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cuba arguably advocated by miami's man this week is just another sign of us backing for a cool on the island until then keep in touch my social media and don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel. and let us know when the, using the liberalism is the root cause of this week's violence in south africa. ah, ah, ah, with me ah ah, i use
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk me the the, the the you don't do it, you know,
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it needs to be 41. when you come in and talk up or you don't go down there for that, i'll use enough for the only sounds and then i get it to come back tomorrow. we see that i think you all know the learning the message from the user. you feel it will be the most senior. so from having to go to your office with each other shows what's your question? thank out there they can and from uniform that you know, i don't think you have a member dog member issue. i just really was remitted to
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know what you were doing with you on the terms of putting the finishing up the good is still the same oldest, one new prolong plenty. also source with a separate kill me. this is what 4 weeks of excavation in the middle of millions looks like. a big empty hole where the team had expected to find a forgotten grave. the final resting place of a general and childhood friend of napoleon and this is the sound of disappointment . i love horses to look please. i don't know if if it came only when you're done a good reason. you don't use
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a phone list if i should send you this. if you, if it's more name, much a super fictive off at the buffer time bhaskar system will provide their shuttle trail due to maternity. but that is sort of denied a village to a month ago. the members of this french russian expedition were in a far better mood. the french b ologist in particular, had never expected to search for your downs grave to take so long. you did some importance. you're not missed when a competitor lease fee, it it does. all should have you know what i could say that was she a pollution? i don't know if i'm a special pisca. you're not, i'm not going to see when the only thing that we don't see and i will just, my body is all going to t o. smith doesn't just because you got this off. he still made to mr. d. telekinetic napoleon course. i don't like when you know 40 piece on the false. is it down to me? i mean to get credit psycho to sit down this so let me tell you for sure that you
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do that true. yeah. yeah. and french over how you read or they go, go to the regular reason, archeologist at the in rep institute. he leads the french section of the expedition leading the russians is alexander loft research associated the russian academy of sciences institute of archaeology. they'd hoped for an archaeological sensation found the last grave of a french general and friend of napoleon would have been an impressive headliner. and they planned to return down remains to france to re buried with military honors . in the heart of paris, we're going to go with the new involved in that that's under hostile the new law in comes in involved in those you do we sit up a pe got a guy, a call,
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a column or a mountain was the battlefield on which go down, was mortally wounded, where the joint russian french expedition is searching for mass graves and artifacts from the general's last battle. commanded us, are you sure you didn't even think of phone calls? which with which makes it a shot. or if you, if you read to you when, if it was all in one of the fact that you didn't tell you, i think you can also fax it. but the more lead did pick told him to do it too much
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for the stores or sit document the crucial joe dockins to walk with them all sorts of new to the august 1812 russian troops, the retreating from napoleon, great army that invaded the country in june, a significant battle takes place near the malia value to the amount in general. good though is one of the french commanders use the yellow square or would you just do that for sending it to show them? but then i'm just going to just keep us a few people must want them to go because they don't want to get to the motion. and you know,
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i don't even know if i will give a portion of the credit report to the tweet or she'll set up a different disorder. should i go with the launch of an extra small, blessed more than 100 down was taken just millions which the french had captured the best surgeons fought for his life, but to no avail. legend says that napoleon himself attended the funeral. that was traditional at the time downtown was returned to his homeland for burial in the family cramped. the rest of his body was entered in one of the millions of fortress bessie and after the war, the few soldiers who attended the funeral provided only a vague idea of the grave location. it seemed, it was lost forever. of it, new boss hume, him one girl, a tom of a spell who can buy the millions coming to the county law school is in mall of if you do need that issue on both excess mala latimer, could you spell it on sunday?
