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join me every thursday on the alex simon show, and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the time now for another of our summer solutions. we look at the solutions and not the problem, isn't that great? well, next, either we're joined today by dan collins. he is financial analysts, market analyst with an expertise on china. he lived there 20 years as an auto executive and entrepreneur and just cool guy. and dan, welcome to summer solutions. he agreed to be that the only way
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de might have used a few more hurdles before taking that lived the capital steps. but that was did one of the stops in the last 24 hours was you've been very dramatic for the democrat delegation of the texas legislature with this singing of the inspirational him. now this is just one part of the stuff they are doing to try to stop the vote on the election integrity bill happening today in texas. but have their well publicized travel been in vain as the texas senate still planned to take up s b one over you. the $360.00 view and tv news ratings are at an all time record low. we're going to tell you who is winning this race to the bottom. as boring new cycles have produced small audiences for parts and media, and desperate to cry from opposition a much desired a pipeline. well, we completed it right now on schedule, but will the by demonstration, try one last move to stop it when chance um, or go visit the white house this week. we're going to bring you the latest scott, you know, use in your watching news use use. right here on our to america,
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let's get started. ah, 2 days before the tech house representative was expected to give early approval to new voting restrictions in a special legislative session, democrats decided there was going to skip town. they bolted to washington dc on monday, stopping lawmakers from being able to vote on the bill in the house of representatives . archie correspond natasha suite has more on the southern move. texas governor greg abbott says state law makers who fled to d. c to revolt against election laws could be arrested. 21st century. jim crow sold is real. its own re land. we're going to challenge it figures private planes carry more than 50 democrats without masks left austin for dulles international airport monday democrats. they, they plan to remain in dc for weeks and
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a 2nd revolt against the g p. overhaul of election laws. forcing a dramatic new showdown over voting rights in the u. s. and according to some of the democrats who left the claim, that's an attempt to save democracy. republicans are rushing through new anti voter bills in the house and the senate through marathon hearings over the weekend last it all night 24 hours. that republicans argue the measures would actually extend voting hours and make it even easier to vote. texas governor greg abbott saying the move won't cause him to back down. first, i will tell you what the house represents can do. the speaker can do is issue a call to have these members arrested. in addition to that, however, i can and i will continue to call special session after special session after special session all the way up until election next year. but the partisan divide continues to grow as vice president come. all. harris applauds the efforts of texas democrats and i applaud them standing for the rights of all americans.
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and i'll text express their voice through their vote unencumbered. but the democrats, p. d. c. for a reason, they're hoping to pressure congress into passing legislation at the federal level superseding what could be decided on by states when republican lawmakers tweeting heated remarks against democrats as a state house. lux corum meaning no vote can take place in the state legislature with the absence of these law makers, governor abbot says the focus of the security concerned over fraud actually originates from a federal judge originally appointed by former president rock obama reporting for news use hughes and hot suite r t. so i'm going to give a $3060.00 view of this issue and bring a democratic commentator. jana, rona, thanks for joining me. my pleasure. gave me okay, good on this. so, you know, we look at this, you know, considering what we've seen originally coming out of this trip. we saw this mask list beer picture on a private jet. and all of the various antics got being put on by different
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legislators to draw attention. and they're putting on their own social media is do you think this was actually a smart move for the democrats in texas to hold up this bill? well, there's no question that on both sides are some theater going 9. they're both sides are trying to gain the advantage with the american public. the fact the matter is that these allegations of widespread voter fraud are an absolute fiction. the anecdote, the gold stories about whatever the voter fraud made it is. yes, it are so small. there is no widespread voter fraud, that's a fiction created by the republican party. and it's a fiction created by them in an effort to try to restrict the rights of people to exercise their democratic rights. and that is to vote in, so it's not just texas, it's georgia, it's multiple other states mostly in the south. some in the mid was that are doing the same thing all lead by republicans. so there really is no voter fraud. it's laughable to suggest that there was, and this is a fraud, perpetuated by the former president trump to this day and while he was in office.
