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hello, friends in daycare ah ah, europe struggles to deal with a fall out of a devastating floods. parts of germany declare a state of emergency with tolerance, also heating, austria and severing rail services, leaving a 170 people, beds and counting. toby lands the sicilian region of italy into a policy crisis authorities awarding. the changing seasons will be even more challenging for local communities and a return to rushing people in south africa for the key. for a social is off the hundreds of shops of routed off the ra, his go on the rampage. ah,
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lot for most was your things. and actually with me that walking with the util sunrise, welcome to the program. that will state of emergency has been declared in the south east german status bavaria. at least 170 people have lost their lives in flash flooding. that's devastating parts of western europe into towns and villages have been left in ruins with intense rescue efforts underway. and hundreds still on accounted for r t p to all of a has been following the story. i'm currently speaking to you from cologne in the west of germany where the floods did cause so much have a cold between wednesday through to, to of, to friday. still continuing efforts on going in this area of the country to try and find people who are still missing. following the roof. the rain coming in this area on wednesday now on saturday evening through to sunday morning. it's the south east of germany that is being battered by heavy,
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heavy rains in the state of ferry. the back to the agent has declared a state of emergency that was after by around 10 o'clock, 1030 on saturday evening. they seem record levels of water in that area with something at 3.50 meters. that's a record of beating the previous record. it was 3.12 me to set back in 20 back in 2012. now what we're seeing is basically rivers. the 1st bangs, flash floating torrance of water flowing through towns and villages the, the message is the people should stay away from obviously river banks, as you would imagine, but also stay out of sellers of basements, the lower floors of houses in particular. we've also seen people being rescued by helicopter, from areas in, in that particular part of area which has been hit by the floods. and it's not just
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that stage. it's being effected in germany a little bit further to the north in the state of facts in the saxon tri, national park is there's also serious problems there as well, where people have to be evacuated from the town of fi shots out. they are receiving huge amounts of rainfalls. they're a state of emergency in play and train services have been suspended between that area and the czech republic. it's just on the border as torrential. rain comes and continues to fall throughout sunday morning with being started on sunday evening continuing through sunday morning. austria as well also suffering at the hands of this latest heavy, heavy downpour of rain. just to the south of the city of zod spoke some dramatic footage coming out of towns there in which while the river has basically run straight through the whole town in extreme flush flooding, blowing out windows and,
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and taking everything that within those, those buildings out into the street and into the torrent of water as well. it's about the course the, the austrian chancellor has said this all measures will be taken to keep people safe to get people out of areas that are, that are particularly dangerous following these the storms. and also that he stands in support with those and says they will support those areas to rebuild. but this is very much an ongoing situation in the, the south east, the east and southeast of germany, as well as in parts of austria as well. what we are going to see is the german chancellor angle america arrived here in the west of germany on sunday. she's going to be visiting some of the scenes that were worth it before the weekend. of course, she's going to end up talking about those areas that have been hit in the country over the weekend. the economic impacts of the corona vara,
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has left italy facing its highest policy levels in 12 years. the numbers are still continuing to grow as well, with masses of people out of work and businesses struggling to survive from locals in one of the hardest hate regions. and so they gave the until a few years ago, i was an entrepreneur who gave work to 40 families today. i'm 60 years old and i feel humiliated. i feel like analogy to us for arms at this age charity to try to move forward to survive. multi go up. the situation is dramatic. there are people who previously had shops and restaurants now have to close everything. they can no longer reopen because they have no more money. many people have turned to charities and their new poor, queuing up trust for food. but a bad situation. your pain, so it is total destruction. it's a situation that is truly frightening. the number of poor people is increased. they line up to ask for food. it is terrifying. they also go to church, his trust for money and alimony. unfortunately,
