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the the injecting from prussia into efforts to get people to have coven jobs, and government, and companies around the world release a controversial as promoting practice as the key to normal life, but couldn't split society down the middle. we to base the issues you're going to create a society and they just choose not to have it. they're creating their own apartheid needs. so you should be the w h o says read if cool thing of practicing disparity thoughts, all health regulate to refrain from improving astrazeneca jobs made in india kind of yes, again, full to confronted, bring some past with another discovery of on mob grade indigenous residential school it brings a total to more than a 1000, and indigenous rights activists. going to got was the
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breaking. so i feel like i'm coming to where i'm just now right now, i'm just now i don't know if you wednesday morning with our kids national. very good choice. thank you. hello and welcome for myself and the whole team here in the starting of this, our simply ludicrous, that's how bridge some be slammed out by a top. a beer may come pressuring young people to get closer to frank scenes. although that has been a low uptake of jobs by those under starting lawmakers, a warning heineken that the commercial sends the wrong message. the
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pine can really ought to sit whether they're discriminating against loyal customers who may be, cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons. there were lots of people who can't be vaccinated and it's quite wrong, they should not be able to go into a pub and have a drink ludicrous. i'm surprised and making recommendations in other countries, given the level of vaccine hesitancy. while the comes off to british ministers reportedly dropped plans for mandatory vaccine possible to enter pumps and restaurants starting in the autumn despite what c and is a hugely successful inoculation program. with almost 35000000 ready, having received a shot barbara and fall from the only country web pro job pressure us through advertising has been ramping up. the name of the news
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i will be i will be seeing you are left to our parts. i in fact made our resorts ah, while about food here, the interest for him is trading out on it's been denounced for scare tactics and for using an actor who's actually in an age but not yet eligible for the job. australia has been suffering from vaccine supply problems on subsequently a slow pace of inoculation. critic say that makes the use of such advertising even less appropriate. well, here at r t,
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we debated issue real worry for me about this is you're going to create i to, to society. as you were saying in that package, there will be those people who com to have a vaccine for medical reasons or maybe for their own reasons, or maybe because they younger and they haven't had that vaccine invite yet. there is therefore going to be a to, to is, this is a, it is not going to create to, to the system. that's absolute. poppycock, people who can't have it for medical reasons can have a medical exemption. but if they just choose not to have it, they're creating their own apartheid. they have a duty, particularly young people now to do their bids for the rest of society, for those who need the vaccine. so you should be label law, generally, all the room numbers with ration you have been magically advised pos, about 99 percent of the population. you don't even need the 5 months back saying
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she doesn't actually work. they don't stall transmission. i'm just putting i suggest you check the wells roll bar war. i guess you stop spreading misinformation and face new jersey. you get behind this when you say people don't need it. we've just had now 50 deaths today, certain countries and about eric's going to go back. lots of young people are going to be so not going to be able to get back to him to be 10 days. now. installation our ridiculous decision by the government to allow them to go in the 1st place. we do not believe in compulsory vaccination. anthony is right in the people who are most vulnerable at the elderly and those with clinical need. we vaccinated them. i think there is a very big question over whether young people should have this faxing at all. and the reason for that is actually most young people will get cobit that recover. they'll be no long term sequentially. we need to say enough is enough,
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and this is about personal choice and responsibility. i think that's one of the point that i want to make. there are now $20000.00 desks from flew a year. we have absolutely no immunity to any other disease at the moment. and if we continue like this, we're going to see more tests for many of the condition. those will define young people. david, define young people. do you want me, anyone onto the age of 40 should think very hard about whether they want vaccines. 7020 year old tooth off me whether they should be vaccinated on said to them, i'm not sure it's in your interest because the thing about medicine is the 1st rule of medicine is do no harm. very experiment seems cool or when there's absolutely no need for talking about healthy people. we've seen the call of a of dogs crunch a certain certain suddenly we start again. so for the, for the more because they wouldn't say we government's agenda. if i was city always
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mandatory. i could go sort of operate on a referendum, but we have got a panel and democrat them at the moment gentlemen. i don't know about you. i'm double back, so don't know where the david bullies phone followed his own. involve whether he has been to move x. he has good. young people have a duty, they should get vaccination as well. no one's talking about coercion. no one's talking about monday tree jobs. but if you know, people want to have a full in active life, big coming anyway, actually we should be encouraging those people. certainly, i've a 40 to make sure they have a vaccine. i would like younger people to have it as well. but i do believe in personal choice in liberty, we don't believe in compulsory vaccination, but what we do need to do is to get brittany back on track. while not topic the sun looks to be setting on the holiday hopes of millions of people vaccinated with the asters and a good job. although the shore has the general approval of e. u regulators, batches made in india, haven't been given the green light. you may think that all vaccines that have been
