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[000:00:00;00] ah, me the sleeping and then the water comes, then he can open the door. you're just in your room and you're drowning europe struggles to deal with the aftermath of devastating floods. parts of germany declare a state of emergency on neighboring countries were also hit by torrents of water leaving more than 180 people dead. or corresponding reports from the disaster seem theory and all phyla in the state of rhode island, latin that this one of the worst effected areas by the footing. you can see over to my left on the building where the water actually reached,
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well above my own head. highway of death go for. that's what it looks like down you carry on further down the road. the among the stories that shape the week. so if african take up arms that fight off, looters, i made a week of may spark by the jailing of a former president. scores of people have been killed injecting pressure on people to have cobra jobs. governments and companies around the world are controversial, large promoting vaccines as a way to unlock normal life. but the issues split society. busy done the middle art, guess this guy you're going to create to take society. they just choose not to have it. they're creating their own apartheid. certainly those who need the band seen should be
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ok . with a big stories from the past 7 days and right up to the moment developments as well . this is the weekly an rti hello and welcome. devastating floods of left 180 people dead on counting this week across germany, a neighboring countries burst riverbank some flash floods have destroyed entire rooms and swept away roots and power lines to strong thunderstorms. above the czech republic, roads and railways were submerged and property damage. no casualties have been reported there. loving, by the way, has also been seen in eastern germany. a state of emergency has been declared in the south east state of bavaria, locals. the emergency services came together to begin the clean up operation from
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austria and surfers heavy loading on saturday. but it is western germany belts bore the brunt or europe correspondent peter oliver repeats. here in all phyla in the state of royal and latin, the. this one of the worst affected areas by the fluid you can see over to my left on this building, where the water actually reached well above my own head. the job for people here right now is cleaning up following this disaster. you can see just behind me as people have taken all of their belongings from their houses, putting them out on the streets. everything covered with thick brown sludge that mud the rain waters the flood waters brought with them when they came into people's homes. extreme, heavy downpour started on wednesday and sold months worth of rainfall. in a matter of hours,
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people in these towns say it was beyond their worst nightmare. it didn't mean to several people, a dead. the bridge of the was destroyed or the bridges in all the towns had been swept away. people don't have anything to eat or drink. there is much and such everywhere. everything is damaged. the many houses of colossus. biggest disasters ever happened to its worst and was understood the speed at which the waters rose caught a lot of people off guard. this coupled with it being the middle of the night seems to have contributed to the number of people killed in this disaster. electricity and mobile phone networks was shut down by the rise of water with no way of contacting the outside world. no one knew who was missing and who didn't have connections. local officials in all violence said around 1300 people were missing on friday. thankfully, number is decreasing as communication networks are restored. it will happen
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very quickly. last night and last at about 20 minutes. first, the manhole covers came up and then the water level rose up, the windows, the windows burst and within 2 minutes the hell house was flooded with water 2 meters high. i think it will take at least 2 or 3 years to clear enough. lena brenna and her family were asleep when water from the river, usually half a kilometer away, started to flood the lower floors of their home. i heard screaming outside and then my dad, he screamed, i went outside downstairs and there was already like water flooding into our like down stairs. it was like so fast that we just grab stuff and tried to get up there. i think it was like maybe 15 to 20 minutes. so the water came up to here. so if you're sleeping and then the water comes and we can open the door
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just in your room and you're drowning. i can't even describe the feeling. you see, your hollis is destroyed. it's going to be destroyed. this never happened before. it's like, i don't know. nobody would love it. it could even prepare for this. one blessing is that no more rain has fallen in this area in recent days. well that means is that the clean up operation can get on the way, but it's going to be a painful and arduous process and it will be a long time before any sense of normalcy returns to these towns. it isn't just in germany that flood waters of struck parts of belgium, the netherlands, and looks and berg have all found themselves under water. the me in
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the i as water continues to be pumped from the lower floors of buildings in the path of the flooding. people here afloat coming to terms with a tragedy which is killed so many and left many, many more with their homes in ruins. peter, all of us are fi, fi la, germany. let's take you to another big story of the week. south africa has been witnessing its worst violence in decades, rioting and looting erupt it over the jailing on corruption charges of former president,
