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some of the good luck on the none of my new middle charges on top the now just in front of a bridge that was under construction at the time locals are telling me that well, construction equipment that was on that bridge was swept away as if it was nothing devastating shutting in germany, belgium with at least 90 tad as entire houses off what way and once in a generation deluge over a 1000 people are still missing. looks as if a bomb has fit like world war wreck to freeze. i'm new to south africa, he's another knife, a violent riot. we spoke to a woman who, amid the chaos through hutch, while from applauding building to a crowd and fight dundas street, la jolla, joe,
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and i was waiting for them to come together. then after that they've been big when they can see all the notes. gonna made me because i was holding my head like the local deploy road blocks to defend the neighborhood, re follow a police operation to catch suspected near to ton stolen good. working towards a house where they have recently conducted an operation. hi. what do you have in your hand? flow of stuff that was stolen fame vaccine at different right. so we speak to a product traveler left confused, and frustrated off to being denied and free to from despite being and not killing his with astrazeneca as his job was produced in india. not be you. ah,
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covering stories that others might not. this is all scenes national from everyone here in the newsroom. hello unable welcome. well, getting started. reaching floods have killed at least 90 people in western germany and belgium. and after 2 months worth of rain fell in just a few hours. a streets turned into rivers. houses cause even bridges were completely swept away. the in 15 minutes are flat, our office, our neighbors houses. everything was on the water. it was very quick news. it's amazing. i've been a fireman for 50 years, but i've never seen anything like it. the cars were flying
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ah was. it looks as if a bomb has hit like world war. while a state of emergency has been declared across western germany with people advise to stay home and avoid high water rescue. i found several people who had drowned in the basement. meantime, helicopters, you can see that trying to fax us. any survivors for rooftop or europe correspond to pizza. all of us is in the region for the sicily here in hog in the reins over night that were forecast didn't turn out to be that heavy. and we, we haven't seen any further rain falling on these already swollen rivers and lakes and already salt and ground so far on friday. on thursday though, where i'm speaking to you from. so a 120 high watermark reached in just
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a few hours after was the rainfall came down and swept away large amounts of of well everything that was by the sides of the rivers. i'm speaking to you now just in front of a bridge that was under construction at the time local to telling me that well, construction equipment that was all not bridge was swept away as if it was nothing . the work of trying to show that construction up and making sure that if there is any further swells in the river here, that no more damage can be done. the key that's the, the physical costs, the, the material costs, but unfortunately, and tragically, the human cost of this natural disaster is still well. well beyond being counted, what we understand is a number of people are still counted as missing. in fact, in one area of the face of ryan on for last and at the local authorities, sweeping out that 1300 people were counted as missing as far as they're concerned.
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that may well be down to where all the hoping that's down to is the fact that the telecommunications that works in a lot of areas on functioning properly. people aren't able to get in touch with one another. however, tragically in that particular town of viola that we did get news on thursday evening, the 9 bodies that being found in a home for the sable people rescue is had gone to the home to try and rescue those people that were in that facility. however, it's the speed and the ferocity at which was his rows. that is really cause so many problems in court. so many people off guard as well as the unfortunately the number of dead continues to rise in both the rhineland last and that until in the state of north run with follower and speaking to you from the idea of the war is coming in so quickly was also repeated in the town of shows, which is just down me down the river from the sound of violet. people there told us what it was like when the water saw it derived. i haven't experience that before.
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what came here? it happened so fast. we couldn't look as fast as the water came. it was really bad at 1st. we laughed at it wouldn't be so bad, but then it got really bad. there was more and more and more water. then we were told that we had to leave the house 5 scene footage from the air of the scale of the destruction you looking at rivers that have 1st banks and floated kilometers away from their usual foundries people's homes well and truly flooded away in the town. of hog where i'm told you from the authorities was saying last night, make sure you can, if you can, to sleep on the higher floors of the houses to remain there. also not to drink the drinking water. because while the flood water from the river has overfilled into the towns was to supply near to cologne, not too far away in the same state. a number of houses were washed away overnight.
