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just simply is a bomb. gd yet pretty simple. everything a little slow letting them go along. i was going to go and see me when you have a sweet quote you, if you call me at and they walked through the initial book, excuse me. and i'm going to be spelled on the on the mission and come for the script and look at when you show me, i'll skip glued with the machine. are still still. so we're going to put you on the list of them with a serious process and see what we'll do. we'll start with you soon. this new show which we have seen the ship when joe of new people, especially up to the enemy. does that mean?
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those are struggling to really do what i can assist you with that need them, you know, when you want them to delusional response within the critical elsa. but since you me from when i go to the, to human you'll see we both don't need to support the supporting the was video which is willing to be willing to work with other goes some more just to meet with me for more notion yet presenting new my new way to get the when the 2nd plane, tickets in your school that being that you completed me just kind of way to distinguish,
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to nice to meet him this week thursday. and she's got me to pull something up as to what to do with him. i mean, if you show me or if there was, he wouldn't wish luka let my computer you don't need to do me a little brother with booklets for me. isn't that what you're going to get you on the publisher of excavation and with the way in coastal global . ready blood, i'm una, one question for you would you believe my still scanning you will say do you want them to deal with lloyd built them with all of them. when you look on
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the gospel, assume yours in the last storm, which is similar to what the order is. when you give them what you thought to jelly, what 3 you really put on the break and giggling you forget you good. i like the last bottle. you might get into the syllabus all frequently. so i'm just using one this demolish as you go. yes, i'm not going to go up. but when you get a fee to go is we'll do this. yeah, we'll do that. you will be able to let you measure what,
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what is why she will go what we show up with you all why alicia feeling you want to be the last name so you can just go through it whatever the recent life might
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look look like the junior so though it is, oh, you mean they usually when a boom is really able to both of them or what? no problem would you like me to come and use me a series of loose and put a block that goes with them. and you know that they will do what will you will they're jealous enough that lip and help me and when you to miss janice, all that issue for me the old him somebody in
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the new york. okay. so look at the corner. feel. this'll just loosely lucas, you know, the city, unless you, me a leo of vision up a little thing. luckily, the me recently a family mule reach the city and i have no blooming unless stall is gone, or the michel typically caprice illusion. this little thing with burst, anything really, all of your look at the will see appoint your mother, plus the children deal to get it to you because if you go, then you just simply give me a little phone. i love you. what was the one that was
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like i was so someone should be in because you're going to register them at some point are still going to want which your lordship schedule book, you know, in this particular book in your life. and then you have that different ones on the new system, it assumes the crew stickler was this will be pro you will sure. a gone and there's a glitch to me or for mom is this with me this for you to you that would you be the most critical on it but his mouth is because also deal with this. of course, you can, you do more that you and they shall scream people when you will need and you want to move. this one can just shifts,
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analysis show really sandwich and it was long. so to me, to remind you that the war now i think we both knew just when we could fit sessions less tedious and we knew she cares. napoleon, louis burton, which was which you would lose really for me to say don't just do guerrero g, w buddies. i believe you think you can be or not a good was where you could get there was a blue, dependent on the let me just go there
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was a junior nemo to do. we need a football so that when you move into a little movie, you have to go to the new choice. the facility would be multiple tale and system. the book i also looked at jim's to see if we could james, and i'm going to look at them. we loosely with a casual mama on my cell, who each of them will ball track of you, progressively oh, you must go deployed. bob. bob, would you give me a clue why he wasn't actually seen them?
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this is just bring him current. you said bryce to go to what's the thing you so what you want to do? just so this with you. we saw this figure. let me give a, give me when you go a little warm when it was just a boat lose, lose. lose. lose me able to explain. so she still doesn't the sooner. so and all what she's human
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breaks gave you. there was no room. you only saw it be over soon. the solution for with them doesn't do not need to know ship democrats to kill, just like mr said she'll. she'll took me the football newish initially. so unless you go to little bit of the national special, good back and let me go go. she knew landers, children who are still complaining with teen local deal is going to show you the volume. and so for coming up and illiterate his lawyer, those a little bit, but i wanna see your friend is on
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the commission, the mobiles much the resuming to move. good news, the stuff you know to go to, which is so me a casio. she was a little blue. ah, they cannot. they are to say that in law politicians into or onto work even there to say to, to people, oh, we have to reduce the consumption. this is why so far the consumption issue did not was not taken up very seriously. so or but it's a very serious issue. so we cannot address the climate change issue unless the people are on the word realize that we cannot continue our over consumption as we are doing now. the
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the drug started as a way to come back. a great problem. what's the one? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a tragic. he told us that andrew was a competent short term. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening with the machine a lawyer, another we cannot hold any spoken. it was left over legend gloomily. who will go from under?
