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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 14, 2021 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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the ah ah ah, ah. hello in welcome to cross top where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle. remember the great 964, a film doctor. strange love. you remember the subtitle of the film? it was how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. well, i have a 2021 updated subtitle. when it comes to the survey, one state how i learned to stop worrying and love the intel community. folks today are not feared there. adored the cross talking the security state. i'm joined by my guess,
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ray mcgovern in raleigh. he's a former c. i a analyst in atlanta. we have robert patello. he is a civil rights attorney, as well as a radio host and in lake jackson, we have daniel mcadams. he is the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity are entailed in cross roles and a fact that means you can jump in anytime you want. and i always appreciate, let me go to you 1st, re your the spoke on the program. i think when you were coming up through the ranks, we don't have to look at all of the decades, but i think you were coming up. that was all healthy suspicion of people like you in the ca. i remember the church commission and now speed up to the present. why does the liberal media adore the intelligence community so much? what changed? it's a remarkable change if you look at m s m b, c. i mean, when tucker carlson claims that he was being surveilled by the essay you had all these former bush cheney officials saying no tucker must be out of his mind. or he
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has a different agenda here. these are all on m s, n, b, c. these are all bush cheney people. ok, i mean, how did this all happen? go ahead re well, one has to understand that the media is really controlled by what eisenhower said 60 years ago now, was the military industrial complex, same media works for the rest of those. the corporate media is bought and sold is controlled by the rest of that complex. now it's the military, industrial, congressional intelligence, media, academia, think tank complex, i call it making met. now back in the day when i was working as a, there was a lot of interference with the media that a lot of people placed in the media. the church commission was in 1975 if memory
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serves and there were some steps taken. but aboard it, so one decade later, bill casey comes in under ronald reagan. bill casey becomes the director of central intelligence. and the 1st thing he says at the 1st cabinet meeting in the white house and i have an eye witness there and told me this. when we have dish out information so that everything, the american people believe is why we will have achieved our mission. bill casey, a direct quote, shared simultaneous or contemporaneously with people or the washington post. so, you know, i don't know where built case she is. now. she's probably, well, i think, i well anyhow, i don't know. we all know where he is. we all know where you don't have to say, let me go to let me go to robert here. let me go to robert here. robert, i mean, you know, i'm a conservative, you're not obviously, but i mean,
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when i watch cnn and m s m b, c. i mean, it's one intelligence official after another. i mean, where it's going, greenwald, or aaron, my k. i mean, because they would challenge these things and all i see is, is that i see these networks is just being mouthpiece for, for power and for the intelligence community. like i said, to me, just bring on glenn. when was get a different opinion. there might be healthy for the, for the audience. it might be healthy for public discussion. go ahead, robert group, or the, pull it by the name of gil scott heron, who said the military in the monetary they come together whenever necessary. and that's what we're seeing when it comes to the meeting right now, that they have their teams, they put on their jersey and whatever and, and tie the other team they are in favor of. so long as you have blood intelligence officials or anti trump, or anti conservative media, anti something along those lines, they will put them on regarding whatever else they have done. what we have to
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remember the history that the intelligence agencies have particularly progressive causes and even more particularly african american community. we can look at fred hampton, and wet pampers. you can look at the surveillance, don't change your medical back there on the 19th. so there is no great, well of trust between the children's organizations in the black community. but because so many of these media outlets are simply a anti trump outlet or anti conservative outlet. they will put on anybody who supports that worldview, whether it's anti, their own world events, my friend. but robert is that healthy for public discourse? i mean, it's a, it's all about trump arrangement syndrome, 6 months after he's left. the office is that it is that the, the, the, me, the prism in which we have to see everything here because i can't watch these other networks because they keep beating a drum. and it's, it's not in the interests of the public as matter fact. it just creates more complex. let me go to daniel here, daniel remark and what you've heard so far here because, you know,
