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they put him in harm's way, a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening. the devon say things planting in germany and belgium with 70 dad has entire house is swept away in once in a generation deluge over a 1000 people are still missing in 15 minutes are flat, their office, our neighbors houses. everything was on there with her. it was a very quick rep, 3 under 2 doors to south africa sees another night and find a ride to a local woman who threw her child for proud standing on me a building fund by new to just social. and because she always remind me of what i did to her leg when she's saying that building is pointing to move
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down the travelers inoculated with the india manufactured version of the i was going to come back seen all left angry and frustrated off to being denied and 3 problems, even though the job is on europe approved ah, starting off friday morning with our teams national, thank you. from myself and the whole team here in moscow. hello, and welcome. while we start off, dramatic pictures, raging flood have killed at least 70 people in western germany and belgium. after 2 months worth of rain fell in just a few hours. over 1300 people remain unaccounted for with authorities holding on to the most simply unreachable because of course the local food network is town houses
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cause even bridges have been completely swept away by the ferocious torrence which have tons, streets into rivers the in 15 minutes our flatter office, our neighbors houses, everything was under water. it was very quick. ah, it looks as if a bomb has hit like world war. the news, a state of emergency has been declared to cross western germany with people advised to stay home and avoid high water. some reporters who drowned in the face was unable to escape helicopters, the trying to evacuate people from rooftops to europe corresponding to all of our
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ports. us this report from one such city. absolutely shocking news. the, the idea that 1300 people could be missing and one the town alone to put that into context studies. that's 10 percent of the population of fido are roughly around 10 percent of the population. we'd be hoping that those people are missing that they just haven't checked in with people that they were perhaps supposed to be checked in with. however, there is some con, confirm, terrible news coming out of the sound of the as well. they confirmed on thursday, the 9 bodies had been recovered from a, a home to disabled people in that town. the waters had risen too quickly and too strongly for fire fighters and emergency services to evacuate people from that particular facility. and it's not idea of the waters coming on so quickly so strongly that we've heard from many of areas in the rhineland for last name and in
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north ryan with folly, where i'm speaking to you from. in fact, in the town of shoes, which is just next to violence, we heard from people who told us through what it was like as the war has started to rise. i haven't experienced that before. what came here? it happened so fast. we couldn't look as fast as the water came. it was really bad at 1st. we laughed at it wouldn't be so bad, but then it got really bad. there was more and more and more water than we were told that we had to leave the house. finding, it's amazing. i've been a fireman for 50 years, but i've never seen anything like it. the cause we're flying while i'm speaking to you now from the buying. so the lena river in the town of hockey, in north wry and west fall. yeah, you could see the river behind me flowing like a torrent right now. it has subsided an awful lot from what it was on thursday,
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where it reached a 120 high watermark in just a few hours resident have been told to please call and of a flores of buildings if possible, that also being told not to drink the water coming out of the top because the, the river floating is overflowed into the drinking water supply. now, there has been messages of condolence of causes you'd imagine coming in. we've heard from angular machaela, german chancellor, who's, who's on a visit to washington dc to the united states at the moment. in fact, some people have lost absolutely everything. 6 homes have been washed away. a 3rd of $25.00 are at risk of happening and having to be reinforced, whatever way they can be, as well as bridge, is going through that same procedure. the military and every parts of the emergency services are involved in both the rescue efforts and the effort to try to ensure things up against the high water where that's possible. while angle american has
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pledged to all of the finances that are possible for a clean or if it will be some time before we get to that stage of clean up course not rain falling on, already solving ground into rivers that have already burst that banks. well, as i said earlier, several houses have come up, for example, in chinese, west and eiffel region. we spoke to a resident near the affected area whose friends haven't been coping with the deluge . and he told us that the reins court and complete the honor was cold from our friends living. ready in our lives and notice the areas most seriously hid and they go to actually they bare complete. the house was completely flooded. they got no, no dry clothes or no interest in team, no clean water. no, no, nothing is comp was completely unexpected, completely unexpected. for instance, the river edge are turned in this little little kind of calm
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water turned into a true wrench into a ferocious mountain torrent. and tor, ever seeing a well, it's not just so many 11 people have been killed in neighboring belgium. i think from the city police why residence, what wanted to evacuate or need to move to the upper floors of their homes? local officials have worn but a nearby dam may still collapse. the netherlands luxemburg on switzerland have also been effected well, south africa seeing it was silence in decades amid writing a new thing that a ropes it off to the jailing of the ex president in the middle of the riots in the city of dub. and there was a terrifying incident involving a small child who had a very lucky escape, just warning you might find the following images to stopping. while the desperate
