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i said you tried that. you are literally strengthening the connection. you're in fact, in certain areas, you're actually growing stimulating the growth of brand new brain cell. the speaking to you now just in front of a bridge that was under construction at the time local to telling me that well, construction equipment that was all not bridge was swept away as if it was nothing to record floods, hit germany and belgium with more than a 100 that as entire buildings are swept away, more than a 1000 people are still missing. it looks as if a bomb has like more rec streets and looted stores south africa, such as another night of ryan softer. the jailing of
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a former president was teacher. the woman who amid the chaos through her child from a burning building to a crowd of bystanders safer. so when joe joe saw and i was waiting for them to come together, then asked to the baby. now when they can see the notes can amend these because i was holding my head as arms local setup roadblocks that a friend the neighborhoods. we follow a police operations and catch the loses and the reckless escape for passengers on board, a russian playing with crush lands off the disappearing off rate of over 5 years. ah, lived from moscow in ashville with me, daniel hawkins with the utah sunrise. welcome to the program. now,
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unprecedented flooding has killed more than a 100 people across germany and belgium. that's after 2 months worth of rain fell in just a few hours. threes have turned to rivers and homes. even bridges have been swept away with a minute for now being called in for help me i think the place has been completely evacuated yesterday. they use the helicopter to rescue people from the room that we woke up to half pop to night. unfortunately, they had to tear down the door, but i complained the rescue as for doing that i was here, i had just finished cleaning up. i was about to sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee. when it all started, suddenly the water came flooding him from above. from behind from all sides,
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i only had time to move away my car and it was all covered and water already. it was quite mad. my son called me last week and he said the basement flooded. we thought, oh okay, there goes to basement. and then a day later, the whole flat was water. we had to sit upstairs in the bedroom and here we are now for a clean slate of emergencies. been declared across western germany with people advised to stay at home. rescue workers found several victims who drowned in their own basements, had a carpenter currently trying to evacuate survivors from rooftop reporting from one of the was his areas. he is peter, all of the sicily here in hog in the reins over night that we're forecast didn't turn out to be that heavy. and we, we haven't seen any further rain falling on these already swollen rivers and lakes and already solving grounds. so far on friday, on thursday though, where i'm speaking to you from. so $120.00 high watermark reached in just a few hours after the war. the rainfall came down and swept away large amounts of,
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of well everything that was by the sides of the rivers. i'm speaking to you now just in front of a bridge that was under construction at the time locals are telling me that well, construction equipment that was all not bridge was swept away as if it was nothing . that's the, the physical cost, the, the material costs. unfortunately and tragically, the human cost of this natural disaster is still well well beyond being counted, what we understand is a number of people are still counted as missing. in fact, in one area, all the states of ryan on philosophy at the local authorities sweeping out that 1300 people were counted as missing as far as they're concerned. what may well be down to what we're on the hoping that's down to is the fact that the telecommunications that work in a lot of areas on functioning properly, people are able to get in touch with one another. however, tragically, in that particular town,
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if we did get news on thursday evening that 9 bodies had been found in a home for the sable people, it's the theme and the ferocity at which was his rose. that is really cause so many problems in court. so many people, false god, i haven't experience before. what came here? it happened so fast. we couldn't look as fast as the water came. it was really bad . at 1st we laughed that it wouldn't be so bad. but then it got really bad. there was more and more and more water. then we were told that we had to leave the house . i've seen footage from the air on the scale of the destruction you looking at rivers that have 1st banks and floated kilometers away from the usual foundry people's home. well, and truly floated away in the town of hoggard, where i'm told you from the ortiz was saying last night. make sure you can, if you can, to sleep on the higher floors of houses to remain there also not to drink the
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drinking water. because while the flood water from the river has overfilled into the towns was to supply me to cologne, not too far away in the same state. a number of houses washed away overnight. several others also in a state of being partially washed away when it comes to rescuing people in the cologne region. rescue is having to use folks is the only way to get down street to do that. also in one area, a gas leak that can be turned off is also making things in credibly more dangerous . not just for those in need of rescuing. but also for the rescue is you having to go in to do that and look needed an incredibly dangerous job. the german army has also being drafted in and seen on the scene for well over 24 hours now is trying to help coordinate those rescue efforts. both the damage is financially wise. that's obviously not the, the main concern at the moment, but down the line that will be running into the hundreds and hundreds of millions