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is it keep the extra things in pico no opinion of issues that you can give it a shot? the luckily i didn't get to the bank. i presented nothing quite, sir. no, no, no lawson's illusion. and i'll be down, you know, into a man yes, my toilet was also green on the one. when i go
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down, the list below him is on the phone before table to the senior regional. actual don't get a some di know the you want to publish. wanted to this is awful. nipple. you were at a new home. he doesn't know the letter of just in the house should be courses for sydney, poor compassion, ah, put on the key and pushing it. i don't need to know when i ask you to keep us in. we expect your commodity only shows and stuff. people who don't fit you the,
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the internet is just getting up to traditional door show. so i can reach out to you really quick. give us the comedy. do you certainly put in your own to meet the federal government in your school from assume from course poor moody. it's either contrary is 2 weeks and i called the one that's only when you posted to the conditions you conducted a partition in full congeal. if we went in skinner, national millions, i think if it's small, but could you put in a to do that. okay, sure that i toners and all your dom been doing the preschool with you because sure, sure. and who does treatment well from, from assume one toys. as if you're to get here,
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when you're done restaurant in one. yes ma'am. she already has. you should do it. michelle, you don't, don't, don't, don't do that being said she didn't, don't one of my specialty tom? yes, you're the more you said the wow. don't and she went on, so i wonder where all fit do is on the bush estimated to go now you're done. don't discussion was your order in the day boskus you before i sit on the wall out on the book with position on the go to the ship. you best said
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given that the money killed the to the to do was more the city. yes. you're doing the potential for me to do you, but there's a look at his you want to keep it. he said, you can resist sort of thing one yesterday and i said you're going to come and you are going to put the said you put in addition, allusion to occasion fed to do different. i got this from college, your neighborhood. you didn't you miss jordan? do you know how you now, if you put this group, can you put those in a previous upset and you potentially wanted to see if i knew each previous don't new provider. plenty persona individuals gonna separate your whole city, which was due by july 21st,
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which is the list for the phone setting. so no, i didn't all uncle, some sort of only, but i'm law. i close this, you know the law when you're done the the, whatever the
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expedition begins on, the french archeologist who, paulette in just a few days, killed and grave will be found in the shade best in the news. know if to keep the button. so let me just one ends that usually affect the box. i'll be picking of all. this is the new the what's all
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forgive us. i'm trying to look for somebody. let you, let me, let me kill morning, you know, was move to the shirts due on the forget you don't want me to do this or put in a bigger glucose one time when the 1st, whether you think you can reach more. the french optimism is not shared by the russians. when you know, what was it that would connect, the machine can be still creature because for putting it the need to go sure. go from here with fusion. so somebody who's going to to day 5, but the shane busty and the dig has reached 2 meters so far there's no sign of the sky mound under which the general might have been buried. what do you wish to so
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you are close to before the middle school somewhere else is at the point of north america 33 of the sooner across the civil relative there is nothing by the end of the 1st week, it's clear that the shame bustios will yield nothing but broken fragments of ancient russian pottery. there's even the harsh talk among the friends groups that they may not achieve the primary objective. configure because mentions didn't, but we don't know how to do just a t p. you have a new sense. you don't have the whole up order sooner. passage blah. so how about was surely for, you know, to be due on the i'm on the check is usually doesn't that i so i pity may say boots his friend the toilet on this x told the nam may separate the digit. if it was a large rug is $95.00. yeah,
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the break coincides with the may, the 9th holiday. so the past was invited to see a modern military parade commemorating russia as great 945 victory over nazi germany. the expedition is running out of time 3 weeks of digging have failed to provide any answers and there's still no sign of the allusive tomb. you've got all the new source with them to put the whole you presume together put ruled away. ready on the field, who yes. well, if it didn't put it, could it keep it loose like ever loose level. do
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that going to lose to think and do i get more little more when we went to bo put that one of the 22nd before we continue to take a look at the end sound if it's not a receive 40 percent in washington, because if i lose interest and i just need to know if i have to put yourself the mortgage. just take your daughter, georgia, bubble casual angel along with the continuing archeological drama. another story worthy of anton check off with unfolding and front. cute and modern descendants, giving up their ancestral castle. the glue. hello. can you sun production in your house? because if you go to her,
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she wanted to be home into premier to get those in secular math, nor to pay for college. will she that event? assume that if in addition to that, then we could put that to you more than that, you will keep school and i want to point out the decisions have w shuttle actually no, i'll put them yes. on the you know them on the computer for them. when you when you put them on the 5th i'm of any assistance, please ignore the quote, what really seem to be getting to the dentist if you don't want to do any kind of behind harm contributed to bickley barrick of nelson to suggest this. so he's like, oh, you down to 2 minutes, millions isn't over yet. there's one more theory to dentist about where he may be.
