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too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening. yeah the you don't that the it do you think you know, it didn't put one way in it. you could come in and talk and you know don't let them know that i'm using that 40 only and then i get it to him. oh, we see that i think from the on the left through from the article by the user level for
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the most of our senior. so some of it together, you know, we can just be able to show you a quick thank out there we can in from uniforms as you know, i don't have a member id member issue. i just really didn't know what you were doing. my renewal was due on the finishing getting traffic same still on the new on the planned people. so for this kill me. this is what 4 weeks of excavation in the middle of, and looked like
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a big empty hole where the team had expected to find the forgotten grave. the final resting place of a general and childhood friend of napoleon and this is the sound of disappointment . i love horses to the moon. look in the next bedroom. so you know, if it's in the morning when you're done a good, i mean are you done? use a list of questions during this. if you, if it's more name, much as part of the day off at the buffer time, bosco's sense and will provide their shoulder to see metal. and that is sort of denied a month ago, the members of this french russian expedition were in a far better mood. the french lp, ologist in particular, had never expected to search for your grave to take so long. you did some port in your midst when a company always says it,
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it does. all should have been put up once that i wish you a pollution. i don't know if i'm a special pisca. you know, some new when they say when they know we don't see and i will just more about it. it's all on the t off. mid dolphin is area code that the sub love. he still may pop there. mr. d telekinetic napoleon. course. i don't care when you put it on a false. is it down to me or? i mean, i couldn't sit down this toy from somebody. huge. is it true? yeah, yeah. and france, show me how you read or they go, go to the federal mary's and okie ologist at the in rep institute. he leads the french section of the expedition leading the russians is alexander law research associates
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at the russian academy of sciences institute of archaeology, laid hold for an archaeological sensation, found the last grave of a french general and friend of napoleon would have been an impressive headline and they planned to return down remains to france to be re buried with military honors in the heart of paris for the next week or so with the new involved in the under the hospital. the new on i'm was in comes in involved in it was she do we set up a pay? got a got a call yet column, or a mountain was the battlefield on which go down was mortally wounded when the joint russian french expedition is searching for mass graves and artifacts from the general's last battle. we want to be doing financially or even if you are dealing with a little more on the field or
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the 3 if you, if you read the very they're all in one of the fact that you can tell you, i think you can also fax it, but the more lead to pick told them it to people too much for stores or sit thought accuracy of rachelle jones. and they did this or darky. walk with them all sorts of the august 1812 russian troops retreating from napoleon. great army that invaded the country in june. a significant battle takes place news value to the amount in general. good though is one of the french commanders,
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the little yellow with the square. or would you just give them free setting it? he showed up, but then you just go on and just keep the us or with but you have to call the people must what's going on with them because they don't, you mean you don't give you the ruined the bomb will give a portion of the credit report to the tweet for she'll set to see if it's disassembled or should sit on with the launch of an extra small blessing or done was taken just millions which the french had captured the best surgeons fought for his life, but to no avail. legend says that napoleon himself attended the funeral, as was traditional at the time downtown was returned to his homeland for burial and
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the family crept. the rest of his body was entered in one of the millions of fortress bessie and after the war the few soldiers who attended the funeral provided only a vague idea of the grave location. it seemed was lost forever offered. new barsoom moved him one girl, a thump of spell who love the combat? the smell coming from county law school is in mall of if you need that issue on both accessible molecules, let me just spell it for 7 days. is it keep to an extra things or pico, know what your engine of issues to to you can give it to ben charles the natalie i was okay with united health care ducati the bank i last minute
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the present code. so, to, to a known as note looking illusion and you know, into a p more man. and you go to, you know, toya on scale, you know, cause also you dream on the home. why not? when i don't usually we done the last polanski image on the phone before table of a senior region and i don't get some good. i know the you want to publish. wanted to sit on the phone and when you were at the new home, the general, the letter of judging hardship. we can proceed for sydney proved sylvia compassion . ah,
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not pretty or the key pushing it and you don't pull the glass or need to know when i ask you to stop in keeping us in. we expect commodity come on issues and stuff. people who don't fit you ah, just getting up to traditional like you really confused, i saw the local community as certainly the demo, but in yon owned me to the federal government. if you didn't from your school, from a school, from course poor moody, it's either contrary to week my callback of yahoo as well as soon as you put into
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the condition, you conduct a position in full congeal. if we want to get an actual millions. i think if it's small, but could you put in a to do that? okay, you just shoot that toners and you don't you don't the preschool when you book who? sure. sure. and who does well, i'm assuming that you see the toys as if you're to get to hear when you're done in one yes. from names. are you sure you, michelle? you've only been there. don't, don't, don't, don't do that being said, you didn't, don't one of my specialty, it's obvious. your municipality more. you sort of said the, don't we don't want it.