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given the green light by the world health organization and all the major bodies would be treated the same around europe. however, if you will, getting an astrazeneca vaccine, it may be worth while checking where it was manufactured. because if it was one of those that is being produced in india, it may not comb with the benefits you think it does. now, some european states including france, and it's really say they won't accept travelers who have been vaccinated with astrazeneca doses manufactured in india. as it stands. it depends on where you want to go in europe. whether or not you're indian manufactured vaccine will be accepted for entry here in germany, along with 14 other countries in europe. you're good to go anywhere else, including france, italy, denmark, at a raft of all the human states. you face being turned away. that's despite the job being backed by the w. a joke, and the vaccination given as part of the un kovacs program. people who will already
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suspicious of vaccines will become even more suspicious. they could also lose trust in public health messages from governments, and be less willing to comply with covey rules by not accepting vaccinations approved by the world health organization. the un health authority says these nations may well be putting global vaccination programs at risk. such moves are already on the mind in confidence, in life 7 vaccines that have already been shown to be safe and effective effect in uptake of fractions and potentially putting billions of people that twist health experts are struggling to find the logic in some countries. refusal to accept jobs made in india. you can just cut off countries from the rest of the world indefinitely to exclude some people from certain countries because of the vaccine they received is wholly inconsistent. because we know that these approved vaccines are extremely protective. astrazeneca have said that they've now submitted the paperwork to the european medicines agency for their production facility in india.
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but when forthcoming and why taking so long as it stands, it falls to individual countries, which vaccines. they will accept the entry in which ones they want, but how people meant to know which ones will be accepted, where and whether the job they got thinking it would bring them a little more freedom will do just that. are all the decision for the you to make, because we know that the quality assurance of vaccines wherever they are manufactured is a very high quality in relation to the astrazeneca vaccine that was manufactured in india. it's approved for use in the united kingdom. it does suggest that we do need better harmonization processes. we know that the medicine, the medicines and health care regulatory agency in the u. k. is very well thought of and is able to properly validate the vaccines. and it,
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it does seem a bit odd that the european medicine agency isn't sufficiently confident about that decision. it doesn't feel that this is something is based on science. and it's interesting that we're not getting much of an explanation as to why is this happening. and it seems to me to be something that's, that has a tinge of politics about it. how are we going to ensure safe travel across europe and across the world? if we're going to start to get very picky about what the vaccine will patches of vaccine have been used and where the vaccine, where manufactured another grim discovery and canada, more than $160.00 unmarked graves hopping located at a former school for indigenous children. and recent months, more than a 1000 such grades have been uncovered. reminder of a dark chapter in kind of past when native peoples were forcibly assimilated and
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according to indigenous rights activists, lorelei williams. this is just the tip of an iceberg. of course, this is devastating. there's a tremendous amount of grief in our communities already and they're going to be more we have. there's definitely going to be more down, you know, knocking here in this space as well. the residential schools were all over canada and all over the state. so our people are going through a lot right now. it's still heartbreaking. and i feel like i'm coming to where i'm just now right now, like i'm just now the latest discovery was in the grounds of a former digit, as residential school once operated by the catholic church, then placed under government control. now the school on an island opened in the late 19th century round for more than 18. his have been dubbed canada's albatross due to its remote location and seemed impossibility of escaping with cases of
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children drowning while trying to sleep. while this issue 1st came to global attention in may, when the remains of more than 200 children were found on the site of another canadian school, some of those had been as young 3. the institution, for its part only had 51 confirmed death on its official rec, what was just for some background to the c purpose of such residential schools had been to assimilate native children into the predominantly white european canadian culture where they were forced to abound the language and culture from $150000.00 paul through the system and total while more than $4000.00 are known to have died over a period of several decades. many children were exposed to physical and sexual abuse . lorelei williams again thinks these facilities cannot be called schools. what's been going on right now, when they're calling and residential schools?