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jacob's humor the highway of death go for. that's what it looks like down. yeah. if you carry on further down the road, because burnt out, recalls in the road, but due to everything that actually the burning of the burning. ah ah, at the moment you have french, if you conclude there's one tune your favorite. and this is the only place that now we're getting food from. we just stood out there to protect our families. ah, i didn't even know those people, but absolutely willing to help us. then it made me pause and see that. so when joe joe and i was waiting for them to come together,
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then after that they've been our big when they can see ocean the nose going to many, many we can say lunches social cuz she always remind me of what i did for her. the incredible scenes there are corresponding paul asleep . her has been covering events for throughout the week in the in battle nation. we can also poacher more, which is one of 2 more in waco and it was completely ransacked on monday. people from the community have come out, they are cleaning what they can, a positive spin on the story is that the community is starting to take care of itself and form community security watches. this is a lot more how do we allow this multitude? and that's why we here saying that we rather we rather have our lives and we can live on a nice, it's a terrible smell here. it's of alcohol and vegetables that are decaying,
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that have been taken from the shops. now this is a cash machine, as you can see, it's been completely ripped from the walls. this is what remains of liquor shop. the entire shop has been ransacked. the cupboards and the tables have been ripped apart because people can use that for the homes in the various townships around johannesburg. i'm hearing that exam township, which has seen some of the worst violence over the past few days. for soc belonging to 15 brothers from outside the country were destroyed in the hope and cell phones and this on the electronics to groceries. when you come, when you come to brick, everything that took everything down money to buy food for children. no, no, no money to pay the rent. where was some of the brothers was sleeping here with the stock. the looters grabbed everything in sight. and as they lift,
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set the room allies, television sits, electronics, cell phones, clothing, money and passports. if we thing is gone, but only 5 did this period reading not leaving the place. nothing but would make it a what fun it before the benefits office. i'm not really anything just nice to set. looking for this ordeal. 5, some for the skip play might possibly lead police and community leaders are undergoing a nighttime operation, trying to recover some of the sodium goods that were ransacked by people over the last few days. it's often local people who are coming forward to the police and to community leaders and telling them that they neighbors have got stuff that they didn't have the day before. and that's how the police is getting to pulse as to who conducted the ransacking over the past. few days. so here we entering someone's
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home who's been stealing stuff. what is there? and there is a door and the turtles and the other stuff as you see the in the car, there goes and just wanted to stick with you. there's a suspect. where are you taking him? so those are the suspects has been full care and is being held in one of the cell a short time ago. there was no electricity in this area and the police are working with the light from a cell phone. it gives you a kind of idea of the circumstances and the challenges that face the police in south africa as they try to deal with the current based on violence. ludicrous, thou saw our british lawmaker house described unheard by a top beer company which suggest cobra vaccination is the only way to get life back to normal. although there's been a low uptake of shocked by those under 30 politicians of warned heineken commercial
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center the wrong message. the heineken really ought to consider whether discriminating in loyal customers who may be, cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons. there are lots of people who can't be vaccinated and it's quite wrong that they should not be able to go into a pub and have a drink. ludicrous. i'm surprised to not making recommendations and other countries given their levels of vaccine hesitancy. the comes after british minister is reportedly drew our plans from mandatory vaccine passports to enter pubs and restaurants from the awesome. despite was seen as a highly successful inoculation program with 35000000 people fully vaccinated in the u. k. but britain is far from the only country where
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a pro faxing pressures in full swing. pretty intense. that is no, that's an extremely un, which has been criticized for employing stair attack dixon for using an actor from an age group. not yet eligible for the vaccine. on top of that, the pace of an occupation in the country is slow, in part due to dose shortage is something that critics, they mix these campaigns even less appropriate. we put the issue up for debate. really worry for me about this is you're going to create i to take society. there will be those people who com to have a vaccine for medical reasons or maybe for their own reasons, or maybe because they younger and they haven't seen invite yet. there is therefore going to be a to, to, is this, this is not going to create to, to the system. that's absolute. poppycock, people who can't have it for medical reasons can have a medical exemption. but if they just choose not to have it,
