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the freedom is not a state and we must act and we will act, president biden. that uses republicans of blocking a landmark bill. he says would broaden black voters participation in election. the claims of fake test results, no checks and no mass at the euro. 2020 final. the world health organization says london's football showdown was devastating for efforts to control the pandemic. the battle continues as cove, it's highly contagious. delta very takes a route worldwide and now accounts for more than 90 percent of rushes new cases. we return it to a pro virus clinic to see how health care workers are coping and
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the protests in cuba up against the decades of economic suffering than to point out the major role washington has played through decades of sanctions and now allegedly social media manipulation ah, broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our team international, sean thomas, certainly good to have you with us right now. president biden has delivered a speech on voting rights. lashing out at republicans for opposing a sweeping voting rights bill, backed by democrats or the scaled mob reports. well, we just heard a very passionate speech from us president joe biden. the speech was concerning the very controversial rules. many republicans around the country are setting in regarding voting. many republican legislatures in states across the country are
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looking to, to pass measures that they say are aimed to curb voter fraud. joe biden sees it rather differently and he gave a speech that is certainly the most and sleepy speech we've heard from him so far as president. take a listen. freedom is not a state. it's an act. freedom is not a state, it's an act. and we must act and we will lack car causes, just or vision is hard to fall. we to be before democracy. for america itself, we must god bless you all, may god protect our dreams. all those you care to watch over the market for around the country. we have republicans are proposing laws, they say say are aimed at essentially preventing voter fraud. they're requiring new forms of voter identification. they're regulating the polling places and some places there have been laws proposed to restrict the handing out of water to those
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waiting in line to vote, etc. now, joe biden, and most democrats see this as basically an attempt by republicans to suppress the voter turnout. specifically in constituencies that don't vote for them such as low income folks, african americans and others. now, in response to these proposed rules that we're seeing democrats taking some rather dramatic measures. for example, in texas, the democrat state legislators have left the state in order that there not be a quorum so that the state legislator cannot legislature cannot take a vote on these measures. take alyssa de taxes, how democrats stand united in our decision to break quorum and refuse to let the republican lead legislature forth through dangerous legislation that would trample and texans freedom to vote when thou taken the fight all in nations capital. so these texas democrats by leaving the state and basically shutting down the state legislature are really essentially bringing state government to a halt. it's
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a rather dramatic gesture. take a listen. texas democrats decision to break a cool room of the texas legislature and abandon the texas state capital inflict harm on the very texans who elected them to serve as they fly across the country and ca, she private planes. they leave undone issues that can help their districts and of states. now essentially, we have republicans calling for punishment of these texas state legislators calling for them to be arrested, alleging that this is a vote subversion. they're trying to subvert the vote, and we heard joe biden allude to that. and his speech when he spoke against the republicans and their proposed measures to make this is simple. this is election. subversion is the most dangerous threat of voting in the integrity of free and fair elections in our history. so the country is very, very divided when it comes to these issues. and it's unlikely that this rather high
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emotion speech from joe biden is really going to change that. there's a pretty big gap between americans when it comes to these issues. so joe biden wants a federal law to protect voters. republicans in many local states, one laws restricting and making it a little more difficult to vote. so that's the situation divided country in the united states. cuba, the president has pointed the finger squarely at washington over protests that have gripped his country, thousands of flood into the streets of the caribbean nation on sunday, over an economic crisis exacerbated by the pandemic. the anti government movement is being called the biggest in 30 years. the protest gap i, tough year for cuba economy has plunged 11 percent made worse by american sanctions . the streets are now calm, but with a heavy police presence and havana wants to know just how much the u. s. and it's