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i really don't like the terms falls because the education wasn't. they weren't educating us there. they were been trying to farm, i sent away people. and i have so many examples of how the genocide is still happening to us to the may you know, the governments how these policy plays that don't work with us. even with the recommendations from all these inquiry, there are so many wires that have happened. none of them, none of the recommendations are taken seriously or are implemented that could work with us that could help us. and then, you know, with the media, the media is slowly coming on board with us. but, you know, like for everything a murder, indigenous women and girls, they label us in the media as sex workers, drug addicts, runaways drunks. you know,
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so that doesn't help us as well. so there's a lot of things to get done with the police, not taking reports seriously. and predators know that they could target us. and people in general know that they could target us. and so the janice that is still happening. what's going ahead here on our team seeing read over by to the green fish and the us president vases, criticism from environmental campaigns for allowing a great numbers of companies to drill for oil and gas. we'll talk about stores. she'll bring the hello driven by a dreamer. shaped by those in
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me dares thing. we dare to ask me. ah, remember the great 964 bill dr. strange love. you remember the subtitle of the film was how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. well, i have a 2021 updated subtitle. when it comes to the surveillance state, how i learned to stop worrying and love be in. tell community folks today or not feared their doors the the, the, the ah,
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welcome back. now you might remember that when taking office job, i didn't pledged a green new future shop with the u. s. mot approvals for companies to drove oil and gas and now which in the highest level since george w bush was empower. while ortiz more, i've got to dig deep now into how america's present isn't sticking to his environmental credentials. joe barton's environmental policy was an exercise in populism. halo did voted by the millions, promising the button environmental plot his version of the green new deal abroad to clean the world for our children. a gradual cure to our addiction to oral and pollution, half a year in biden's environmental policy has a new nickname. the green swindle, every indication is they have no plans of actually fulfilling their campaign promise. the result of that will be continued in increasing development of fossil
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fuels and public lands, which means more climate change. behind the cameras away from the wing and i already and says, barton has been stamping out. all drilling permits, a break that speeds since he took office. the u. s. government has approved more than 2000 all exploration permits on federal and native american lad. by the end of the year, they have projected to approve $6000.00 permits. the last time so many were handed out was in 2008 under george bush. remember what i said about populism? climate change, climate warming, global warming is an existence or threat to humanity. we have a moral obligation to do with it. former years of this man, eliminating all the regulations that were put in by asked to clean up the climate to clean up to limit the limit of emissions, will put us in
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a position where we are going to be in real trouble. biden is enough of a populace to say what people want to hear about oil and enough of a politician to do nothing about it. where did people even get the idea? the biden isn't advised. mental champion was him and bama who approved oil, fracking liquids, which have been leading to cancer birth defects to serious health problems. and worst of all have be nicknamed the for chemicals due to their ability to persist for a very long top. persist also in the human body. organisms are unable to flush out these chemicals entirely. they stay at us and build up until we die. the obama bite in the ministration approve the use of toxic chemicals for fracking a decade ago. and all these years later, president joe, by this practice is haven't seemed to change a bit by them himself. pleasant during the campaigns, a whole new fracking on federal lands. meanwhile,
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this administration is proving new for i can time. it's at the face, similar to trump, with no let up in sight to add scandal to injury the environmental protection agency, which approved all of this as in a bit of trouble, the whistle blowers have come forward saying that they were pressured, while reviewing new chemicals and toxins to approve the analysis and test with tampa, where they say to make dozens of new chemicals appear safe. environmental protection agency scientists are the last line of defense between harmful, even deadly chemicals and the introduction into us commerce. and this line of defense is struggling to maintain its integrity. we can all applaud biden for organizing the they summit with world leaders, phase charming environmental policy and motivational speeches. but when it comes to hod, the action, the tough decisions don't expect biden, to step up. he is
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a relic of the will age and one that apparently doesn't want to evolve. biden has no backbone. i don't think he feels he could have a mandate, which is a mandate for the earth mandate for everybody lives on it. as opposed to being of the hold into the fossil fuel and oil industry by increased amount of permits for drilling. you clearly made a statement that he's worried about have a republic is going to react as opposed to you know, the catastrophe. we're now facing me. this isn't an urgent, drastic situation where the urgent action is needed biden is not taking urgent action. whether by who he has to tiptoe around the republican to get their support from the climate deniers. or more likely, it's just the 2 parties of war in wall street that are basically catering to the market and putting this planet in jeopardy. the purse more than
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200, asked john interpreters who helped to stray and troops in the war torn country. still waiting for the life saving visas to be issued according to veterans advocacy group that helps locals who worked for foreign forces. we've had requested over 200 interpreters, they've been left behind. we have a moral obligation and i think one of type ability into the future to make sure that we get this process right and we get those individuals and their families. he to citing, we export group which according to the group, there are between 1001200 people who need a straight is help including security guards and top designed aid contractors. all these people all believe to be in grave danger, with the count upon rapidly gain and control over the country. this must movement is notorious for torturing and killing those who assisted the us led coalition. the recent rise of the taliban follows course the withdrawal of foreign troops on the