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i get the issue of doing a song, for example. ok, which is just a blackout in the mainstream media. there's a lot of things going on in his case, but they won't talk about it. okay. but it's being this is that not just misinformation? it's just the policy of omission all of the time. go ahead, daniel. well, i think it is, you know, that the process of the media and the, and the intelligence community merging, started and has been facilitated by war if you remember. and you can go back further, i'm sure, but i would market the 1st gulf war, where you started seeing generals and other military personnel appear on cnn and appear on the other networks as experts they brought in their outside expertise and they brought it in to explain to people what was happening, of course it was colored by their affiliations. then you saw an increase in that of course in yugoslavia, more military people, more intelligence people. and now we're at the point where we're not bringing in outside experts to serve to explain military operations to civilians. you're
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actually seeing a merger between the intelligence community, the military community and the media itself together in an unholy alliance. it really is what non chomsky called manufacturing consent because the american people are against war. they have been against war. any peace candidate wins trumped, ran as a piece candidate. that's why he won. so you have to manufacture the consent. and that's what we're seeing. the corporatization of the media, the media companies being owned by companies that also make the tools of war and bringing in people the propaganda as the americans to support this foreign policy. that's unholy alliance, and that's what's creating the national security state and, you know, rate just, you were on the inside and i'm sure you still know a lot of people affiliated with the intelligence of always wanted to ask someone like yourself this question. i mean, when you, when it comes to journalists, are they afraid of the intelligence community, or do they see it as an opportunity to further their careers? or maybe it's both at the same time. go ahead,
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re you took the words out of my mouth, peter. it's both, but i have a little she very sure. been yet to prove the point. after i challenge rumsfeld 15 years ago now in atlanta, public board minute debate with him, i got a call in the low. this is anderson cooper. i have been been called in quite a start down here in atlanta. i would like to ask you on my program, but 1st i have a question. what that is reason why aren't you afraid? yeah, exactly. i understand. actually it was, it was a real high. i had done my homework. i knew that i asked the right question, have to lie a get it, and it should. you might want to try that some time. is it? well, that's how my people get in touch with you. okay. bye. no, no, don't do that. anderson. why? i haven't just call me back and i'll be on your show. do you know peter,
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that the 1st on his show why was, weren't you afraid? there's no shame in it to be afraid to keep your job. and when it comes to edison, energy cope or the air to the vanderbilt fortune, it's more than just the money is the profile and being a pretty boy on cnn. well, i mean being in the knob for is the easiest thing in the world. ok, that's the easy, you know, robert and you know, i always go after seeing in an m s and b c. now i'm going to go after fox. ok. lor ingram. i, a couple years ago i had for mercy, i, director was really, i think it was on and you know, and he was saying, well, yeah, sometimes the c a does this, you know, we talk about a read, you know, maybe guatemala. and then she asked or do they, you still do it today? and he did this bumbling act in front of her. it was really quite embarrassing for an adult man. and she just let it stand. i mean, i found out to be cowardice. i mean, it's being you, what is your answer? can you kind of elaborate, sir?
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but no, that's go to a commercial break. ok. so you know, so much as i go after the liberal media, you know, fox news is no better. go ahead, robert. or the end of the day, the whether it's a liberal or conservative media, they all have the same corporate money motive. behind the getting viewership, it's about making sure that you have to have to sell my pillow, get the sell all these other products that are being hopped on the network. and that's being done by getting viewership. think about the story that happened in international affairs. every single day that affect millions of people across the globe. and the thing about the petting, political arguments we're having in the united states media. we're talking about the genocide of the waco genesis in my march. let's estimations in haiti, america. we're talking about c r t, and whether or not patriotic to say that war song or not though they make their money by keeping up the strength to keeping us divide it, keep concentrating on the trivialities of life and ignore what's going on in the macro sphere. of the world and the longer they can keep us ignorant people's lost, the more they can fill as the sugar water and hamburger if they're trying to push
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down our throat. because that's what america medium american media is, has nothing to be true. reality is about making money. okay, daniel, last minute before we go to the break, go. well, interestingly enough, that segment you mention about woolsey on the lord show. i remember that very well, because the last thing that was said is she asked woolsey. well, we don't interfere in elections overseas, we don't over term governments overseas, do we? and he laughed and smiled and said, only against the bad guys. that's right. effect. that's right. yes. so that was the admission that we do it. of course we do it, but by definition, any country, any election, we attack overseas. well, they had it come in, they're the bad guys. well, yeah, but again, it shows that leverage level of cowardice because anyone that knows anything about american foreign policy understands i just did the problem is, is that if we do it, it's okay for some reason. and that is to be element of american exceptionalism. that is so very damaging. ok. because how dare anyone interfere in our elections.