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this is the current situation. this is the new reality. but when you know those who had little money already have nothing left and i get a war for those who did not have a job and already financially struggling now cannot even pay their rent. i know people from this neighborhood, people well off and now back farms have very bad situation. related figures show more than 5000000 people, answer the anal, even absolute poverty. that's the fine of household income being the lower level, which makes it impossible for the person or family to the basic needs of life, such as food and shelter. got to makes up almost 10 percent of the entire facility and population. while another significant number of families live in relative poverty, local authorities say it's a desperate situation. we've discovered the new poverty which is terrible. there are too many new poor people who didn't used to be poor, having serious psychological consequences. i want to make an appeal. i will keep
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making the original leadership and the regional administration say yes, sometimes because they keep saying no, i was told by some organizations that they are affected because people who are donating a contribution on to last year, a poor now and seeking a contribution. therefore, there are no doubt that the situation is really complicated. week economy like sicily was damaged by coded. we heard earlier from on charge organization and palermo that supports people need from there's an increased food request. indeed, manufacturer was asking foot all the families asking for sultan because they not have a job anymore. people have started sending emails to requesting a for example, one incident that particular struck me was about one couple. they asked for sultan christmas eve. we imagined them like the now the, with the family coming and asking for help. in these situations we hosted these people in a, b, and b to give them a certain dignity. another incident concerned a child to cold, asking for sultan because his father lost his job in his home. consequently,
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there are many such incidents were involved in harris. now a thousands of protested titan, you cobra restrictions. this is what the french capital looked like on saturday. earlier in july, the government made vaccinations mandatory for help work is eating them a mid september deadline. and from wednesday, people will lead a so called health for the visit certain public places showing they were recently had co, it's inoculated all past a. p c. r test for money almost. and also need a health far to get into cafes and restaurants. owners of such establishment were out and forth at paris protest, some saying that i was to become the virus police opponent figure in the yellow vessel movements and french presidential candidates directly moral, thinks that everyone should be free to choose whether or not to get vaccinated. even yet could this, i believe that there are only 20 people in frank. well, we're a manual microns he's vaccinated and then back to maybe i only see friendship
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people. you shouldn't forget that. not everyone who haven't had the job or the lack of just the opportunity. i'm not against it at all, but i want to be free to choose and given informed decision, of course, old towns have consequences, but why they impose because the government is unable to handle the crisis properly . and the paying demick, the u. k. truck and trace out, but tells people to isolate if they've been near cobra carrier, but hundreds of thousands of healthy people having to miss work and stay at home. the spot calls for the sensitivity to be adjusted. the health department is ruling out and he changes the health care sector itself has become a victim all of the with a shortage of doctors and nurses leading to operations being canceled. they've been called from industry to what our special exemption for medics. the department of health though in the app, is doing its job and reducing the crone of our a spread questions have also been raised. if the app is actually even necessary now,
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given the widespread rolled out of vaccines, have a number of factor options and works including medical professionals, which is had a large impact. some service slippers makes no distinction between and a work environment contacts wearing perfect equipment or outside of that environment. and one is unable to care where the contact came from. is extremely easy to accidentally forget to turn off the notifications and tracking on the whilst you are. so there are a number of the best in the affected and therefore have to miss work as a result. so many professionals, understandably, remain in the app, so they don't accidentally have a pink because it's been very clear that they don't wish the physicians to do or anyone to delete the app, but always still actually independent mac tracking and tracing up with part of installation. they just don't, we didn't have any protection against this infection. but now having got the vaccination, having protected the own elderly and the vulnerable,
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having disconnected the wave of infection from the weight of death lightnings, and we really have to work with those. we still in panic mode effectively, i really think we already got to the point where we're not really injecting those measures of track trace isolate social distance thing people are at the point where they've virtually back to normal with code infection, right? soaring in the country, the gaps working over time. just last week, more than half a 1000000 people were pinged and told to isolate. i think it's only likely to grow with more than 26000000 people having downloaded the app. some industries reporting up to 20 percent of the start up and 4th, stay at home. reaction to the current situation from people in london. police for people who feel it's, there's a moment, one's right to to be straight up and things stop isolate. and i can see the frustrations that people ha, so i can understand why some of the,
