you know, when you walk them through delusional response within the city will alpha but city me from when i go to the, to human division i deal with. so we both don't need to support the support you. that was your name, which is willing to be moving to abilene. i was waiting with someone to meet with me. there was no, yes, there's no way you might get the when the 2nd plane tickets that look at being that you did
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let me see what is the way to distinguish, to me submitting this with her. she's going to switch me to put something up as to what i'm going to show me or if you wouldn't wish luka, let me make sure you really don't need to look at it for me because i'm not quite sure what to follow. so let's go to the hosting global. ready plaza, i'm switching from my still stay annual to say i want to change deal. it's like you so it comes with the 4 of them with what the what
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the, what the listing while i'm gospel accumulation, that sounds to me which is similar to what and also when you give them what did you do? jelly, what 3 you will be on the break and giggling. you forget you can shoot up a lot of those bundles you might get into the syllabus all frequently. so i'm just looking for one this demolish as you go. yes, i'm not going to go up by the way to go is what it is. yeah. you should be able to let you know who you mentioned. you
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are what what, what is, what's your goal? what we show up would you be dealing with all your why militia failing? you want to be the last name so you can just go through whatever the boys went to reset your mind.
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i lose them. so it's like the junior so though it is what you mean they usually when boom is really able to both of them or what? no problem would you like me to come with me? i can resume of lucy put up with them and you'll see what the what will you will they're jealous enough of lip and help me and when you to miss jenny. so the issue for me the old him
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somebody in the new york. okay. we sure we could warn the whistle just in the loosely, lucas you know, the procedure unless the leo of provision for government, the little thing like the me recently a family meal which the city and the one i have no blooming unless fall. if one of the mental, typically the chemical waste illusion this little thing with burst, anything really the walls of your cook at the window. when your mother plus the children you like to get to you can you, can you hold on just simply a little bit longer. i love you. what was the one that was you
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didn't like us was so someone should be in because you're going to register them at some point, you're still still want, which keep your lordship schedule book, you're building this particular book in your life. so what does that difference? sure. if it was on the new system, it assumes the crew stickler was this was the pro you were sure a girl now there's a glitch, 30 minute or phone with this with me this 30 meter you will you be the most critical on it but it also goes also the deal with this, of course you can, you do more that you and they should skip people's when you need when you move. this one came from shift shift fanatic. show really
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long. so to me, to remind you that the wor no, i think we both knew just when we could fit socialist less. if we knew she cares. napoleon, louis bertha, which was which you found that was merely ah, it doesn't really fit for me to say don't just do guerrero g, w buddies. i believe you think you can be executive though not a good was what he could get. there was a blue depending upon the let me just go there
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was a genius this new mild to do. we need a football p p u. so that you, when you move a little movie you have to go to the new choice facility, the multiple cale. and system that the book i'll simply get jumps to see if there's yes because lincoln james, i'm going you duck at them. we loosely move a casual mamma on my fellow who it showed the bullies of you progressing for your mouth. oh, you must go deployed. bob, bob, would you give me a clue because he wasn't christine and lisa just printed in color. you said the rice
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go to what's the thing you so what you will be do just so that is when we saw the figure. let me give it, give you when you go live, a woman was just a boat and lose look me up to 20. so she's still at the committee sooner. so and
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all what she's human breaks gave him, there was no room. so if you could assume the social club with him doesn't do not need to know your family just to kill just mr. such as your she'll talk me. ringback doable newish initially. so unless you go to little girl on the nation, special going back and let me go go. she knew lenders, which will teach, who still converting machine learning when will tackle deal is going to show you the bug. malik. those are coming up and illiterate his lawyer those a little bit, but i want to see your friend is
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on the commission. the mobiles much do the same issue. move good news. the union merch, i'm going to, which is so me across the, you know, live hulu. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk a they cannot, they are to say that nor petitions or under work can even their to say to people, oh we have to reduce the consumption. this is why so far the consumption issue did
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not was not taken up very seriously. so, but it's a very serious issue. so we cannot address the climate change issue unless the people are on the word realize that we cannot continue our over consumption as we are doing now. the be the motion of the lawyer, another we took a hold of me and i spoke a little bit more left over the legend lumina, who will go over, you know, that we did, and what the latest is miss will. yes, it will not be of that the little of was really there because they must be i'm usually one minute give someone to please keep it to remind you that we do when
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you're getting the video, liberty a little up. you need to do some quick video with me let me know that you just put your syllabus even though you ship it to me, it will do. mr. poland, he doesn't tell us because of the probability of a mutual pollution. you lose both players and you could you, if you move to the web robot, they kept on, on the, on the financial young hoody and the museum. right. you said the manual which you don't know. it's almost unique that she deaf, which unless a room for them which you know, you've been with louis watson,
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my lord stickler. she didn't know where he was. once you get to it is mister sharp. lilian saw me up with you for the national role of the content on businessman he was doing or you can also hear them look at the menu, only needles in for you to commercial. you own the modem for this, for one with us. you more than just the motion to do with us when you're dealing with national bush, i'd say before then is ation internet speed. you know more technical, it's pretty content. so let me only if you 2 from now,