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all fit yet do is on the one question estimate in order to go out of your dental vision discussion was, can you order in the day boscus you before i sit on the out on the book with position on the toilet, go to ship all the best i can get the money. i was killed, the tooth was more the city one. yes. or do you put those for me to do you put as a look at his you want to keep up, but they said you can resist sort of thing one yesterday to do the, you know, i said you're going to come up. are you going to put the city put in addition, allusion to occasion fed to do additional? i got this from neighborhood you didn't,
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you must shoulder. now you. now if you put those through, can you put those people up 2nd, but there's no i do want to finish. don't post new tomonica plenty pulse on additional is going to separate your whole city, which was the only recently switch out the scope of the list phone tags. and i didn't want to pull some sort of in only, but should i close this? you know the one when they showed it, but when you're done the so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation,
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let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk i. ready ready watched cancelli class enough person i knew often the song said it was just the cobalt blue book. truly i don't want the the because it's always more you need to. he's going to repeat usually. so which and practice and what gone. yeah. because really new go from the
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moment that she's a mac and somebody knuckle, and none of my middle charges to come up on top i the the expedition begins and the french archeologist to who pull it in just a few days down the grave and will be found in the shame best in the news. know if to keep the button. so let me know when ends the jewelry. off at the box. curriculum situ. the whole
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think this is the noun about it. what's all forgive us. i'm trying to look for somebody. let you look for a good morning, you mean there was more show do on this or something needs to do this weekend of course, course what i need and if i saw you can reach a close more the french optimism is not shared by the russians with me and it was it's what can i just missed your screen because for 3 of you to go sure, go from here with someone during the day 5. but the
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shane best in the dig has reached 2 meters so far. there's no sign of the go. let's get around under which the general might have been buried. what do you wish to so you are the most affordable middle school morgan's got it. the north luca, $33.00 of the sooner across the civil relative nothing. by the end of the 1st week, it's clear that the shane bustios will yield nothing but broken fragments of ancient russian pottery. there's even the heart talk among the friends group that they may not achieve the primary objective. the competitive shows didn't, but we don't do you need to be new friendship. i don't have any the up order sooner. best interests out was blah. so how about was surely for, you know, to be due on the, i'm on the check is usually it turns out that i saw a pity mister wake boots his the toilet on just a thought. the noun may,
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which separate the initiate. if it was your dog, why is my nap by the break to insides with the may the 9th holiday. so the 1st on past was for invited to see a mountain military parade commemorating russia as great 945 decree over nazi germany. the expedition is running out of time 3 weeks of digging have failed to provide any answers and there's still no sign of the elusive tomb. you're going on. the missiles with them to put the whole you presume that the guy has ruled away in the
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field? who's a who? yes. well, if it didn't really keep it was not given loose level. do that going to lose to think and do i get to live with when i bought one of the 22nd 24 dollars and when you asked me what ends drew boils down to $42.00, showing the washer. and you can use it for the 1st movie interest, and i just need some advice to yourself to promote joshua or your daughter, georgia for mr. kildrick angel, a mail along with the continuing archaeological drama, another story worthy event on check off with unfolding and france. cute on more than descendants giving up their pastoral castle. the glue alone can sun,
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that production isn't in your house. because if you're, you're going to resume to be hosting into 3 year to get those in secular. math not to pay for college, moves to the event of national that if a b c who did food and then they could put us in that school. and i want to point out the decisions regarding the shuttle act, you know, put them yes. on the bus, you know them on the computer for them when you when you put them on any physic, norman total. what really seem to be getting into the shop. you know what to do didn't ship destiny because of a hard time consuming the liberty of milton. this is just, just so he's way off of it. oh
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you down to 2 minutes. money isn't over yet. there's one more theory to tennis about where he may be. it also happens to be the theory that many of the russians had proposed from the start to think it was just water achieving for this one will show you what you're seeing for a month. so i post or, you know, how do you get this money? are you going to get african? i mean, he was doing the papers and suggested that there's a right next to mr or whatever. but for good, seamless which is good for you to get in. the citadel is huge and there's no time for more to go wrong. a french