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of euro. if not more than not, i think it almost certainly it will be more than that. but it's the human cost at the moment that we're still struggling to try and get a real fix on just how high that may be be keeping an eye on all the updates that come out as a certificate part of western journey throughout the day. any new information i'll bring it to you. we're also seems devastation in belgium over night as rivers bus the banks. 22 pathologies already been reported with thousands of actuated from their homes. laboring france has sent for the rescue workers on a helicopter to help in that recovery effort. mixing weather is also hitting the netherlands authorities that have told thousands to evacuate the homes at risk of flooding. rivers have gone above the level seen in the last major floods in the early ninety's. part of a key mon away has also been close and kalika reported the families of passengers on
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a plane that disappeared from radar as i was so barrier. have breathed a huge cyber leaf, that after all a heat on board survived the crash landing off the both engines failed. egos donna gave more details to don quarter. so the plane in question is an and 28. it's manufactured in ukraine and it's a quite old machine, but still fit for service. it is a small to so it's no match to the boeing to add boxes that travelers are used to flying on. so it to cost in siberia and 20 minutes 29 minutes into the flight. the air traffic control is the received and signal from its emergency beacon. this is essentially the same thing as sending and as so s please out them. so rescue has voted a helicopter and began the search in the area where they were expecting to find the plane. so they supported it as it was lying their belly up, all rec, completely. it's a complete mess that you can see yourself, but standing out the site,
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we could also see the passengers. apparently all 18 people in board survived. the only person to get an injury was the pilot. reportedly it's a fractured bone, a broken leg, maybe. but the doctors are saying they're examining him and just to make sure what exactly is wrong with the pilot. now here's how the co pilot described what happened in the air. the best for me. he was several years so puts them according to some unconfirmed reports. what could be behind this engine failure was that they just froze up, you know, when it's cold and you're flying out somewhere before taking off the playing is being pulled on the special a special liquid. this is done specifically to avoid situations like this and why it wasn't done in this particular situation. if that turns out to be the case,
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if that turns out to be the cause of the problems with the engines. well, nobody can on to this question right now. the special commission will have to look into this. well, it's not every day we hear about airplanes crash landing, but this isn't the 1st time something like that's happened and rushes. no, not at all. and also with a positive outcome as well. a couple of years ago in 2019 a very similar story happened to a big air bus 3 to one with more than 200 people on board, just outside moscow as the plane to cough. and as it was ascending, climbing up, it hit a colony of sea ghost. so several birds got sucked into the plains engines, so one gave out immediately, another one was barely working. so the plane began to lose out to you. so the crew, the captain, made the decision to make an emergency landing in a corn field. they did successfully. everybody survived all more than $200.00
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people survived, no major injuries and he is how a flight attendant was giving directions to the passengers as they were evacuating from the area on the other student that each student that's going to leave it will. that's not that good, but it also can't go other substance. so the captain of the playing the mirror, you super, he was later given awarded with a golden star over the hero of the russian federation. so even though this plan is much small and hopefully the pilots and the crew that saved 18 lives, hopefully their feet will be awarded somehow as well. south africa is witnessing the worst violence in decades with riots and losing her up thing off of the jailing of its former president. with 110 people have already been confirmed dead. there was a very lucky escape for a young child in the city of durban. and warning you may find these images
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distressing. amid the writing flames and gulf, the child's home and a block of flats desperate mother threw her to a crowd of bystanders on the street below. to save her, they were then seen cheering, as the total was caught, safe and sound. this is what the mother told us about what happened maluso is doing what i can say. yeah. just so shocked because she always remind me of what i did to her lay when she said that building outside. so it was pointing though that's my mom. you drew me down, you drew me. whatever news the flex spending we only smell smoke from the 16th floor and the lady from the recession. she was going floes with phil attending us to come down. we reach, i think. the 2nd floor, we're not sure because we are outside of the plant. so when they were trying to feel from the 3, those standing in the basement,
