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children are going to go up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system than their other fellow friends in daycare me. the europe struggle is to deal with the aftermath of devastating floods. parts of germany declare a state of emergency while neighboring countries were also hit by torrents of water leaving more than 100100 k t. people. also in the hallway of death go for. that's what it looks like down here. if you carry on further down the road, the also in the stories that shape the week, so if african take up arms the fight off, looters amid a week, may him spark by the jailing of a former president for fraud. doesn't claim the live, the scores of this is
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a cash machine. as you can see, it's been completely ripped from the walls. this is what remains of liquor shop. the entire shop has been ransacked. absolutely. nothing remains the unmarked graves of $160.00 more children are funding talent to be indigenous community urge is the government to public school attendance for this to get a clearer idea of the steel of the tragedy of native people complain. repression exists to this day janet, it's still happening. employees not taking reports seriously, predators know that they could target. and people in general know that they could target injecting pressure for people to help cobra jobs. governments and companies around the world are come for. so promoting vaccines as the way to unlock
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normal life could be issues with society. down the middle, we put it up to date. you're going to create a society, they just choose not to have it. they're creating the road apartheid. so you need to see should be the with the big story from the past 7 days and right up to the moment development says, well, this is the weekly an rti hello and welcome. this week's devastating floods have left 180 people dead on counting across germany. a neighboring countries burst, riverbanks, and flash floods have destroyed entire home. sons swept away roads and power lines in the netherlands. the armies being helping to evacuate people and military trips
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. no casualties were reported there after a dumb burst on the moose river. water inundated the entire area and also affected belgium. unless somebody were flooding not being seen in eastern germany to the state of emergency house been declared in the south. the state of very local emergency services came together to begin the cleanup operations. some austrian town suffered heavy flooding on saturday to put it in western germany bore the brunt or europe correspondent, peter oliver reports fearing all phyla in the state of royal and latin. the, this one of the worst affected areas by the fluid you can see over to my left on the building where the water actually reached well above my own head. the job for people here right now is cleaning up following this disaster. you can see just
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behind me as people have taken all of their belongings from that houses, putting them out on the streets. everything covered with thick brown, sludge mud. the rain waters, the flood waters brought with them when they came into people's homes. extreme, heavy downpour started on wednesday and told month worth of rainfall. in a matter of hours, people in these towns say it was beyond their worst nightmare. it didn't mean to several people at dead. the bridge of the with destroyed all the bridges in all the towns had been swept away. people don't have anything to eat or drink. there is much and such everywhere. everything is damaged. many houses of color is the biggest disaster ever happened to. it's worse than it was understood, the speed at which the waters rose caught a lot of people off guard. this, coupled with it being the middle of the night seems to have contributed to the
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number of people killed in the electricity. and mobile phone networks were shut down by the rise of water with no way of contacting the outside world. no one knew who was missing and who didn't have connections. local officials in our violet said around 1300 people were missing on friday. thankfully, number is decreasing as communication networks are restored. it all happened very quickly last night and lasted about 20 minutes. first, the manhole covers came up and then the water level rose up, the windows, the windows burst and within 2 minutes the hill house was flooded with water 2 meters high. i think it will take at least 2 or 3 years to clear everything up. lena brenna and her family were asleep when water from the river, usually half a kilometer away, started to flood the lower floors of their home. i heard screaming outside and then my dad, he screamed, i went outside downstairs and there was like water flooding into our like
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downstairs. it was like so fast that we just grab stuff and tried to get up there. i think it was like maybe 15 to 20 minutes. so the water came up to here. so if you're sleeping and then the water comes and you can open the door, it just in your room and you're drowning. i can't even describe the feeling. you see how it destroys, going to be destroyed. this never happened before. it's like nobody would love it. it could even prepare for this. one blessing is that no more rain has fallen in this area in recent days. well that means is that the clean up operation can get on the way, but it's going to be a painful and odd jewish process and it will be
