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the when i see black america, i see myself and i was growing up like america spoke to me. when, why destroyed you? did not. you said black lives matter is a movement, we are importing from america. no, nothing. if we lived in a world where wide lives mattered, i was no wise. i like ms. newman and i wasn't new from black america. i learned how to speak back to one of the regional people around them. now the police were at war with statistics. i'm scared that my children are going to grow up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system than their other
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fellow friends in daycare. mm. the after 16 years, an ankle merkel as making her last visit to the white house. as a top leader in germany, we're going to bring you the details of the meetings as well as the low expectations for solutions regarding the outstanding foreign and economic policy issues between the 2 countries. our expert weighs in on what could actually be achieved. and the u. s. government this week has issued a warning for american companies who are operating in hong kong. we will tell you if this is just political pontification, or are there real reasons to be concerned? and did the f, b, i a bar to the sex abuse? probe a doctor that nasa the usa gymnastics doctor has been accused and sentenced from leslie. multiple female gymnast under his care. we're going to look into this
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possible cover up. and while the world was focused on cove, it for the last year, one of the biggest killer is every year grew even more powerful. we're going to give you the details on this predator who claimed the highest number of victims in 3 decades. i'm starting out hughes and you are watching the news you use right here on arch america. let's get started. ah . the internal watchdog of the justice department is criticizing how the f b. i handled the investigation into the former leverage, a massive team, dr. larry masser and a 10900 page report that was just released agents made fundamental errors and did not respond with a sense of urgency to the allegations. a nicer has been accused by o, around 70 different athletes of abuse and already serving time in jail. now john
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manley and one of the attorneys who represent several of the abused athletes said the most damning thing he had ever read about a law enforcement agency. an entire office of the f. b, i can filled larry nasser, sexual abuse of athletes. and these are very strong words, which are probably echoed from several of the families that are involved to discuss around re writings toppings, conservative commentator strategists, and the hill contributor, who is also a competitive jim. jim, this are for taking on the never ending acrobatics of motherhood. thank you for joining me, laurie. thanks for having me. ok, so i know you've been following issue and i've talked about this off camera and so i thought i wanted to get your take on this because we've talked about the different cases of abuse against the doctor in the past. but what does it mean now to hear that the f b, i not only knew of it, but possibly actually covered it up? well, i think the main thing that it means is that the gymnast who had been bringing this to light over the years were absolutely right. as we've discussed,
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they had mentioned this had filed reports and they felt like no one was listening. unfortunately, this confirms that those thoughts were correct. no one was listening the f b, i had these complaints. and as, as mentioned several times throughout the report just didn't take them seriously enough. and if going through this type of abuse isn't devastating enough. having somebody not taking seriously after you have the courage to bring it forward is just another blow on top of flow. so i think that it's of some solid to those who were victims of dr. and answer to know that finally, people are paying attention. but again, it is just horrifying that really so much of this abuse could have been stopped once the f b. i had this information in their hands yet they chose not to do it. you know, or i think about how you the different levels within any organization, especially in athletic organization. but to get to the f b i at that point is kinda like we're taking a case of supreme court. you know, at that point there's enough people, i have looked at it. so i'm angry at the f b, i no doubt. but all of those people to get to that point. also,
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i believe should be held accountable for the, for just continuing to pass on the buck. do you believe, you know, after looking at this story and the layers that are involved, do you believe there should be a special prosecutor appointed right now? well personally, yes i do believe that. and john manley, the attorney, representing many of the victim to reference in your introduction, he's actually made that call for a special prosecutor in this situation. michigan state university were dr. nasser was employed, they did hire a special prosecutor back in 20 team to get to the bottom of this and intend to show some accountability and route out the wrong. like you said, there are just so many layers to some of these organizations. so there is that precedent set by m s u, and it would be great to see that here with the f b i. and as we've seen, unfortunately some of the rot but is taking place in the f. b, i extends beyond this was an isolated incident. we know from 2019 and some of the issues surrounding the trump investigation with carter page in russia,