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they were trying to help us taking the lessons for us to go to the latest. so when i was there, there was the other big lady said she can carry the baby for me. so i think the face, down face, outpatient. been to kill me to be me. so i can come out because the only thing i wanted would be to be out. she refused and said no, i'm going to go fast enough, so you're going to get accumulate. they do, and i'm down after she got into the sales the stairs fall in with her, and it was. people are trying to help and now there was no any other way for commerce who has stopped. and he was little fussy, there was a lady behind me, i want it. can you please tell me the babies can carry the baby for me. so i'm going to go up and down. you can give the baby to me control the babies with me. so are you stay to go, the babies for me, the baby is crying, and no, no, never mind new crying, just solid to me. i came flooding up the kitchen, people as gleaming, saw go, go. and i was like, well as relieved because i can see people, they drank a lot,
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but i didn't even know those people, but i so they'd be willing to help us. that it made me pause and see. so they scream color joe saw and i was waiting for them to come together. then after to the baby and i was scared to be when they can see ocean. they know it's going to my niece because i was holding my hair like the lackey they called shading me. directed me go this, they call the say the took me down the, the, the catching me also. he and everyone i was saying, you, you, you are brave, brave with writers rating stores and warehouses, many have been killed and stand pave, an estimated 800 sharp civil already been destroyed and local. and now clearing up the wreckage. in his book correspondent pul, asleep. tagged along with police as they hunted down suspected looters. i mean, an example township in south africa where the police and community leaders are undergoing a nighttime operation, trying to recover some of the stolen goods that were ransacked by people over the
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last few days. so walking towards a house way, they have recently conducted an operation. hi. what do you have in your hand? flour and stuff that was stolen. how do you know it was stolen? no, we've got to push and who lives here? if somebody inside the building. okay, let's go inside and see who's been doing the feeling. so we're just walking through people's homes here in alexandra township. it's often local people who are coming forward to the police and to community leaders and telling them that the neighbors have got stuff that they didn't have the day before. and that's how the police is getting to pulse as to who conducted the ransacking over the past. few days, so he'll be entering someone's home who's been stealing stuff. what he says, and there is a door and the titles and the other stuff as you see the in the car. there goes and just wanted to stick with you. this is less, but how do you know what stuff have stolen and what stuff belongs to the family. in
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this case, they told us which is in here it is due to his friend, a prodigy and, and some of the things have been taken away to be sold. i don't know where he hasn't told us yet. where are you taking him to the house? what happens to him now, why do i say his community man? said the people of alexander, they must come and stand up and make sure we've taken the door to door. who taken back to the people that they have to come and claim that for parties. because now we don't have a pen more within my shops use, it was submitted here. people just walk one minutes. are we getting something to come and fix up yourselves, little whatever. the chances are that it's one of the neighbors that reported the young man he has been covering his face and he doesn't want to talk to us. so i'm
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looking to find a neighbor will talk to us yet the more good that the police are taking with him that have been confiscated. so the police here are loading what they've managed to take from this house, and among the stolen goods are a number of doors and a bottle of pain. yes, all of them went out at the police headquarters way. they are unloading some of the stolen goods that they've managed to recover help with how many places were you able to go to tonight and how much stuff were you able to recover? because they have a cover lot of stuff and then we go 7 places. and then
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the, i think, to model for the one who's giving you the information as to who the and where these related stuff is. they come in until next bill and they're giving us the information, the owners of alex, because they're thinking about what to see and they see this is the wrong thing. i'm here with the main police station in alexandra. the suspect has been and is being held in one of the actual time ago. there was no electricity in this area and the police were working with the light from a cell phone. it gives you a kind of idea of the circumstances and the challenges that face the police in south africa as they tried to deal with the current state and violence policy, a r t, alexandra the f b. i failed to protect dozens of child given us by not responding to the gains of child of child abuse perpetrated by the teams doctor as the charge of the us