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when you talk to me and you can always be pulling up the personally so i'm going to loosen him when you, when you name, you've come and you must have lots of sometimes younger miss. i'm pushing and going, or would you be able to go to the bottom shelf, fish, or maybe we will supply i didn't go to that level and what systems that she already with and i need to limit on profession worse than i thought somebody will just extract she before the door stolen, easiest, and i don't want to be list them according to dr. mitchell. if you really want, if you don't see me yet to me stop,
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you must really go in there was a movie. yeah. i i when you wrote them, what would it be? you know, if we combine year with the gifting in the store, when you book and can give to discontinue, which of them, of which you love to live, the, the, he allows me to physically keep is feeding. cool, mr. and then i'll let you know. i'm shuffles. when you're of a, b, c, d, a new people use shift and that was just who yes,
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this is what you mean mr. you just steamers communion still have simple which won't jump on mute on your computer. yeah. but you don't get too much doors and you get me and just doing a simple of that, but yours are not filled. you tell me when you thanks your senior citizen from the show. he fortunately the lake way up and just left me rushing into a glitch. my just, what was the other? someone was daniel michelle solution. you already, we went away with dish and because she was she called my mom when they,
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when they do with the mom, when the customer the teacher was mobile when you would you wish that well the only other quickly you know those the morning if you want to we just you know, that we like you, you think you know? so it will get us it will taking to she's talking feel kind of senior. she had to do it in finished when you would be sure that he was willing to do the job. yes. good, it's just going to it's interesting to get you to, to, to do it that it would be similar visually. christina,
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little stay on the flesh which was due to the deceased. he was totally me of going out of the machine as a way to get them the boys me another for would you further the source? when you months of gems to me and i suppose they say i will go with them do much. you're going to use with them slice you need me to pull which of them and here's what's going on with the food. even though this new tv, you put you over to you much that you base, you could keep them in some cases closer. you showing it to the more so yes, you can be if you wish to. that's what you, if you don't mind us working with you, you would you very who you say your 2nd level, you know i me
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that i see different kill me to be able to few of the corporate controller posting the show up with what the choice should be made, then you forget what the, what the, what the white glove phone. quickie. would you be sure of them we should do it. of course. so you're still there still and you will. what will you just pull that up as soon as you can, if you will be receiving them? i just kind of just to remind you to ship your joke up one moment the performance the voice,
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let me over. she grew flung or she was supposed to be deal is we need to be a deal, but it was a little thing. it got all the list, say some be affordable yet. mark, not in the or just book a book, you know, those on the, all those are the, can use any miles of the words and in the, what was the, what it was and they looked at the to me if you listen because you do you mean it yes, lose all the loosely within the way the way that you got to believe that the
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oh the be much got be that guy. the rest of the a p d. that could be that the more she kept cool because my previous, you know, with the machine got to submit your regular trash . he took some of the lumens and then i just got, well i was gonna be able to eat survey news all the way that the
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book actually your liquor, actual missile, know i read you your blood because been able to reach me. you know what your level over he said no. which else? because what he was laid up, which of the the video the limits, but that's what that was for them to run. they deliver was we really not really gonna
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lose the the bill? i mean, yes, i love it. is you good? the last little little i do is under you. if you miss louis repeatable, it was really nice. oh, let's go to if you know, nick, the issue. i remember you can land, you know, 1st you give us your chico was thought this morning. he's now this
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if you got this is normally that will come with the certificate even more with them. balloon would do most of giving me more of what could keep the news good. you bought the bed, you know, the only other additional garage that we go, you know, issue in the mobile data. you want the appeal or style with we want to push will nails, we do more with glass and she did you said we didn't use it. we're not so good before when you were. ready saying it was why he was met and then he got it. so what would be a lot of government in chem doozy. but for the most part when they do the normal the your gill
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with them, but i'm going to be with the fortune unfortunately. no more than letting them know that we're going to stick with them. they lose him, but he will a little but when they built the me usually those believe me because the you the
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me yes, just want to let you mention your voice. so i guess deal, so my lonely way up can way up some worse. it looked at only bush. he's supposed to do i, i the financial survival guide. when customers go buy, you reduce the price didn't help. well, reduce a lower that done or cutting, but what's good for food market? it's not good for the global economy.
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me the me the the years sleeping and then the water comes and we can open the door just in the room and you're drowning europe is coming to terms with the aftermath of devastating floods. parts of germany declare a state of emergency while neighboring countries were also hit by tolerance of water leaving at least a 180 people. of correspondent reports from the disaster zone theory and all fila in the state of rhode island to latin. this is one of the worst affected areas by the flooding. you can see over to my left on the building where the water actually reached well above my own head.


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