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joy, number one, we're not going to be in the home and don't, don't you don't go down there for that. i'll use enough for the only office and then i get to to chemo. we see that i think for you on the find the user level is for numerical that is the most of our senior from having to go back to your conference with each of the other shows what she was a quick thank out there. he can inform me forms, as you know, i don't have a member dog ma'am. cedar tissue. i just need to
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know more of them are you are you do you feel comfortable doing the things that are shania. it's still new to me on the plan. people. so that's a good kill me . this is what 4 weeks of excavation in the middle of millions looks like a big empty hole where the team had expected to find a forgotten grave. the final resting place of a general and childhood friend of napoleon. and this is the sound of disappointment . i love horses to the moon. look, i'm trying to feed on the bus from so you know if, if it cumulative, when you're done a nick, good, good, good. i don't know, you don't use it. question center. this is humor if it's more name,
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my sister. but i think the boss at the time i bhaskar system will come out there. she'll do the c metal any, but that is sort of deny the village. 2 months ago, the members of this french russian expedition were in a far better mood. the french alki ologist in particular, had never expected to search for your grave to take so long. you did some port in your midst when a company always just call me we'll see it is up to do is all of you know what put up a pollution now you don't if i'm a special pisca, you know, some nuclear they say well, no, no, we don't see it, we'll just marbury it. it's all up to t o. smith doesn't. because you got this off. he still made up there to mr. d. telekinetic napoleon course that he just couldn't afford peace on or false. is it down to me? i mean, i couldn't sit on this, so let you talk to somebody. huge. is it true?
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yeah, yeah. and france would show up over how you read your they go go to the federal american okey ologist at the in rep institute. he leads the french section of the expedition, leading the russians is alexander of a cloth research associate of the russian academy of sciences institute of archaeology. laid hope for an archaeological sensation found the last grave of a french general and friend of napoleon would have been an impressive headline. and they planned to return your domes remains to france to be re buried with military honors in the heart of paris. for good, should we go tomorrow noon bumped into that's under false disorder. new on i'm on income's in involved in it should always set up a pay get a hold,
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holler yet column. best one on one minute and a mountain was the battlefield on which go down was water, the wounded. and that's where the joint russian french expedition is searching for mass graves and artifact from the general's battle. we come under one of the new information, which i think you are the little chairs and functions department which will look more on the field in the 3 year period to show you when they're all in one of the fact that when you log in to the object and the more lead to the tech told them it to the people too much for
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that or sit thought of a crucial news. joe dockins walk with them all sorts of the august 1812 russian troops retreating from napoleon. great army that invaded the country in june. a significant battle takes place near to the amount in general. good though, is one of the french commanded with a square just preserving the issue with i'm just going to keep the service, but you have to deal with people must what's going on with them. because you know what you mean?
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i don't know if i will get i have to deal with 12344. she'll set to simple condition to disagree with the launch of alex, it's more or less than all done was taken just millions which the french had captured the best surgeons fought for his life, but to no avail. legend says that napoleon himself attended the funeral, was traditional at the time and heart was returned to his homeland for burial in the family cramped. the rest of his body was entered in one of the millions fortress best, and after the war, the few soldiers who attended the funeral provided only a vague idea of the great location. it seemed, it was lost forever. off at new boston, moved him one girl at the top of a despair who love the combat. the smell is coming from county. las cruces and mall of if you need that issue on both of us for mala. let me just spell it for sunday.