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justice department, which says the bureau took more than a year just the lawrence of prob, feel, and since acknowledged it's highly of the case was inexcusable. the medic was eventually sentenced to hundreds of years in prison for molesting children ortiz really. but frank reports, it's an immensely ugly story. and a story that's already quite old. on the one hand, he stands accused is one of the most prolific child molesters in sporting history. some women of team usa gymnastics, say they were forced to endure psychological and physical abuse in the name of olympic glory from young women lining up to face their former doctor in this high profile case that is rocking the world in gymnastics, a judge in michigan had slapped a very long sentence on the former sports doctor. the fact that larry nasser will never walk out of prison alive, thanks to the length of his sentence, may reassure more than 200 of his victims. that justice has been served. indeed,
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that how many girls and women, if the more he molested during his doctor's career under the guise of giving medical treatment, but the older the story gets the more ugly details about others involved in this disgraceful scandal emerge. the man who once was larry nasser, his boss, is now facing criminal sexual charges himself. former michigan state gymnastics coach, cathy clay just learned. she's had a jail for lying to police in the ness. our investigation, who knew that in july 2021, i'll be reporting on another bombshell. a u. s. department of justice probe has found for more than the year after receiving the 1st complaint. the f. b. i pretty much did nothing to deal with the sex abuse claims against dr. nasser just by the extraordinarily serious nature of the allegations and the possibility that nurses conduct could be continuing senior officials in the indianapolis field office
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failed to respond to the national legation with the utmost seriousness and urgency that they deserved and required the actions and inactions of the f, b i, employees, described in the report, are inexcusable, and a discredit to this organize asian. what's most shocking is the price paid by the victims during the overlooked 14 months. the sex offender retired as physician of the u. s. gymnastic steam, but continued in the same role at the michigan state university high school and a gymnastics club. delays in legal action against nasser, lead to the abuse of 70 young female says the d o. j. according to lawyers. that number could be as high as 120. this is a devastating indictment of the f. b. i am the department of justice. the multiple federal agents covered up in the san abuse and child molestation. no one seems to give a damn about these little girls. here's another disturbing reminder of what these
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victims could have been going through. when i was 13, just the kid laying on a table, i miss you. and you for your own glove hand, all over my rear, i slipped into the most private area of my body. i did not know that at the same time larry was penetrating me. usa gee, was systematically burying reports of sexual assault against member coaches in a file cabinet instead of reporting them. why did you make me hate the one thing i loved so much? why did you take my dreams away from me? you lied to me and manipulated me to think that when you treated me, you were closing your eyes because you had been working hard when you are really touching me an innocent child to pledge yourself and who knows how long the of be i would have kept turning a blind eye on this disgrace if it wasn't for a detailed investigative report by the local outlet, the indianapolis star,
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plus that coincided with local police finally responding to dozens of complaints from jim ness. but again, real action was more than a year late. moreover, the d o j found that later the special agent in charge of the f b i. indianapolis, field office, w. j abbott wide city inspector general's office numerous times about the handling of the case. and a bid to allegedly cover up the investigative mistakes and missteps. agent abbot was never brought to account just like the rest of his team and was allowed to retire with full benefits in 2018. the department of justice now needs to decide if it is going to be yet another institution that fail survivors. or if it's going to enforce some measure of accountability for these crimes, and in that same tweet, the senator is echoing the number one question on everybody's mind. how many, at least would have been spared unimaginable pain if the f b,
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i had done his job. hey, it's not only those on capitol hill waiting for answers, but the entire nation too, will the f. b. i speak out and live up to the expectations the one house has claimed russia in china, undermining trust in western vaccines and a bit to promote their own jobs for secretary jim saki and say small school by aging, misinformation is exaggerating the risk of side effects from american and you shot correspondence kayla open has more there is a huge anti vax movement in the united states. many americans are simply refusing to get vaccinated for over 19. so we figured it wouldn't be too long before the white house started pointing at the usual suspects. russia and china has promoted their own vaccines through messaging that undermines western origin vaccine does help development programs. so you know,