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but that's the thing and i can understand where the frustrations can come. today. joe biden, however, went on call this, the big lie that's actually with training right now. this big lie that is being perpetuated, pushed by the trump, the trump former trump, people trump himself. but that being said is keeping it in the news, keeping people talking about it and with what the democrats have done in texas right now, did they not just give their adversaries within the texas legislature? the best campaign material possible because obviously they're making some small, but they're being very much big p r mistakes and you're putting beer on a private jet. you're going mass close at the same time, you're telling people they should wear math, they're making some very small mistakes. they're obviously giving the republicans a lot of material. well, there may be, but there's a very important principle here and that's the universal right of all citizens of this country to be able to vote. and as i mentioned earlier, the republicans are trying to restrict that across the board. it isn't just something that they're doing in texas right now. they've been doing it so there are tempting to do it and have been successful in many respects over the last 20 years
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. so the fact that matter is it is a big lie. there are, there is very limited instance of voter fraud in this country just insignificant. the fact matter is we're a big country. we have hundreds of millions of voters and you are going to see some minor fraud and things that nature along the way. but that just goes with the with the flow. the fact is, it's not widespread, it's not universal. it's not having any effect on the outcomes. of elections, what will have it outcome on elections is restricting and reducing the right of citizens to vote. and that's what could undermine the very principles, the democracy itself, democracy itself. and that's what's at stake here. well, obviously, you know, when the founding fathers set up the actual constitution how the voting precincts worked, they wanted each state to make their own decision hits while you're seeing the individual legislations. but you do have bite and press around the bottom. it's fresh and pushing this for the people act. and democrats are saying they should be something put across the board a career. this would take a, basically a federal overtaking of election law. do you think that's actually
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a good move right now? concerned that's exactly opposite of how this country was set up. they wanted to stay to be able to make the rules for their own communities. well listen, you know, sometimes when they go back to the, the original and can't of the congress that existed in those days in the world, the people, the fact is worn evolving democracy and everything changes. i mean, look, they didn't have electronic voting in those days. they didn't have electricity in those days, and so to, to certainly compensate for a far more complex society. the voting rules have to evolve as long as nobody is left out of their left out of the marketplace. in other words, their ability to vote. and so to suggest that because in 1790 or 180 one, the rules were different does mean that we can't be a more enlightened nation and create new rules to make it easier for all citizens of this country to vote with, without regard to partisanship. well, let's look at specifically what these, the different legislation is going on, whether it be in charge or texas. republicans say that all they're doing is they
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found the loopholes and they're tightening them. and they're saying things like, you know, having these undock all the documents that have to be actually certified, that you have to have ballads that are actually looked upon. rather democrats are saying, yeah, but that's restricting very actually in texas. the legislation says they want to prolong ours put more voting districts out there. so what specifically do democrats have? i don't know if there's a, necessarily new legislation in any of it. i think they're just trying to find these loopholes and tightened them, which goes along with motor id bill. so where is the democrats problem with this, where they thing in, is it the same across the board that the states are trying to restrict voting well the back to matter is the voting proposal in texas really does restrict the right of the people to vote. it's eliminated drive through voting, it's eliminated same day registration. it's eliminated all the other things that encouraged people and made it easier for people to vote. it should be easy for people to vote and it should be fraud free. but the fact the matter is, republicans can't look you or me, or anybody in the face and say,
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we're really trying to expand voting rights. really what they're trying to do. they've been trying to do it for 20 years and they've been pretty successful. is denied to people, primarily people of color and other minorities, the right to vote. because historically they vote in larger number for democrats. that's what's at stake here. the universal, right, of all people to be able to vote freely without interference, without restrictions that make it difficult to do so. well, i want to bring in the vase for a host of eat the press on your who's, how to cover a lot of these voting issues in these elections over the years. steve, we're going to the $360.00 view on this. when you're looking at what's going on right now, in case of the democrats are getting are winning in this because guess what? we're talking about the antics of the individual legislators right now. we're actually not talking about the bill itself. so well, who is winning in this fight and was this is smart p r move and how's the media taking it? well, i got to tell you to their credit. and chris cuomo of all people was one of the 1st people to bring up. the really said irony here when he confronted one of these texas legislators who came to washington and escaped his own state or her own state,