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it is a keeper to an extra kings or pico no opinion of issues to to you can give it a shot that actually i didn't go to the bank. i last minute present. nothing quite so. no, no, no no. you know, into a man like you go to your toy and you know was on for you dream on the
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when i don't got her usually done. the finance care is on the phone before table to the senior region. unless you don't die, it will be a pretty publish one to sit on the phone. and if you want to new your whole e d, a letter in the house should be cautious or sidney. poor combat. i know what he put down for me to ask you to stop in or keep them in the exp, kamali come on issues and stuff. people who don't treat you ah,
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just to get involved in a scenario show. so you can really compute, i saw the local community circle, but yon owned germany. if you didn't pull your school from his room from the poor moody, he said the contrary is too weak. my callback de la fontose only put him posted to the commercial show conductor. position and i feel congealed if we wouldn't get an actual experience. i think if it's small, but could you look for him to do the new can you just sure that i toners in that you don't don't the preschool when you because sure. sure. and you know, treatment from you soon,
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the dishes of toys as if you're to join us here with the now you done us to do something from name. see already that you should to you, michelle, you've only on don't don't, don't be booked, said you didn't, don't want my specialty. tommy assured me to tell it to you. said the doctor. she went on so well with what we're all set yet. do is on the one pushing estimated offer to go out of your dental and vision discussion was can you order any day boscus you before i sit on the wall out on that book with positional toy go to the ship boundary best. i couldn't get the money. i was
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killed the tooth was more the city one. yes. you're doing this for me to do you put as a look in. yes, you want to keep up. people disagree with. kimberly this sort of thing. when yesterday do i said you're going to come up or you are going to put the said, you put in addition, illusion to occasion to do different articles from your neighborhood. you didn't you mr. to do now? you know, if you put a look at a subsidy, but there's a previous upsetting, but there's only wanted to see if i need to finish don't, doesn't get too long to plenty personal additional is going to separate your whole city, which was the. ready only nice go forward in
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the loose. sorry. i didn't want to close on so, so should i close this? you know, the walk when they showed it, but when you're done summer solutions where we focus on the solutions. not so much . the problem, stacy, right. we are joined by jeff booth author of the price of tomorrow, the loan. when i would show the wrong one, i just don't need you to fill out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well, depart. we choose to look for common ground in
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the the expedition begins and the french archeologists who paulette in just a few days killed hans grave and will be found in the shame best in the news know if to keep the bottom of so let me know when ends, it's usually off at the box curriculum situ. ortho, there is a whole new out of what's all forgive us. i'm looking for somebody let you look for a 2nd. good morning. you mean there was more show it
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to do on this or something needs to these are individuals took of course course. what do i need to palmer smoke when? if i saw whether you think you can reach a close more, the french optimism is not shared by the russians. we mean to me so i was hoping that we can make them just give us to crate it because for the 3 of you to go sure . go from here with fusion. so if someone did and it was created to day 5, but the shane busty and the dig has reached 2 meters so far, there's no sign of the go. let's get around under which the general might have been buried. what do you wish to say? you are the most affordable middle school morgan, scott, who is it? the north luca, 33 of the sooner across the civil relative nothing. by the end of the 1st week. it's clear that the shame busty and will yield nothing but broken
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fragments of ancient rush and pottery. there's even the hard talk among the friends group that they may not achieve the primary objective. the competitive shows didn't, but we don't do. you need to be have a new friendship. i don't have any the up or yeah, sooner best interests out was blah. so how about was surely for, you know, to be new on the, i'm on the shack is usually it turns out that i saw a pretty boots, his face, the pool at, on jazz as a told the nam may separate. that if it was your dog or largo is mine at 5 in the break coincides with the may the 9th holiday. so the past was invited to see
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a modern military parade commemorating russia as great 945 decree over nazi germany . the expedition was running out of time 3 weeks of digging have failed to provide any answers and there's still no sign of the elusive tomb. you're going on. the missiles with them to put the whole together rule that way. all the field who's a who? yes. well, if it didn't really keep it was like the level do that going to lose to think and do i get a little more when we went to bo, put on the 2nd to technical difficulties. and what does that mean?
