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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah, right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that is fatty and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific it's found, ah, what's driving the because it's corporate, me shaped person.
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in me who dares thing? we dare to ask me. ah, you don't do it, you know, i don't know. probably one way in which you can come to the home and don't don't you don't go down there for that. i'll use enough for the only sounds in there. i guess it's
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kim always see i think you all in the drive through from the field for new management. that is the most of our senior. so some of it up at the conference. he just shows you boys quick. thank going out there. he can inform me for me that you know, i don't think you're a member dog by c ma'am. cedar tissue. i just need to know what you were doing with the terms that are showing up. as soon as she came over to the new law, the plentiful solid additional,
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the super kill me . this is what 4 weeks of excavation in the middle of millions looks like a big empty hole where the team had expected to find a forgotten grave. the final resting place of a general and childhood friend of napoleon. and this is the sound of disappointment, la forces, to the move, look in the film, please don't know if, if it came only when you're done a good reason. you don't use the phone question. doing this, if you, if it's more name, much as you, but i think dave off at the buffer time bhaskar since and we'll call shale to see metal. but that is sort of deny the village to a month ago, the members of this french russian expedition were in a far better mood. the french archeologist in particular,
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had never expected search for your grave to take so long. i did some port in your company. i was just going to see it is up and doing all should have you know, what could i say that was she a pollution? now i don't system. i'm a special pisca. you know, i'm looking to see one thing that we don't see and i will just more about it. a lot to t o. smith doesn't do that because you got the subject off. he went back down to mister d telekinetic napoleon. course i don't kill, i couldn't afford peace on a false. is it? don't see me. i mean, i couldn't sit on this, so let your toys for sure, but that huge. is it true? yeah, yeah, and french over how you ready? your they go. go to the federal american
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archeologist at the in rep institute. he leads the french section of the expedition leading the russians is alexander cloth, research associated the russian academy of sciences institute of alki, ology. they'd hoped for an archaeological sensation found the last grave of the french general and friend of napoleon would have been an impressive headline. and they planned to return down remains to france to be re varied with military honors . in the heart of paris, we're going to show we've, we've got them on the noun bumped into that's under false disorder. new on i'm on in comes in and bumped into should do we set up a pay? got a guy, a call a yeah. column best son or a mountain was the battlefield on which go down was mortally wounded. and that's where the joint russian french expedition is searching for mass graves and artifact from the general's last battle to just come on to the new information. which i
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think you which makes it on the field shot. okay, so if you, if you read to you when, if they're all in one of the bottom, the fact that when you log in, you can do most of the more lead to the tech, told him to repeat too much or sit thought ocular. she shot you can do this or darky. walk with them all sorts of new to the august 1812 russian troops retreating from napoleon,
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great army that invaded the country in june. a significant battle takes place near value to the amount in general. good though is one of the french commanders with the 1st just to get them for starting the issue with you. i'm just going to be, i'm not sure what's going on, but you have to keep up with one of them because they don't you. this was a motion and you know, you don't give you the wrong department, give a new portion of that could yield for me to that we don't show for she was at the office disorder. she's the one with the launch of 6, more or less than all done was taken just millions which the french had captured the best surgeons fought for his life,
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but to no avail. napoleon himself attended the funeral, was traditional at the time downtown was returned to his homeland for burial in the family cramps. the rest of his body was entered in one of the money and fortress bestier, and after the war, the few soldiers who attended the funeral provided only a vague idea of the grave location. it seemed, it was lost forever. of it, new boss hume mobilly work girl at the top of a spell who loved the combat, the smooth lines coming from the last cruise and mall of if you need that as your boss accessible molecule, let me just tell you, i don't see it as a keep the extra kings on pico, know what your engine of interested to you can give it a shot that actually i
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didn't t didn't pay off. i lost my k kite. so enormous note lotions illusion and you know, into a man on the toilet was on for you dream, on the why, when i don't usually we done the last been ensco image on the phone before table to the senior region, actually don't dive in the napoleonic public wanted to, this is awful, napoleon to new you the whole
