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address the climate change issue, unless the people are on the word i realize that we cannot continue overconsumption as we are doing now. the the authorities are still trying to trace 1300 people thought to be missing in a german district after devastating floods struck the countries of west. a state of emergency was earlier declared after the disaster claimed the lives of more than 50 people. complete fiction. moscow marks a guardian article calling donald trump 2 times 2015 election when lighting re put in spot in the hallway of death. go for. that's what it looks like down. yeah. if you carry on further down the road to the south african take up arms to play off, looters,
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the mid may him that he claims the lives in scores of people. the government is set to deploy. tens of thousands of troops probably doesn't mean this hour. and actually the softer taylor, she'll be here about an hour's time with a full fresh look at your news. say with us, this is our interest. the welcome to the cars are report max kaiser time now for another of our summer solutions. we look at the solutions and not the problem is not great. stacy well, max kaiser, we are joined today by dan collins. he is a financial analyst market analyst with an expertise on china. he lived there for 20 years as an auto executive, and entrepreneur and just all around cool guy. and den,
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welcome to summer solutions. great to do that. well, hopefully remarkable just happened and i guess we have to address this issue. anyone who masses with china will get their heads bashed in. so said president, she recently, what is going on? well yeah, that was 100 anniversary and the communist party founding found in 1921 in shanghai. actually used to live down the street, literally a block from where it was founded. lot of tourists, big church area there. now she can be if you go back and watch the whole speech, that was the kind of the takeaway there. he said he's going to, you know, if you met we, in china, we haven't met with anybody which is largely true, especially the last 100 years. we have a mess with anybody who ever bullied anybody, the cheaper what me or cheaper and we've never, we've never bullied people in the past. we don't today and we're not going to do it . the future. china, in the past few years,
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has been very respectful for national sovereignty. they don't mess around with other countries, internal politics because they've been a victim of that, right? they had japan take over the northeast of the country. will war to you? pan sent half a 1000000 settlers into the area that took over the chinese farms, western powers and the trading ports. so china was breaking apart. 100 years ago, it was utilized. it was superstitious. it was backwards, it was in power. and china, what happened this week is 100 anniversary. they obviously gone all complete night and day from when they were a 100 years ago to today. the comment about bashing people's heads behind the great wall of steel led by 1400000000 chinese people got the largest supply of the speech . it was a little bit frightened, actually looking at your tweets recently. been tweeting a lot about what's up in china in terms of their military strength, their, their,
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their output of destroyers and the aircraft carriers. i think they are in the aircraft carrier business as well. you know, and you're really been chronicling the, the, the modernization and the, the strength of china. so this statement by she ok, it sounds like a crowd pleasing statement. it got a big round of applause. but the thing is that they could back it up. it's not empty rhetoric, i think that's what maybe needs to be recognized here is that they actually could do it. they their intentions are not k a but the factors, dan, from what i've been seeing here, that they've got some pretty serious fire power. now they do, and i'll call it, i'm the show today. china is the world's number one superpower. we've been chronicling this for decade, and it's finally happened. i mean, the chinese navy is 350 combat vessels. the u. s. navy is 294. what's most
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importantly the chinese can produce a destroyer at $18.00, the cost that the united states can. so why is that? because trying to still make steel trans, still many factors when you don't make steel. and you also saw your manufacturing, your defense industry becomes complacent. and weak and can't produce at the level that you owe. the u. s. military is kind of one of the last cards, the, all of this illusion, the united states that we're number one all the time. you look at this navy, china just has to win the east china c and the civic. so all of these naval assets that they're building and they've got 350 today. they'll have 700 in 57 years. you know, they're going to double us need size of the u. s. navy. the quality of the chinese armed forces is now basically on a peer level with the united states. in fact, they're even ahead of us. in some areas they have hyper sonic missiles, deploy base cruise missile are nearly gets within the 1st island chain. they will
