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tv   News  RT  July 16, 2021 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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the fact is, the u. s. has done many things against cuba for decades, namely the long standing trade embargo, maybe washington should stop trying to help the cuban people for a change. the speaking to you now just in front of a bridge that was under construction at the time local to telling me that well, construction equipment that was on that bridge was swept away as if it was nothing record floods hit germany and belgium with more than 100 dead as entire buildings are swept away, more than a 1000 people are still missing. it looks as if a bomb has like war wrecked streets and looted stores, south africa suffers another night of riots after the jailing of its former president, we speak to the woman who amid the chaos through her child from a burning building to a crowd of bystanders. to save her queen,
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so i wait for them to come together, then the baby and i will be good. they can see all the notes going to me because i was holding my hair like the as arms local setup roadblocks to defend their neighborhoods. we follow a police operation to catch looters and return stolen goods walking towards a house where they have recently conducted an operation high. what do you have in your hand? flour and stuff that was stolen and the same vaccine, but different, right? we speak to a traveler, frustrated after being denied entry to friend, despite being inoculated with astrazeneca as his job was produced in india, not the european union. ah,
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5 pm here, and the russian capital, and you're watching our t international. i'm your host donald quarter. welcome to the program. unprecedented flooding has killed more than $100.00 people in germany and belgium after 2 months worth of rain fell in just a few hours. berlin has approved military help in the rescue. effort as streets have turned to rivers, with homes, cars and even bridges completely swept away. ah . in 15 minutes our flatter office, our neighbors houses. everything was under water. it was very quick news . it's amazing. i've been a fireman for 50 years, but i've never seen anything like it. the calls were flying. ah
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was it looks as if a bomb has hit like world war. a state of emergency has been declared across western germany with people advise to stay home and avoid high water areas. rescue workers found several victims were drowned in their own faces. helicopters still trying to evacuate survivors from rooftop or your correspondent peter oliver reports from the scene. this is really here in hog in the range over night that we're forecast didn't turn out to be that heavy. and we, we haven't seen any further rain falling on these already swollen rivers and lakes and already salt and ground. so far on friday, on thursday though, where i'm speaking to you from. so a 120 high watermark reached in just a few hours after was the rainfall came down and had swept away large amounts of of
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well everything that was by the sides of the rivers. i'm speaking to you now just in front of a bridge that was under construction at the time local to telling me that well, construction equipment that was on that bridge was swept away as if it was nothing . that's the, the physical cost, the, the material costs, but unfortunately in tragically the human cost of this natural disaster is still well. well beyond being counted, what we understand is a number of people are still counted as missing. in fact, in one area, all the states of ryan and lawson at the local authorities sweeping out that 1300 people were counted as missing as far as they're concerned. that may well be down to where all the hoping that's down to is the fact that the telecommunications that works in a lot of areas on functioning properly, people aren't able to get in touch with one another. however, tragically, in that particular town of, via we did get news on thursday evening that 9 bodies had been found in
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a home for disabled people. it's the feed and the ferocity at which was his rows. that is really cause so many problems in court. so many people, false god, i haven't experienced that before. what came here? it happens so fast. we couldn't look as fast as the water came. it was really bad at 1st. we laughed at. it wouldn't be so bad, but then it got really bad. there was more and more and more water. then we were told that we had to leave the house seen for sage from the end of the scale of the destruction you looking at rivers that have 1st banks and flooded kilometers away from their usual boundary people's homes. well, and truly floated away in the town of hoggard where i'm told you from the authorities was saying last night. make sure you can, if you can, to sleep on the higher floors of the houses to remain there also not to drink the drinking water. because while the flood water from the river has overfilled into
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the towns was to supply me to cologne, not too far away in the same state. a number of houses were washed away overnight. several others also in a state of being partially washed away when it comes to rescuing people in the cologne region. rescue is having to use both as the only way to get down street to do that. also in one area, a gas leak that can be turned off is also making things in credibly more dangerous, not just for those in need of rescuing. but also for the rescue is you are having to go in to do that and look needed an incredibly dangerous job. the german army has also been drafted in it's been on the scene for well over 24 hours now is and trying to help coordinate those rescue efforts. both the damage is financially wise . that's obviously not the main concern at the moment, but down the line that we'll be running into the hundreds and hundreds of millions of euro. if not more than not,
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i think it almost certainly it will be more than that. but if the human cost at the moment that we're still struggling to try and get a real fix on just how high that may be, be keeping an eye on all of the updates that come out of this particular part of western journey throughout the day. any new information i'll bring it to you. seems of devastation also in belgium overnight as rivers burst their banks funny to fatalities have already been reported with thousands evacuated from their home. they bring francis seen, has sent 40 rescue workers and a helicopter to have the recovery. meanwhile, in the netherlands, authorities have told thousands to evacuate homes at the risk of flooding in the heavy rainfall. rivers have gone above the level seen in the last major floods in the early ninety's. part of a key motorway has been quote, power outages also being report families of passengers on a russian plane that disappeared from radars have breathed a massive sigh of relief after it landed safely,