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ok. except for the fact that it may be, it's just uses the domestic political point. ok, i'm going to jump in here gentlemen, we're going to want a short break. that's about short break, we'll continue our discussion on the security state state with r t the the the me make note board is the number t's as emerge. we don't have authority, we don't actually, the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judge. 2 governors crisis we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in our own way,
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but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenges for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we need together in hello, this is driven by dream shaped by those in me dares thing. we dare to ask me.
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ah, no, you don't do it. you know, it was nice to number didn't want, you know, you didn't. you don't, i don't don't go down there for the food that i'll use in the 40, almost in there. i guess it's like, i mean that i think pretty on the find the article, the multitude of it to get some of it to go back to your home. he just took a look of the went from the middle, who was nice with those who knew that belong to plenty also. initials for this picture.
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i welcome back to cross side. were all things considered? i'm peter lavelle. to remind you we can't, we will continue our discussion on the security state the the re, i will go back to you in raleigh. i kind of want to go back to the question i asked you in the 1st part of the program here about the fear in opportunism here. i mean, how much it does. i mean, and this is through a continuum of across time here. i mean, how much policy is really determined by the security stayed here because we, we got to kind of a glimpse of that there reached under donald trump when he resisted. ok. and he constantly resisted, but he essentially gave up almost every single time here. and then we, you know, we have the, by the administration finally withdrawing from afghanistan. good,
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that's fine. i kudos to per finally give me getting out if they actually really get out. but i mean, how much does the security state determine what policy goals are and what are the limits of power that elected officials have, for example, the president of the united states. while the president of the united states does not have complete power, the mickey met does. the deep state is a major part of the mickey met. one of the ways that the media, which is the cornerstone, the fulcrum of the deep state. the way it works is by suppressing information you may change, julian assigns before. you know, peter, but the whole case, chicken surely. it's called park. it's collapsed all. but people who read the new york times don't know it because it's been deliberately suppressed. the guy who gave the information to the f. b, i recanted his testimony,
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but no american mainstream press knows about it. nor do they know that the charge of russian hacking into the 2016 election has been completely rebuffed by the guy by the horse's mouth. the cyber security chief of crowd strike, testified 3 and a half years ago. that there was no evidence that anybody hacked it to the d and c, not the rushes at anybody. nobody knows that either. nobody knew before the 2004 re election of bush that they say it was, it was tapping into or telephone calls and all our emails because the new york times. so james rice, you know, no, it's july 2004 don't don't. it's too close to the election, please suppress that and they did for 16 months. so there you go, they suppress what they don't like the american people to know. and so it's easy to
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do policy based on lies. you know, if they go, let me go to robert in atlanta. i think all of us would agree what i hope all of our viewers would agree, the events of january 6 or a tragedy. it was a riot. it shouldn't have happened. and if people should be brought to justice, i just hope it's not political justice. a subject for a different program. nonetheless. and bringing up january 6, congress just gave the capital police $2000000000.00. the start setting up offices around the country. you know what this sounds like to me, robert sounds like the stars the. it sounds like an american version of the stars me and in an environment of deep on the police, they're giving $2000000000.00 to a police force. the didn't do its job on january 6, and i look at them, they didn't the media coverage at all. it's almost kind of like bravo, we need protection here from the, the, the, the unwashed or whatever here. i mean, i find it really extraordinary. the, another branch of the intelligence community is being established,