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get song and china knows that and that's why you're seeing them be much more belligerent. when we talk about on corner, we talk about taiwan. they say, mind your own business, somebody that came recently, which i thought was interesting as united states, now we're pushing your hand to double their military spending. japan is also mentioned taiwan. now we're not going to let you take. i won. and the chinese diplomatic looked at that and said, maybe we'll sink one of your ships. they're very wary of japan because they like to say americans like to talk to little japanese talk little and do much. so stay tuned for a japan burst issue over taiwan. that's where it could take off the united states is trying to build this quad of nations to counter trying to our australia, india, united states, japan. and that's just this quad together is just the balance against china. that's how strong china is become. so they can actually back it up at this point. interesting here, united states, you've got a very high profile, billionaires,
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charlie monger over there at berkshire hathaway works at warren buffett and eva, and mosque. of course, a very famous guy who makes cars both coming out with comments that were a lot in china over charlie monger saying, you know, why can't america be more like china? you know, they seem to be, i guess you could say cow towering to china. i and the reaction here, we also see nike, the foot, where company really make overtures to china in a way that a lot of people in america found to be unseemly. we also have christ spent and on the show who writes about how when hollywood films are shipped to china and the chinese government or chinese centers change some of the content that this is really outrageous for somehow, for the hollywood. but it does same on the cultural front, there is a contrary of folks inside the u. s. that is preparing for kind of the superpower and, you know, kind of hedging their bets. let's say, dan,
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take charlie monger 1st. if, if he had done in china, what he did in the united states with warren buffett terms of gaining our financial system and making billions $1000000.00. those guys would have been disappeared. long time ago, eli and most, he's still more cars in china and does the united states news is going to point out the thing that china has done, it's created. high powered economic system got out of the way of the chinese people, the chinese party like to take credit for what the economy has become in reality is really getting out of the way of the chinese people trying to has been built up behind 6070 percent duty rates for the last 2 decades. so they've been game little trade system. they've game their currency. but at the end of the day, the change people have created the commoner, want their most ambitious hearts for people in the world. so even most yeah, he's is future is in china, he's going to sell very car. he sells the united states. he's going to sell 3 or 4
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in china. so yes, be where we talk about some our solutions and then away the rise of china, the way it did it is a solution to the 2 cities trap. we've had 18 of those over the last, like 2000 years, a 16 of them have ended in violence and that's when a declining empire, like the u. s. is passed economically by arising power. but it's weird how it almost happened without looking, without anybody noticing, simply because of all of our elite benefit is so much from it. so nobody discuss it wasn't discussed in the news. there were a few like cranks, you know, that might have said stuff over the decades. they were considered cranks and nobody paid attention. and of course here in kaiser where you were talking about this for a long time, that there was a trade war for a long time with the u. s. is just the us didn't know they were even in it. so,
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you know, do you think that this could and peacefully do i mean, like you said, even mosse can't do without china. you were recently tweeting that the, the smartphone market in china is 3, is, is as big as the next 3 biggest markets in the world. so at a certain point, like, you know, manufacturers, the elite, of all the countries of the world need china. so what do you, what, what's your instincts here? i know you, we can't, nobody can predict the future. but is your instinct that you know, the market is too important and their military is too big that this might actually just be a peaceful transition in a lot of chinese diplomats have been also talking about this. these were your guys and twitter fall. they're talking about, you know, we are now china's, the new new germany. we are the, the fading empire,