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the tone of aircraft was unruly to the siberian city of tomsk when it suffered engine failure according to a preliminary probe, but all 18 people on board survived after the jet made a hard landing south africa was witnessing its worst violence in decades with riots and looting, hurting after the jailing of the former precedent. more than 110 people have been confirmed dead in the middle of the writing in the city of durban. a terrifying incident involving a small child and had safely a warning. you might find these images disturbing as the flames and gulped her block of flaps. a desperate mother threw her daughter to a crowd of bystanders on the street below to save her. they were then seen cheering . as the toddler was caught, safe and sound, the mother described to us how afraid she was in that very moment. melissa is doing what i can say. yeah. just so shocked cuz she always remind me of what i did
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to her leg when she said that building outside, it was pointing though that's my mom. you drew me down. you drew me. whatever you the flex spending, we only smell smoke from the 16th floor, and the lady from the recession she was going floats was telling us to come down. we reached the 2nd floor. we're not sure because we're outside of the plant. so when they were trained cuz people from the 3, those standing in the sleeve mystery, they were trying to help us taking the lessons for us to go to the latest. so when i was there, there was the other big later i'll say if you can carry the baby for me. so i think the face, down, face, outpatient. been to keep me to be me. so i can come out because the only thing i wanted with me to be out, she refused to said, no, i'm going to go fast enough. so you're going to go, you're going accumulate. they do, and i'm down after she got into the sales, the sales fall in with her. there was people are trying to help her now. there was
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no any other way for us who has stopped and it was not a 5 p. there was a lady behind me, i saw that. can you tell me that they were going to be going to be before me? so i'm going to go down, didn't up down down. you can give the baby to me control the babies in the console or yes day to go the baby for me. the baby is crying, i thought, and no, no, never mind new crime, just solid to me. i came flooding up the kitchen. people is gaming, so i go and i was like, i was relieved because i can see people, they drank a lot, but i didn't even know those people, but so they'd be willing to help us. then it made me pause and see that. so when i call joe joe and i was waiting for them to come together, then after to the baby and i was scared to be when they can see ocean. they know it's going to my niece because i was holding my hair like the lackey they called shading me. directed me go this, they go this way. they took me down to the catching me also. he and everyone i was
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saying, you, you, you are brave, brave riders, rating stores and warehouses. many have been killed in the stampede and estimated $800.00 shops have already been destroyed, and locals are now cleaning up the wreckage. johannesburg corresponded policy, clear tagged along with the police as they hunted down suspected looters. i mean, an example township in south africa where the police and community leaders are undergoing a nighttime operation, trying to recover some of the stolen goods that were ransacked by people over the last few days. so we walking towards a house where they have recently conducted an operation. hi. what do you have in your hand? flour, some stuff that was stolen. have you noticed them? no, we've got people. and who lived here. it's somebody inside. it's been inside. okay, let's go inside and see who's been doing the stealing. so we're just walking through people's homes here in alexandra township. it's often local people who are coming forward to the police and to community leaders and telling them that the
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neighbors have got stuff that they didn't have the day before. and that's how the police is getting to pulse as to who conducted the ransacking over the past. few days, so he'll be entering someone's home who's been stealing stuff. what he says, and there is a door and the titles and the other stuff as you see there in the car. there goes and just wanted to take your thinking. if there's a suspect, how do you know what doctor was stolen and what stuff belongs to the family? in this case, the man who told us whatever is in here it is to lead to his friend a prodigy. and, and some of the things have been taken away to be sold. i don't know where he hasn't told us yet. where are you taking him to this house? what happens to him now, why do i say he has a community member? said the people of alexander,
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they must come and stand up and make sure we are taking the door to door. we'll take him back to the people the they have to come and claim that properties because now we don't have a pen more within our nice shops use. it was cash purity. people just walk. what minutes are we getting something to come and fix up you 1000? whatever the chances are that it's one of the neighbors that reported the young man he has been covering his place and he doesn't want to talk to us. i'm looking to find a neighbor will talk to us yet the more goods that the police are taking with him that have been confiscated. so the police are loading what they've managed to take from this house and among the stolen goods are a number of doors. a toilet system and a bottle of pain went
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out at the police headquarters way. they are unloading some of the stolen goods that they've managed to recover. how many places were you able to go to tonight and how much stuff were you able to recover? because they have a cover lot of stuff and then we go 7 places. and then the, i think, to model for the one who's giving you the information as to who the and where these related stuff is committed to giving us the information on this community of alex. because now they're thinking about want to see opinion and they see this is on the i'm here with the main police station in alexandria. the suspect has been and is being held in one of the time ago. there was no electricity in this area.
