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one and along concurrent crises, events that happen every few years. i don't you know, this has been going on for, for decades. ah. not the right one. i'm going to send thanks for joining me. taking over at the top now it's don a quarter stop by a bit later us me off. i join me every 1st on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me she simply is in a ball, judy. she didn't know. deland simply a little slow,
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letting them go along. i was going to go and see me when you have a week or 2, if you call me at. and they walked through the level of, excuse me and did the spelling, let me know which company was going to look at when you get closer to glued with the machine are still still working with you on the list that he spoke with me. and i'll start with you soon, this new show which we have seen the ship when joe of new people, especially up to the animal. does that mean for us? let me really do what i can assist you with. let me know when you want them delusional response. within the city will alpha but city me from when i
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go to the to human division, i deal with the goals. we both don't need to support the support was your name, which is similar in the morning when we felt it goes some more just to meet with me and there was you know, presenting my usually you might get the when the 2nd plane tickets in. if you look at being that you me better my way to distinguish to me to meet him. this was whispered, she's got me to put something up as to be able to do it to show me what
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she wouldn't wish. luka, let me make sure you really don't need to do me a little brother with me. isn't that what you're going to follow louis sale's excavation with coastal global. ready plaza, switching for weight abusing. would you believe my still stable to say i want them to deal with lloyd built them with the 4 of them. we wanted to work with the listening while i'm gospel. assume yours. you know, as it sounds to me, which is this similar feeling what a lot of this also. so when you
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tell them what did you go to jelly, what 3 you really put on the break and giggling you forget you get to the bottom. you might get into the syllabus all frequently. so i'm just looking for one, this demolish mucous as you go yes. something going to go up when you get a fee to go is what it is. yeah. you should be able to let you measure what, what the, what is, what's your goal, what we show up
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with all your why militia feeling you want to be the last name so you can just continuously present whatever the invoice team will reset. it looks like it might look
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on something like the junior so though you mean they usually when a boom is really able to vote on don't nope, on the modem. and he's going to come with me a series of loose and put a block that goes with them. and you want to figure out what the what will you will they're jealous enough of lip and help me a little bit after that just action. janice, sort of issue for me. the old him. somebody in the
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new york. okay. so look at the corner. feel. this'll just loosely lucas, you know city unless you me a leo of vision up a little thing. luckily the me recently a failing the reach the cdo list, i have no blue human stall. if one of the mental, typically the chemical waste illusion this little thing with burst, anything really, all of your cook at the will say up when your mother was the children you like to get to you can you, can you hold on just simply a little bit longer, i love you. what was the one that was like i was so someone should be another because you're going to register them at some point, you're still still won't watch your lordship schedule book. you
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know, in this particular book, in your life when you sell it that different. sure. he knew it wasn't because somebody soon grew stickler was this must be pro you will sure agreement. there's a glitch. 30 minute or phone with this, with me. this 30 meter you will you be the most critical on it, but it also goes also the deal with this. of course, you can, you do more that you and they should scream people when you need and you want to move. this one came from just shifts analysis show really, which was long. so to me, to remind you that the wor, no, i, you know,
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the bottom line is just when we cooks it, specialist less. if we knew she cares. napoleon louis bertha, which was which you from the military. ah, i don't really know me go to say, don't just do guerrero g w that he's led to believe it or not a good was what he could get. there was a blue depending upon the let me just go there was a genius. this new mile, 2 of them the do we need a football so that when you move into a little movie, you have to go to the new choice. the facility will be multiple tale and system
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that the book able to look at jim's to see if there's yes because all we could james on the go and you get them. we mostly with a casual mama on my fellow who is the bonus track of you progress for your mouth. oh, you must go deployed. bob. bob with the with the blue because he wasn't actually christine and lisa just printed in color. just right there we go. what's the thing you so much? you will be just so we still saw the figure. let me give it,
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give me when you go live it when it was just the boat lose. lose. lose. lose me 20 so sure. if i'm still the committee sooner so and all what she's human break escaped, you know, was nic room. it was me. so if you could assume the solution you forward from doesn't do not need to know ship democrats to kill just mr. like you, she'll, she'll took
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me nimble newish, initially you got a little bit of national identity, especially going back and tells me to go to go to new levels which will teach who still converting machine learning. when will tackle deal is going to show you the volume alley and those are coming up in the literate, his lawyer, those a little bit. but i want to see your friend is really on the video for conventional mobiles much do we need to move. good news, the still use merch, i'm going to assume your cash flow look all
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the when i would show the same wrong when i just don't rule out the same because the attitude and engagement equals the trail went through many find themselves. well, the part we choose to look for common ground, be the machine of the lawyer, another. we cannot hold any progress was left over legend, but gloomily who will go over with you from under the lake. just
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below it is you haven't missed it. only pity of that. the little boy eagerly got something mostly i'm usually one minute jim. so i want to keep it to the menu on the video level, you're getting the another video up and all you need to do some push video with me. let me, let me get you speech. just syllabus. even though you shift it to me, it will do to mr. poland. he doesn't tell us because of the profile. if they have a script me junior pollution, you lose both players and using you could shoot them. yeah. movie to the lower grip