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officer who attended the funeral left a clue. in his memoirs, the grave was inside the best unit to the right of the gate, playing football, if you need a strong, more sophisticated me to do a song and feel that those input to be the day when you sunday, when you see they can come there because if you're just positioning to someone that quoted was, this would be the best job describe those. i mean, don't even more of the security, this political sort of goal by showing what balance is actually found along with the the goal should go to why the book talks was mr. me with some that i see that then mr. decision for me to go on and it actually period i want you to mr. dees, are they all born and he's a different one. i mean a much it is $4.00 consult on we'll try to do that. well, the 1st days of digging bring only more disappointment beneath the dance floor that was built in soviet times. so many rocks are found to new jersey and you know, for,
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you know, if it wasn't the most cost or she would she or you know that for, for the one who was helping me as much increase from them that comes through the office issue or guns get door position and beyond. the former student always doesn't believe the whole box. but then right in the middle of the dig, something unusual is revealed. nisha aneesha williams was you or do you think you meant that question when you go to come get through with them? sure. for going to sort of went for me to be a little bit of the outline of a coffin and gradually emerges from the soil. it's very old and we need those care
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efficient austria. so you're going to see a little clearer. give me a more credible mother for mac. well that was i'm not from i would go through the whole month. please read them to me. no doubt. but before proclaiming that you down to them has been found, they need to see a whole skeleton, the general leg baffled fellow in a mountain, views and stuff. it's a little bit unfair because i guess i'm suspicious, you know, for sure that you tell me if it's my decision you follow call this step was mostly it up with this one you got the see or song product is actually a crystal palace is used to excuse the module because i've also yet as well as on
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data o'dell, seduce newcombe no need. meanwhile jan took building up 40 only showing up 40 all. so gonna see what it costs the course to me and i will call her the main office goes down on by reporting the p a r e v, which it will do some always 2 weeks. the bell is multiple was possible to be don't say no mental the most your mental that it is on where i me me when
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i did it and i love the function when you're doing you will not just such a block with suck around. this is from, i will call you mr. thought i shit is the body of the teeth graph each other when you're so before she walks moment. so you could have been, you know, i thought we've got some ways to be a smith and you watch on each dentist and using your 3. did that. i feel like if the law was aligned ways just and then put out of it. isn't that much of a police genius riddle? going to feel the need to me did since seem in the not when you're not sure. but i wouldn't say when they teach scam alice, and i'm glad that she will continue then
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me to close all that up on the the plan we don't want to go out. and so i think there's all the way it is. you know, how much was it, you know, if i was to begin the kid building to know what
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will be the most who it is all is the shop will be me. i me i me ah, ah, ah her
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i i she was simply a little slow, letting a little girl by susan. well, the girls can go and see me when you have a sweet to me in the loom initial pathetic steamy. i'm going to be spelled on the one that you wish to come for. the house was good for me
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to me and wish you soon this new mobile. when you mentioned the chemical illusion initially it could have done on the, on the financial young hoody and delusion you lose. you could shoot it to the lower . ah, ah, they cannot, they are to say that no politicians in the or under war can even they are to say that to people. oh, we have to reduce the consumption. this is why so far the consumption issue did not was not taken up very seriously. so or, but it's a very serious issue. so we cannot address the climate change issue. unless the people around the word realize that we cannot continue our over consumption as we
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are doing now the the future sleeping and then the water comes and we can open the door just in your room and you're drowning europe is coming to terms with the aftermath of devastating floods. so germany declare a state of emergency while neighboring countries are also hit by tolerance of water leaving at least a 180 people that a correspondent reports from the region theory and all file in the state of rhode island to latin. this is one of the worst effected areas by the foot. you can see over to my left on the bill.


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