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it also happens to be the theory that many of the russians had proposed from the start to shake your water sheets for this one will show you where you want to store. you know, when you go to the meeting this morning, a little we're going to get african. i knew that you were still new papers to just come either in the right you're going to go for a good, seamless conflict on this. let me, let me get in the citadel is huge and there's no time for more to go wrong. a french officer who attended the funeral left a clue. in his memoirs, the grave was inside the best unit to the right of the gate. playing football,
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if you need me, i'm a strong, more sophisticated me to do a song and feel i do see him push me the day when you sounds, when you come because you're just positionally pathology, clinic courses for the i'll be the best describe those. i mean, the only mean while the security, this political won't turn on ocean box is sort of gone by joining what mitchell communities attribute is found along with the the goal should go to why the book was mr. me with some that i see that then mr. decision for me to go, what you mean when it actually, if you want you to the mysteries are they all possible organ? he's a different one. i mean it's a much, it is $4.00. she comes all time will tell you that you love that. well, the 1st days of digging bring only more disappointment beneath the dance floor that was built in soviet times. so many rocks are found to new jersey and you're not losing the remote store. she will see her, you know, for, for the one who was helping me as much increase from them. the confidence strictly
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showed me the former student believing but then right in the middle of the dig, something unusual is revealed. neesha wouldn't. what do you think me that question when you go to come, get through with an issue with permission took a little bit of the outline of a coffin and gradually emerges from the soil and it's very old and barely intact. dorski efficient doors fit for you. i was clear enough for me to walk, i was more correct and there was a girl by the
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throat the soon give over. leave them for me, no doubt. but before proclaiming that down to him has been found. they need to see a whole skeleton. the general leg and the baffled fellow in a mountain views and stuff. it's a little bit fishy. no, i want to gun associate. isn't that tell me a definitive mock decision. now you don't follow this up with up with this when you go see or song public is actually a crystal palace. was used. excuse me, mom girl was my mom because i've also yet as less on days, i'd be able to do newcomb. meanwhile jan took building up what he only shows on the portal. so going on with me for what it costs the course they did receive either
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cause me call her to come in office go sound on the book by reporting the preview goals. i will do some always to weeks don't dollars for the mobile was responsible to be don't suddenly say no. the modem will show me that it is on the where i me, ah miss you and i did it on your graphic when you the not just such
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a block was stuck around this is some i will call you mr. thought i shit is the valley of the teeth. grass each other when you're still before she walks moment. so you could have been, you know, i thought i got some ways to be a smith when you watch on each dentist and using your 3 did that. i feel like if the la stuck in the delay ways just and then put that so that isn't that's it from my teacher. genius. do you feel the need from the media since seem in the now when you have not sure yet, i wouldn't see him and they teach scam alice. and i'm glad that she will continue. then me
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to close on that. believe you're on the big g. we don't get to go out and get this all the way. it is a huge a what i'll do is if i want to begin with about building on that, there's a need to know the most who it is all is
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going to be me. i me, i me, ah, ah, ah, her i
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the we live in an age now where the supply side of equation is broken. no, we're answering entities, supply shocks where there could be micro chips, for example. or basic commodities are up sharply. and there's a food insecurity now by hundreds of millions of people around the world just emerging over the past 12 months because of this runaway inflation because of the runaway money print thing as we've been saying for a few years. so now people are really coming to grips with the fact that as the reports been right about it, what the,
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the, the, the, the europe struggles to deal with the office of the devastating floods that are left at least 170 people bed of germany and other than they bubble motion, cobra lands is still in region of italy in a poverty crisis. and authorities want to changing seasons will be even more challenging for local community. the return to rationing people in south africa for security for essential up to hundreds of shops saluted as raw to go on the rampage up next is the cars are reports. if you're watching us in the u. k, it's nick and you don't need we'll take a seat in an hour's time.


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