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mother had to rely on bystanders, on the street under hub binding block of flats, she threw her daughter to them to save her from the flames. the crowd seemed charing has. toddler was frank fleet caught safe and sound. the mother talked just through what was probably the most terrifying moment of her life. miller affairs doing what i can say. yeah. just so shocked cuz she always remind me of what i did to her leg when she saw that building outside. she was pointing though that's my mom. you drew me down. you drew me. whatever you're spending. we only smell smoke from the 16th floor and the lady from the recession, she was going floors, facilitating us to come down. we reach, i think, the 2nd floor, we're not sure because we are outside of the plant. so when they were trained cuz people from the street, those standing in the street by ministry, they were trying to help us taking the lessons for us to go to the latest. so when
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i was there, that was the other big lady said she can carry the baby for me. so i think the face, down face, outpatient. been to keep me to be me. so i can come out because the only thing i wanted was my baby to be out. she refused to said, no, i'm going to go fast enough, so you're going to go, you're going accumulate. they do. and i'm down after she got into the sale of the stairs fall in with her, and it was black. people are trying to help and now there was no any other way for us who has stopped and it was lot of us p. there was a lady behind me. i saw that. can you tell me that they were going to be going to be before me? so i'm going to go down, didn't up down down. you can give the baby to me control the baby in the day who go the baby for me. the baby is crying, and no, no, never mind new crying just all to me. i came flooding the kitchen. people was gloomy. so go and go. and i was like, well as relieved because i can see people, they drank a lot, but i didn't even know those people,
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but i so they'd be willing to help us. that made me pause and see. so they scream color joe saw and i was waiting for them to come together. then after to the baby and i was gay. be big when they can see ocean. they know it's going to my niece because i was holding my hair like the lackey they called shading me, directed me go this way, go this way. they took me down the they, they were catching me also. you and everyone i was saying, your, you, you are brave, brave, but not everyone has been locked here at least 100. 17 people have been killed and almost 2000 arrested. the government has said that it's sending in $25000.00 soldiers to put down the riot. officials have also on the public not to take the nor into own hands even if the own system says under attack and that was off to tax to drive. it was filmed, rounding up and beating, suspected looters. why to have rated shops on warehouses and now locals are left
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cleaning up the wreckage in some city, proud to be captured, cooling away, stolen goods, authority say that many of the deaths caused by stumpy looted stores. locals have been defending themselves in any way they can afford to from south africa. it's paula said, i mean an exotic township in south africa where the police and community leaders are undergoing a nighttime operation, trying to recover some of the stone goods that were ransacked by people over the last few days. so we walking towards a house way. they have recently conducted an operation. hi. what do you have in your hand? flour, some stuff that was stolen. have you noticed on him? no, we've got to post and who lives here. it's some good insight. it's been said. okay, let's go inside and see who's been doing the stealing. so we're just walking through people's homes here in alexandra township. it's often local people who are coming forward to the police and to community leaders and telling them that they
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neighbors have got stuff that they didn't have the day before. and that's how the police is getting to pulse. as to who conducted the van sacking over the past few days. so he'll be entering someone's home who's been stealing stuff. so what he says, and there is a dwarf and the titles and the other stuff as you see there in the car. there goes and just wanted to stick with this. there's a suspect. how do you know what stuff here was stolen and what stuff belongs to the family? in this case day i'm going to do whatever is in here. it is still, it is friends, prodigy and, and some of the things have been taken away to be sold. i don't know where he hasn't told us yet. let's see. where are you taking him to the limit that he confessed, why are you still arresting him? oh, that is going to cause looking for increment of how much time, what happens to him now,
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why do i say here the community members see the people of l exam? they must come and stand up and make sure we're taking the door to door. we're taking that to the people that they have to come and claim their properties. because now we don't have a pen more within our nice shops use. it was submitted here. people just walk. what minutes are we getting something to come and fix up you 1000? whatever the chances are that it's one of the neighbors that reported the young man he has been covering his face and he doesn't want to talk to us. i'm looking to find a neighbor will talk to us yet the more goods that the police are taking with him that have been confiscated. so the police here are loading what they've managed to take from this house and among the stolen goods are a number of doors and
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a bottle of pain. yes . when the, when out at the police headquarters way, they are unloading some of the stolen goods that they've managed to recover. how many places were you able to go to tonight and how much stuff were you able to recover? because they have a cover lot of stuff and then we go 7 places. and then the, i think, to model for the one who's giving you the information as to who the and where these related stuff is. the community off the, on the day giving us the information on the computer of alex because now they're sick and tired of what i want to see opinion and they see this is the wrong thing.