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the particular can effect work. well, it is very disruptive at the moment. i'm very frustrating. it's, it's, it's necessary at the moment until a better hold times if it's bad. i don't have the person the i've never had it. and i just think to the point this personally, i mean if, if you come into contact with someone, you might have it. i mean then you decide later you might not have any symptoms. so down it up, but then it was just giving ro information constantly throughout the whole process and has already been in for much huge cues formed outside stores in south africa. the panic lying comes a week after week, and some of the was vine, and seen in the country in decades, leaving hundreds of shops ransacked. engines exploded over the jailing of for president jacob summa on corruption charges, local residence, and workers speak of a desperate situation. there is not, i fear stock is finished. i don't know what's going to it's with my tad. i've got
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this much like for me, even in my life, i can buy this more thing like this because of this thing. i don't know what's going to do for the next 2 months. we're just trying to see what we can get what's needed at home. what do i mean? shut off. just follow cupboards just to keep us going. but it's been a frustrating week due to the planning buying the is a shortage of bread ingredients. people are waiting in the cues for a long while. and it's actually sad to see that some bread trucks have been taken down and been thrown into the river. there are a lot of people out there, old young, sickly, that battering to get just one loaf of bread. hundreds of shops have been destroyed by the looters, with some local is having to arm themselves to defend their businesses. thing the police are overrun, flawlessly reports, and how
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a family from one of your 100 works pool areas has been coping. i'm hearing alexandra township, which has seen some of the worst violence over the past few days. or soccer, belonging to 15 brothers from outside the country were destroyed. dances, nothing, remains. the shop an upstairs where the brother lived and store they products. everything had been burned. the brothers were lucky to escape with a live, but white now the brothers on feeding. lucky. 25 years of work and savings gone up in flames. doing this on the electronics to groceries. when you come, when you come to brick, everything that took everything. don't have money to buy food for children now. don't have money to pay the rent where it was so digging like, why do we going to do now? because we've gotta get into going to do again. they're going to break it again. so where are we going? what is upstairs to make a living room and it's cold and what's happened there?
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and, or in a gloating my child, 7 o'clock. when i go to my room and i cooking cooking, we need to, i didn't finish 9, a club. one is coming here, type bitten, my shop, and baking to get my, my done 500000 stuff. now, brittany ditton, my sleeping room, and i'm tending a hiding my centre one corner people in the building, my room damage. i think i die. some of the brothers were sleeping here with the stock. the looters grabbed everything in sight. and as they lift, set the room allies, television sits, electronics, cell phones, clothing, money, and passports. everything has gone among the torture remains. there is nothing with
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salvaging and praying for god. god and man for it includes only 5, did the reading know, sleeping place? nothing but put a make it a what fun it before the benefits office. i'm not really anything does need to set to this for deal. if i did some of the skip play. my past with the brothers came to south africa on bangladesh, looking for better life. the last reverberates halfway around the world. didn't know me. my family is from bala, this part of my family's credit and hungry. when i'm making money, i eating my eating. now not making money, all is loading. my family are hungry. as many south african. the riot lasted only a few days at shops on m. t to be looted, others are boarded up and delivery trucks are refusing to risk,
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bringing in more supplies. so on top of everything, if a more south africans are now going hungry policy or r t, alexandra, you last legal action against them mistakes, hungary and poland diebold. it describes a discrimination facing the l g b t. community. europe will never allow parks of both sides to be stigmatized. we start legal action against hunger and poland for violations upon the mental rights of l. g. b t. i q people. several polish regions have advocated adopted laws declaring himself free of what they described was l g b t. ideology also was constitutional court has now said it rejects any decisions by the use talk court of justice on that matter. brussels of course, has similar troubles with hungary as well. and you law in the country bands, depictions of homosexuality in educational materials and tv shows for those under