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they're creating their own apartheid. they have a duty, particularly young people now to do their bids for the rest of society. for those who need the backseat and so you should be label law generally the wrong the wrong numbers ration you have been magically advice about saying she doesn't actually work. they don't stall transmission. i'm just putting that i suggest you check the wells roll bar war on very yes. you stop spreading misinformation and face new jersey. you get behind this. there is a very big question over whether young people should have this vaccine at all. and the reason for that is actually most young people will get coban that recover, they'll be a lot know long time sequentially. and this is about personal choice and responsibility . i want to do all these 3 things. i could go over and have
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a wrap around. the young people have a juicy, they should get vaccination as well. no one's talking about coercion. no one's talking about monday, treat jobs. but if you know people have fallen out to life, it's coming anyway. actually, we should be encouraging those people certainly are 40 to make sure they have a vaccine. i would like younger people to have it as well. but i do believe in personal choice and liberty, we don't believe in compulsory vaccination for what we do need to do is to get brittany back on track more from the week that was after this short break me. ah, ah, they cannot. they are to say that a more petition or underwear can even they are to say to the people, oh, we have to reduce the consumption. this is why. so far the consumption issue did not was not taken up very seriously. so or, but it's a very serious issue. so we cannot address the climate change issue unless the
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people are on the word realize that we cannot continue our over consumption as we are doing now. i was driven by shaped by those in me i think we dare to ask me. ah oh,
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hello again. kell it is indigenous community has urged the government to public school attendance let's going back decades to further investigate crimes against them. it comes as the unmarked graves of $160.00 more children refund in the country. this week. the native community says that's just the tip of the iceberg. the residential school system is being blamed for this drawing the lives of many indigenous families. i didn't even talk about the abuse in residential schools to my children, many of our children who ran away during the winter. i'd froze to death on their way home. and i am the black ropes. start lying about the children. oh yeah, they're doing fine here. in the meantime, they were missing and no one had searched for them and we had to steal much of our food in order to achieve 5. and that's only part of our sure by vote in read.
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sure, dan, show schools want you to imagine you have a 6 year old daughter that's been taken away from you has to go into an environment that shows no love. no hugs, no support, nothing but verbal, emotional, spiritual abuse. i can't speak my language today because for experienced across that way. i've tried, you could scream and cry, and bank and there was, you know, no one there to, to rush you. we rushed. giraffe and be we could screen and screen servicing no one there to come to your help residential schools. the last of which closed in 1997 were aimed at assimilating
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native children into canadian culture. removed from their families. many separate physical and sexual abuse for more than a century, 150000 were put through the system. within 4000 deaths were recorded in 2008. the policy was officially recognised genocide and the scandal has further grown this year with the 1st discovery of on mark race. oh. ringback i i
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the discovery of the grange has led to like rage across the country on canada day or earlier this month. choose of queen victoria and queen elizabeth the 2nd were toppled by crowds chanting. no pride and genocide. some indigenous groups call for the annual celebration to be cancelled entirely, but most on grounds being targeted at those who run the schools. christian churches were attacked with several burned to the ground. the prime minister has said the country must learn from the mistakes of the past. is difficult in moments like these to fully comprehend the decisions of the past that led to these tragedies and atrocities. but it is necessary to absorb them and understand them. to be
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able to move forward. but just in case those words aren't enough for many in the community who are demanding an apology from the pope. they hold the catholic church responsible for much of what happened and believe it has a case to alter. people are talking about wanting an apology from the pope. why do we have to before that? why, why hadn't gotten it does not apologizing. i feel like the people who i get up to the polls are feeling the same way. genocide is still happening to us to the may. you know, the governments how these policies in place that don't work with us. when police do mental health checks with our people, they either die or they're thrown into the tuition where pills are wrong. and if there's any children involved, they're automatically thrown into, into the child welfare system. so there's a lot of things we get done with the police,