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gate and those sorts of things that, that there were issues with the f b i and them not following standard procedures and protocol in other situations. so this situation, i think it certainly brings it to that level, but the fact that this isn't an isolated incident, i think, absolutely heightens the need for something like a special prosecutor. take a look at what's happening from the inside over or you could not have thrown that to me any age or credit. it's our next question because the ultimate, the bigger picture and all of this does the f b, i have an integrity issue right now. and should congress and the bio ministration do more to hold these agencies entrusted with protecting us accountable when mistakes are exposed? well, yes, i would say that absolutely. i think that many layers of government are struggling with an integrity issue right now. and the f b i is certainly one of them. as for congress, i know that senators murphy, moran, have called for hearings on this issue. but i think it's important to note that they had hearings back in 2018 when this was coming to light. and unfortunately,
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those hearings resulted in a lot of grand standing from the committee members. it didn't result in a lot of action. so yes, i think congress should do more and holding hearings is certainly a start. but some follow through on oversight of these organizations rather than just getting their moment on television for hearing and a talking point. i don't think that's enough that we've seen a lot from congress so absolutely, i think we need more from them and that looks like them falling through on oversight in holding some people in these organizations accountable. well, and obviously that hearing did nothing if they did not even catch up this mark that the f b, i could have covered up for like, always, great to chat with you. and while i global pandemic, what's causing people to remain isolated, there was another epidemic continue to breed. drug overdose in the u. s. skyrocketed, and the number of people dying as a result is staggering. r t correspondent natasha suite. has the story more than
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a whopping 90000 people died from drug overdoses in 2020 that's up some 30 percent compared to 2018 and health official state. more drug screen lace with fentenol is showcase him to be part of that friend ambulances on overdrive a drug overdose is during the coven 18 pandemic escalate. he was in pool of vomit. and you know, in just when he was gone, the brother of michelle branch is just one of the 93000 who lost their lives to a drug overdose last year. and they found a paper plate with a powdery substance on it. and they are like, this is fentanyl, according to new data released by the centers for disease control and prevention, fentenol, a powerful synthetic opioid is poisoning the already dangerous supply of drug circulating throughout the us. many times it's mixed into other drugs without the user's knowledge. the death from opioids, methamphetamine,
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and cocaine have all skyrocketed and official. se fentanyl is the common denominator, but not the officials believe drug use also store during the pandemic as a result of people feeling isolated. new statistics released wednesday reveal at least 93331 death occurred in 2020 from drug overdoses. that's from 72100. 51 in 20. 19 people didn't know that the stuff was andrew itself. people were, they were addictive. they didn't know that many who needed treatment for drugs during the pandemic were unable to get it from disruptions and service to job losses. many factors contributed to preventing some from getting the help they needed. meantime, several pharmaceutical companies accuse of feeling the opioid crisis are on trial in the state of new york. the only company, not part of that trial, is pretty former, which settled with 15 states in the district of columbia. right before the trial began for $4500000000.00, a sampler family which owns purdue has also agreed to an additional $225000000.00 in a civil settlement with the department of justice and what mit. no wrong doing reporting
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for news you choose and how sweet our t well, for bush divided and chance our angle and merkle finishes up her last trip as the leader of germany today at the white house for over you all the details after the break the the the the she want to look for simple thing a little slow, letting them go. well, i don't want to come to going to me when you have this week, when you have a meeting in the room initial authentic steamy guy spelled on the on the mission and come for the script and we'll get you
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started the script you soon as you move in to when you finish the mental complete illusion actually going on normally. financial young, moody, an illusion you lose could put it in. you could shoot it to the lower the ah, it's her last visit to the white house as the chance of germany. but angle americans trip has been shadowed by some very pressing issues and major differences between the united states in germany. so to get some insight in at 2 german and us
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relations beyond the diplomatic visit, we bring in former pentagon official, michael, michael, great to have you and i get your big day actually you are my 1st guest and over a year and a half to be here and i'm, and i'm honored that it's you on a big day because you do have, this is the 4th president, chancellor merkel has actually worked with. we talked about fair and went through this whole list of things. you and i last about north street. and i want to get to north with the reality of if anything can change, but is there actually anything realistic that can be still accomplished considering the chance or is expected to retire this fall and we still don't know her successor yet. that's correct. well, i think this, even though this is her swan song, i think from biden's standpoint, this meeting was good in order to reinforce the alliance with germany, of course, be in the top country in the, in the nato alliance. and i think it was a reaffirmation that america is still back there and, and they're still going to be in the lead. and that germany is, is an integral to the, to, to that, that atlantic alliance. just,