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e. d. a level of do should recompense for sydney, poor. sylvia combat. ah, well, you want to keep an eye out for me to know when i ask you to keep on explain come only only shows and stuff people who don't treat you. ah. just getting up to traditional doors just like me. enough to really confused, i thought the new circle deliberately yon
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owned me. please give us your school furnace room for the poor moody. he said, either contrary to eat, my callback de la fontose only put him posted to the show conductor position and i for congeal. if we went in get an actual millions, i think if it's more about could you look for my children looking at a school that i toners and you don't spend the risk on you because sure, sure. well, mr. i want to toys as if you to join us here with the restaurant in one. yes ma'am. so i'll talk to you shortly. thank you. michelle. you've only been on don't, don't, don't do that being said, you didn't,
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don't go one of my species. tommy assured me to tell it to you, said the doctor, she went on so well, what we're all set yet do is on the one pushing estimate and offer to go out of your discussion with your order in the day is your boss. you promote before i sit on the wall out on the book with position on the toy, go to the ship out of the best. i can get the money. i was killed, the tooth was more than city one. yes. your potential for me to do, but there's a look and yes, you want to give us a plea, but you can just sort of thing yesterday, due to,
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due to coming up on you are going to put the said, you put in addition illusion to cation to fed to do additional, i got this from your neighborhood. you didn't you, mr. to do you now, you know, if you put those through can use a subsidy, but there's a previous upsetting. but there's, you know, i do want to see if i need to miss. don't push new gets along plenty personal additional, gonna separate your, you know, what i was showing the loosely with the new school. what is the list? sorry. i didn't all those uncle. some source of only, but i'm law. i close this. you know the law when they showed it, but when you're done she seemed pretty real thing a little slow,
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letting them go by susan. well the oh, i don't want to come a little to go see me when you have a week when you have a meeting in the room, initial pathetic steamy. i'm going to go on field. i'm the one that we're going for the else was going to look at me. me on the screen. you soon? this new looking here. when you mentioned kim, could we lose? you mentioned little thing and then on the, on the financial young, hoody and division that you least could, you could shoot me to the lower the showing me every 1st day on the alex, silent show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world,
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the politics sport business i'm show business, i'll see you then. me the the expedition begins and the french, archaeologists, who paulette in just a few days, killed and grave will be found in the shame best in the news . know if to keep the bottom if. so let me just one ends. it's usually $50.00. if you're talking about what's all right,
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forgive us. i'm looking for somebody. let us get them or make him on and you need to know more shorts to do on this for you don't need that for me. to do this or put in a bigger group, of course, coursework and palmer, small fuss, whether you would, you want to reach and close more. the french optimism is not shared by the russians . we mean, you can use it to connect the machine can be still creek because further you can either go sure go from here with fusion. so somebody was going to to day 5, but the shane busty and the dig has reached 2 meters sofa. there's no sign of the sky mound under which the general might have been buried. what do you wish to say you? most of them before the middle school summer school is at the north luca,
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33 offer museum sooner across the civil jealousy, not by the end of the 1st week. it's clear that the shane bustios will yield nothing but broken fragments of ancient rush and pottery. there's even the harsh talk among the friends group that they may not achieve the primary objective. competitive because mentions didn't, but we don't really know how that she did. you need to be have a new friendship. i don't have any the up order you sooner. best interests out was blah. so how about was surely for, you know, to be new on the i'm on the check is usually it turns out that i saw a pretty boots, his face, the pool at on jazz as a told the nam may separate. that if the
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dog walk is mine at 5 in the break coincides with the may the 9th holiday. so the 1st on past was invited to see a modem, military parade commemorating russia as great, 945 victory over nazi germany. the expedition is running out of time 3 weeks of digging have failed to provide any answers and there's still no sign of the allusive tomb. you're going on the missiles with them to put the whole you presume that they get push rule that way you feel? yes, well if it didn't really keep it loose like loose level due to
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that going to lose to think and do i get to live with when i put them on the 2nd to the conclusion that they don't. and what does that mean? what ends drew sound if there's not a here. ready in washington, miss, if i could for some reason, interest, and need some advice to yourself. this morgan was just took your daughter, georgia for mr. kildrick angel, a mail along with the continuing archaeological drama. another story worthy of anton checkup is unfolding and front queued on modern descendants, giving up their ancestral castle and the glue to their logan son. production isn't your house to live in your your front and wanted to be home. to pre unit those in secular math, north of chicago move,