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britain we have to cut off in the past will really be able to highly doubtful what most likely would happen. i think in this scenario is we're going to get hyper inflation. we're going to get dollar debasement our united states and we're not going to be able to confront china now with nuclear weapons. hopefully that waste war 3. but china has so much money, so they've had their real economy has a gulf, the world, their 50 percent. everything really needs to sets and copper all their copper goes there. 8 percent of the world's solar panels are made in china. you know, all of that was semi conductors. they're going to leave for technology and that so where, you know, all of our material goods are coming from china. how do you fight them? so they've taken, china, has a few pillars in the geopolitical game will go and call it, you know, with military it's economy, it's technology. and then the next wave that will happen will be finance. so you
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may have saw an article this week, and f t giant has $47.00 trillion dollars in savings. the follow the logic here you have the built in road. this week alone, afghanistan, the united states, just close the base down. china is putting in $400000000.00 to increase their electric capacity by 50 percent. only 35 percent of ghana stand as power train is going to light the place up to the built in row. china is now running pakistan. afghanistan. iran is a key partner, russia in china. so china, plain is geopolitical game of goal. they're getting all these nations, especially emerging countries on their side. they're doing it through technology. they have the military power to back it up and now they have $47.00 trillion dollars in savings, which they can spread around the world. and basically by everyone's acceptance, walk me through this pace. and as dan only is after going public in the us,
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chinese car hailing app, didi was ordered removed from the app store. china seems to be cracking down on national success stories including and financial which we've talked about before. what's the logic here? it is a pure monopoly slash cyber security issue. we talked previously about financial aid taken over a 3rd of the chinese bank in reserves and literally breton stayed on banking system . so they got crap down on. yes, ma got a little bit crack down on because he was developing a cold personality and his own universities and his own. and so the client, him 80 the peer cybersecurity play, they're about to do an i p o and u. s. and the government kind of went away to say, you have everyone data, you have everyone's where they're going, who, who's in what car, what time they're arriving, where they're going. you have all the information on one large network is most likely infiltrated by u. s. security. so they're pulling back on dd,
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they took the app store, they'll do a full cyber security review, but they'll come back online. they are a monopoly in china, almost monopoly. there are some other competitors online, but they have very strong company. they kicked over out of china the be bought overs over china's organization and they'll come back online. right now. it's just going to be taken off as a basis. favorite security review. all right, we're going to take a break back in a moment with dan collins fast ending discussion about china. go away. the me ah, cuba experience demonstrations for and against the hub on government. many in the us loud, we say something must be done. what that's something is, is not entirely clear. the fact is,
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the u. s. has done many things against cuba for decades. namely the long standing trade embargo, maybe washington should stop trying to help the cuban people for a change i. ready ready watch quintinella class in person. i knew often the saw said it was the culture blue book truly i suppose the there's always more you need to have done continued the usually through which and practice and what gone. yeah. because really knew from the
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moment that she is not going to none of my new middle child. and i the me welcome back to kaiser report with max and stacy here with summer solutions were talking to dan collins. china expert lived there for 20 years as an executive and entrepreneur dan collins. i want to continue here and i think i've spotted potential weakness in all this chinese superpower them. and that would be in the area of bitcoin and big coin mining. the huge amount of hash rate and mining that was happening in china has now left on the behalf of the government. and so i want to get your reaction to this.