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extremely well funded and no one saying, don't you think this is going away away too far? i mean, it, what is it going to be parallel to the f b? i, instead of examining these agencies in their budgets, were dis expanding them. go ahead robert. well, you know, we've been in the same mindset since 911 where every time there's a problem, there's a new federal agency or fans or federal agency to, to address that every. everything is everything of the mail. we want to be a hammer. so to say with all the same thing with black, white matter and quote unquote, and people protests were conservative, wanting to send out the f, b i, and the, and other government agencies to rule out quote unquote, black. i didn't the previous to route out. and teen for groups and anti fascist group and start bringing both people and we think the influence of different infiltration in those groups. so what be what start out of people being for protests, all of a sudden pallets of bricks showed up out of nowhere. and signs and banners showed about a know where police were told to stand down out of nowhere,
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causing things to spiral out of control which ranked the type of domestic strife which is needed when you have the incidence infiltrating the mag movement on the one and, and then you have government trading, the black lab matter and, and people who been on the other end. then you get the type of social stripe, which is needed to expand the government to expand the prevailing states. they expand demanding states and going into read them freedoms. and rights were still, we still don't know the full extent to which we lost our pro freedom of identity or freedom of personal expression or freedom war papers and effects after $911.00 is going to take the other 20 or 30 years to roll that out. and while they're doing that, they're still taking more. busy and more away from that point than most americans don't have patients of freedom anymore. but patient of privacy, the more simply we assume the government resolve our we assume the government, i have a camera on our computer and on our phone that knows every where we go and everything we do and that will be a steering play for me, are going to be yeah, i agree,
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daniel the the, the thing that you brought it up in the 1st answer on this program that i asked you, is that, i mean, why should we give people more power in more money when they have a record of abysmal failure? i mean, object failure. ok, i mean, you have a police force that couldn't protect the capital, so you rewarded by x be expanding and giving it more money. look at the us military . i mean, you know, the, the war in afghanistan apparently is coming to an end, but there is no post mortem of why we had to stay there for 20 years. and why are we still in iraq? why are we in syria? there's no compensation in the, in the mass media, there is a 0 conversation about that, but these are obvious questions to ask if you want to get you, we, they want money for a month and then they want to curtail our freedoms. ok. and it, this is a spiral downward. go ahead, daniel. well, depends on how you define the term failure because i would suggest it certainly in the case of the capitol hill police, there were some great successes. there is video that exists of them opening the
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doors for the protesters to come in and share your view, peter, that people the damage things should be brought to heal for damaging things and for hurting people. nevertheless, there's plenty of evidence that they did open the door for some protesters. the capitol hill police are the perfect stars, the organization. they are the private intelligence and law enforcement. agency of the speaker of the house of representatives and the senate majority leader. the answer to no one else, but these 2 individuals, as you point out, they're expanding to other states to set up operations. they're also in the, in the middle of deploying now intelligence, military surveillance equipment that they acquired from the army that have been used enough, gaining any iraq to deploy those around washington. and guess what? it's going to go across the rest of the country to this is the least transparent law enforcement intelligence agency in the country. even less transparent than the cia they don't respond to foyer. none of their internal investigations are ever
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made public. they haven't released a minute of these 14000 hours of video that they have of the so called riots. this is the american, stodgy. this is the corporate state because they are in bed with the weapons manufacturers. they're in bed with the military. this is one of the most dangerous developments that i've seen in the entire time that i've been covering the national security state rate. from your experience to these people, these faces bureaucrats in the n. s, a c i a and the rest of the alphabet organization. do they really, truly believe they know what's best for the country? do they, do they feel that they have some kind of better insight than the democratic process? whether they do or not, they have unlimited power because there is no supervision. there is no way to check on what they do. and the people who are supposed to be in charge of oversight have turned oversight into overlook. why? because they know there's a file on ation. every one of those. now with respect to other c and the stacy,