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what ends goes down to 40. ready in washington for the 1st movie interest, and i just need to know if do yourself. this morgan was just taking a look at our georgia bubble killjoy angel. a mail along with the continuing archaeological drama. another story worthy event on checkoff is unfolding in front, queued on modern descendants, giving up their ancestral castle and the glue. logan, son of house, cliff and your your father to resume the, beholden into pre unit those in secular. math not to come move to the event a fusion. assume that if in a b c who did fluted in the city of an actual school. and i want to point out the
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decisions regarding the shuttle act, you know, put them yes. on the you know them on the computer for them when you when you put them on any physic, norman total. what really seem to be going to show them what to do to didn't know if it's going to be hard time consuming the classic of nelson. this is just just so he's like oh you down to 2 minutes. money isn't over yet. there's one more theory to tennis about where he may be. it also happens to be the theory that many of the russians had proposed from the start and think it was just water sheets for this one will show you where you want to store, you know,
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move you to the meeting this morning. we're going to get african, i knew that you were still new papers or to suggest that the right people are good, seamless. if she doesn't, let me be here in the citadel is huge, and there's no time for more to go. roman, a french officer who attended the funeral lift a clue in his memoirs. the grave was inside the best unit to the right of the gate . playing football, if you need me, i'm a strong, more sophisticated me to do a song and feel that those input to be the day when you sons and you see they could come there. because if you just put the show into phone that you quoted, this would be the best job describe those. i mean, i don't mean while the security,
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the speak to go on and off is sort of goal based on what do we balance? documentaries attribute is found along with the the goal should go to why the book to talk with mr. me with some that i see that then mr. decision for me to go mean when it actually went up to mr. des, are they all the bargain is a different one. i mean, it's a much, it is for doors consult on june. the call they left off the 1st days of digging bring only more disappointment beneath the dance floor that was built in sophia times. so many rocks are found was in your area. and if it was in the store, she was she, her, you know, for, for the one that was helping me as much increase from them that comes through strictly these are for sure the offices are going to restore position and beyond the former student which restricts police the whole bar,
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but then right in the middle of the dig, something unusual is revealed. nisha aneesha williams was you or do you think you meant that question when you go to come, get through get them sure. for going to sort of went for me to be national, took a little bit of the outline of a coffin and gradually emerges from the soil. it's very old and barely intact. let me skip efficient doorstep for you. i was clear enough for me to walk. i was a farmer correct, and that was him. that's my goal. by the way, through the whole month, leave him for region for me,
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no doubt. but before proclaiming the downs to him has been found. they need to see a whole skeleton. the general of the leg baffled fellow in a mountain is up. it's a little bit of, i guess i'm suspicious. you know, i will shoot you that. tell me a definitive mock decision you follow call this was mostly it up with this one you call the see or song popping up. she, a crystal while it was used to excuse the model girl, was my mom because i've also yet as well as on days, i've dealt with tradition newcomb non wildly gentle building up 40, only showing up 40 all. so gonna see what it costs the course to me by your level corporate office goes down on
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a book by reporting the p a r e v. or do we sound mom? always 2 weeks. don't follow us multiple was your boss phone to be don't say no mental didn't. what's your mental that i thought it is where i me, ah, i did it said the function. when you're doing you, he will not just such a block with suck around this just because of course mr. thought i shit is the body of the graphic. when you're still before she walks moment. so you could have been,
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you know, i thought we've got some ways via smith mon, you watch on each this turn around and using your 3 did that. i thought if the la stuck in the lane ways just in them put out of it, isn't that much of a police genius fiddle? like you feel the need to get some seem in the now when you're not sure yet teachers, but i wouldn't say when they teach scam alice. and i'm glad that i did. that sounds good then me to close that up on those are the plans if we don't
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and so guess who is it you know, how much was it? i don't know if i was to begin in the building and get to know what will be the most who it is. all profit is i
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won't be me. i me i me ah, ah, ah, her i
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the when i see black america, i think part of my, when i was growing up like america spoke to me. when, why destroyed you did not. you said black lives matter is a movement, we are importing from america. no, nothing is in. we lived in a world where white lives mattered. and i was not why i like mission. and i wasn't new from black america. i learned how to speak back to one aboriginal people know every day now that the police were at war with statistics. i'm scared that my children are going to grow up in the country.
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that thing says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system than their other fellow friends in daycare. mm mm. the whatever
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she want for him, but he will thing a little slow letting him go down golf. well, the else can go when you go to a meeting in the room, initial pathetic stamey, i'm go, i'm going to spell them the one that we can finance was going to work it down. 2 for me and then we'll go from you soon as you move in to when you finish the mental complete illusion initially connect and normally financial young, moody, an illusion you lose could put it in, you could shoot it to the lower the
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with the we will not allow the opponents of the revolution mercenaries were sold out to the u. s. government to provoke destabilization as washington vien, inciting mass demonstrations across cuba, the islands president. thank. so after watching thousands floods the st. john, good to 5. it's moment crisis. how does the decade long us embargo continue? think test results, no checks, no moss, i'm no social distance thing. we have from a sports john who attended the year 2025, london. i was shocked by what he thought. all the while as the thought wave of private grip b, u. k. and the number of cases rapid nice, pyro nevertheless, prime minister boris johnson. still pushing ahead with his freedom day planned for england next week. but many people, especially those.


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