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several others also in a state of being partially washed away. others, well, the star he's doing that best along with locals to try and make sure that they can put anything they can in place to make sure that they are the next one to be washed away. when it comes to rescuing people in the cologne region, rescue is having to use both is the only way to get down straight to do that. also in one area, a gas leak that can be turned off is also making things in credibly more dangerous, not just for those in need of rescuing. but also for the rescue is you are having to go in to do that and look needed an incredibly dangerous job. the german army has also being drafted in on the theme for well over 24 hours now is trying to help coordinate those rescue efforts. both the damage is financially wise. that's obviously not the, the main concern at the moment, but down the line that will be running into the hundreds and hundreds of millions of euro. if not more than not,
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i think it almost certainly it will be more than that. but it's the human cost at the moment that we're still struggling to try and get a real fix on just how high that may be. it is already incredibly high with a large number of people losing their lives in western germany also in belgium, of the areas affected by the floods as well in the netherlands in, in front and in luxembourg as well. this is really a tragedy that crossed all of those board is to be keeping an eye on all of the updates that come out of this particular part of western journey throughout the day . any new information, i'll bring it to you. several houses have collapsed in japanese west and i for reach and we actually wanted to speak to a resident near the affected area. his friends have been struggling to cope amid the torrential floods, and also told us how they were caught by surprise. cold from our friends living. ready in our lives long off is the areas most seriously hit and they go to actually they bare complete the house was completely flooded. they got
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no. ready no dry clothes or no any tricity, no clean water. no, no, nothing is come. most completely unexpected, completely unexpected. for instance, the river edge are turned into this little little kind of calm. border turned into a true wrench into a ferocious mountain torrent. and tor, everything away south africa has been seeing its was violence in decades amid writing and looting. have wrapped it off to the jailing of ex president in the middle of the rights in the city of dub. and there was a dramatic incident involving a small child that had a very lucky escape. a warning you might find these images stopping, while as flames engulfed, her block of flats, a desperate mother through her daughter to a crowd of bystanders, on the street below. who then seemed charing as the total was caught safe and sound
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. the mother described to us how terrified she was in that moment. melissa is doing what i can say. yeah. just so shocked because she always remind me of what i did to her. when she was saying that moving also she was pointing to my mom. you drew me down to me. whatever news the flex spending, we only smell smoke from the 16th floor and the lady from the recession. she was going floes was telling us to come down. we read something in the 2nd floor. we're not sure because we're outside of the flint. so when they were trying to people from the 3, those standing in the sleeve by mystery, they were trying to help us taking the lasers, who called to the latest. so when i was there, there was the other big she can carry that baby for me. so i think the face, down face, outpatient,
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didn't give me to be me. so i can come out because the only thing i wanted was what baby to be out. she refused to said no, i'm going to go fast enough so you're going to go, you're going to keep me up a new and i'm down after she got into the sales. the sales for the and with her there was people are trying to help. and now there was no any other way for commerce who were stuck. and it was little fussy, there was a lady behind me. i saw that. can you please tell me the baby can carry the baby for me? so i'm going to go down, didn't up down down, you can give that babies who me control the baby's need. so are you stay for the babies? for me, the baby is crying and no, no, nevermind. new crime, just solid to me. came flooding me up, the kitchen, people screaming, so i go and i was like, i was relieved because i can see people, they drink a lot, but i didn't even notice people but so they'd be willing to help us that made me pause and see that. so if we color joe joe and i was waiting for them to come together, then after to the baby and i was k
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b b when they can see ocean the nose going to me nice because i was holding my hair like the like you know, they called shading me, directed me go to say go this way. they took me down to the catching me also. you and everyone i was saying you, you, you are brave, brave. not after want to see, not lucky with raw, has rating tools and warehouses many a dying in time piece out the functional cation, at least 100. 17 people are being confronted with 2000 arrested. the government has said it's sending and $25000.00 soldiers to qual, the right. officials have the public not to take the law into their own hands. even if it says on the attack, the locals are still arming themselves and building roadblocks to keep new to neighborhood shopping centers being looted, then don't write down that moment you pitching in this conflict. yeah,
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there's one for the favorite and this is the only place that now we're getting food from are we just to get to protect our families over the last company been hectic? it's cause a lot of fear in the community. in general, obviously if everyone is actually scared to leave the homes and live in this area which is not safe at home. well, with an estimated $800.00 shops destroyed local, having left to clean up the wreckage. and as many ton down suspected new says, all correspondent joined them. i mean alexandra township in south africa where the police and community leaders are undergoing a nighttime operation, trying to recover some of the stolen goods that were ransacked by people over the last few days. so walking towards a house way, they have recently conducted an operation. hi. what do you have in your hand? flour, some stuff that was stolen. you have, you know,
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it was stolen. now we've got people and who lived here. if somebody inside the building. okay, let's go inside and see who's been doing the stealing. so we're just walking through people's homes here in alexandra township is often local people who are coming forward to the police and to community leaders and telling them that the neighbors have got stuff that they didn't have the day before. and that's how the police is getting to pulse as to who conducted the ran 2nd over the past few days. so he'll be entering someone's home who's been stealing stuff. so what is there? and there is a door and the titles and the other stuff as you see the in the cuff, that goes and just wanted to take is taking a there's a suspect. how do you know what stuff have stolen and what stuff belongs to the family? in this case, they told us good to whatever is in here. it is truly to his friend, a prodigy and, and some of the things have been taken away to be sold. i don't know where he