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on the, on the financial young hoody and the museum right. using the menu beautifully. you don't know, it's almost unique that ultimately she death which unless a roof with them, which you need to know. and you don't know if you've been with louis watson, my lord, let me go, thought she ticklish, beating up the new ones. here too. it goes along with mister sharp. lilian show me up with you for the national role of the content on business man. what was going to a little bit, look at my computer, your middle venue for you so much you own the modem for this, for one with us. you more than just the motion to do
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with us? would you join the regional national brush? i'd say that before then is ation internet speed. yes or no. more technical, it's pretty confirmed that he only if they have to come out when you talk to me, you can always pulling up the phone with him when you when you send me come and you know my supports from from, from chris. i'm pushing you. i'm also still would you be able to get the logo or least rules apply? i didn't go to the same level system not dish already with climate physician that works with us. i mean we just extract before the door
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stolen, easiest and screw up. i don't want to be listening for the doctor and if i have an issue with any extra do or don't show me yet to me still really put something we should go in there was a movie. yeah. i ah, when you ruin them when it has no food combining with you from you, nor else store when you book and can give to discontinue and ship them of which you love to live the the he and i lose you physically 50 percent of the cool
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mississippi, and then i'll let you know of shuffles when you're of those you know, with people using shipment that was just on the school. yeah. this is what you may be mr. you need us to christine, there's a number of simple which won't jump on possibility. mute on your computer. yeah. but you don't get too much, doesn't you get me and was doing some follow up with years of not still know you come to me when you think of senior citizen. so he, fortunately the, let me just let me grab lou. good my, just what it was i was someone was in your motel position. you already we while you wait with dish because she was
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on the show called faculty. my mom, when you mom was in the customer to go for the person who was mobile when you, when you took munitions which is well the only other quickly, you know, the last the that you would see that you know that like you, you think you could she could have been looking to, she could you feel, can you see machine or to do it can finish to when you will be so many was shown
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well enough to do the job you're good to. so i just wanted to talk to you to do it that i wouldn't be on simone visually. and christina will stay on the bus, which we do keep track of which was totally me of gwinnett was one of the boys of them. the boys, me another for when you thought that the source of the month of jim's to me and i suppose they say i will go with them do much, you're going to use with them stress. you mean, which of these are going on with the food, even though this new tv you but your kid is pretty much that you basically you could keep them close to and you know, so yes, you can be if you wish to put your beautiful down was working with you, you you very who yells of your love for
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you. if you want to know i right me put this in a few of the corporate controller posting the syllabus, whatever the choice completed, we should meet the may. then you forget what we have with the white glove, the little cookie. i see, would you be sure of them? we should so you're still there still and you will. what will you just pull that up as soon as you can, if you will be getting it sooner than i did?
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and we kind of just to remind you should just come up one moment the performance of the what the plan is. let me if you overshoot lung or she was supposed to be deal is we need to be but it was a little thing and go over. i mean, i'd say some be affordable yet. mark, not in the or just book a book, you know, was all on the of the, all those are the, can you the most of the word and the what the, what is what they want to charge. you please listen because you do you mean the official,
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the loosely that way the way that you got like you believe the the o a b b badge guy. roughly you repeated that. did that. oh, she took all my previous, you know, with the machine forgot to submit to those guys. he
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took some of the lumens and then i just got, well i was gonna be able to eat today. unusual degree. it had sure, but your liquor will be with you because your blood pressure brace what you will level when he said no because what we bought was laid up. it's like not a bit is atlanta, but that's what that was for them to run. they deliver, it was
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a member of the lift not run with the the bill. i mean yes, i love it. is you good? the last glue that last little source that i do you do if you missed the period it was really nice. oh, my go to if you know when you the issue i remember you can land, you know i,
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can you give us your chico was my morning he's now this issue. you're getting this pulled up normally. that will come with the certificate even more with them. balloon with them getting bullied even more. it's not bad, but just of what could keep the mucus good you bought that he could do it. not only out of the sugar actually it's good. we could do a short bit live. you want to look up our style with what should we do more with glass and she did you do the news, we will go now. so before before mitigate when you're. ready saying it was why he was met and then he got to put some more
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of government in chem doozy. but it was done with when he made the normal when the your dealing with them. but i'm going to be with the fortune unfortunately with them. let me see what comes up with them that i am a simple but she will a little bit. but i'm with my light bill to soon as i the me
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you were willing, i mean, because the you me yes, i want to go to the commission. your voice, so good deal. so my lonely way of can way up the more solution only push up. remove your solution data. i the i don't do
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it. you know it, uncle. nice to number. nobody want you to do it for you don't, don't gonna don't do that. i'll use enough 40 on it. i guess if you click on that for me to give it to you from your home. gotta show the middle was nice with those who knew that to prolong upon the possible initials for this a peculiar use
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ah, injecting some pressure into efforts to vaccinate people against coven governments, and companies around the world. really controversial ads promoting vaccines the, the key to unlocking normal living. but could have split society down the middle. we debate the, it's going to create a society. they just choose not to have it. they're creating their own apartheid. those who need the backseat and see should be happy to say it, but it's solely that it is not working. if there is $11.00 word that can explain it and it's great. the world health organization slams wealthy nations for driving up vaccine disparity around the world. calling on producers to increase supplies to developing nation and come to use health regulator refuses to improve astrazeneca shop.


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