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that is more than just competition about vaccines. the risk and impact there is that this type of information magnifies the risk of potential side effects associated with western vaccines. this is what the, what the information some of this misinformation is doing. it seems like what the white house spokesperson is saying is that reporting on the findings of u. s. federal agencies is somehow just information because it was the us food and drug administration that came forward and recently warned about the johnson and johnson, single dose code. 1900 vaccine and the fact that it could actually cause gillian bar syndrome, which is an auto immune disorder that attacks the nerves and could result in paralysis. now these cases have been rare, but this is according to the food and drug administration. the u. s. federal government agency now it was officials in denmark who recently suspended the use of the johnson and johnson and astro venica vaccines, citing possible harmful effects. but apparently that's just information even though
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it came from the danish ministry of health. it's also worth noting that on this accusation of competition, the main reason that people traveled to russia to get the vaccine was simply because they didn't want to wait for months to be vaccinated. here's what they said in the 30 people my age can. busy lead to be vaccinated after the summer. so very far i decided to make initially 9 most. now when it comes to damaging information about the vaccine to the white house, certainly made quite a few gaff themselves. take a listen. we are quite focused on communicating directly with those people, hence our special guest today about why it's important to get vaccinated. why do you fact scenes are safe? why they can still kill you, even if you are under the age of 27. we need to be clear and direct about our messaging. i guess that's what the biden administration consider is to be direct messaging. all the side effects of code vaccines are up the question with dozens of
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severe thought effects reporter and shade on social media. following video is of angeleah, this l who 1st came to global attention to taking help find a job in january. you may find some of the following images distressing as early as sun shed this video on facebook, showing his mother shaking violently in hospital post vaccination. he said she suffered severe convulsions after receiving the plaza job in louisiana, in an interview with archie and julia confirms she had no health issues prior to taking a shot. and claims that the u. s. government won't address those who have suffered from severe side effects until it reaches vaccination gulf. had i known that i was possibly have neurological issues, i never would have taken the injection know informed consent was so amber about the side effects that i am proud,
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proud. i know that i would have lost the use of my legs and would have been paralyzed. i never would have taken it. so there was definitely not enough of awareness about hey, this could happen. i'm 6 and a half months out now. i still have not recovered. if i do not take diver mentioned daily, my symptoms come right back. we are completely brushed aside. and i think that's only because our government is trying to get to heard immunity, and they're not going to address us or acknowledge us until they reach their goal. vaccination. william schaffner, a professor of infectious diseases, believes people should be aware of all side effects of co, with jobs, so they can make their own binary decisions. when you educate the population, you have to tell them all about the benefits of the vaccines. and you must be very
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clear about the side effects also. so they're not surprised and disappointed. every vaccine in the vaccine that we use has side effects. fortunately, most of the side effects are very brief. they're very mild. they're our occasional rare, serious side effects. we must know about them, and we must be transparent about them so that the people who come forward for receiving the vaccines can make a clear choice. the use last legal action against the mistake hungary and poland over what it calls discrimination against the l g. b t, community. europe will never allow parts of all sides. it's been stigmatized. we start legal action against hunger and poland for violations of ponder. mental rights of l g b t i q. people will several polish regions. so adopted resolutions declaring
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themselves free of l g b t. audiology. furthermore, was source constitutional court has now said it's going to reject any decisions by the use top court on the manner. brussels has similar troubles with hungry as well . and you, hungary, a lot of bands, depictions of homosexuality and educational materials and tv shows and children under a team of the government has also ordered a disclaimer on a book, which it says contains content which contains behavior non consistent with traditional gender roles. it does seem over the authorities of the single member states and the e, you itself perceived the same laws very differently. europe in parliament and the european commission wanted to let the l g, b, q activists, and organizations in schools and kindergarten. hungary does not want that debate is about who decides which way we should be the children, according to the european funding treaties. this question evidently,
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falls under the competence of the hungarian when it is a national.


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