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i'm here with the main police station in alexandria. the suspect has been full care and is being held in one of the a short time ago. there was no electricity in this area and the police were working with the light from a cell phone. it gives you a kind of idea of the circumstances and the challenges that face the police in south africa as they tried to deal with the current state on violence policy, a r t, alexandra holidays to france, all back on. but only for those who had the right vaccines, the country's opening office borders to people are not connected with any of the 4 jobs approved by the europe's medicine's agency. well, this includes astrazeneca, 3rd, that's a catch. not if it was produced in india, where it goes by the name of kofi shield, which has left from travelers confused. i'm frustrated. i think the risk shorts is of being clearly defined. vaccine is absolutely identical,
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despite the fact is manufactured india. the confusion is that we'll choose to travel, evidently, travel a lot with my work, and the problem is despite the chest certificate and the telephone application suggests the vaccine use of a certain type. obviously, the numbers suggest differently. we cannot find any clear information on whether or not we can travel if i sign up a port. busy or an add port to this day, i do not know whether i'll be allowed to leave the u. k. or when i get to my destination and get checked, will i be allowed to continue my job? i want regulators explain. the shield is not on its less due to problems with the way paperwork pertaining to the job is approved. however, even those who had an approved job can face difficulties once in france where they still need a health path to access certain places. so this includes public places such as restaurant shopping centers, as well as long distance public transport trouble to get the parts you need to be
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vaccinated and have the negative. y'all test or have covered recently from cove it . the system has led to st. protests in the country in recent days, and the hill again says it adds an extra layer of complications that might make a trip to france. probably seems to be some confusion around what the cell phone and also the certificate size in terms of the actual name. but explain cold in the bus just about them, but they don't match the name and the batch number doesn't match what people are saying. so they saying cover shields accepted bucks and there is the batch numbers match co shield, and that's what it said on the certificate. this confusion and complication bear. i don't think the other thing is as well, you know, that could be some significant costs, not so much the discipline with my family. i'm not going thompson, get the last non refundable tickets, etc, etc. you know, for the sake of a breakdown in communication,
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it's frankly loony. chris was taught pension more towards coming to off the brakes that are going way up the the ah, me moving your body literally can strengthen. it's
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like your brain become kind of a muscle with movement. you're not just drinking your why step. you tried that. you are literally strengthening the connections. you're in fact, in certain areas you're actually growing, accumulating the growth of brand new brain cell the the, the, the, ah, welcome back. now some of the colombian suspected of taking part in the assassination of the haitian president, previously received us military training. the pentagon says several suspect full, so had been informants for the us drug enforcement agency. a review of our training databases indicates that a small number of the columbia and individuals detained as part of this investigation had participated in past us military training and education programs
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. while serving as active members of the columbus military forces, while some background to the haitian president, juvenile, moist, was murdered in his home on july, 7th. so far around 20 suspects have been detained. some of whom wellington us, military training programs, append can spokesmen stress. such programs, instruct trainees to be respectful for human rights. on the rule of law. we spoke with brian cannon, he's head of the institute, the justice and democracy in haiti, who claims the us to conditions that need to talk to the nation. the, even the us didn't, wasn't involved in the assassination itself. the u. s. was deeply involved in creating the conditions that allowed this assassination to happen. notably as support for, for the ph d k party. and so what they're asking is that the us stop propping up a dictatorship can have that the us stop talking about sending soldiers. they don't
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want us soldiers, people who are associated with the da haben, involved in crimes. and there's also been a history of the agents themselves being involved in drug trafficking and other crime in most human rights groups. a long time ago decided that, that actually instituting controls was unrealistic. and have been calling for for just d, just stopping this kind of training, but they continue some of these programs. and i think you are continuing to see people who are trained, they're using those skills to commit human rights violations. the kremlin has brushed also new article by british newspaper, the guardian which claims donald trump's victory and the 2016 presidential election was applaud. like latimer putin on to senior correspondent where i got steve has all the details. let me sum up this astounding exclusive. so it appears to show
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what seems represented is assess to be a suggestion that is understood to appear consistent with report. i don't remember reading an article less sure of itself than this. what the guardian seem to be washing its hands of all legal responsibility as it publish this. and for good reason. russia's 3 spite agencies were ordered to find practical ways to support trump. in a decree appearing to bear put in signature. naturally, we don't see the decree. of course we get from the guardian is to very strangely formatted, screenshots that read like a criminal critics daydream. they purport to prove everything that russia has been accused of for years. and then some on top, which is perhaps why putin spokesperson believes that the guardian may be trying to reverse declining readership fullness. and this is a complete fiction,