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social media have manipulated the opposition correspondent for our citric channel, or t spanish reports from the capital real and has returned to normal life. for example, here in front of the national capital, which is one of the main places for anti government protested together on sunday. we see absolutely come now. the same is in other places across the city and across the country as well. but there's a huge police presence. monday was the president of the canal and the governing team appearing on tv. they spoke about the economic situation in the country and also about the 4th generation non conventional war against the island, which had the same characteristics as what happened in venezuela or serial. then the speech by the foreign minister has also caught attention. he responded in strong terms to us president joe biden, the norfolk youth, twitter of playing a fundamental role in manipulating protests in the country. let's listen to him on twitter. and i also called on the u. s. government to recognize or deny that
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political operators actively use tags, collectives or groups of robots, trolls. so use a coordinated with automated main to flood the networks, etc, etc. and this operation against cuba, they are all they mean the economy was also a fundamental matter. let's remember, cuba has been in a grave economic crisis since the start of the pandemic. and even before that, due to the titans, us embargoed during the pandemic, the u. s. government alone approved more than 50 measures related to that. and meanwhile, the countries paralyzed with low financial inflows and the need to tackle the pandemic. this resulted in food shortages, as well as a lack of some medicines, as most resources within to treat patients with koby 19. cuba is now at the peak of the pandemic and medical personnel on high alert. we just go from cubans, how they live in this situation. and their opinion almost happened. can hey, on the street, the stories of people not only about today, but also yesterday,
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and the days before people don't have enough resources to take care of themselves and their families. there's a lack of maps and food. we need to talk and make proposals to achieve the well being of all people. what happens to be the way only for community intervention that i get to city is quite, the country is quiet. now, the debate starts over the social networks. meanwhile, the government warns about the campaign calling to humanitarian intervention, which could have more dangerous consequences than even a military one. meanwhile, members of the cuban dash across the straits of florida in miami have rallied in solidarity demanding that washington intervenes savannah notes. the decades long u. s. blockaded the key factor in its economic hardship, but president biden insists he stands with the cuban people. united states stands firmly with the people or q as they assert their universal rights, and because the government, from acumen to refrain from violence or attempts to silence the voice of the people
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accused of having spent significant time in cuba during the special period, the harsh it's period of sanctions and deprivation. i can tell you there is real suffering and there is real malays and it is brought about as a direct result of the u. s. embargo. so it was inevitable that there would be protests like this. we can see that people have genuine grievances, but that they are also being pulled into a regime change agenda by organizations like this, tennessee dro movement, which have clear ties to the united states government, the trump administration. and did the obama administration normalization with cuba, reimpose, brutal sanctions? not just on cuba, but on venezuela, blocking fuel shipment to cuba. the cuban government had to ration food starting in 2018. and now we have a pen demik where cuba has had to miraculous miraculously manufacture its own
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vaccine because of a needle shortage brought on by the u. s. blockade for humanitarian reason. i think that we should help the cuban people right now because they need to help, they need that medicine. they need the food and supplies so that they can stay alive. they're having some serious issues down there. but long term there has to be a change in the power structure few, but as far as lifting the things you could the united states to do something in regards to that. sure they could. but if the economic system that they have in place, that is really the input, if for the majority of the economic problems that they're suffering. now, in addition, you obviously have to couple the corona virus pandemic and the economic contraction that's going on globally. it's not only cuba, it's suffering economically. obviously they were not on for putting to be able to then have to handle, you know, an economic downturn, the compounding of the bad economic situation because of the corona virus pandemic
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. but to put this all on the united states of america, it's basically like a police force, some sort of a stimulus or a bailout. a renowned american filmmaker says that the u. s. was set to reverse its anti cuban policies. decades ago, before president kennedy was assassinated, oliver stone makes the claim in the latest episode of going underground, where he talks about his new j. f. k documentary. you can watch the interview in full from wednesday at r t dot com. me see, we have a us president in the white house backing forces against the cuban government clues shown before we headed onto the evidence which, which we wouldn't have without to have to pay the movie in your new documentary. what is the relevance in case people are going on? he's not talking about kennedy again, the relevant to joe biden, who is bombing syria and iraq only the past few weeks. what is the relevant to the