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just let me say this. after. as snowden reveal the extent of the surveillance, we talked to all friends wolf gong smith from the spicy. he was a colonel. yeah. he said what, what do you say to say i don't mind being surveyor light have nothing to heidi. she's just, you know, mary mary polish. he said you don't get to decide what they use against true. the only way to comment is from being used against your top priorities from being caught in the 1st place. and that's it. you would benefit from being collected in the 1st place and the, the congress is cutlass. they're afraid they're afraid. and besides that, they're afraid. ok, well robert, i mean this has been a very, very depressing program here. i don't see any way out. i think we're, i think we're just being in circles here because again, a good part of the media just worshiped these these organs of security. i mean,
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i find it really, really terrifying. and just to kind of extend with ra, what we had from daniel, i don't see a road record of, of success that i mean. and robert, in your last answer, all this infiltration of all of these groups here. i mean, i remember it very well, reporting it in chicago, 968. now they've just turned it into an art form right now. it's very difficult to determine who is determining what go ahead, robert. one, appreciate that great. a german accent. i mean that so probably don't, quite frankly, but what on, on the same? no, we have to understand the nice people have a very harvey in view of the state of nature. and the idea of what people will be like without governmental oversight, no, an ovary. they believe they need to control every part of our life and to control what our children read and to control what we eat. they control what's in the waters of why they need to know what's on all of your social media on time, including your burner account. so you're going to what books in your telephone
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calls. it is all in the interest of quote unquote national security. but we have to start asking or so what nation are they securing this still the nation. we were problem with the nation that we believed in the freedom that we're supposed to have as america. is that still a thing that can happen going forward and is the only thing that the american people care about? because i think the most surveys will tell you that our commission, you'll see that people say they want freedom and security. well, we rank it, they, they're more concerned about being free from terrorism, free from crime, free from foreign interference than they are, will being free from governmental overreaching to bang out here. so i want to jump here, re, we have 30 seconds. i want to, i want you to tell my audience why you're growing a beard. 30 seconds it has to do with julian assigned. she happens to be a good friend of mine and who is actually in maximum peril right now. isn't bill marsh heavy security prison in london all because she reveal us war crimes,
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pure and simple. here look very disheveled when he was dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy in april of 2 years ago. and this is today. ok, what i want. i want people to remember that and will, when you shave your beard, will know what was good news. it's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks. so my guess in raleigh, atlanta, and in late jackson. and thanks to our viewers for watching us here, larkey. see you next time. remember across the ah. when i was shot the wrong when i was just don't the room. yes. to fill out the thing because after an engagement equal betrayal,
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when so many find themselves well, depart, we choose to look for common ground. the media, a reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safer. tyson lation, whole community. you going the right way? or are you being that somewhere which direction? what is true? what is faith in the world corrupted? you need to this end. the join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah!
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she called him a little funny and goes well among those come a little to go and see me when you have a week, when you hear me in the loom initial pathetic female spelled, i'm the one that we're going for the script and we'll get you started with you soon as you move in to when you finish the mental begin complete illusion actually done on the, on the financial young moody illusion you lose, you could shoot. yeah. when we took the lower,
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the, the injecting some pressure into assets to get people to have a job, government and companies around the world really controversial as promoting vaccines to unlocking normal life. but could let society down the middle. we debate the issues, you're going to create a society, they just choose not to have it creating their own apartheid need. so you should be sorry to say it, but if solely that it is not working. if there is $11.00 work that can explain it, it's great to was helpful organizations plans wealthy nation for driving up a boxing disparity around wild and hold on producers to increase supplies and to develop.


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