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the the she was told simply real thing a little slow, letting them go. well, i don't want to come a little to go see me when you have a week when you have a meeting in the room, initial pathetic female guy. these spelled on the, on the mission and come for the script and we'll get you started there with you soon as you move in to when you finish the mental
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thinking completely illusion actually done on the, on the financial young, moody, an illusion you lose. could you could shoot? yeah. when we took the lower the news driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me there's thing we dare to ask me. ah,
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we know you don't that it different, you know, it didn't put one way in in talking to you. yeah. don't let me down there for that. i'll use enough 40 almost to the office and then i get it to kim. oh, we see that i think you all know the room from the article by the user level for new management that is the most of our senior from having to go back to your conference with each other shows. i'm sure it's just the quick thank out there they can in the phone uniforms. as you know, i don't have a member dog member cedar tissue and just really was remitted to
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know what you were doing because you was doing the terms that are showing up as soon as you know the traffic same still in the new on deploying people. so that's a good to me, this is what 4 weeks of excavation in the middle of millions looks like a big empty hole where the team had expected to find a forgotten grave. the final resting place of a general and childhood friend of napoleon. and this is the sound of disappointment, la forces, to the move, look until next to me. so you know, if, if it came only when you're done a good, i don't know. you don't use
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a phone list question since this is human, more name, my sister, but i think the boss at the bottom, i boss goose and they will come out there. she'll do the c metal any, but that is sort of denied a month ago. the members of this french russian expedition were in a far better mood. the french archeologist in particular, had never expected the search for your grave to take so long needed some port in your midst when the company always says it, it does. all should have been put up once that i wish you a pollution. you don't. if i'm a special pisca, you're not nuclear. you see one thing that we don't see and i will just more about it. it's all on the t off mid. doesn't cause i've got this love. he still may pop there. mr. g telekinetic napoleon. course i don't. i don't. i could you know, put it on a false. is it down to me or?
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i mean, i couldn't sit down to 20 for some, but a huge. is it true? yeah, yeah. and france. show me how you read or they go to the federal american okey ologist at the in read the institute. he leads the french section of the expedition leading the russians is alexander loft, research associates, of the russian academy of sciences institute of archaeology, laid out for an archaeological sensation, found the last grave of a french general. and friend of napoleon would have been an impressive headline, and they planned to return down remains to france to be re buried with military honors. in the heart of paris, we're going to show we've, we've got the all new involved in the sun. this hospital,
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the new on i'm was in, comes in involved in it was she do we sit up a pe, got a guy, he's on. holla, yet, callan pet, son or luton, a mountain was the battlefield on which go down with the water, the wounded, where the joint russian french expedition is searching for mass graves and artifacts from the general's last battle. we come on to the new information that you need to think of which will look more on the field. sure. you said 33 if you, if you read them all in one of the fact. busy that you can tell you, i think you can,
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but the more lead to pick told him it to people too much for that or sit thought accuracy of rachelle jones. this or darky, walk with them all sorts of the august 1812 russian troops retreating from napoleon, great army that invaded the country in june. a significant battle takes place near to the amount in general. good though is one of the french commanded the yellow square, or would you just think that you can get them for selling it? he showed up, but then you just go to the us or with me, but you have to over the people must. what's going on with them? because you know what you get to the motion and you know,
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you don't get me wrong, the bomb will give a new could yield for me to this. we don't force you to see if it's different. a disorder should sit on with the launch of an extra small blessing that was done was taken just millions which the french had captured the best surgeons fought for his life, but to no avail. legend says that napoleon himself attended the funeral, was traditional at the time downtown was returned to his homeland for burial in the family cramps. the rest of his body was interred in one of the smaller fortress bestier and after the war, the few soldiers who attended the funeral provided only a vague idea of the grave location. it seemed was lost forever. offered new barsoom, mobility more girl at the top of a spell who loved the combat. the smell is coming to the county law school is and
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more of if you need that issue on both accessible molecules, let me just tell you it. so it is a keep the extra things and pico know what you get of issues to, to you can give it a bunch of the luckily i didn't go to the bank. i know last minute present nothing quite so they're not looking illusion. and, you know, into a man on the new toilet was on for you dream on the home. why not?