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a long time before any sense of normalcy returns to these towns. it isn't just in germany that flood waters of struck parts of belgium, the netherlands, and looks and berg have all found themselves under water. the me in the as water continues to be pumped from the lower floors of buildings in the path of the flooding. people here slowly coming to terms with a tragedy which is killed so many and less than many, many more with their homes in ruins. peter, all of us are fi, fi, la, germany,
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and other big story of the week. so i thought frick has been witnessing its worst violence in decades. rioting and looting erupted over the jailing and corruption charges of the ex president jacob humor. at least 212 people have been confirmed dead, and almost 2000 arrested soldiers have been deployed. the taco list situation spiraling rapidly out of control. the the
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in warm, the shopping center oil was poured over the floor and a bit slow down the hallway of this go for this what it looks like down, you know, if you carry on further down the road because burnt out, recalls in the roads, but everything actually the burning of the burning people are coming by the thousands to come and look. and as you can see, anything i can do now, you know, it's our chorus ball. and paula lira has been covering events 1st throughout the week in the embattled nation. we can approach him more, which is one of 2 most in waco and it was completely ransacked on monday. the people from the community have come out, they are cleaning what they can. a positive been on the story is that the community is starting to take care of itself and form community security watches. this is
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a lot more how do we allow this multitude? and that's why we here saying that we rather we rather have our lives and it, we can live on our knees. this is a terrible smell here. it's of alcohol and vegetables that are decaying, that have been taken from the shops. now this is a cash machine, as you can see, it's been completely ripped from the walls. this is what remains of liquor shop. the entire shop has been ransacked. the cupboards and the tables have been ripped apart because people can use that for their homes in the various townships around johannesburg. i'm hearing alexandra township, which has seen some of the worst violence over the past few days. yeah, for soc belonging to 15 brothers. from outside the country were destroyed in the saloon and cell phones and this one, electronics, groceries. when you come, when you come to brick,
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everything that took everything down money to buy food for children. no. no, no money to pay the rent. where was some of the brothers was sleeping here with the stock, the lose his grab, everything in sight. and as they lift, set the room allies, television sets, electronics, cell phones, clothing, money and passports. if we thing has gone further, only 5 did you want to do reading not leaving the place? nothing but a mega day. what fun it before. love don't focus on now and really anything that's nice to set my looking for deal. if i did some of the skip play, my past the police and community leaders are undergoing a nighttime operation, trying to recover some of the stolen goods that were ransacked by people over the last few days. it's often local people who are coming forward to the police and to community leaders and telling them that the neighbors have got stuff that they
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didn't have the day before. and that's how the police is getting to pulse as to who conducted the ransacking over the past. few days, so he'll be entering someone's home who's been stealing stuff. so what he says, and there is a door and the titles and the other stuff as you see there in the car, there goes and just wanted to take your thinking with. there's a suspect, where are you taking him? so those are the suspect has been full and is being held in one of the short time ago. there was no electricity in this area and the police were working with the light from a cell phone. it gives you a kind of idea of the circumstances and the challenges that face the police in south africa as they tried to deal with the current state and violence during rioting in the city of durban, there was a little warming incident involving
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a small child, a warning you may find the following: images disturbing. as flames engulfed, her block of floss, a desperate mother threw her daughter to a crowd of bystanders. on the street below, they were then seen cheering. the toddler was caught safe and sound. the mother described her fear in a moment. boy's family saw. so let go and i was relieved because i can see people in the trade lot, but i didn't even know those people, but i so they'd be willing to help us. that it made me pause and see, so they scream color joe, joe and i was waiting for them to come together. then after to the baby and i was scared to be when they can see ocean. they know it's going to many, many we can say lee. yeah, excellent sir. so sean, cuz she always remind me of what i did to her challenge is indigenous
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community has urged the government to public school attendance list going back decades to further investigate crimes against them. it comes as the unmarked graves of $160.00 more children were found in the country this week. the native community, se stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. the residential school system is being blamed for destroying the lives of many indigenous families. some victims, something recounting their experiences. i didn't even talk about the abuse in residential schools, to my children. many of our children who ran away during the winter and froze to death on their way home. and i am the black ropes. start lying about the children. oh yeah, they're doing fine here. in the meantime they were mission and no one had searched for them and we had to steal much of our food in order to ship 5. and that's only
