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ah, claims of bank test results, no checks, no must be your 2020 final. the walls help organizations says it was devastating for us to control the pandemic. still pm. far as john to pushing ahead with his freedom day plan for england next week. but many and our group a horrified the years we have some of them coming to mind. it's freedom day it's. it's very frightening and i'm not on the whole goes on. has cove, it's highly contagious. delta barrier takes around the world accounting for over 90 percent of new cases in russia. we return to the redstone to see how health care was because of coping with the challenge and hash tag s o s of cuba
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has trending on social media as us politicians expressed strong support for the testers. paul cuban officials blame that all the neighbors, some mentioning in the countries that in time i hello good to see you live from ortiz, h q here in moscow. a welcome from me on the whole team. well, it may be the beautiful game, but it's not looking so good for the flight to gates cove. it, it's fair that some day here are 2020 final could result in a huge fight in cases as victorious italian team parade is that trophy through the center room. little thought was being given to covert regulations by the enormous crowds not came just a day off to tens of thousands of unmarked fans crammed together during the much in london. world health organization has described the event as devastating. am i
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supposed to be in who are in watching transmission happening in front of my eyes? the covered 19 pandemic is not taking a break tonight, sorry covey to delta v r, and will take advantage of an vaccinated people in crowded settings, unmasked, screaming, shout, and singing, devastate in the well, 60000 defined value must be seen, a lack of social distancing. no checks and claims of fake test results. thought was the scene playing out at wembley stadium. sunless start talk? who's at the game says over control for quite a joke. you didn't even need to do or feet attached because you weren't even checked for your covert weather. what to say. they were just checking your phone for your ticket and you would want to see the ticket on your
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phone. they will just loving you in that month. if you had a negative cash, so you may be faked at the test either step me think more really to the the think we should have taken more seriously. there's no checks for call within police was just a lot of search of people with motor bus security measures should have been in police as well, but there wasn't enough security or still to carry out the the checks, health care officials have warned the you're a 2020 final could see the u. k, heading towards a 1000000 new infections within a month. right now, cases have shown up to around $35000.00 today. but the prime minister is still going ahead with his plan to remove most restrictions in england next week. or the government says it will due to a successful vaccination program that seen with 35000000 people receive a job. we will stick to our plan to live legal restrictions and to lift social
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distancing. derek clark again, who was not that pen final between england, it's an effect that a spike of cases is indeed on the horizon. the restrictions are easy and the 19th of july, of course, is when looking at this final restrictions easing as well. so things are getting back to normal, but very little people waiting masks and last nights, especially heading towards the underground station after the launch amount of people, but no dual monster waiting. so it could be a rising case each because of that. then as i mentioned, they'll have no checks for corporate heading into the grounds. so that as of what that, i mean i was in the ground just about 20 minutes. there was already 3 or 4 as young guys of older the boston. meanwhile, that plan to set england free from all missed or covert rules has left many
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terrified, especially those seen as most at risk in england alone, that they are in any 4000000 people. cost is extremely vulnerable to the virus and for them does nothing liberating about that upcoming freedom day. calling it freedom days just take totally ridiculous. so families like mine it's is anything but freedom day, taking away all mitigations against that. just makes it very scary place to, you know, to be now putting to greatly and thought that not everyone has to mask anymore. well, it's the major pulses and protection gone full hon. people feel quite let down and very forgotten laura, unless i just to of 94000000 people in the clinic, leave hon category. when the pandemic 1st broke out, this group were told to shield, meaning they couldn't leave their homes and face to face contact was next to none. shielding is currently paused in the u. k,
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but with all social distancing set to be scrapped, millions may have no choice but to go back behind closed doors it's, it's very frightening man, and i may not survive if i expect. i will probably go back and see i lation and more shielding. as i was before to protect myself, i think deformable community have been totally ignored. rarely, in the whole of this, the original plan of shielding. it should only ever be in a temporary mattea whilst they put safe mitigations in place and brought the case numbers down. because the government refused to do that. you know, that does no change for us in 16 months, nothing has changed to make the world safer. place since the start of the pandemic around 6 and 10 corona virus deaths in england have been among disabled people. and well, the government vaccination program rollout was seen as light at the end of the tunnel . only half the country is for the jobs,