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well, if we didn't put the latest glow, even with him, missed it only be ever that the little boys really got the most music before i'm leaving that gym. someone to please keep it, renew renewal. when you were getting the another video with the little up 1000000 crash that has some push to do with me when you get your speech just watching the syllabus, even though you shift it to me, it will do to mr. post. he doesn't really tell us because jim still seriously, well, it's a script me junior pollution. you lose both players and using you could you,
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if you move to the lower problem, they gripped on on the, on the financial young who had the region. right. you said the manual which you don't know, it's almost unique that up and she deaf which unless a loop with them which i know you've been with numerous little lord let me go. she ticklish being up in we was once you get to it because mr. chuck reagan saw me up with you because i wouldn't roll the content on business man. what was going on here with them? little children in your middle venue for you, for your own, the modem for this, for one with us. the finish the bushes
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were given to join me. there were national brush. i'd say that the for vending as ation. that's put yes or no more than that because it's a couple of them we pretty confirmed so only if they had to come out once you talk to me, you asking them what i was pulling up. i'm going to lose him when you, when you send me, you've come and do my support. so sometimes you can miss, i'm pushing and doing or just what you just minutes ago or maybe bill supply. i didn't go because because what's in the room, what she's not dish already with and i need to work with them or something and we
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just extract she before the door stolen, easiest and grew up. i don't want to be in wisdom, dr. mitchell, you really wouldn't listen if you don't see him yet to michelle of him. i really would appreciate going there was a movie. yeah, i i when you moreover with them when a lot of know if we combined with you from the in the store when you book and can give to discontinue the level of which enough to live the the he lose your physical
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it gives you can be could have missed and then i'll let you know she lives on the shelf if you, if you knew of some people using chip on that was just on the school. yeah. this is what you mean mr. you need us to play steamers. maybe communion, simple, which won't jump on possibility. mute on your computer. yeah. but you don't get too much, doesn't you get me? i'm assuming you're super. which of napa years or not still know you tell me when you thanks for senior citizen from the show. he, fortunately the lake way up and just left in the rational good much it just wasn't someone with daniel michelle solution. you already, we didn't while you wait with dish and because she was
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on the show called my mom when you want to go home for mobile when you, when you cook noonish, that was, well the only other quickly, you know the, the one that you're pretty much the one that you would you like you you think you know little pitch, you get a think it will be going to she talk, did you feel confusion or to do you finish to when you about many was
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shown to do the job good to. so i just wanted to talk to you, should they do it? would it be on similar me visually? see me a little stay on the bus with jacob so that he says that he was totally me of the, of the boys of them, the boys, me another for when you thought that the source of the month of gems to me and i suppose they say i will go with them, do much your move. can you feel with them stress, you mean you, which of these are going on with the food, even though this new to view, but you know, it is pretty much the debate so you could keep it between gracious close. you showing it more. so yes, you can be if you wish to put your beautiful down i was working with you. you're very welcome to find
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your 2nd level 15. if you want me to put this in, give me a few of the corporate controller posting on the syllabus. whatever the choice completed, we should meet the may. then you forget what we will make off the phone of the cookie. would you be sure of them? we should do it, but it's still there still and what really just political promotions, you know, that you think you'll be basing it but i did kind of just to remind you
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should come up on the performance of the what the plan is. let me get you over. she flung or she was supposed to be deal is we need to be there, but it was a little thing. it got all the blip list for them yet. mark, not in the or just book a book, you know, was on the of the, all those can you go to complete the words and the what the, what it, what they call the go to the meaning you please listen because you do you mean the loosely that way,
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the way that you got to believe the, the o a b got be that guy roughly repeated. that could be that she stepped forward while previous, you know,
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with the machine gun to submit you go trash took someone to lou my school and then i just got, well i was gonna be able to eat today and usually typically it sure, but your liquor will be reduced because your blood pressure brace would you know what your level of moving over? he said, no. i said just the the video the message but i just don't know what that
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will work for them that i'm they deliver. it was a member of the lift canarvy with the bill. i mean yes. ah hello. that is you good. the last little source letter i do you do if you missed the period it was really nice. oh, it's not good if you know the issue. i demand land, you know,
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he'll give all he was thought that morning. he's just wanted to know whether you got them. if you're getting this pulled up normally, that will come with the certificate even more with them. balloon would do most of getting fully aware of what could keep them mutual good. you bought that he could do it not only out of the sugar actually it's completed with the issue in the mobile data. you want to show our style with what we should know. we don't know where the glass and she did the news you were not. so before before when you were. ready saying it was why he was met and then he got to put some more of government
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chem doozy. somewhere when you don't like the you're going to get in touch with them for him. i'm going to be with him. the possibility of fun for me was let me see what's going on with him. it's a simple but he will a little but i'm with my light bill to soon as i me
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usually a willing meaning because the fuel ah yes, i'm not going to commission your voice. so good deal. it's just some lonely new way of getting the way up some more solution. only push up, remove your solution data. i, i the i
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the, the, the, the when i see black america, i see part of my growing, you know, like america spoke to me. when, why destroyed you did not. you said black lives matter is a movement we are importing from america. no, nothing is in we lived in a world where white lives mattered and i was not why i like missing and i wasn't new from black america. i learned how to speak back to one aboriginal people around them. now that the police were out with statistics. i'm scared that my children are going to grow up in the country.
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that thing says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system than their other fellow friends in daycare. mm. the europe struggle is to deal with the aftermath of devastating floods. the parts of germany declare a states of emergency while neighboring countries were also hit by torrance of water leaving more than 100000 k t people. also the hallway of death go for. that's what it looks like down. yeah. if you carry on further down the road, the also in the stories that shape the week, so if african pickup arms the fight off, looters, i made a week of may him bark by the jailing of a former.


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