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current whitehouse of this documentary? well, i, again, i think that the relevance is the main point we were trying to make in the documentary was at john kennedy was a warrior for peace in all forms. and among the many things he was doing when he was killed was reaching out to cuba to and this embargo to make a detox with gas. troy looked good. and he was also at the same time over making an overarching deal with cushion from the soviet union. they had, they signed the nuclear test ban treaty together, which is an amazing document. first time in the soviets, in the u. s. signed the treaty of this nature and the war, the cold war was, was here radically coming to an end in 1963. so you can imagine where the world would be. now. instead we have this retro grayed policy where the u. s. is still got an embargo on cuba 60 years later. and renews today is just another one and
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along concurrent crises, events that happen every few years. i don't you know, this has been going on for, for decades. ah. it might be the beautiful game, but it is not looking good for the fight against cove. it is now feared that sunday 02020 final could cause a big spike in cases. as the victorious italian team paraded their tropi through the centre of rome, the enormous crowds, they've little thoughts to cover the regulations. and that came just a day after tens of thousands of unmatched fans crammed together at the match in london. the world health organization has described the event as devastating. am i supposed to be enjoying watching transmission happening in front of my ice? the cool read $900.00 pandemic is not taking a break to night. sorry. corey to delta barron will take advantage of an vaccinated people in crowded settings, unmasked screaming, shout,
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and singing devastating. the $60000.00 fans barely amassed to be seen, a lack of social distancing. no checks and claims of fake test results. that was the scene playing out at wembley stadium. sports journalists, derek clark, who was at the game, says, controls were a jo. doesn't even need to do or freak text because you weren't even checked for your, your corporate. what was, what could see that were just checking your phone for you and you would want to see how the tickets on your phone. they will just allowing you and as much as if you had a negative test, if you really feel that the test either missing more really to the the think you should have taken more seriously. there's no checks for call within police was just
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a lot of sorts of people with motor bus security measures should have been in police as well. but this wasn't enough security or steers academy at the the checks health care officials warn the final could push the u. k to a 1000000 new infections within a month. cases have already shot up to some 35000 a day, but the prime ministers still scrapping england's restrictions next week. the government points to a successful inoculation program with almost 35000000 getting a shot. and also a drop in death and the number of people needing hospital treatment. we will stick to our plan to lift legal restrictions and to lift social distancing. restrictions are easy. the 19th of july, of course, is when looking at this final restrictions easing as well. so things are getting back to normal, but very little people waiting masks and last nights and especially heading towards the underground station after the lounge. i might have people but no dual
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monster reading it, do what the rising, teach because of that. then as i mentioned, the checks for corporate, hey, begin to dig it out. and so that as of what that, i mean i was in the grant just about 20 minutes. there was already 3 or 4 young guys of it's already posted in front of iris continues to evolve with the delta variant now in more than $100.00 countries. the strain was 1st identified in india and is believed to be the most contagious. yet with the world health organization predicting, it will be the dominant variant globally within months. here in russia, the strain already accounts for more than 90 percent of new infections. and as the strain continues to spread, russia has said, another daily covert depth toll record with $780.00 fatalities registered in the last 24 hours with more on how health care workers are dealing with this challenge
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. here's an interesting kasinsky. he returns to the red zone in the latest installment of his documentary series. epidemic. the luck an empty bed. an empty bed. it's an empty space out there has small one. so tara 1347 beds. i hoped i would never come back here again. we're at a hospital again and here again, are these dams, crops. how did the hospital start to fill up? we were monitoring that there had been 50 patients daily, and suddenly the number went up to 100 and then 210120130 so on. but of course, the key point is that we've already well prepared. the worst thing is when you're not on album for him, what's the main pattern of this new strain?