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hasn't told us yet. where are you taking him to this house? what happens to him? now? why do i say here the community men months? see the people of alexander. they must come and stand up and make sure we taking the door to door will take him back to the people that they have to come and claim the properties. because now we don't have a pen more within my shops use. it was because peter, here, people just walk. what minutes are we getting something to come and fix up you 1000 whatever. the chances are that it's one of the neighbors that reported the young man he has been covering his face and he doesn't want to talk to us. i'm looking to find a neighbor will talk to us. he has some more goods that the police are taking with him that have been confiscated. so the police here are loading what they've managed
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to take from this house and among the stolen goods are a number of doors. and a bottle of pain. was when out at the police headquarters way they are unloading some of the stolen goods that they've managed to recover. how many places were you able to go to tonight and how much stuff were you able to recover? hey, we'll cover a lot of stuff and then we go 7 places. and then i think to model for the one who's giving you the information as to who the and where these related stuff is the community off for the day, giving us the information on this computer of alex because now they're thinking
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about what is the opinion and they see this is on the i'm here with the main police station in alexandra. the suspect has been full care and is being held in one of the so short time ago. there was no electricity in this area and the police were working with the light from a cell phone. it gives you a kind of idea of the circumstances and the challenges that face the police in south africa as they tried to deal with the current state and violence policy, a r t. alexandra went out for covert story. it doesn't just matter what pharmacy you've had, but also where it was made a nice if you want to visit france. if you've had you approve job like astrazeneca and it was produced in europe, you can enter. but if you were not connected with the identical drug made in india, where it's known as kofi shield, you can't, and that's left would be travel as confused and frustrated. i think the risk shorts
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is clearly defined. vaccine is absolutely identical. despite the facts, it was manufactured in india. the confusion is that we'll choose to travel, evidently, travel a lot with my work and the problem is despite the chest certificate, the telephone application suggests the vaccine itself a certain type. obviously the numbers suggest differently when he cannot find any clear information on whether or not we can travel because if i sign up a port. ringback or an add port. so this day i do not know whether i'll be allowed to leave the u. k. or when i get to my destination and get checked, will i be allowed to continue my job? i well, you regulate to explain that kind of a shield is not on its list as astrazeneca hasn't provided enough data about the manufacturing process in india. however, even those who had an ear mae approved jobs can face difficulties once in france where they still need a health pulse to access such public paces. these include restaurants and shopping
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centers, as well as long distance buses and train and to get the cough. you need to be fascinated and i have a negative p, c r test or have recovered that recently. and as you can see, that the system has led to st. protests in the country on the hill again says that i was an extra layer complications. some might just make a trip to france to cost seems to be some confusion around what the telephone and also the certificate size in terms of the actual name, but explain cold in the case versus the batch number. don't match the name and the bus number doesn't match what people are saying. so they saying, you know, congress shields accepted bucks of error is this batch numbers match co shield, and that's what it said on the certificate. this confusion and complication that i don't think the other thing is as well. you know, that could be some significant costs, not so much. the disappointment with my family. i'm not going can get the last
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minute. non refundable tickets, etc, etc. for the sake of a breakdown in communication, it's frankly ludicrous. so ahead a new twist and the recent assassination of hey to the president as israel, that several key suspect home. still, under the 2 to ship of the us military thought in full on some more shall break the news in cuba experience demonstrations for and against the hub on the government. many in the us allowed we say something must be done. what that something is, is not entirely clear. the back is the u. s. has done many things against cuba for decades. namely the long standing trade embargo, maybe washington should stop trying to help the cuban people for a change. ah,
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they cannot, they are to say there's no politician or under work. can you been there to say that to people? oh, we have to reduce the consumption. this is why the sofa, the consumption issue did not was not taken up pretty seriously. so or, but it's a very serious issue. so we cannot address the climate change issue unless the people around the word realize that we cannot continue overconsumption as we are doing now the the hello again. now, some of the colombian suspected of taking part in the assassination of haiti's president previously received u. s. military training. the pentagon says several suspects also had been
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informants for the u. s. drug enforcement agency. a review of our training databases indicates that a small number of the columbia and individuals detained as part of the investigation had participated in past us military training and education programs . while serving as active members of the columbia military forces. haitian president of and moisture was not in his home on july. the 7th, so far around 20 suspects have been detained. some of whom have links to u. s. military training programs the patent const trust. such trainees must respect human rights on the rule of law. brian can cannon had of the institute for justice and democracy in haiti told us that washington did pull the trigger. even the us didn't, wasn't involved in the assassination itself. the u. s. was deeply involved in creating the conditions that allow this assassination to happen, notably as support for, for the ph