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oh, and apparently it's the kind of dovetails with their launch, perhaps of their central bank digital currency and see what their play is there, dan, what do you think china, after talking about it for years and years finally been mining as you saw 6, probably 60 percent of the global have for it was out of china. you should have been an apocalypse forbid point, but actually not much happened. these guys have been moving because it's time for a years. see the hatchery come down substantially what it's already climbing back up. now these chinese minor, they're in texas, they're in context on the happy to continue to climb back up. it will not be long probably before we do high major poly mis policy mistake by china. so they're not infallible. eventually they'll come back into the fold. it's, you know, me to, to, you know, crypto and so the 2 trillion dollar asset will be a 10 trillion dollar asset or more in the future. china is actually going to go
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back into that. i expect they are trying to push it all to make way for the digital r and b digital un. so usually n is flying all over china out in multiple cities and tests from governments paying some salaries of the test in digital un. so they're trying to keep all the, the benefits of a big, clean boat, keep it centralized and under the control. it may work domestically, but i expect in the future will probably see a digital un living in parallel with big point and just being quoted air nationally . according the queen, right, there was something interesting that you actually said that max's question triggered this reminder is that you were tweeting along the lines of the logistics, how china just dominates and logistics, and the importance of that for a superpower. and you saw that with this bit queen miners, if they shut down texas mining, i mean it would take months, right,
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for us to move somewhere else. but they were within 24 hours. these, these minors were already setting up and causing them. so like, go over the actual data and logistics and, and what, how china excels, and that this is a result really whole renaissance of chinese business and economy. they move so fast, we call it that trying to speed everything haven't worked so hard so fast. they do more in in 2 days, and most americans very confirmed will accomplish in a month. so when, when it all happens, i mean they can, you're seeing the bottlenecks, china now we've, this whole year we've been playing by the bottlenecks that the chinese ports in the u. c. trucking in the united states is trucking issue. you know, some of my own businesses where major issues, it takes a week to get picked up. china though they're, they move so fast as business people that they'll get those minors packed up, they'll bring 2010 labors within hours. you don't packed up, get them on the truck,
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get them to the or, you know, get them over to tech as or wherever in the get them on a boat at super light speed. this is why chinese tiny can't live buying patterns you get copied. so only the strongest survive, it's very darwinian business climate. and it's, it's really a renaissance going on china, and that's what produces all these amazing companies. an amazing business company. china, that's really, really fascinating because of course, in the us, we live by intellectual property. right. and enforced that, that's what our state department, of course, all these ip laws everywhere. but you're saying essentially it makes us kind of lazy and weak and they're in china. there. there is no enforcement of copyright or patent laws, so they have to survive the fastest and most agile can the most capitalist proofread world right now. it's funny because we'll see an ideology gl terms is countries communist countries, capitalists, the reality is we all live in
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a form of socialism. in china is actually much more capitalist. they keep certain industries like bank in under control. they don't allow banks to print currency and give it to themselves like the united states. so they keep better control, they keep oil and gas owner control with outside of that. it's the, you know, very, very capitalist system is much more capitalist in the united states, which is become very lazy. most industries are in some type of oligarchy, oligarchy type situation. and yeah, they're just running 100 miles an hour compared to the chinese mining migration out of china. i see a lot of chinese people in austin, texas, enjoying some barbecue and having a good time, we're in cowboy hats. and the question is, who owns those big coin that they're mining in austin, texas. well, they'll mind it themselves in their firms own it, and then you know, and then so what they want, i'm expecting these chinese miners with the hatchery difficulty. they've gone down
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. i'm expecting some of these miners just to start ordering big wine and actually not. so they're making so much money. you're over your disability res. no much, much lower. you don't have so many costs in a lot, you know, to find a big point. so they're just going to, you know, they can hold onto this, it's going to really drive the price of my expectation. so therefore, or it's a proxy for the c, c, p, c, p will. china will still control a sick miners. so there are still at the forefront of that is very low competition . but now the mining is out of their control. will. i don't think they're going to bring it back. i mean anytime soon, but i do expect sooner rather than later, probably of 2020 to 2023. you'll start allowing chinese to own between again and more. most importantly, we just talked, we're talking about 47 trillion and training saving. that's going to have the potential now to go overseas and built the world in money that overseas the chinese
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with the overseas money now are also going to be a little bit. so what that face. yeah, let's follow up on that because that headline you re tweeted and talked about it the f t asked in their headline, what happens if chinese household wealth is unleashed on the world so that the tone is kind of negative. they're saying watch out. this is basically, we're going to have to compete for goods and services, and that is going to cost us a lot more. so what will be, what do you see as the downside to this? obviously if they have $45.00 trillion dollars and americans are going to have to compete with them for durable goods and cars and, and other goods and services, it could obviously price us out of the market. will there government allow them? what will the government allow the spending to happen overseas? i think we've talked about the kind of chinese economic technology military.