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as the case may be. they are use their the minority and they're using a loophole. they're using in effect kind of a filibuster to stop legislation that they disagree with by leaving and preventing a boat, they're doing exactly what they say that the has to stop in the u. s. senate which has been going on for 100 years. so there's, there's are, and some of the media, like i say, cuomo and others are in fact pointing that out. so that should, should not be lost on anybody that, that they're doing exactly what they say. they, they want stop in the u. s. senate, as far as you know, by now already. so what joe biden said today was a disgrace that this is jim crow. you know, that's, that's, that's like that is the horrific. that diminishes what jim crow was. and you know, when it comes to voter id and all that, look at the latest polls look at the polls forever. it used to be all black, black,
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can't get ideas. some of them don't have ideas, it's not fair to black. every, every necessity. every demographic favors voter id in this country. now they've shifted to, oh, if you wait on line. 8 you can of water, you won't be able to wait on. you can bring water. they can have a poll if someone was in a partisan viewpoint, bring water to the line. it's just so such misinformation a disinformation, i get a bass buyer, americans know. and by the way, the supreme court said that the arizona law that was passed is constitutional. they're all constitutional. so even if they were to pass this in the us senate and it was signed by the president, that bill would be unconstitutional. you can take voting away from the states and give it to the better government jan. i will give you the last word on this. you know, governor abbot is threatening to arrest these legislatures legislators when they return, as he stated, you know, whatever bad p r a damage that has been done by this. if abbot does arrest them,
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does that not make them martyrs in this situation? obviously they can, they can definitely game gain ground with that. well, as i mentioned at the start of this show, there's a lot of there's a lot of, you know, theater here and everybody's kind of jockeying for position of, i don't know who's going to be the winner and who's going to be the loser. but if in fact they try to arrest 50 democratic legislators from texas, i suspect they might be perceived not as martyrs in the joan of arc, you know, methods are certainly martyrs and that effort to try to advance the voting rights of all people in this country. well right now, kama harris said their heroes. republicans don't see, and they just see, is it actors in political theater? we're going to let the people decide because all of these folks will actually be on the ballot here in the near future. janice, steve, thanks for joining us, steve. we'll catch you later on in the show room to pipeline linking. germany and russia is set to be finished by the end of august. the project has created tension within the united states and european allies and is sure to be a topic of discussion when german transferring to merkel visits the white house on
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thursday. we'll have this show. 6 at this story and more right after the break, the ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings accept where's the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great track, rather than fear i would take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with demon a robot most protects its own existence. was
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the good. oh, do you know it, uncle? nice number. no, but when we get home, i don't, i don't gonna don't go down the phone that i'll use enough 46000 there. i guess it looks like i need it there. that i think we're pretty much finding out if i can get some of it today. we can just took a look at the middle initial group with those who knew
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all along the plan. the puzzled initials give us a peculiar use. ah . okay. so the ever hated something that was actually good for you. there were like, when you were a kid, brussel sprouts are even going to the dentist while the mainstream media is feeling the pain of president trump being out of office. as part of media is seeing a dramatic drop in viewership. since they're a subject of contempt is no longer an office, but does this mean people are no longer paying attention? so this is a nother network employee has been caught on tape avoiding questions about why a director who admitted his network purposely downplayed stories about black on asian crime because they had stepped back to black lives matter movement was still with a network regarding how partisan that company actually could be discussed to bring
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in our own media analyst and how to beat the prestige miles or thanks for the rain . joining us back today, you know what you're a man of expertise and lots of subjects, especially when it comes with different. and i want to start with this james, i'll keep project project veritext video, the latest one that came from this past weekend at the concert of action, political committee in dallas. and they were, he was trying to get answers regarding why some ethnic groups were given protection over others. so why has the, has a media pulled out most pull on story selection? and today's news rooms, do you think, is it ratings? agendas? are the actual information themselves? i don't think there's one blanket answer. i don't think you can generalize it. think it depends on the outlet. and certainly when it comes to the, the mainstream media cable news, cnn m s n b c. those kinds of places. it's absolutely an agenda.