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d k party. and so what they are asking is that the us stop propping up a dictatorship, been hating that the us stop talking about sending soldiers, they don't want us soldiers, people who are associated with the da have been involved in crimes. and there's also been a history of the agents themselves being involved in drug trafficking and other crime in most human rights groups. a long time ago decided that that actually instituted controls was unrealistic and have been calling for for just deep, just stopping this kind of training, but they continue some of these programs. and i think you are continuing to see people who are trained, they're using those skills to commit human rights violations. the criminal has brushed often you article by the person who's pay for the guardian which claims donald trump victory in the 2016 presidential election was a plot by vladimir putin on
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t and senior correspondent downstairs picks up the story. let me sum up this astounding exclusive. so it appears to show what seems to represented is assess to be a suggestion that is understood to appear consistent with report. i don't remember reading an article less sure of itself than this. what the guardian seemed to be washing its hands of all legal responsibility as it published this. and for good reason. russia's 3 spite agencies were ordered to find practical ways to support champ, in a decree appearing to bear put in signature. naturally, we don't see this decree. of course, all we get from the guardian is 2 very strangely formatted, screenshots that read like a criminal critics. day dream. they propose to prove everything that russia has been accused of for years. and then some on top, which is perhaps why putin spokesperson believes that the guardian may be trying to
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reverse declining readership fullness. and this is a complete fiction, as we say in russian complete nonsense. of course, this is a continuation of the low quality publications either in the newspapers trying to increase it popularity or continue this run of the course. of course all that is not and cannot be true. it is in fact a lie. this is a continuation of practicing totaled, immunization of russia and hoot in which the guardian sometimes likes to do or to the desperate attempt to attract and read it by publishing such prob stories. and let us entertain the notion that this document which is convenient, impossible to verify, may have a shred of truth. so the russians apparently decided to support trump before he had even one the republican primary to throw all the support behind him. brazenly in a showing that any fees and politician will tell you would be
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a stupid thing to do. why would they put eggs in one apparently crazy basket? there is also apparent confirmation that the kremlin possesses compromise or a potentially compromising material on the future president collected the document says from trump's earlier, non official visit to russian federation territory. if only the f b, i hired people as gifted investigation as new car, the who co author this see you who has more of a hate relationship with russia now has a reference to another debugging story that he pushed the steel doughty. remember the reports of trump, you are a nation parties in moscow, hotels convenient or that trump? we can leaks collusion, story. that was also a loo causing exclusive on the guardian. i'm watching now as one journalist after the next spread this luke harding story. they have no idea of the documents are real. they know he's one of the west, smiles, dishonest,
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reckless reporters. they don't care the story health, their political agenda. that's all that matters. lou causing was once a correspondent in moscow who had a terrible time he, he wrote a book about how much russia allegedly hated him about how russia secret agents who he perhaps confused with goose, had nothing better to do than to sneak into his apartment weakly, to open includes the windows of the steel, the remove controlled from his t, v. set the alarm clock to 4 o'clock in the morning. the lead his screen savers and the course desiccated in his toilet. without flushing. that is all in his book. lots of people do believe what they've eaten, the newspaper village when a journalist and a newspaper are simply lying to them, no new cutting has a long history of up to you saying, unreliable stories. he writes for
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a particular audience, he white nights, an empty russian audience and an anti chunk audience. so this man is a fantasy, not a journalist, both housing, i'm the guardian, have a long history of promoting forged documents. you know, big claim, individual independent experts have verified this document, but they don't name these acts. who are these experts who say this is a genuine document? it means not what his claims to be. i will conclude with the comment. i read today a response to the guardian article. it reads, it is helpful, whatever the guardian marks a story exclusive. it means the readers can exercise even more cushion than usual on me. europe is did king of fossil fuels, any thoughts, the intention under radical new you pans? the blog says it will stop the sale of petrol power calls on go carbon neutral, all within the next decade. the overarching goal was and of course,
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is to make europe the very 1st climate neutral continent in the world. and to build a new growth strategy to get there. but going green, welcome out a cost a new tax on certain goods coming into the will be used to support local thumbs to make the switch to clean energy. we discussed how realistic the block some missions are, with british former politician pool and her natalie planning. phase one percent of carbon emissions in 9 years is completely realistic. it's not going to work concert, especially considering that they already could transport a sense of carbon emissions between 19912019 terrorists will inevitably have to be raised because it will make it more expensive full of economies outside the union. imposing you goats that will trigger a ton of war. and if you end up in the terrible,
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i would say russia or china or the united states that negatively mean job losses across the european union is that green taxes always affect poor people. that more than they affect rich people, they make poor people poor. so what you will see is you will see petrol prices go up. diesel prices go of energy prices for consumers. so people will believe the ends have to choose between eating and heating. now to wrap this out, thanks for choosing all t we will. of course, we'll be here throughout the day with the very latest. so we hope to see you later me ah, join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business. i'm show business.


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