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notwithstanding differences that do occur. having said that, germany is in a very funny place right now given where it needs to look to moscow, me and the east for, for trade. because germany like all the countries in europe are fundamentally export in nations and they need foreign trade. and because i think what we've discovered is that the u. s. sometimes is not the most reliable partner . and so consequently they're going to be looking out more and more. and of course you got china coming on very, very strongly, particularly with its belton road initiative. now we're already beginning to see some e u countries looking to the belt and road like italy. this the southern tier countries of the e u. and that could be problematic for the future of the you for that matter, if the economies don't improve. so they're,
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they're looking to china because it's economy is beginning to blossom much, but i think that's interesting about this, you know, right now you see by and the reason that you brought merkel here in germany is probably the most advanced of all the countries in relationships with both russia and china, 2 countries that obviously are having a little little stand off right now years in various ways. so do you feel like this is more like sort of a red rover game that bite is playing this week with having her here? like look, she's still friends with us to basically using her the diplomatic tool to get to rush to get to china. and it is going to be successful or the chinese in the russian is going to listen to what she says in regards to america. is that going to change anything? well, i think, i think from the bio standpoint, it's a reaffirmation of the closeness with, with germany and for the purposes of the survival of the alliance. and his notions of, of, of working collaboratively with other countries. that's an important message and psychological image that he needs to project. and even though those countries
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indeed are going their own direction in many, in many ways. so he's basically doing a rear action here because things have changed since the trump administration, and then the pandemic. so, and outlooks from, from the european perspective have changed. and with, with north stream, he was going to north to do, to bring that up. that's a big part of it. yeah, i find it very interesting that when president by him had his chance with actual president put himself kind of backed off in a lot of not, it was not as strong with it. according to his advice of what democrats would have liked to seen him, mainly cuz he knows i think the reality of the situation. now what can he do, and is it really what the us as pushing or that maybe you crane that's behind why they use their push in the us to try to shut this down as sort of what i call a herald hail mary, which i think realistically you know, isn't going to work, it's a conflict because needs to work with ukraine and that's important to keep it out
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of moscow's hands. on the other hand, he also, the reality is that germany needs the foreign trade. it needs the energy and he has nothing to back it up with. or he doesn't have the that when g, the liquefied natural gas, that would, that could come in, germany doesn't even have the port facilities. and also it's expensive, but more expensive. that's the reality. plus germany needs trade with russia. notwithstanding the politics behind it, i was involved when the 1st pipeline was built back in the early early eighties. and we launch all kinds of opposition to it through the department of defense. it failed, but it went through and now despite and actually think you can stop at any conversation that's just going to be completed in august. i think this is all just for show you this, this is saying, look, we pushed up against it. i didn't even buy a new back in a meeting with food and that it was never going to go, it just isn't going to go anywhere. he, in fact, decided not to sanction the job up and put it back back. so the reality to go
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through it, he may, he may sanction some russian companies because that's the in thing with the, by the administration. but it won't have any effect as a practical matter. it's going through and that's the law short and that's the politicians speak to try to cover up your lack of action, which is probably good in this case. thanks for joining my pleasure. thank you figure president bye. and he just issued a new warning and amended a previously issued warning to u. s. companies who do business and hong kong. now, the message from the white house involves the ability for the chinese government to gain access to data, which is stored in hong kong. now other risks and creating a new law which allows beijing to a post sanctions. i don't individuals or entities who discriminate against hiring chinese citizens. all of this comes with more sanction being opposed this week. and response a pro democracy protest in hong kong, and the human rights abuses being going on to go over the move and his fit is actually justified. we are joined by roger balls,
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c o inter med resources who's actually wanted to come to american companies who does business in on kong. so you obviously listen to what the president is issuing his warning. thank you so much for joining me. thank you. ok, so roger, let's look at what president biden is warning us companies. he's one of them of risk associated with doing business in hong kong and mainland china. you've been doing business for over 20 years with chinese companies. what is your take on these concerns? well, i mean it's always been a concern since china was allowed into the w t o. and with president barton saying that it's almost like saying, hey, don't go in that swimming pool, you might get wit. everybody knows it's always been a risk working with the chinese that whenever you go into china and if you bring your product, the smartest thing to do is not bring your intellectual property and share it with them because it's, it's just, i have friends over there for that i've had for 20 years, but it's just