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i have never seen journalism tossed out the window. as a matter of fact, i don't know this and i have no clue. but if you told me it was now policy at c n n that you had to have the opinion that everyone else has on the lab. and you had to give a commentary up to every newsmaker in a newsmaker interview or story. i wouldn't be surprised cuz that's exactly what they're doing. so i think it's, it's agenda driven. obviously it's not rating driven at c n n, for instance, because they've lost more audience in any other network. i mean they're, they're struggling to make the 1000000 in primetime. so all they do is the big lot, the big why the big lie and it's like, you know, your head go to explode. so it varies, but it's so agenda driven. so agenda driven. well, one thing that changed the site as part of did bring up is this idea there seems to be a lack of accountability for co behavior in newsrooms. and that's almost every network
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that we're seeing. people being able to return, who in the past have been found to be very at fault for behaviors. why do you think that is? do you think this is that, is this how it's always been for those on the outside looking in, or is there a new reason now that if you, as long as you believe it a certain way as your management, you get to stay around. i mean, you may be referring to jeffrey toobin, you know, who is god masturbating on a on a company call. not a see an in call. but he worked for the new yorker and they were having a meeting, and he got caught, and new york fired him, which i think is appropriate. cnn suspended him or game a leave and then they rehired them. so i don't know what look along with the lack of journalism or the end of journalism or the dying of journalism standards go out the window to and you know, if, if zocker who runs c and n, j joker has an affinity for, for, for the jeffrey toobin, or in any situation where the top management says, always not a bad guy. she's not
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a bad girl. let's forget what she did, but i'll tell you what. if, if the person know is guilty, i won't say exactly what he did. again was on fox. you'd have cnn hammering away, hammering away, hammering away at the fact that they've brought this person back. what's wrong with them? no more of those scruples. so again, it's all idea logical. now it's all tied up in ideology and the war one station against the next one network against the next. and we've never seen anything like that. and i don't think they, with the management stations realize what happens when you keep those people on your air. how much discredits the actual good people who are working really hard, have a good work ethic of what they're doing as well. but sometimes there's employers. hands are tied in their situation. it's always up to management. talking about management, we would look at the ratings and usually that's something that manager usually goes by. they've dropped considerable since president trump left office. so do you think that actually means that citizens are paying less attention to what is going on in the world around them? by the way, if 2 of tubing had his hands tied,
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there would have been no problem bump on. but i did a good job up there. not purposely no look at the ratings down so much because they were off so much. i mean, what we saw, especially because many a comparing these ratings from this time last year, year over year or from the beginning of the year when trump left office, what we saw was divided country a passionately divided country. and the end, the fox had their viewers in the news masses and all the conservatives, they were overflowing and the cnn trumpeters, emmis, nbc, all of them, they were overflowing. now trump's gun and it's like okay, you no harm, no back to the way it used to be. that's up to say that if trump runs again or we're not, let the next to the midterms, midterms next year, i think you'll see a real pick up the in, in ratings. i don't think it needs people don't care. i just think it means that they've taken a little break because in their minds there's not
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a lot going on. well and steve, i think you and i can both agree or any person can agree whether they supported trump or not. that the one thing that president trump did well with any actually live for was actually holding on to the media circus. he actually wanted to be a part of it. he enjoyed controlling the headlights and controlling the narrative. if ratings are so bad, do you think we might, to this re emergency already kind of thing about about when he spoke, we had different rallies. he started to do this obsession that happens from the networks both positive and negative. if trump decides to write a 2016 and is that something he's counting on, but he can control that narrative again, whether it's bad or good. he may be counting on it, but you know, you even got fox that does didn't carry so much from speeches. now, if you were to run, i'm sure they would, but if you were to run would cnn. maybe if you became the nominee, they'd have to. but you know, he's only tied to it is already talked about the big lie. let's back check them and will bring you highlights what i don't think they would run his campaign speeches.