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part of our sure bible in red dan, shell. schools want you to imagine you have a 6 year old daughter that's been taken away from your test to go into an environment that shows no love. no hugs, no support. nathan verbal, emotional, spiritual abuse. i can't speak my language today because of for experienced across the way. i've tried your screen and cry and bank and there was no, no one there to, to rush you. we were giraffe and be we could scream and scream service, no one there to come to your help residential school. the last of which closed in
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1997 were aimed at assimilating native children into canadian coast and removed from their families. many suffered physical and sexual abuse for more than a century, 150000 were put through the system. more than 4000 deaths were confirmed in 2008. the policy was officially recognized by the authorities as genocide and the scandal. i was further grown this year with the 1st discovery of on margaret's oh. ringback i i
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the discovery of the graves has led joy rage across the country on the calendar a day earlier this month, statues of queen victoria on queen elizabeth the 2nd were toppled by crowds chanting, no pride in genocide. some indigenous groups called for the annual celebration to be cancelled entirely non grounds being targeted that some of those who run the schools to christian churches were a tech, with several burned to the ground. the prime minister just in trudeau said the country must learn from the mistakes of the past. is difficult in moments like these to fully comprehend the decisions of the past that led to these tragedies and atrocities. but it is necessary to absorb them and understand them. to be
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able to move forward or just incur those words aren't enough for many in the community who are demanding an apology from the pope. they hold the catholic church responsible for much of what happened and believe it has a case to answer. people are talking about wanting an apology from the pope. why do we have to before that? why, why hadn't gotten the report is not apologizing. i feel like the people who i get blog up to the polls are feeling the same way. genocide is still happening to us to the may. you know, the governments how these policies in place that don't work with us. when police do mental health checks with our people, they either die or they're thrown into the tuition where pills are wrong.
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and if there's any children involved, they're automatically thrown into the child welfare system. so there's a lot of things we get done with the police, not taking reports seriously. and predators know that ticket target. and people in general know that they could target a floor of the week's top stories when we return in like the 2nd, the, the the, the, the, the, the, the i
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will i so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, a very critical time. time to sit down and talk the ludicrous fellow, a british lawmaker. slum dana, by a tough beer company which suggest cobit vaccination,
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is the only way to get life back to normal. although there's been a low uptake of shots by those under 30 politicians, have warned heineken commercial sense on the wrong message. the heineken really ought to consider whether the discriminating is loyal customers who may be, cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons. there were lots of people who can't be vaccinated and it's quite wrong that they should not be able to go into a pub and have a drink. ludicrous. i'm surprised or not making recommendations and other countries given their levels of vaccine hesitancy, will be ad comes after british ministers reportedly drew our plans for amanda tree vaccine passports to enter pubs and restaurants from the autumn. thus, despite was seen as a highly successful inoculation program,
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but almost 35000000 already having received a shot in the u. k. but britain is far from the only country were approved vaccine pressures in full swing. the best seller trillion that's being criticized for scare tactics and for using an actor from an age group. not yet eligible for the vaccine. on top of that, the pace of inoculation in the country slow in part to to go shortage. is something the critic say mix these campaigns even less appropriate. we pump the issue up for debate. real worry for me about this is you're going to create a to take society that will be those people who com, to have a vaccine for medical reasons or maybe for their own reasons, or maybe because they younger and they haven't seen invite yet. there is therefore
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going to be a to, to, is this, this is not going to create to, to the system. that's absolute. poppycock, people who can't have it for medical reasons can have a medical exemption. but if they just choose not to have it, they're creating their own apartheid. they have a duty, particularly young people now to do their bids for the rest of society, for those who need the vaccine. so you should be the law generally. the role numbers for population who have been magically advised, half of actually she doesn't actually work. they don't stall transmission. i'm just touching my blog. i suggest you check the wells role bar war. i'm very suggest you stop spreading misinformation and face new jersey. you get behind this, there is a very big question over whether young people should have this faxing at all. and