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as we say in russian complete nonsense. of course, this is a continuation of the low quality publications. the newspapers trying to increase its popularity or continue this rampant rotherford because of course, it is not and cannot be true. it is in fact a light. this is a continuation of practicing totaled immunization of russia and hoops in which the guardian sometimes like to do or to the desperate attempt to attract and you read it by publishing such prob, story. those, let us entertain the notion that this document which is convenient, impossible to verify, may have a shred of truth. so the russians apparently decided to support trump before he had even one the republican primary to throw all this support behind him. brazenly in the showing that any season politician will tell you would be a stupid thing to do. why would they put eggs in one, apparently crazy basket and there is also apparent confirmation that the criminal
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possesses compromise or a potentially compromising material on the future. president collected the document says, from trump's earlier, non official visit to russian federation territory. if only the f b, i hired people as gifted investigation as new carding, who co author this? see you who has more of a hate relationship with russia now has a reference to another debugging story that he pushed the steel. dorothy, remember the reports of trump. you were a nation parties in moscow, hotels convenient? or that trump? we can leaks collusion, story that was also a loo causing exclusive on the guardian. i'm watching now as one journalist after the next spread this lucas story. they have no idea if the documents are real. they know he's one of the west. most dishonest, reckless reporters, they don't care. the story health, their political agenda, that's all that matters. lou causing was once a correspondent in moscow who had
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a terrible time. he wrote a book about how much russia allegedly hated him about how russia secret agent to see perhaps confused with goose, had nothing better to do than to sneak into his apartment. weakly, to open includes the windows of the steel, the removed control from his t. v. set the alarm clock to 4 o'clock in the morning, the lead his screen savers and the course dedicated in his toilet, without flushing. that is all in his book. lots of people do believe what they've read in the newspaper village when a journalist and a newspaper are simply lying to them. no new cutting has a long history of, of producing unreliable store is he writes for a particular audience. he white nights, an empty russian audience and an anti chunk audience. so this man is a pharmacist,
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not a journalist, both housing. i'm the guardian, have a long history of promoting forged documents. you know, big claim, individual independent experts have verified this document, but they don't name these acts. who are these experts who say this is a genuine document? it to me is not what is claims to be. i will conclude with a comment i read today a response to the guardian article. it reads, it is helpful, whatever the guardian marks a story exclusive. it means the readers can exercise even more caution than usual. and finally, the european commission has proposed new power to do away with fossil fuels in the next 9 years. this is a crucial moment for europe's plan to become the wild, fos, climate and neutral continent. and to show the seriousness of its intentions. brussels has pledged to reduce greenhouse gases and emissions these 55 percent by 2030,
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in comparison with 990. the overarching goal was and of course, is to make europe the very 1st climate neutral continent in the world. and to build a new growth strategy to get there are probably the most controversial proposal is a new tax on goods from outside be new to help local producers cope with the extra cost of using queen energy. the block plans to eliminate sales of petrol powered calls in 14 years. we discussed this issue with the british with that and former politician, poor andrew natalie. planning to co 51 percent of carbon emissions in 9 years is completely realistic. it's not going to work. consist especially considering math, they only call 24 percent of carbon emissions between 19912019 parents will inevitably have to be raised because it will make it more expensive for economies outside the unions in paulding. you goats that will trigger
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a ton of war. and if you look into powerful, say russia or china or united states, that it will never totally mean job losses across the european union is that green taxes always affect poor people. more than they affect rich people, they make poor people poor. so what you will see is you will see petrol prices go up. diesel prices go up, energy prices for consumers. so people will believe the ends have to choose between eating and heating. also from the sky here for us all, but all app social media accounts on auto. com updated and non stop to check them out and have a great day. mm. the welcome to maximize or financial survival guide. looking forward to your message. this is what happened is the pensions in britain delicate, you watch,
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kaiser report the they cannot, they are to say that in law politicians, in the or underworld can even they are to say to the people, oh, we have to reduce the consumption. this is why so far the consumption issue did not was not taken up very seriously. so or but it's a very serious issue. so we cannot address the climate change issue unless the people are on the word realize that we cannot continue our over consumption as we are doing now. the. ready ready crunch l i class pushing me christabel often the said
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it was the culture blue book. truly someone for the because it's always more use to meet the teacher. could contribute it usually. so would you try to walk on? yeah. because really knew from the moment that she's in the go when you're not going to none of my mental charges on the me.


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