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so excuse me. it's not going to be the same as it was, but if they're smart and if they are ratings driven, they will cover every single word that donald trump says. all of them will. well, i think this will be very telling to see what, who's more important to, to the news networks. is it actually the viewers and what information that they need if they trust viewers, or if they actually care about their own agendas and actually want to make sure that their agenda is pushed 1st on that one. it's very interesting when you look at the steve and going into this idea of the big like bringing back from the segment before i want to make sure that people understand that we always here in our key. we bring you the straight truth, but we actually trust you make your own decisions. and so we have very people like steve on just with me. thank you so much for joining me. thank you. thank you guys . was going to be the end of august soon at that point, the north stream to the pipeline leaking, germany and russia is set to be finish. now this has created some tension amongst the united states and european allies, and you can guarantee when german chancellor merkel visits the white house on
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thursday. it will be a topic of discussion larkey that peter oliver brings is this story and more from berlin. the man in charge of the nord stream to gas pipeline. my tears vondik says the project should be finished with the construction phase by as soon as next month . it will then take around 3 months after that for them to get certification in place as well as safety checks to be carried out. then the pipeline will be ready to start taking gas from the gas fields of siberia, all the way to northern germany. on the baltic sea and then on towards the rest of western europe. the project itself had been delayed by at least a year and a half in cost untold millions due to us sanctions for president donald trump pod being vehemently opposed to the project. in fact, he wanted the new to buy more us liquefied natural gas,
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or l n g. the today though, is the cost. it costs a lot more money to ship thought across the atlantic, and then develop the facilities needed to re gasser fi that l n g, before it can be used than it does to pipe gas directly from russia under the sea, straight into germany, joe biden. the current us president, also not a big fund of node stream to, but he put things in place to remove sanctions against the company behind it. essentially allowing the project to go ahead. there are some stumbling blocks. they still, when it comes to know what stream to, and germany and the united states and the, you and the united states and all of that relationship, the major stumbling blocks revolt around ukraine. the u. s. estimates that the ukraine earns around $3000000000.00 from gas transit fees as its role as a big part of the, of the european union gas trends that infrastructure,
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that's the money ukraine make for allowing pipelines to be on its territory. the current deal that russia has with ukraine to allow gas to move across its territory . it expires in 2024. this concerning key f that's not stream to may be used to ukraine out of the gas transit experience out of the gas transit infrastructure system. russia says it has no intention of not trying to renew that contract with ukraine. there's still no movement on that as of yet. so german chancellor anglo merkel will be talking about this when she arrives in washington d. c for meetings with president joe biden on thursday. head of that meeting on thursday. meetings here. lynn with the cranium president, florida me as lensky jury not meeting the german chancellor pointed out that you, those sees it is the concern. i mean that you create that ukraine has and the
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ukranian president house when it comes to node stream to she did also say that it's highly unlikely that meeting with joe biden on thursday would solve all of the problems that the us have with nord stream to german chancellor of course, is certainly going to be putting forward the german point of view on this and not it's pretty simple. germany, me, the gas, if we look at why it needs this gas, a lot of that down to angular medical and policies that she puts in place over the years of her tenure in the, in the counselor here in berlin. next year. the last nuclear power plant in germany will stop operations, and in 2038 the left coal fired power station will also stop operating as it stands . it is gas that is being used to take up the slack. in fact, how much gas? well, an awful lot of it coming from russia in the 1st half of this year alone. supplies
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of gas from russia to germany, going to 43.4 percent. germany's often referred to as the economic powerhouse of europe. the thing is that power house needs power, and at the moment that power is coming from gas gas imported into germany, from russia for news view hughes on off the america on peter oliver in berlin. like always thanks for watching and see you later. ah ah, is your media a reflection of reality? the in a world transformed what will make you feel safe for the
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tycer relation community? are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is truth is faith in the world to corrupted you need to defend the so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows? ah, when i would show the wrong. why don't i just don't the rules? yes. to see out the thing, because after an engagement equal betrayal, when so many find themselves well, the parts we choose to look for common ground in
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the injecting some pressure into efforts to vaccinate people against coven governments, and companies around the world's release. controversial ad promoting vaccines. that's the key to unlocking normal living could. it's what society down the middle we debate the issue. you're going to create a society. they just choose not to have it. they're creating their own apartheid for those who need the back season. so you should be happy to say it, but if it is not working, if there is 11 word that can explain it, it's great. the world health organization slams wealthy nations for driving up vaccine disparity around the world, calling on producers to.


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