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when you come in and you know, they won't, by the way, i will do a visual of it, excuse me. and when, when did the spelling let me know when you can figure out what's going on with it. when you show me, i'll skip, sorry, glued with the machine are still still. so if you would, you don't seem like the political that he in the series process and see what they mean me and i'll start with you soon. this new show which we have seen the ship. joe of the new the l a. l d from especially up does that mean social thrush? let me really do what i can assist you with that me smoked, smoked them delusional response within the back or the critical alpha was sent to me from when i go to the, to he me, cuz this is a you'll see we both don't need to support the support was your name, which is in the,
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in the morning when we felt it goes some more just for me to to meet them. they're wishing me for something that you might usually you might have to do to get them when you complain . yes. ticketing, if you've seen that being that you were completely different distinguished to me to meet him as soon as we started, she's going to switch me to put something to, to deal with what to do with him under the official meeting or if you wouldn't wish luka let me see what the world warmly my apologies for you really don't need
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me. and my little brother with bullshit for me was not quite sure what to follow of excavating him with the coastal global. ready plaza, which is the way, would you believe the rest may still stay annual to say the multitude of them she needs to deal with? lloyd built them with the 4 of them we wanted to work with the with while i'm gospel. assume yours. in the last it sounds to me, which is similar to what the order for this also. so when you give them a job, what did you do?
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jelly, what 3 you really put on the break and you forget you go to the bottles and you will might even get into the syllabus all frequently. i'm just looking for one of the demolish it as it could be. good. yes, i'm not going to go up but we're still looking to go is this? yeah, we'll do that. we'll be able to let you met you. what, what, what is, what's your goal? we just need you all want you should be the last
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name. so you can continue with whatever the invoice handles life nice show mine in the list list. so the junior so though you mean the usual one
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boom is reasonable to both of them or what? no problem would you like me to come with me and we surely zullie of lucy put a block that goes with the order to figure out what is the level you well, the deal is enough to live and help me a little bit after that just action judicial issue for me to go to the old him, somebody in the future with your cookie. she'll look at the corner of the whistle just the loosely she can see, you know, presidio. listen the leo of vision up the little thing. luckily the visa will fail
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. you'll reach the city oldest upon. i have no blue you must fall is going to say michel, typically the chemical waste illusion. initially it said with burst anything really the walls of your cook at the will, you will see a point. your mother plus the children deal to get it to you than usual and just simply a me a little phone i love you would. busy be like i was so someone should be in because you're going to register the southern point still want whiskey lucian schedule book, you know, in this particular mac in your life and then you sell it was
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a different sure if it was on wasn't because somebody soon grew up with this will be to provide you with a grown and there's a glitch. 30 minute or phone with this with me this 30 meter you will you be the most critical on it, but it's also lost with deal with this. of course you can, you do more that you and show script people when you need your windows can move this one. can you show from the shift shift fanatic for cindy? yeah, sure. really. it was long so to me, to remind you that they will not agree. i agree, but it's just the cooks at specialist less. i think we need to chicago fish napoleon,
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which was which you from maryland . ah me. i don't know. i did not just do guerrero, g, w buddies, i believe you think you can or not a good was when he could get there was a blue depending on the coverage. you just go there you go to the gym if this need to. yeah, we need a football be so that you, when you open up a little movie and you have to go to the new choice facilities, this be a little bit tail in the book. i also look at jim's to see if there's yes, because all we could, james, i'm going you duck them. we loosely move
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a casual moment on my fellow who it will the ball track of you progress and put your mouth. oh, you got sick boy, bob. bob, would you give me a clue why he wasn't actually he was still listed just but he didn't go to just go to what's the thing you so what you do just so that is when we saw this figure, let me give it give me when you go live a woman if we just bought
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a bunk louis look me up to 20. so she stood the committee sooner saw and all was she's human break. skip because there was no room. you know me saw it be over soon. the so showing you for which doesn't do not need ocean. no ship in contrast to kill will just lead mr. you she'll, she'll took me. ringback newish initially. so unless you
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go to the national 2nd, the special going back and let me go go. she knew landers, which will teach who still converting machine locally. when you, when your bill cycle deal is going to show up, you don't see those coming up and illiterate this lawyer those a little bit. but your friend is on the commission though mobile much the resuming to move. good news. the still use merch, i'm going to use so many across the ocean. slow look. ah,
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me the remember the great 964 bill. dr. strange love. you remember the subtitle of the
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film? it was how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. well, i have a 2021 updated subtitle. when it comes to the survey, what state, how i learned to stop worrying and love be in. tell community folks today or not feared there at doors, which would be the most of the lawyers for another week. so we did not hold any progress that was left over like literally who will go with it. if we didn't just go with missed it only be of the little boys because they must usually one minute give someone. if we keep it to renew the bond renewable new video and let the little up all you need to do some push
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me union, which was just so obvious. even the tackle ships your community will do. mr. poland, he doesn't tell us because of that for a while. if there was a mutual pollution for use for prison using you could shoot a movie channel with robert script on, on the, on the financial young hoody and the museum right. yes. and the manual which you don't know, it's almost unique that she deaf, which unless we room for them, which we need to know. and we sit down with louis watson, my little lord, let me go ticklish,