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a matter of fact that more than likely it's going to get stolen and i think you're right you, i think american companies know that going in, but obviously know that is a successful place is a place that is needed in this global market that we live in, you know, present market a president by and specifically warn about china taking this data and technology from companies doing business at hong kong. you said that's just going in. is it about it? cuz they're more importantly, is there anything that can actually be done by it and what makes it different from any other company that is operating with it in a country around the world sort of to be expected? possibly. can always be a possibility, right? it's always a possibility, but more so in china, china has made a living and they're known with businesses all around the world and business people who work with if it's literally a gamble that you take and my 20 years of working with the chinese direct and going into hong kong, the handing on some of the companies that you work with. and hong kong you're,
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you're basically playing russian roulette and more than likely you're going to lose if you have something that's really high tech that's really unique because they will, it, like i said, i hate to be a negative about it, but it is, it is going to happen more than likely and it has happened. it's proof all around that. it has happened. well, the past ministration, when they were the chinese wanted to put certain things into place, they would protect american companies. we're not successful. and that obviously a global pandemic happened. but this all is, remember before the pandemic, there was a lot of different things going on in hong kong of obviously major unrest in the streets. they were looking for possibly their own, their own independence. the chinese, what impact have you seen from the chinese government timing? it's grip on hong kong. post the pandemic economy, and it's things are starting to open up around businesses around the world, especially in hong kong. now that is something that it bothers me as an american, that the only one person that we saw really sounding the alarm about this was,
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was president trump course, you know, last year the chinese now keep this in mind. the chinese passed a law in hong kong, the nfl, the national security law, which basically said if you protest, if we think you're causing trouble, you can be arrested and the maximum penalty is life in prison. and i've seen a massive, massive change since that laws been in place of companies move in to, to other companies, countries around asia like singapore, singapore, as i work with a lot of people and singapore, now that i used to work with in hong kong, thailand, the philippines, vietnam and it is made a big impact. it basically took a lot of it basically basically a punch in the face of the british when they handed over hong kong. and it was
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supposed to be 2 country to system one country policy. and they just stepped rado all over the chinese did. okay, so where do you see this guy especially? i wanna talk about this new issue that american companies can be penalize sanctioned if they do not hire chinese workers that obviously can be made because or where do you see this going? whether hong kong is able to get into dependence, which seems highly unlikely at this point, or if they continue stand or under the stronghold of china. well, unfortunately i see it going in the direction that i never thought, if you asked me 10 years ago with, with, with china ever passed, such a law in hong kong, i would have said probably not because the attraction of hong kong is it. it gives everyone that comes in hong kong. you don't have to have a visa to go into hong kong. it gives you the sense that you're doing business in europe or us. it's a global magnet, but the chinese is really close to,
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to stepping on their, their own cash cow by doing this. because if they start cracking down, enforcing american companies and other companies from other countries to abide by the chinese while the way they do in beijing or shanghai, then you're going to see you're going to see a lot of problems with companies coming there. it's going to get a reputation as basically china light, which would turn into china. and that's, that's not what you want to see. and hong kong, roger, we've always seen what's happened where they put more restrictions on business here in the u. s. i imagine the same thing can happen abroad as well. thanks so much for joining us and best wishes to you and your company. returning to the news of the visit between president biden and chancellor andrew angle, mark merkel, they were joined by fair and friends. actually just getting back in the white house . this has been a day,
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hasn't ran by schedule faren for him to schedule. at any point you're just like they just wrapped up the press conference between the 2 leaders. what is today been like for the chance for as her last visit to the white home? well, besides hot, humid and 94 degrees for her, it's been a long day for her. it started this morning where she met with vice president common harris, where we were talking about this earlier and makeup where that's not a normal thing that you see don't normally see people meeting with the vice president 1st, but it was too late. she congratulated her for winning the vice presidential nomination and also, or being the 1st and she's me being 1st female vice president. and then she went all the way down the road to the white house, where she has been in meetings all day with, with president bite. and they've been talking about the coven. 19 patents. they've been talking about the north stream to russian gas pipeline. and what happens with that they've been talking about china because president biden has some remarks on that. and so does she and then also just kind of rekindling their relationship.