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not taking reports seriously. and predators know that they could target. and people in general know that they could target a precedent. it anti government protests in cuba hub certainly caught the eye of the us media. top lawmakers. florida's governor is even claiming the island nation might have to be bombed on some outlets. insist the countries on the brink of a revolution, the spy, things having come significantly not on the street. washington is also adamant that changes on the card was the largest protest we've seen in cuba in a long time. that will obviously have an impact on how we proceed. so we will see how things develop and the days ahead and develop our policy responses accordingly . it's almost like christmas came early this year for america's political hawks anti government protests have fled up in cuba. what battle but unity for the us to
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finish something. it couldn't back in the sixty's. now with all the tricks from the when his whale and handbook of regime change, step one, intimidate, scare them. bully them make it look like you're one tiny step away from obliterating everything they love. if they don't abide, i a suggestion, airstrikes in cuba. what i'm suggesting is that option is one that has to be explored and cannot be simply discarded as an option. that is not on the table, humanitarian air strikes. so democratic venezuela also was not far from something like that. apparently, all boxes are on the table where you are a military option prevented without considering anything, but all options are on the table. does that mean you're considering the options always fall options, but sticks? well, they work best when there's a camera dangling on the far end,
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the florida governor chose to tempt cubans with some proper broadband. they shut down the internet. they don't want the truth to be out. they don't want people to be able to communicate. and so one of the things that i think we should be able to do when our private companies are with united states is to provide that internet service via yeah, cubans are gonna need some flying internet speeds because, well, we're also going to see protests like these northern have an am, because this is actually people in america supporting the cuban anti government push, and another bio picture. some outlets used to kill a straight cube and unrest. this one was taken in 2011 in egypt, just like when things were going down in venezuela and the mainstream media didn't want us to find out that it was the us back to protest is not the government. who said this a truck on fire? well, i guess think of it as humanitarian arson. florida authorities
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got so excited about the unrest in cuba. they even allowed demonstrators at home to block the streets. something they had explicitly banned for black lives matter. at this point, you might be getting that faint stench of racial discrimination but don't fret. it's very different. according to the florida governor. i had a good discussion with leaders in the cuban american community about the comenius dictatorships crimes against the people of cuba. we stand in solidarity with the people of cuba and we are united in support of their right to choose freedom over the communist regime. again, all painfully reminiscent of venezuela protests including in washington itself, which the breathlessly backed in a bid to force this man. you might not even remember now into power and of course, the elephant in this room of regime change sanctions,
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both venezuela and cuba have been under tremendous economic pressure. even at the height of that, coal, that 900 pandemic, the us refuse to listen to the un and almost 200 other countries and lifted embargo against the island nation. the united states is pursuing a similar strategy in cuba that is pursuing against manager. doesn't allow cuba or venezuela to trade. it doesn't allow them to sell. ready in the case of wayland, their oil on the international market takes other companies pay huge fines if they dare to do e. can i make trade with cuba or. ready venezuela basically giving companies around the world and ultimate them do you want to trade with the us market? a market of $22.00 trillion dollar gross domestic product, or do you prefer to trade with cuba and economy of 100000000000. and so as a consequence of this bullying against met israel and cuba as creating massive human suffering. and then the u. s. government turns around and says, look,
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the human government and the venezuela government are mismanaging their economies and they're not taking care. ready of the needs of their people, you can't get more hypocritical and more demagogic and more cynical than what the u . s. is doing against both countries. so a few years back america went on one of its biggest regime change gambles in recent history with vent swale and failed. but for the lack of a better play book, it seems to be happy to go down the same dead and gorge at last. while it is sunday, and that means another visit to the world's apart studio discover who was in the office 8 in moments life from moscow. i
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the ah, you know you don't do it. you know it, uncle nice number didn't, but when we got home, i don't, i don't gonna don't good on the phone that i've all used up already on it and then i guess it was like, i mean there was that for me, but he is the most of it on the front of it and then we can just talk
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to the little bit of horse kenesha get through with those who knew that belong to plenty porcelain initials give us a peculiar ah me me a ton of welcome to worlds apart as the great gentleman right, are good, a sad that the solution to every problem is in the other problem. i know where it is more visible than in the history of technology. the current expansion threat of climate change is ultimately the total sum of all our efforts to improve the human


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