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meaning the other half of the country is still unprotected. not only that, but many people with particular health conditions don't respond well to the job, putting them at even more risk. so ditching mandatory most wearing and social distances for people like nora is life changing to me. the 2 main things which appears to be being taken away, which face masks and distancing. and that to really easy things. and they don't really cost anything to say things. but difficult or damaging to anybody, you know, it doesn't restrict them in any way. if people don't do that, there's a lot of families truck. the new guidance, the shield as is expected to come from the department of house. yet news of this announcement is gas. every time a lockdown has ended or restrictions have been eased, many shield us have been forced to make their own decisions. and they accused the government of forgetting about them. labor has called for you turn on freedom day and more guidance for those most vulnerable. we want to put in
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a controlled way and keep in line face like to keep down infections like mandatory placement from a public face, muff on public transport, how we know that we protect people, reduce the speed of the virus and the spread the virus. and it was called the economy, common sense, we all want restrictions listed once our economy. we won't get back to the, but we've been here too many times before, isn't the case. but once again, instead of a capital control approach, we're heading for some of payoff and confusion with so called freedom de, looming, many a gearing up to tear them off and danced together and nightclubs. but with cases already on the rise, it seems possible that july the 19th will mean its locked down once again for the vulnerable to call it freedom day is not only really offensive to families like myself. and really, really difficult to swallow the phrase. but it also is
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a self freedom for everybody else because they won't get that for you. jim. all it will do is delay the inevitable, which will probably be another lockdown for a for a long time, because the case numbers will be so high. the code that pandemic continues to evolve with cases in thailand of people having 2 different strains. the same time health official say the both alpha and delta variance have been detected in certain individuals. while the delta variant was 1st identified in india and is believe to be the most contagious so far, it's now spread to more than $100.00 countries around the world with the w h o predicting it will become the dominant strain globally in the coming months. meanwhile, right here in russia, the delta variant now accounts for more than 90 percent of new code cases with more on how health care. why? because on dealing with this challenge, his until and crystal scheme who returns to the red zone in the latest installment
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of his documentary theories academic the look an empty bed, an empty bed. it's an empty space out there, a small one. so tara 1347 beds. i hoped i would never come back here again. we are at a hospital again and here again, are these demps crops. how did the hospital start to fill up? do you remember the day when said be any and, and rock of announced another spike in cases that started when the city announced 9000 infections when there had previously only been 3000. so we brought that on ourselves. we were monitoring that there had been 50 patients daily, and suddenly the number went up to 100 and then 210120130 so warm. but of course
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the key point is that we were ready, well prepared. the worst thing is when you're not out for him, what's the main pattern of this new strain? probably you're looking for the computer. firstly, it's more contagious. and 2nd, it hits way faster than the previous and now takes $1.00 to $2.00 days instead of 7 to wait with the elevator. it's also hitting younger people. what i do, what? yeah, i'm looking at patients and i recall the moments of the 1st and the 2nd waif. they were mainly older people. and now just look, everyone is younger than me. they didn't believe it would happen. they thought the virus had gone, but he stayed. they think everything's okay. it's a simple flu and it will end soon, but it doesn't. it wasn't day off today. and how many of those in the hospital are vaccinated? it's not well around 122-1000 patients. i've come a lovely and believable all young guys. i've never seen anything like this before.
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so literally everyone is younger than me. let me. how's it going? great. how long have you been here? well, i've been here for some 2 weeks. i guess. how did you end up here? did you have a high temperature? yes. i had a temperature. i called an ambulance. they brought me here and done my condition. drastically nose dived. what do you mean? well, in 2 days, how old are you? i'm 47. so we're the same age and how badly where your lungs damaged. 75 percent. 75. yes, i was only released from an intensive care work today. did you get the vaccine for? nope. why do? because i'm an idiot. how is that possible? it's available to you. why is this happening? where people not vaccinating we do look since the 90 s, there was an anti vaccination campaign at that time and those mad moms said we won't be vaccinated against measles, chicken pox. we won't take any vaccine. someone put that idea in the head that the
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vaccination is bad, but in fact, it saves lives and it helps vanquish the pandemic. so when do you think it will and never can damage tend to last from 3 to 5 years. i'm actually afraid of asking you who is vaccinating and non you raise your hands please. he's vaccinated . i know him. well, actually anyone who comes here is vaccinated. well, it's because you're a strict boss. i've been in an intensive care unit for a month, and my condition is severe. maybe the outcome would be less if i had taken a job. i wanted to get facts unaided, but i didn't find time. and now i'm in a dire condition. the me ah
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ah, the ah ah, ah, the me, i still to come the latest bid to win a whistleblower to get a song his freedom. doctors from around the globe had a meeting with president biden. we'll have the details and many more for the short break. ah, ah