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when i don't never done the last finance kept him on the tables of a senior region unless you don't get some good. i did not the napoleonic public wanted to sit on the phone and you were at a new home. the general the letter in the house should be cautious or sydney, poor sylvia. ah, not pretty. or the key. put you down from the place for me to know when i ask you to stop in keeping us in. we expect your commodity come on issues and stuff. people
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who don't send you the most up to getting up to to national. let me put you on a really quick give, i saw the local community circle the demo, but yon owned me to keep you from your. i'm a school from a school, from goose, poor moody, he said, either contrary to eke. my callback left us only when you book with the terms and conditions, you conduct a profession in full congeal. if we want to get an additional 2 minutes, i think if it's small, but could you put in a ticket looking just sure that i toners and all your don't been don't the preschool when you book?
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sure. sure. and you know, treatment from commission of toys as if you're to thank is, jewel is here with you. now. you done restaurant in one? yes. from names. are you sure you, michelle? you've only don't, don't, don't, don't do that being said, you didn't, don't want to miss your mom. you said the don't we don't want it all fit. yeah. do is on the one question estimated to go out of your dental, your vision discussion was can you order in the day boscus you come out there for
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a sit on the out on the book with position all the toys go to ship all the best. i can get that the money i was killed, the tooth was more than 51. yes. or do you put those for me to do you put as a look in? yes, you want to keep up with a figure camera. this sort of thing. when yesterday been to the said, you're going to come up, are you going to put the city put in addition, allusion to occasion to do additional. i got this from your neighborhood. you didn't you mr. to do now? you know, if you look and he was already such a privilege, blotchy, but there's only one funny finish. don't push a new get tomonica. plenty puzzled additional is going to separate your whole
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city, which was the only recently with the school board is actually one of the loose from now i'm i didn't want to pull some sort of in only but i close this, you know, the one when they showed it, but when you're done, when i see black america, by seeing part of myself, when i was growing, young, black america spoke to me when white astray dear, did not. those who said black lives matter is a movement we are importing from america. no, nothing. if i lived in a world where wide lives mattered, i was not wise. like ms. newman and i wasn't new from black america. i learned how to speak back to one of the regional people,
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a lot of re di them. now the police were at war with statistics. i'm scared that my children are going to go up in the country. that thing says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then there are other fellow friends in daycare me the expedition begins and the french archeologist to hu paulette in just a few days killed and grave will be found in the shame best in the key for the bottom of this one ends the jewelry affected box curriculum situ, or if this is the new,
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the what's all why don't you give us the most feature for you? what's a good morning? you need to know more shorts do on this for you don't need that for me to do. these are present of acres, of course course. what time you don't want them palmer, it's multiple 1st. which was each and close more. the french optimism is not shared by the russians. we've mean, was it to connect the machine can be still creek it because culture for it then you go sure. go from here with fusion. so somebody who's going to to day 5, but the shane busty and the dig has reached 2 meters so far. there's no sign of the
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sky mound under which the general might have been buried. what do you wish to so you most of them before the middle school summer school is at the north luca, 33 of the sooner across the civil jealousy. by the end of the 1st week, it's clear that the shane bustios will yield nothing but broken fragments of ancient russian pottery. there's even the harsh talk among the friends groups that they may not achieve the primary objective. competitive because, you know, i met charleston, but we don't do you need to be have a new friendship. i don't have any the up order sooner. best interests out was blah. so how about was surely for, you know, to be, you know, i'm on the shack is usually turns out that i saw a pity mister wake boots, his friend the let on just a told the nam may separate that if it was your
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dog, why is mine at 5 in the break coincides with the may the 9th holiday. so the past was invited to see a modern military parade commemorating russia as great 945 decree over nazi germany . the expedition is running out of time. 3 weeks of digging have failed to provide any answers, and there's still no sign of the elusive tomb. you're going on. the missiles with them to put the whole together rule that way you feel it was a who?