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this is going to be the 4th leg of the stool. chinese power lower, which is finance. they're now letting people in change in and one joe, which has 70000000 people in a lot of savings. they're starting let them increase from $50000.00 overseas investments a year to $150000.00 investment. going to do it step by step when there's going to be waive the money in the trillions of dollars. they're going to come out of china and go global. so you're going to talk your talk lation. you're talking about countries on the world. now they're going to need the f, b i, you're talking to a natural basement of the us dollar. i mean, we basically can't depreciate quick enough with or spending and everyone's china, russia created, alter as the swift, the days of the dollar we've talked about years ago. the rise of the r and b, that's going to happen. you got china, world's largest predator roles, largest trading nation worlds, large company,
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built in role. everyone's going to be looking for change their r and b, right? the prominence and chinese foreign exchange in strengthen. and that's just going to strengthen the economy, going to have so much more money to invest when there are and be that $7.00 to $1.00. it's a 3 a one and they're going to able to double their foreign direct investment. they're going to control large swath of the global economy. so chinese gdp, trailing 12 months was up 18 percent. the us was, i think it was less than one percent, and that's mostly us sending them our stimulus jacks than yeah, this is, we should learn this 10 years ago. when we had the banking crisis, we printed all the money and we saw china who, they were literally overheating. the ports are chock full of containers from china and you literally can unload them. fastenal, there is very little, you know, with, with the end of our manufacturing base. and also most importantly, the money printing that we've done in the u. s. that has destroyed all market price
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and signals, and it's then all the factories out of the country. so now we just had, our companies are basing warehouses for chinese product. so this is just getting worse is gotten worse. polls can demick change suppliers can, can, i can't even keep up there. shortage is that everything all over the goal and global a current economy is completely unbalanced right now. right. and of course, you know, what we're talking about here is like the big coin minors pick up and they could move to complex than or to the america, texas wherever. but you know, what about in these last few moments here? what about the other way? like, are americans ever going to be able to move their to china and set up shop or find jobs and participate in this booming economy? well, you know, i lived there, i lived there 20 years. i was executive in fortune 500 companies. before i started my own businesses, chinese economy been pretty open for foreign companies. you're. you're made
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hundreds of millions dollars. even before the snowden, revelation guys like cisco, are making $100000000000.00 until they were found to be working with all the security until the agency. so general motors, so 3 cars in china, hurry, carly, sonya stage. we've talked about as well. so mass of money to be made in china, if you do it right, if you do it wrong and you don't know what you're doing, you lose money and you go out of business and you blame china. i've seen that time and time again. so china, the economy is still open, although they're going to be independent. they're not, we saw with the tree or issues in the tech or issues. they're not going to be reliant anymore on foreign suppliers. they're going to have their own indigenous development to make sure they don't get out of the technology and almost by james. so down last a few seconds here. what do you think is there is the hot war on or off? could that happen anytime soon than ever? it's something that we never thought, you know, 5 years ago,
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we never thought that happened. but even chinese diplomats are now openly seen, will sink a carrier, australian u. k. japanese, they won't start with the u. s one, but they'll think a battleship if it gets too close to taiwan. china has complete control of the south china sea now with their island building. they've got this will loaded on it . we're more in danger of a hot or in east. so trying to see that we have been since we were to ask, not a solution. i was look kind of what's going on over there. you bring in as it gets worse, and worse was the last time we're talking, dan, i can't. and next time we'll be speaking my niece and i was going to do for the sedation of kaiser report with me macs kaiser, safety harbor, and wanna think, i guess, dan collins until next time by the me ah ah,
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your body literally can strengthen its like your brain become kind of a muscle with movement. you're not just drinking your why stuff, you try that. you are literally strengthening the connection. you're in fact, in certain areas you're actually growing. stimulating the growth of brand new brain cell. yeah, the good o d 15. always nice number didn't pull the one where you know, because you don't, i don't, i don't good down the phone that of all used to know 40 only and then i get the like, i mean it was that i didn't find me, but most of it on the front of it,
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we can just talk to the one for the middle who was still nice with those who knew all along. plenty puzzled initials could kill me the me the news
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