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and the police were working with the light from a cell phone. it gives you a kind of idea of the circumstances and the challenges that face the police in south africa as they tried to deal with the current state of violence policy. a r t, alexandra officials have urged the public not to take the law into their own hands, even if their own businesses are under attack. locals are still arming themselves and building roadblocks to keep looters out of their neighborhood. shopping centers being looted then don't write down that moment you are in this complex. yeah. there's one for the favorite and this is the only place that now we're getting food from the we just don't get to protect all families over the last company been hectic. it's cause a lot of fear in the community. engender obviously, everyone is actually scared to leave the homes. and i love in this area as well,
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which is not safe at all. same vaccine, but a different place of manufacture. that's the critical and bizarre problem for tourists going to france, which is only letting in those with the e. you made astrazeneca, jap, not the identical indian manufactured version, and would be, travelers are quite confused. i think the reassurance is clearly defined. vaccine is absolutely identical, despite the facts, it was manufactured in india. the confusion is well juice and trouble, evidently, trouble a lot with my work. and the problem is despite the chest certificate, the telephone application suggests the vaccine or use of a certain type. obviously the numbers suggest differently when he cannot find any clear information on whether or not we can travel because if i sign up a port. busy or an add port to this day, i do not know whether i'll be allowed to leave you,
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or when i get to my destination, get checked. will i be allowed to continue? my job, i. the regulators explains the indian made version called covey shield is not on the list as astrazeneca has not given enough data on the manufacturing process. there. however, even those who have had an e u approved shot face difficulties once in france where they still need a health pass to go to public places. these include restaurants and shopping centers, as well as long distance buses and trains to get the pass. you need to be inoculated, and either have a negative pcr test or have recently recovered from coven. the system has sparked street protests, and andy hill again says it adds extra complications that could make a trip to friends too costly for some seems to be some confusion around what the cell phone and also the certificate size in terms of the actual name that explain cold in the case versus the batch number don't match the name and the best number doesn't match what people are saying. so they saying, you know,
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cover shields accepted bucks and bare is the batch numbers match co shield, and that's what it said on the certificate. this confusion and complication bear. i don't think the other thing is as well. you know, that could be some significant costs, not so much. the disappointment with my family. i'm not going to get the last minute. non refundable tickets, etc, etc. you know, for the sake of a breakdown in communication, it's frankly ludicrous. the f. b, i failed to protect dozens of child gymnast by not responding earlier to their allegations of abuse penetrate, perpetrated by their teams. doctor. that's the charge of the u. s. department of justice, which says the bureau took more than a year just to launch a probe f b. i since acknowledged its handling as inexcusable. the medic was eventually sentenced to hundreds of years in prison for molesting children as r. t 's ilia tranquil reports. it's an immensely ugly story and a story that's already quite old. on the one hand,
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he stands accused is one of the most prolific child molesters in sporting history. some women of team usa gymnastics, say they were forced to endure psychological and physical abuse in the name of olympic glory from young women lining up to face their former doctor. in this high profile case, that is rocking the world of gymnastics. a judge in michigan had slapped a very long sentence on the former's sports doctor. the fact that larry nasser will never walk out of prison alive, thanks to the length of his sentence, may reassure more than 200 of his victims. that justice has been served. indeed, that how many girls and women, if the more he molested during his doctor's career under the guise of giving medical treatment, but the older the story gets the more ugly details about others involved in this disgraceful scandal emerge. the man who once was larry nasser, his boss,
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is now facing criminal sexual charges himself. former michigan state gymnastics coach, cathy clay just learned. she's headed to jail for lying to police in the ness. our investigation, who knew that in july 2021, i'll be reporting on another bombshell. a u. s. department of justice probe has found for more than the year after receiving the 1st complaint. the f. b. i pretty much did nothing to deal with the sex abuse claims against dr. nasser. just by the extraordinarily serious nature of the allegations and the possibility that nasa conduct could be continuing senior officials in the indianapolis field office failed to respond to the national legation would be my seriousness and urgency that they deserved and required the actions and inactions of the f b i, employees described in the report, are inexcusable, and a discredit to this organization. what's most shocking is the price paid by the victims during the overlooked 14 months. the sex offender retired as physician of
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the u. s. gymnastic steam, but continued in the same role at the michigan state university, a high school and a gymnastics club. delays in legal action against nasser led to the abuse of 70 young female says the d o. j. according to lawyers, that number could be as high as 120. this is a devastating indictment of the f. b. i am the department of justice. the multiple federal agents covered up in the abuse and child molestation. no one seems to give a damn about these little girls. here's another disturbing reminder of what these victims could have been going through. when i was 13, just the kid laying on a table, i miss you. and you for your ungloved hands all over my rear. i slipped into the most private area of my body. i did not know that at the same time larry was