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ah ah ah, ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have crazy plantation. let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully,
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very critical time. time to sit down and talk the welcome back. now, cuba, as president has pointed the thing to squarely at washington move a protest. i have gripped his country. thousands have flooded the streets of the caribbean nation know, for an ongoing economic crisis that's only been exacerbated by the pandemic. the anti government movement has been called the largest in 30. the protest caught a tough yes. a cuba, the economy has plunged 11 percent by the covert crisis and american sanction. despite the top us politicians are reacting to the protests with hash tag. so s
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cuba expressing the full support for those on the street. he was foreign minister claims in the us government that's behind the riots and we use any means available to ton cuba upside down. that's what i call on twitter. and i also call them the u . s. government to recognize or deny that political operate is actively used tags, collectives or groups of robots. trolls who use a coordinated with automated means to flood the networks, etc, etc. in this operation against cuba rolls, if you go on twitter, you will find the hash tag as so s q in the trends, and some of the most senior us politicians among go sending out the signal saying how much they are worried. so genuinely worried be so for the cuban regime to step down and lead democracy flourish in cuba. i hope and pray for a free cue, but from morality is no suffering under is unbearable communist rule. viva cuba
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libra s o s. cuba s. so as cuba might as well turn into cuban lives, matter, please don't blame me for trying to sound sarcastic when talking about serious hardships of an entire nation. but just think of this, it's america, that's been squeezing cuba in the clutches of its economic blockade for 6 decades and refuse to lifted even when the pandemic kicked in, even when 184 you a nation's called on washington to do so. just for the sake of the people in the difficult times in havana, this hard law is being compared to genocide. but nope, the americans can't be bothered because the sanctions are a tool for democracy. and that probably works as a universal excuse. havana is blaming the u. s. for inciting protests, and backing them with cash. plus, it's firmly against the hypocrisy,
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and the voices of concern from the neighbors said about, i'm why don't we are addressing revolutionaries who may have become entangled. addressing cubans who may have some concerns, but we will not allow the opponents of the revolution. mercenaries were sold out to the u. s. government sold out to the empire, receiving money from subversive agencies to provoke destabilization. like i said, the style, the wording, the matter on the part of the us elite is hardly a surprise given the history of how they've been dealing with on wanted governments in latin america. the method that the u. s. prefers to use in latin america today is similar to what we saw take place in eastern europe after the collapse of the soviet union with the various color revolution. and we can point to the guardian, but group that now comprises the one why do lead opposition? clearly us backed, trained by usa id and the national endowment for democracy in these tactics than we
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saw in 2018 in nicaragua. the same kind of scenario play out violent protests and blockades, leaving hundreds dead. and the people who are leading it were being sponsored by the national endowment for democracy and usa id to top all this off. listen to one us senator and former presidential candidate. pretty much giving instructions to the media on how to cover the tensions in cuba. give coverage to the fact that there are people in the street in cuba because they do not want to live and marxism and communism socialism any more, they want freedom. now here's a fact for you, despite the blockade. cuba was the 1st country in the whole region to successfully develop, not one but to colbert vaccines, and has managed to domestically produce and vaccinate more than a quarter of the population with at least one dose while suffering a severe shortage in supplies from abroad. this probably still isn't enough to
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boost the public's confidence in the government and will do nothing to ease the poverty or slash food prices. what could have helped though, is a bit of american mercy with the sanctions. oh no, there is no way he will touch the precious tool for democracy. meanwhile, hundreds have been writing outside the cuban embassy in the spanish capital of madrid, and solidarity with the anti government demonstrations in the caribbean country u. s. white house press secretary, john thought you think the blame for the unrest lives with the cuban government. there's every indication that yesterday's protests were reactions of the people in cuba to exhaustion of the governance of the, of the leaders in the state. the economic mismanagement and the repression that we're seeing take place against the people of the country. having spent significant time in cuba during the special period,
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the harshest period of sanctions and deprivation, i can tell you there is real suffering and there is real malays and it is brought about as a direct result of the u. s. embargo. so it was inevitable that there would be protests like this. we can see that people have genuine grievances, but that they are also being pulled into a regime change agenda by organizations like this and see dro movement which have clear ties to the united states government. the trump administration ended the obama administration's normalization with cuba, reimpose, brutal sanctions, not just on cuba, but on venezuela. blocking fuel shipments to cuba, the cuban government had to ration food starting in 2018. and now we have a pen demik where cuba has had to miraculous miraculously manufacture its own vaccine because of a needle shortage brought on by the u. s. blockade. well, let's quickly,