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18. governments also ordered disclaimers to report in books featuring gay content states may contained behavior, inconsistency with traditional gender roles seems the local authorities perceived bellows differently to the, you know, to europe in parliament. and the european commission wanted to let the l g, b, t, q activists, and organizations in schools and kindergarten. hungary does not want that debate is about who decides which way we should be the children. according to the european founding treaties, this question evidently falls under the competence of the hungarian when it is a national competence. v. you law has primacy over national law and all decisions by the european court of justice, including orders for interim measures, are binding on member states authorities and national court. civil law throwing offers, believe the duty to widen it focus. the question the observer
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is why don't you react on such as a question of the government in the pacific that to feel if we look at other metric field where government in the european union have violated law the you have not seen that trick. for example, when the singing area, the out of borders were not protected in 2015. no, really, if you read off that you do or have in theme government in depth to themselves, more than that, you regulations allowed no reaction in black the we have over 200000 non the task force for russian defendants who do not well enough. the national language, whereas the you who called for by a to the roof of minorities, etc. you might be conducting some mistakes. i've
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a controversial issues, but at the same time is giving it full backing to all as such as a leaf away near which is placed barbed wireless board with barrows and pass tough anti margaret measure. we're ready to strengthen our level of support and deploy more european standing cole. offices and equipment were speeding up and beefing up what was already planned and enclosed. cooperation with the less awaiting authorities were preparing. furthermore, a rapid border intervention. lithuanian border is our common external border and front tech stands ready to help when needed. hundreds of margaret several legally crossed into the way here from better ruth, in recent weeks, joining me around. $1700.00 people have already been detained at the board of this year. and was accused by ruth of deliberately shipping foreign law grants to the border. claimants denies the thing and authorities have also permitted the mass attention of those monuments losing their right to appeal of the use thoughtfully
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as she marks a shift in policy can 2015 hungary for divided senses on the borders with croatia. and serbia, claiming that within 2 years that had helped the employ of migrants by almost a 100 percent brussels, though condemned hungary running smooth, racist. and then a phobic. there were also suggestions, the country should be forced out of the block. we discuss the she was 7 american journalists. it was, you manage their carving out an exception for, for wayne ya. and it's border wall because this is to deal with bella ross. it's, they're dealing with the exact theme immigrants, even there, don carrion's bill to the border fence to stop the people while not just people from the middle east, but general things to put it up to stop people from serbia. they put it up to stop the syrians, the rockies, afghans focused on ease of africans and so on who were using that particular route to get into the you. it's who does it as well as whom it is done to. if the move is
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aimed against the designated enemies, in this case bella luce, then ok, it's fine. whatever. but if it seemed against the designated victims or to designate do gooders, in this case, you know, poor migrants from the 3rd world only coming to realize their basic human rights by getting onto european union welfare. then of course, that's horrible, terrible, racist, moral, etc. the whole point of my write up is that there is no moral consistency, except the moral absolutes of who, who maybe call the united states. but some of those states are becoming increasingly restive. new polling is found a growing number of americans want to break away and form new nations. almost half old democrats surveyed along the west coast for leaving while some 2 thirds republicans in the south want the same cause for the succession of texas. up certainly nothing new either with a state representative labeling, tapering a bill to make it possible at the end of last year. the federal government is
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absolute control and doesn't represent the values of texans. that is why i'm committing to fall legislation that allow a referendum to give texans a vote for the state of texas to reassert its status as an independent nation. the polling on u. s. a. session and so forth. so there has been a marked up tick. since january, the 6th that, that i don't from support is right in the capital building. got reaction from the what's our next with the spot cone? that's not a republican or democrat problem, that is a, a washington dc problem saying, i want to see from the us more often than not, they're not actually necessarily saying i don't want to be a part of the us. that's more of a reflection of discontent with the status quo. they're saying, i am sick of seeing what i'm seeing around me. i'm sick of locked downs. i'm sick of the taxes. i'm sick of the cost of living spiraling out of control. i'm sick of not being able to afford housing or higher education or health care, and i want something different. it when things like that happen,