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the reason for that is actually most young people will get cobit that recover. they'll be no long term sequentially. and this is about personal choice and responsibility. i want to do all these 3 things. i could go over and have a represent, the young people have a juicy, they should get vaccination as well. no one's talking about coercion. no one's talking about monday, treat jobs. but if you know people have fallen out to life, it's coming anyway. actually we should be encouraging those people certainly are 40 to make sure they have a vaccine. i would like younger people to have it as well. but i do believe in personal choice and liberty, we don't believe in compulsory vaccination for what we do need to do is to get brittany back on track. president biden has, for some time being pledging a greener future for american su in why are approvals for companies to drill for oil and gas reaching the highest level since george w bush was in power or senior correspondent, iraq garcia has been taking a little deeper joe,
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barton's environmental policy was an exercise in populism halo did voted by the millions, promising the button environmental plot his version of the green new deal abroad to clean a world for our children. a gradual cure to our addiction to oral and pollution, half a year in biden's environmental policy has a new nickname. the green swindle. every indication is they have no plans of actually fulfilling their campaign promise. the result of that will be continued in increasing development of fossil fuels from public glance, which means more climate change. behind the cameras away from the wing and i, audiences barton has been stamping out all drilling permits at breakneck speeds. since he took office the u. s. government has approved more than 2000 all exploration permits on federal and native american lad. by the end of the year,
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they have projected to approve $6000.00 permits. the last time so many were handed out was in 2008 under george bush. remember what i said about populism? climate change, climate warming, global warming is an existence of threat to humanity. we have a moral obligation to do with it. biden is enough of a populace to say what people want to hear about oil and enough of a politician to do nothing about it. where did people even get the idea that biden isn't advised? mental champion was him and bama who approved oil, fracking liquids, which have been linked to cancer birth defects to serious health problems. and worst of all have be nicknamed the for ever chemicals due to their ability to persist for a very long top. persist. also in the human body, organisms are unable to flush out these chemicals entirely. they stay us and build
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up until we die. the obama biden administration approved the use of toxic chemicals for fracking a decade ago. and always years later, president by this practice is haven't seemed to change a bit by them himself places during the campaigns, a whole new fracking on federal lands. meanwhile, this administration is approving new frack and permits at the face, similar to trump, with no let up in sight to add scandal to injury the environmental protection agency, which approved all of this as a bit of trouble. c, whistleblowers have come forward saying that they were pressured, while reviewing new chemicals and toxins to approve the analysis and test with tab . but when they say to make dozens of new chemicals appear safe, environmental protection agency scientists are the last line of defense between harmful, even deadly chemicals and the introduction into us commerce. and this line of
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defense is struggling to maintain its integrity. we can all applaud biden for organizing the stay summit with world leaders is charming environmental policy and motivational speeches. but when it comes to hard to add to that tough decisions, don't expect biden, to step up. he's a relic of the will age and one that apparently doesn't want to evolve. biden has no backbone. i don't think he feel he could have a mandate, which is a mandate for the earth mandate for everybody's lives on it, as opposed to being beholden to the fossil fuel and oil industry by increased amount of permits for drilling. you've clearly made a statement that he's worried about how the republic is going to react, as opposed to, you know, the catastrophe. we're now facing me. this isn't an urgent, drastic situation where the urgent action is needed biden is not taking urgent
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action. whether by deal he has to tip toe around the republican to get the support from the climate deniers. or you know, more likely it's just the 2 parties of war in wall street that are basically catering to the market and putting this planet in jeopardy. well, that is our recap of the week. that was in the news world. we love plenty more, right? to write this from. they do join the again in 30 for the latest developments by from ah, in the join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me
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the me you again. so when they say, why did you burn down the community? why do you know neighborhood are we don't own anything. we don't have anything, there's a social contract that we all and that if you feel or i feel the person who is the authority come in and they fix the situation. but the point was picked as it says, wait on the contract when you definitely can give up.


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