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i'm pretty sure you look at where the computer will firstly it's more contagious. and 2nd, it hits way faster than the previous and now takes $1.00 to $2.00 days instead of 7 to wait with the elevator. it's also hitting younger people. what do they didn't believe it would happen? they thought the virus had gone, but it stayed. they think everything's okay. it's a simple flu and it will end soon, but it doesn't. it wasn't all day off today. and how many of those in the hospital are vaccinated? well, around 122-1000 patients from a lovely and believable all young guys. i've never seen anything like this before. how did you end up here? did you have a high temperature? yes. i had a temperature. i called an ambulance. they brought me here and my condition drastically nose dived. what do you mean? well, in 2 days, how old are you? i'm 47. so we're the same age and how badly where your lungs damaged. 75 percent.
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did you get the vaccine for? nope. why do? because i'm an idiot. why is this happening? where people not vaccinating? we do look since the ninety's there was an anti vaccination campaign at that time, and those mad moms said we won't be vaccinated against measles, chicken pox. we won't take any vaccine. someone put that idea in the head that the vaccination is bad, but in fact, it saves lives and it helps vanquish the pandemic. so when do you think it will and never can damage tend to last from 3 to 5 years. i'm actually afraid of asking you who is vaccinating and non you raise your hands please. he's vaccinated . i know him. well, actually anyone who comes here is vaccinated. well is because you're a strict boss. i've been in an intensive care unit for a month, and my condition is severe. maybe the outcome would be less if i had taken a job. i wanted to get vaccinated, but i didn't find time. and now i'm in
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a dire condition. ah ah, the meanwhile, there are reports of patients now being infected with a 2 coded strains at the same time on tuesday. and where a 90 year old woman died while carrying both the alpha and beta variance of the virus. several cases have also been detected in thailand. earlier my colleague done quarter asked to medic, at an austrian clinic whether existing jobs can deal with the double infections. we were expecting things like that to happen and also understand that the reason why we know that these 90 year old lady has that double infection is because they did
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a very clear teenage nomics. we have not done dna genomics and 99 percent of patients who had cobra. so probably we will have a lot higher rate if we would test everybody so precisely that older lady was unfortunately not vaccine. today from the information we have from all the data that we have in the clinical courses, which are very important is that if you are vaccinated, even if you are in fact that with to the variance of the call with the virus. that the course of the disease will be still very, very mild, and certainly the date, the death rates, which were amazing, but a year ago will be much, much lower. so i think we can a little bit relax yet. be very careful. and we need, obviously more data and analyzes, more specifically, do you think that european union's state should be rejecting people with certain jobs? i mean, one example could be, for example, the indian made astrazeneca vaccine. it's a political question and it would be a political answer. what i refused to accept is that unfortunately the european
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union reviews this book from the beginning, the indian one. we don't have data to analyze that, but remember, the indians have the delta barrier. so probably they have more information and more data and more availability to produce vaccines that directed against the delta barrier. that's maybe the question that needs to be answered. french health workers have been warned that they may not get paid if they refuse the coven shop. president micron is making the vaccine mandatory for the sector to combat the highly contagious delta strain and comes as record numbers of exhausted medical staff are quitting in the parish region and the warnings of an imminent 4th wave of the pandemic. we got running action from a nurse the situation is especially dramatic because people who left hospitals were forced to do it and they were disappointed, humiliated, destroyed by this government policy,
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which put them lower than they deserved. let me remind you that a year ago, the same caregivers and nurses were heroes. they were hailed as those who defeated the disease. and now we're faced with another problem, which is also linked to debate on this compulsory vaccination for staff. most of the countries that nurses now say the profession no longer gives them career development prospects. the pull added almost $2.00 and $3.00 think that their job is thankless and more than 90 percent believe. the cobra crisis shows the need for a review of their roles. eric trigo again says that it is hard to stay motivated it's still very complicated to manage, and i want to understand that around 40 percent of stuff and they want to change profession productively. these people want to leave their profession completely. really. there was a spirit of trust from the staff there. they had the motivation. but now i'm not sure. with key mid terms and congress elections looming,