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an increasing number of american say i don't even want to be a part of this anymore. so i think it's much more macro things, much more major things that are affecting all of us that have happened like that. and this is something that's been boiling over for a long time. so dissatisfaction with the status quo, it's basically an abode of no competence. while the parts are going away in just a few, by which time we were done in half an hour with the latest. and again, the the join me every thursday on the alex, silent show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me
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the me, the me a ton of welcome to world support. the great gentleman, right, our good a sad, the dissolution to every problem is in the other problem. i know where is that more visible than in the history of technology? the current exist, actual threat of climate change is ultimately the total sum of all our efforts to improve the human condition can be ever be satisfied with that and keep the planet green at the same time. well, to discuss with them now joined by ry. quang chunk principal advisors to the un secretary general on climate change and 2007 noble peace prize floria. mr. chung,
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it's a great pleasure, great honor for me to talk to you. thank you very much for finding this, my pleasure. you've been advocating for a low carbon green economic growth for many, many decades. but you've got your noble peace prize for that. but it's only recently, dad. the green agenda has become a practical consideration for many countries. have been included in their policies . i wonder how do you feel about it. i am more excited that it's finally getting traction or more frustrated that it has taken such a long time. my feeling is mixed to brush side as where there are certain downside . my basic idea about the concept, a paradigm of green gross, was the idea that investing and protecting environment and climate change can be a driver of economy, growth and job creation rather than the burden and cost on our economy. so at the
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moment we're struggling between the 2 conflicting ideas that investing and protecting nature, and even people social welfare is a cost and burden on economy. but are the thinking, school of ideas that it is actually an investment, long term investment for a much more inclusive and the green, or economic growth and job creation. so we still see clash of 2 big ideas. one idea is actually, bank was looking the idea that investing in the environment, people ease or cost. that is, i see as a conventional thinking. but we have to shift away from that kind of conventional thinking. tours new idea. they're protecting climate change and the people each on investment. i think that sort of paradigm, at least with directly, has been adopted by many governments because i'm sure you're watched very carefully
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. the recent climate change on line climate change hosted by the bite and ministration and pretty much every leader said that they see environmental protection. the fight against climate change as you develop mental paradigm for their societies. now, while they all agree that something needs to be done, what they want to do is actually very, very different in the devil is always in the details. is there more agreement or disagreement on the practicalities? let me tell you my personal engagement with this a history of climate change in negotiation. i stuck in my divorce ration from 99 to one. when the 1st legal should start to finish, then on, on 9 to 2, we have the earth real, real or the summit more than 100 ahead of us face came to rio de janeiro. well, 1992. i heard enough so many head of state repeatedly made my walking. yes. are importance of protecting environment. i've been actually heard too much. but what
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we are not saying is there are certain concern and fear the fear is on the deep of their mind. is that what you find in best for environment? well, can it be really compatible with short term economy, gross and industrial competitiveness? they have that kind of deep concern, even though they don't talk about it. so there's always this kind of a very implicit, very deep under current concern scare fear that the diverting investment from a short term production will be detrimental for the economy. now this, this kind of short term is and i heard some extra suggest that it's actually linked to the assurance election cycles in many sources. because electric leaders have to provide immediate result. do you see any correlation between the political system and they're willing to undertake such of course there's
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a certain limitations of our current democratic part because system as well as capitalism itself. we are, we're operating market mechanism and everything is based on market mechanism. like a mechanism by definition, it is depending on the supply on demand, over the short term. it does not function on long term like a 30 years later, we cannot imagine what kind of market there will be after 30 years. there's no way we can do it against the human. interesting. so there is intrinsic and limitations on market mechanism yourself in dealing with the long term challenges and also intrinsic limitations on political system. as you say, for years 5 years in the office, they are very eager to deliver something for a special and show communism. so we have a struggle between extreme shelton museum versus long tongue gore as we approach you. so there's a clear.


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