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which was once you get to it is because mr. chuck reagan saw me up with you for the national role of the content on businessman. he worked with you to hear his voice with them. look at my computer menu, only me for you so much. you own the modem for this, for one more. finish the motion, would you, would you join national bush? i'd say before then is ation. let's put us on or kelly no more excavated. couple of them. we confirmed that he only thing 2 from now when you talk to me new asking,
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but on the always pulling up i'm going to loosen them. you would use my new command. you must have lots of sometimes you can it's i'm pushing and doing or would you be able to look at a bottle or meeting room supplies? i didn't go to the room. what system that she dish already with. and i need to limit on professionally worship natalie. thought somebody will just extract she before the door stolen, easiest, and i grew up. i don't want to be listening to dr. mitchell. if you really want to you, i don't see him yet to reach michelle of any must really
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we should go there was a movie. yeah. i i when you arrive with them, what would it be? you know, if we combined with the funeral, so you can give to discontinue the level of which enough to live the, the he allows may lose physical. it gives you piston feeding. mr. similarly, so i'll let you know of shuffles when you're out with the see the new people using shipment. that was just holmes because this is new to me, mr. you peter. still christina,
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isn't it in in simple which won't jump on possibility. mute on your computer. yeah . but you don't get too much those and you get me, i'm assuming your solution not by yours or not still know you come to me when you, thanks. if you need to do that to me. so he, fortunately the leg wrapping up and just left me thrashing good my just what was the other? someone was daniel motel collision. you really didn't want some with dish because she was on the way she called my mom when you when the customer to go
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for hours when you would you wish the world to your post on the other? yeah. the, the morning it pretty much the which one? yeah. one. yeah. you know that you you think you will get a think it will be going to she could you feel confusion? you can do it in finished when you want to be sure that you were sharing with us to do. deborah? yes, good. so just so i just wanted to talk to you to try to do it at all, but it would be similar usually makes it seem a little stay on the truck when we get you to the sister actually watch in the
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store. i mean, the machine has a white glove on the voice and you know, when you 1st of the sewer somebody, then you must gems from me and i suppose they say i will go with them too much. you're going to use them slice you need me to pull up and here's what's going on with the viva this move to view, but you over the last the debate so you could keep them close. you showing ethical, good to know. so yes, you can be if you wish to put your mind to working with you, you very good them to find your 2nd level. even if you want me to put this into
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a few of the corporate controller posting the show up with what the choice should meet the way, then you forget what the what the white glove will cookie. will you be sure of them? we can do it in the loop and still there still. and what will you just pull that up as soon as you can, if you will be, will be sending them to just to ship your job. couple problem ms. moment the performance of the weight is let me get you over. she flung what she was supposed to be deal is
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we see the quote, but it was a little thing. it got over. i mean, i'd say some be affordable. yeah. mark, not in the or just book a book, you know, those on the of the old little golden can use the most complete and in the what do you watch and they go up to me and you listen because you do you mean the loosely level way the way that you got to believe that the, the o
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a b that got be that guy. the rest of that could be that the douglas tech or what are you with the machine gun to submit your regular he took some of the lumens that i just was gonna be able to leave today. and usually typically it sure brought it to your liquor, actual missile,
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know i speaking with you, but just let us know what your level over he said, no. which else? because what we laid up in just a bit is lindsay. i just want him to run the delivery. it was really not really going to use
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the the bill. i mean yes, i love it. he is a good little lady that i do use and do if i do miss louis repeatable, it was really nice. oh, what sort of, you know, nick, the issue. i remember the why do you know 1st you chico was my thought this morning. he's wanting to know what was the issue you're getting this pulled up and only that will come with the certificate
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even more with them. balloon would do most of getting fully aware of what could keep the mucus good. you bought the bed is not the only artificial grass. please acquainted with the, you know, issue in the mobile data. you want the appeal or style with we want to push will nails. we don't know, we're glad she did. you do the news. we were not so good before when you think. ready this was why he was met and then he got it. so what would be a lot of government in chem doozy. but for the most when they do the normal the you're going to get in touch with them today. i'm going to get to the point. fortune, unfortunately, be miserable. the legacy and watch it before that comes on board. we're going to
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lose your prescription level, but i'm a little become with delta. sure. i me usually willing because the usage give me
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a call if you can get you in your voicemail. so good deal, so my lonely way up can way of some worse and lucid. only bush. he's supposed to do. i. i the join me every 1st on the alex simon show. when i was speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business, i'll see you then. me. when i see black america, i think part of my thing. when i was growing up, like america spoke to me. when, why destroyed you did not. you said black lives matter is a movement,
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we are importing from america. no, nothing if we lived in a world where white lives mattered. and i was no white like ms. newman and i wasn't new from black america. i learned to speak back to one aboriginal people in them. now that the police were at war with statistics. i'm scared that my children are going to grow up in a country. that thing says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system than their other fellow friends in daycare. mm. the
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the injecting some pressure into efforts to get people to have coven jobs, and government and companies around the world really controversial as promoting practice as the key to normal life, but couldn't split society down the middle to be the issue. you're going to create a society, they just choose not to have it. they're creating their own apartheid needs. so you should be the w h o says read if cool thing. practicing disparity, thoughts. all your health regulate to refrain from proving astrazeneca, jobs made in india. kind of size yes. again, full to confronted with some past with another discovery of unmarked grave indigenous residential school. it brings a total to more than a 1000 and then.


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