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she said event of crimson national. that if a b c, who did the american decision, whether you win sheepskins and when you point out the decision shuttle act, you know, i'll put them yes. on the bus, you know them on the computer for them when when you put them on any assistance, he's ignoring them. what really seem to be getting to the dentist to jump into the wilderness due to didn't death in the vietnam, consuming the classic of milton. this is just, just so he's like, oh, you down to 2 minutes isn't over yet. there's one more theory to test about where he may be. it also happens to be the theory that many of the russians had proposed
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from the start of the water sheets for this one will show you where you want to store for this morning. i believe you guys are gonna move to a new features mother and his wife probably for good seamless. if she doesn't, let me be giving the citadel is huge and there's no time for more to go wrong. a french officer who attended the funeral lift a clue in his memoirs. the grave was inside the best unit to the right of the gate . playing football, if you need me, i'm a strong, more sophisticated me to do a song and feel that those input to be the day when you sounds,
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when you see it on there. because if you're just positioned to phone that it was, it was, this was the show describe those. i mean, don't mean while the security, the speak to go on and sort of gone by joining what mitchell balance dr. moody's attribute is found along with the the goal should go to why the book to stop was mr . me with some that i see that then mr. decision for me to go mean when it actually viewed i do want you to mr. dees, are they all the bargain? use a different one. i mean a much it is for doors consult. trying to do the call. they left off the 1st days of digging bring only more disappointment beneath the dance floor that was filled in sophia times only rocks. i found you was in new york and if it was in the ocean, what are you? no motive for, for you when there was something told me as much increased from them that comes through strictly and for sure will for,
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since you are going to the door position and beyond the former student rooms for police. but then right in the middle of the dig, something unusual is revealed. nisha ward in washington, or do you think me that a question when you go to come get through with them? i'm sure we're going to be in the restaurant. i'm still a little bit of the outline of a coffin and gradually emerges from the soil. it's very old and barely intact. dorski efficient doors fit for you. if you want me to walk around one of the mac and there was
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a girl by the throat, the give over, leave them for region. for me there was no doubt, but before proclaiming the downs to him has been found. they need to see a whole skeleton, the general of the leg and the baffled fellow in mountain solutions is up. it's a little bit of some additional fishing. no, i want to gun associate union. i tell me a definitive decision i meant to call you step was mostly it up, was this one you got the see or song chris or palate was used to excuse the motor girl for my mom because yet as well as on data b, o l, it's tradition newcomb non a wildly engine took building up 40 only showing up 40, all. so going on to see what it costs the course they did to
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me by level corporate office goes down on the book. they bought a port in the p a r e v. which it will do to some always to we don't follow the multiple was your boss on the be don't suddenly say not mental the most your mental that i thought it is where i me ah, i did it when you're doing you the will not just such in
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a block with stuck around this is from i will guide you. thought i shit is the body of the teeth, graffiti when you're still before she walks home and so you could have been, you know, i thought we got some ways to be a smith when you watch on each list and using your 3 did that. i thought if the la stuck in the ways just and then put that so it isn't. that's it from my teacher genius riddle. like you're going to need to get some thoughts seem in the now when you i'm not sure yet, but i wouldn't seem and i'm glad that she will let me
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close that. believe you're on the the plan. we don't is it you know how much was it? yeah. i don't know if i was to begin the building and get to know what the most
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who it is all is gonna be me. i me, i me ah, ah ah,
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i i, i. ready ready watched a queen jelly class enough person i knew often the song said it was the cobalt blue book. truly i don't use the the because it's always more you need to. he's going to be going to repeat usually . so which and try to walk on. yeah. because when you go from the moment that she's a mac,
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or when you need to bring it up on the none of my new middle charts look on the sleeping and then the water comes in. we can open the door. you just in your room and you're drowning europe struggling to deal with the aftermath of devastating floods in parts of germany, declare a state of emergency while neighboring countries were also hit by torrents of water leaving at least 180 people did our correspond reports from the disastrous system here in our file, in the state of royal and latin, that is one of the worst effected areas by the flooding. you can see over to my


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