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yes. well, if it didn't really keep it was like every level due to that going to lose to think and do i get to live with when i put that on the 2nd before we continue to take that they don't. and what does that mean? what, what ends drew on that there's not a. ready in washington, because if i did all the special interest and i need some advice to yourself to come from. okay, just take your daughter, georgia for mr. kildrick angel. a mail along with the continuing archaeological drama. another story worthy event on checkoff is unfolding and france. cute and more than descendants giving up their ancestral castle. the glue alone can sun
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production isn't any of house. because if you're, you're going to resume to be home, to you to get those in secular. math not to come move to the event of the engine, assume that if in a b c who did polluted in the city of an actual school. and i want to point out the decision value shuttle act, you know, i'll put them yes. on the bus, you know them on the precipice to for them when you when you put them on any physic, norman total. what really seem to be going to kill them when she did didn't ship definitely kind of a hard time consuming the classic of nelson. this is just just so he's way off of it. oh
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you down to 2 minutes. money isn't over yet. there's one more theory to tennis about where he may be. it also happens to be the theory that many of the russians had proposed from the start to think it was just water sheets for this one will show you where you want to store, you know, for the delivery of going to be completed. african, i was wondering if you were still new to just the right people are good, seamless, simply just letting you know you may be getting the citadel is huge and there's no time for more to go wrong. a french officer who attended the funeral lift
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a clue in his memoirs. the grave was inside the best unit to the right of the gate . playing football, if you need a strong, more sophisticated me to do a song and feel that those input to be the day when you sons and you see they can come there. because if you just position with elegy, was it was, it was the best job describe those. i mean, i don't mean while the security this political can often sort of gone by joining what do we balance now? communities attributed fund, along with the, the goal should go to why the book to talk, but was mr. me some that i see that then mr. decision for me to go mean when it actually if you want you to mr. dees, are they all possible going use a different one. i mean it's a much it is for doors consult and we'll try to do that. well, the 1st days of digging bring only more disappointment beneath the dance floor that was filled in silvia times. so many rocks i found you was in your area and if it
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was in the store, she would she or you know that for, for the when there was something for me as much increased from them that comes through the office issue or guns case door position and beyond the former student or police the but then right in the middle of the dig, something unused well is revealed. nisha aneesha. williams was sure i didn't think he meant that question when you go to come, get through with them. i'm sure for going to sort of went for me to be in national feel a little bit of the outline of a coffin and gradually emerges from the soil. it's very old and barely intact. let me skip efficient doorstep for you. i was clear enough for me
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to walk. i was a former correct, and it was him that i would go through the whole month. please review them for me. there's no doubt. but before proclaiming that you down to him has been found. they need to see a whole skeleton, the general of the leg baffled fellow in a mountain, views and stuff. if you're going to be suspicious, you know, i will shoot you the union. i'll tell me. and if you need to mark decision member follow call. this was just mostly it up was just when you call the see or song popping up. she a crystal palace was used to exclude the motor girl for my mom because i've also yet as well as on the b o. l. it's tradition newcomb non. meanwhile,
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jan took building up 40 only showing up 40 all. so gonna see what it costs the course of course i just took me off to school on a book. they bought a report in the p a r e v was it will do some, i'm always delete dollars multiple was your boss to be don't suddenly say not mental the most, your mental that took my phone with me . ah,
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i did it said the function when you're doing you, he will not just such a block was stuck around this just because of course mr. thought i shit is the body of the graph. each other when you're so before she walks moment. so you could have been, you know, i thought we've got some ways smith, mon, you watch on each this turn around and using your 3. so if the la stuck in the lane ways just and then put that. so it isn't. that's it from my teacher. genius riddle. like you feel the need to move me did since seem in the now when you're not sure yet, teachers, but i wouldn't say when they teach scam alice. and i'm glad that i
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can get me to close to the point where we don't get who is it you know, how much was it? yeah, i don't know if i was to begin with about the kid building and get to know what
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one of the most who it is all is who i need to be me me. i me ah, ah, ah,
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i i summer solutions where we focus on the solutions. not so much. the problem, stacy? right. we are joined by jeff booth author of the price of tomorrow. remember the great 964 bill, doctor. strange love. you remember the subtitle of the film was how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. well, i have a 2021 updated subtitle. when it comes to the survey, one state how i learned to stop worrying and love be in. tell community folks today
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or not feared there adored the present by new uses. republicans and blocking alarm our bill, he says would broaden black. so it is participation in elections for service. our claims have fake test results, no checks and no mouth. the euro. 2020 final, the world health organization says london's football showdown which devastating for efforts to control the pandemic on the bottle continues, is kelly with highly contagious. tell to variant takes rooms worldwide and now it counts for more than 90 percent of russia cases. we return to a career of ours clinic to see how health care workers coping. i'd also this irish us leaders openly, but what they call key was protest against decades of economic suffering van at
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point the major ro, washington has play 3 decades of.


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