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some was using brief starting off of how 22 people have been killed amid writes in south africa, off to the army was deployed to confront, protest is enraged at the jailing of the former president. j consume, i was imprisoned for, failing to appear at a corruption inquiry support to say the case was straightest by his successor. so a fly out a covert hospital in iraq. the southern city of nasiriyah has left at least 15 dead . i'm 60 injured rescue as combed through the facility and such a more parties off to the fire will float under control. it's thought at this stage, the oxygen tank explosion might be to play and nice. 8 people were killed, one a hotel collapse in the eastern chinese city of su joe, on monday, train footage shows the extent of the damage. you can see the now emergency services all reported to have pulled up 14 people from the rubble. it's not yet known. what caused the incident with $250.00
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doctors from $35.00 countries have signed a joy locked at us. president joe biden, calling for the release of wiki leaks, found julian psalms. they claim he's been subject is psychological torture for more than a decade. we spoke to one of the signatories, professor william hogan. i think they're treating him like a terrorist. i get him a doctor's just a little out. busy of my area of expertise, but this is how they've treated other terror suspects. he is at risk for suicide bombers prison. he's suffering still experiencing mental turmoil. hallucinate options including auditory, hallucinations, which are persecuted, tori, these are some of the most severe signs, mental illness and, and mental stress. all the effects will ever be back to normal to what he was like
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before entering the ecuadorian embassy. i think that's unlikely. sadly. last week, freshman's high court granted the u. s. the right to appeal to sanchez extradition, which was denied earlier this year. to recap through whistleblower faces, multiple espionage charges stateside which could land to 175 years behind. almost a song will remain in london spell marsh prison while the appeals process plays out . professor hogan again says that public feeling here can't be ignored. i think that it's starting to have more and more effect. i think there's growing calls. i think there's growing. busy awareness we've seen the recent developments with greek italian u. k. ready australia m p 's writing. busy letters to their various governments in the u. s. government asking biden, and his attorney general garland to drop the prosecution. so i think momentum is
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building, i think, to please. yes, they've been pretty much ignored thus far, but i think we're having an influence growing up violent extremis and what the f b i and tends to fight with a cool for americans to snit shall not own family members if they have any suspicions, ideas. so on surprisingly, not winning many fans yes. report friends and family members to the government. like you see in totalitarian regimes, 1984 wasn't meant to be your orgs instruction manual. who do a report f, b, i extremism to migrant, my kids with bacon fat, which is the recipe for hard disease. i hope you guys and they use that term loosely take her down like has been reading and he came on web pages and follows a bunch of dogs doing stupid things. instagram pages. i am concerned on the idea
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comments and away from the s p. i direct is testing when the capitol hill riots he branded domestic terrorism. in january, trump supporters assumed the capital after the president's election defeat. more than 500 people have since been arrested with some candid by the own families and colleagues. political put cost justin robert young believes that the biden administration is using such threat as a political from the patriot act on forward. they've consistently looked to crisis, is to try to expand their own policing tools, many of which were the long held wishes for them. and now they have yet another reason to do it. people that have that they went across the line and are now being legally held accountable for it. but the call for domestic terrorism has not only been seized on by the f b i, which is be doing this for a while. but also, of course, the biden administration, which can use this as a cudgel politically the f. b, i is inherently a political organization. now,
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the definition exactly where it politically aligned with a more interesting question on whether or not a straight, liberal, conservative or loyal to a republican or democratic party, or what i think is most accurate, loyal to washington dc. and the, the fact that there are just columns of power that exist in that political town just before we go, he may have famously tried to repel the english in the movie braveheart, but hollywood saw mel gibson will need those skills again again to online mobile democratic supporters, they'll be provoked, the outrage from the report on camera, we consider the former president donald trump to fight event while read how the song can take your public on social media by heading to our website. dot com. i'm not going to waste your time any more. you can head on straight over to that article and many, many more and have
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a good day. me the in the she want to hold simply real thing a little slow, letting them go by susan. well, i don't want to come a little to go see me when you have a week when you have a meeting in the room, initial pathetic female spelled on the one, let me know which finance was going to fail, and we'll get that done for me. and i'll start with you soon as you just move in to when you finish mental begin
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illusion initially about thinking what's going on on the, on the financial young who the illusion that you lose could you could shoot it to the lower the with the you don't do it, you know, it needs to be number 41 way in to live in the dock and you don't let them know that i've used enough 40 only 6 of.


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