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because if you kind of remember her and former president donald trump, he had a lot of words for her when she was here. and it kinda didn't really end well. so bite and, and his people been saying that they've been excited to kind of rebuild that relationship with her. but again, it was kind of bittersweet with her with this being her last trip as the german chancellor. since she's leaving an october and bite and even telling her, you know, aside from everything like i'm actually gonna miss you. i'm gonna miss seeing you at the summer because they just came back from the g 7 together where they were hanging out, rubbing elbows and stuff. so yeah, well i think it's really interesting and you're seeing a lot of pushback right now. i think not only from the german people, but the travel band present buyer was actually asked for others to travel when it's still in place that even for vaccinated individuals from the but specifically germany, they cannot go come back and forth to america. yet here we have the chancellor, a lot of there, but i was asked about this or as press conference, are you gonna let the band still did not give an answer. so i was gonna meet with some advisors and get back to you on that issue. that's a little, you know,
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you have to wonder right now as we're having these leaders go back and forth. is it more rules for the and not for me because there are a lot of ties between germany and american families that would like to see each other. and yet the chance, i guess she has to be head of the country in order to see your friends over in another country at this point. one that you're actually absolutely right where there is a little bit of the rules for the and not for we. you know, it was interesting because one of the biggest things is the cobra. 1900 patents. and for those that don't know, jeremy has a lot of big pharmaceutical companies, they're, anglo merkel is very much again lifting those patents so that they can help and distribute more vaccines throughout the world, especially those port countries. whereas buying wants to lift them. so it is a little bit of in their, in their news or are there are news conference, you know, anglo was applauding joe biden saying, ok, you're going to be sending over callback seems to other poor countries. you're all about lifting the patent. but then again, turns it around and it's, but we're not going to do it. you know, so it, again, it's the rules for, we, for the, you know, so that was, that was interesting to see that exchange. well,
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and that's one thing that, you know, when you look at these 2, they're talking, we have to remember, this is store last or they're still not a person that is cited to replace her when she checks and retires, you've got someone that's leading the party because it's a little different jeremy, but you don't actually have someone putting the leadership position. so you have to wonder fair and when you are talking about those, if choose from cove it to climate change. can any policy actually be made when you don't actually have a direct source? i think it's odd, right? at least have 2 options. there's a, it's still a wide open field in germany. and i have to run our tech conversations going if, if you have an idea that biden's going to take what maybe we should get to me things. and i think maybe should be in pencil because it could be a right turn a few months exactly there. and you've had a big day. thank you so much for your foster. i know you'll have the latest update on the news, the for expansion, and that's all the time we have for today. so like always we want to provide you the information 360 view so you can make your own opinion on the top issues of the day. we can continue this conversation to follow me on twitter at study and use lots of interesting things going on right now. over there,
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he's hash tag team and vh, and for the show more dialogue about tv app for your apple or android device until next time. thanks for watching. ah, ah. the the
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cubans experience demonstrations for and against the hub on a government. many in the us allowed, we say something must be done. what that's something is, is not entirely clear. the fact is, the u. s. has done many things against cuba for decades. namely, the long standing trade embargo, maybe washington should stop trying to help the cuban people for a change the drug still did as a way to come back, a great problem. what's the wonder? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a tragic, told us that andrew was competing short form. this is way too
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dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening. i think now just in front of a bridge that was under construction at the time local to telling me that well, construction equipment that was all not bridge was swept away as if it was nothing wrecker, loop lies germany and belgium with more than 100 dead as entire buildings are swept away, more than a 1000, people are still missing. it looks as if a bomb has like more rec, streets and looted stores. south africa suffers another night of riots after the jailing of its former president. we speak to the woman who amid the chaos through
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her child from a burning building to a crowd of bystanders.


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