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penetrating me. usa gee, was systematically burying reports of sexual assault against member coaches in a file cabinet instead of reporting them. why did you make me hate the one thing i loved so much. why did you take my james away from me? you lie to me and manipulated me to think that when you treated me, you were closing your eyes. because you had been working hard when you are really touching me an innocent child to pledge yourself and who knows how long the of be i would have kept turning a blind eye on this disgrace if it wasn't for a detailed investigative report by the local outlet the indianapolis star plus that coincided with local police finally responding to dozens of complaints from gymnast . but again, real action was more than a year late. moreover, the d o j found that later the special agent in charge of the f b i. indianapolis, field office w. j. abbot live city inspector general's office numerous times about the handling
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of the case and a bid to allegedly cover up the investigative mistakes and missteps. agent abbot was never brought to account just like the rest of his team and was allowed to retire with full benefits in 2018. the department of justice now needs to decide if it is going to be yet another institution that fail survivors. or if you're going to enforce some measure of accountability for these crimes, and in that same tweet, the senator is echoing the number one question on everybody's mind. how many athletes would have been spared unimaginable pain if the f b, i had done his job. hey, it's not only those on capitol hill waiting for answers, but the entire nation to will the f. b. i speak out and live up to the expectations. some of the colombian suspected of taking part in the assassination of haiti's president, previously received u. s. military training,
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according to the pentagon, several had also been inform, it's for the u. s. drug enforcement agency review for training databases indicates that a small number of the columbia and individuals detained as part of the investigation had participated in past us military training and education programs. while serving as active members of the columbus military forces. katy's president was murdered in his home on july, 7th, and around and around 20 suspects have been detained. the pentagon insists all trainees are committed to human rights and the rule of law. but the head of the institute for justice and democracy in haiti told us washington plays a central role in the countries. bloodshed will not do, even if the us didn't, wasn't involved in the assassination itself. the u. s. was deeply involved in creating the conditions that allowed this assassination to happen. notably, a support for, for the ph d k party. and so what they're asking is that the us stop propping up
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a dictatorship in haiti that the us stop talking about sending soldiers, they don't want us soldiers, people who are associated with the a, have been involved in crimes. and there's also been a history of the agents themselves being involved in drug trafficking and other crime in a most human rights groups a long time ago decided that that actually instituted controls was unrealistic and have been calling for, for just deep, just stopping this kind of training, but they continue some of these programs and i think you are continuing to see people who are trained, they're using those skills to commit human rights violations. europe is ditching fossil fuels, at least that's the intention under radical new e u plans. the block says it will stop the sale of petrol powered cars and go carbon neutral all within the next decade. the overarching goal was and of course,
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is to make europe the very 1st climate neutral continental world. and to build a new growth strategy to get there. but going green will come at a cost, a new tax on goods coming into the e. u will be used to back local for firms to make the switch to cleaner energy. environmental activists. george barta thinks this is the wrong time for such moods . to carbon budget for a good job to 1.5 degrees, which is all the government claims the rule. that budget runs out in 2027 by 2027. that should be, if we want to say 1.5 degree, if that should be known, we'll carbon emissions. now obviously reaching that because we've delayed action is mainly the lobbying from the industry and the revolving go between the corporations . now looks like an impossible cross that is absolutely what we should
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be aiming for. instead of aiming for their carbon is close to 2027 as possible. and bearing mind, you know, even one to 5 degree week just in, in germany, you know, a 100 people died because it's floods from climate change with thing. you're north america on fire, the fire cetera. the, he's already a crime against humanity. and unfortunately, this is more, more delay when we need to real transfer direction. you can find more of your world news stories on our website, r t dot com or by following us on your favorite social media platform. i'll be back with more news in just about 30 minutes. so stay tuned. me. i
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the the the the the the the,
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the ah, they cannot they are to say that a law politician or under war can even they are to say to the people, oh we have to reduce the consumption. this is why. so far, the consumption issue did not was not taken up very seriously. so, but it's a very serious issue. so we cannot address the climate change issue. unless the people around the word realize that we cannot continue our over consumption as we are doing now. the back guys are financial survival guys, housing bubble. oh, you mean the downside artificially more mortgage rates? don't get carried away. was trying to report
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ah ah hello and welcome to cross stock. were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . cubans experience demonstrations for and against her by the government, many in the us loudly say something must be done. what that something is, is not entirely clear. the fact is, the u. s. has done many things against cuba for decades. namely, the long standing trade embargo, maybe washington should stop trying to help the cuban people for a change. the, the.

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