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the white house has made a strange you turn on. it's defunded the police pledge as crime rates sore, the ruling democrats now want to shift the blame for slashing law enforcement budgets onto the republicans. are 2 figures done off comments defend the police versus back the blue. these slogans turned into war banners in america's political . in fighting between the progressives and the conservatives, there was no fence to sit on for politicians, it was pick aside and i'll go home. so as republicans went, defend, the democrats shows the fund many affluent suburbs, suburbs have esentially already speak. i'm pursuing a div funding of the police in that the funds school based on housing and the health care more as their number one priority in many cities in america. over one 3rd of their city budget goes to police. so we have to have this conversation. what
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are we doing? we may completely this, not all the minneapolis police department defendant police isn't radical. it's real . they pushed and pushed and pushed one by one police department. so the money flows run dry, it seemed like the dams were clear victors in this idea logical clash. but then the crime figures came in and the democrats weren't eager to take the credit for their defending efforts, ensuring their specific guidance to communities across the country to ensure that they have funding to get more community police around the country. some might say that the other party was for funding the police. let other say that, but that's a piece jump saki, ladies and gentlemen, an honorary member of the international gas lighting association. the light was so blatant, even the washington post fact check as couldn't help awarding the white house press secretary with 3 pinocchio as to the tune. of course of republicans gloating. it's
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remarkable that the white house is now apparently employing comedians. that's like democrats saying they're the ones that want to build the wall. it's absurd. it's ridiculous. and there's a good enough reason that crowds on that proud of their achievement in the funding, the police, the year to date murder rate, height, almost 17 percent across the u. s, on average in portland, which slash 27000000 from the police budget. it stands at a whopping 533 percent austin. that took away almost $150000000.00 from the police departments. has to deal with a 79 percent surge. and while correlation of course in no way means causation. but will really few policemen on the streets actually improve the situation. so defining the police saddling. it's a mindset that the politicians are using to leverage the angry mob this out there
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and it's not going to turn out the way that they think it is. i mean, the police is not what people think. it's think it means, and it's actually a political tactic right now. sadly, anybody who really supports the defining the police move and they believe that the police are going to be arbitrary. i just removed off the street and that's not the case. to funding the police goes for programs, it goes for training, it goes for the sub is the on working within the department. and that's just going to hurt the officers that are on the street now. and there's going to prevent them from doing their jobs properly for the citizens who still need them, regardless of whether or not they want them on the street. it's all political theater. if you can keep people constantly in a perpetual state of wonder, you're, it's, it, they're always creating a problem that they can solve, you reap what you sow, but in a dirty game of politics, nobody ever wants to own up to the lapses. and if the democrats want to keep their majority in congress, they'll need something more advanced than the republican bad formula. and
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just before we go, here's a quick peek at the days other stories from around the globe. this, our 1st in lebanon. right place fired tear gas during clashes with protesters in the countries capital. after the families of the victims of last year's port blast took to the st. to protest against the lebanese interior minister. demonstrations. many of them carrying coffins to symbolize the dead and are demanding an end to what they see as efforts to obstruct a probe into the tragedy. the blast killed more than 200 people and injured thousands more with many people. blaming officials for storing explosive material at the port across the atlantic, wildfires are raging across more than 1000000 acres of the western united states and canada. these images show how devastating fires in the state of one, oregon, and even larger fire in bootleg has reached more than 150000 acres
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and is threatening power supplies to california. the u. s. national weather service has warned it. dangerous temperatures will continue in the region for the early part of next week with 47 celsius recorded in some areas. does it for me? i'll be back in less than 31 minutes with a look at your headlines. the search engine national stay with ah ah ah ah ah, ah ah,
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i will. i will. she was simply real thing a little slow, letting them go by susan. well the longer i was going to go and see me when you have a week or 2. if you put it in the room, initial pathetic female spelled on the machine for the script and look at. 2 them you will start there with you soon. this new.


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