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orders of president biden. washington's already pulled out 90 percent of its strict . the top on has been moving in to phil about point. jason gaines again says the strait in government must protect those who are most arrest. what we're saying now is a rush to the exits. interesting, now we're saying a research and tell him in the looks like i could be stronger than what they were when we initially went in to us in a stain. and what we have is a table coating between and which is the likely guides employees. i interpret that assist their forces and, and at times will these try and combat uniform as many options viable to these try and government including, you know, getting those individuals some way size to a 3rd country, assisting them in compiling their applications. and then surgeon incapability to
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process applications and, and bring the piece was dry. meanwhile, stateside president biden as an last out republicans for opposing a sweeping of voting rights bill. he claims the survival of democracy is being put a risk caleb open reports. well, we just heard a very passionate speech from us president joe biden. the speech was concerning the very controversial rules. many republicans around the country are setting in regarding voting. many republican legislatures in states across the country are looking to to, you know, pass measures that they say are aimed to curb voter fraud. joe biden sees it rather differently and he gave a speech that is certainly the most and sleepy speech we've heard from him. so far as president, take a listen, freedom is not a state, it's an act. freedom is not a state, it's an act. and we must act and we will lack car causes just our business to
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full of people for democracy, for america. and so we must thank god bless you all and may god protect our dreams and all those you care to watch over the market slow around the country. we have republicans proposing laws, they say say are aimed at essentially preventing voter fraud. they're requiring new forms of voter identification. they're regulating the polling places. in some places, there have been laws proposed to restrict the handing out of water to those waiting in line to vote, etc. now joe biden, and most democrats see this as basically an attempt by republicans to suppress the voter turnout specifically in constituencies that don't vote for them such as low income folks, african americans and others. now, in response to these proposed rules that we're seeing democrats taking some rather dramatic measures. for example, in texas, the democrat state legislators have left the state in order that there not be
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a quorum so that the state legislator cannot. legislature cannot take a vote on these measures. take alyssa de taxes, how democrats stand united in our decision to break quorum and refuse to that. the republican lead legislator forced through dangerous legislation that would trample a texans freedom to vote when thou taken to fight. so a nation's capital. so these texas democrats by leaving the state and basically shutting down the state legislature are really essentially bringing state government to a halt. it's a rather dramatic gesture. take a listen, takes us democrats decisions to break a cool room of the texas legislature and abandon the texas state capital. inflict home on the very texans who elected them to serve as they fly across the country on kashi private planes. they leave undone issues that can help the district and of states. now essentially, we have republicans calling for punishment of these texas state legislators calling
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for them to be arrested, alleging that this is a vote subversion. they're trying to subvert the vote, and we heard joe biden allude to that, and his speech when he's spoke against the republicans and their proposed measures to make this is simple. this is election. subversion is the most dangerous threat of voting in the integrity of free and fair elections in our history. so the country is very, very divided when it comes to these issues. and it's unlikely that this rather high emotion speech from joe biden is really going to change that there is a pretty big gap between americans when it comes to these issues. so, joe biden wants a federal law to protect voters. republicans in many local states, one laws restricting and making it a little more difficult to vote. so that's the situation. a divided country in the united states. and finally, a renowned american filmmaker is claiming the u. s. what's that to robust is on to
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keep and policies. decades ago, before president kennedy was assassinated, one of the stone has been speaking to all is going on the ground show about his new jeff k documentary. and watch the interview info at all t dot com. but his big we see we have a us president in the white house backing forces against the cuban government clues shown before we head onto the evidence which, which we wouldn't have without to have to pay the movie in your new documentary. what is the relevance in case people are going on? he's not talking about kennedy again, the relevance to joe biden, who is bombing, syria, and iraq. only the past few weeks was the relevant to the current whitehouse of this documentary. well, i, again, i think that the relevant is, is the main point we're trying to make in the documentary was at john kennedy was a warrior for peace in all forms. and among the many things he was doing when he
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was killed, was reaching out to cuba to end this embargo to make the taunt with castro look good. and he was also at the same time over making an overarching deal with khrushchev of the soviet union. they had, they signed the nuclear test ban treaty together, which is an amazing document. first time soviets in the u. s. signed the treaty of this nature. and the war, the cold war was, was the radically coming to an end in 1963. so you can imagine where the world would be now instead we have this retro grade policy where the u. s. is still got an embargo on q 60 years later. and renews today is just another one and along concurrent crises, events that happen every few years. i don't, you know, this has been going on for, for decades. ah,
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i love it from us to do this, but of course we keep bring you all the latest on, on any of all social media. so check out and have a great day the just to go through the simple example move gd. she went to lunch. pretty simple. everything a little slow, letting go go along. i was going to go and see me when you have a week or 2 people meeting in the walk through the way i will do a buffet it excuse me and let me know.


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