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the me ah ah, i use the you don't do 50 more than 46. 41 when you come in on the dock and you don't go down there on
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that. i'm using up 40 only because often i get it to him always. he said, i think you all know in the drive through from the, by the user level for new management that is the most of our senior. so from having to go back to your conference with each other shows what's your question? thank out there they can any form a need for me that you know, i don't have a member dog by fear, ma'am. cedar tissue, i just really was remitted to know what you were doing. my renewal was due on the proof. shania good is still in the same still on the new on the plan people. so
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for this kill me. this is what for we could excavation in the middle of millions. looks like a big empty hole where the team had expected to find a forgotten grave. the final resting place of a general and childhood friend of napoleon. and this is the sound of disappointment, frances, to the moon. look to please. i don't know if, if it came only when you're done. and dick good. i don't know. you don't use this question since this is human. if it's more name, my sister properties of victor off at the school system will probably she'll do the same. that's what any but that is sort of denied english. 2 months ago,
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the members of this french russian expedition were in a far better mood. the french archeologist in particular, had never expected to search for good downs grave to take so long. you did some important. you're not me. when a company always just put a comma, see it, it does. all of you know what i could say that was a pollution. i don't know if i'm a special pisca. you know, i'm not going to see one thing that we don't see and i will just more about it. it's all on the t off mid doesn't. i'm just because you got this off. he still may pop there. mr. d telekinetic napoleon core is i don't know 40 piece on a false. is it down to me? i mean, i couldn't sit down this so let you talk to somebody. you just a troop of yeah yeah. and france, show me how you read or they go do
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frederick maryland. okay. all adjusted the in rep institute. he leads the french section of the expedition, leading the russians is alexander cloth, research associates, of the russian academy of sciences institute of archaeology, laid hope for an archaeological sensation, found the last grave of the french general and friend of napoleon would have been an impressive headline and they planned to return good remains to france to re buried with military honors. in the heart of paris, we're going to go with the new involved in that that's under hostile the new law in comes in involved in it was she do we sit up a pe got a guy, angel, carla. yeah. come on. i'm on a mountain with the battlefield on which go down was mortally wounded, and that's where the joint russian french expedition is searching for mass graves
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and artifacts from the general's last battle. we come on to the new information. are you going to need little chairs and phone calls because i was with a little more on the field. you said 33, if you, if you read them all in one of the fact that you can tell you, i think you can also fax them or lead to pick, told him to repeat too much or sit thought, ocular. she crucial. you can do this or darky, walk with them all unless what's a good? i august,
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1812 russian troops retreating from napoleon. great army that invaded the country in june. a significant battle takes place near moliere value to the amount in general. good, though. one of the french commanders the yellow square, or would you just think that you could just get them for setting it shows up, but then you're just going to just keep us up to the people must. what's going on with them? because they don't, you mean you don't get me wrong, the bomb will give a portion of that. could you point me to the tweet or she said, but if it's different, a disorder should sit on with the launch of an extra small blessing than all
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done was taken just millions which the french had captured the best surgeons fought for his life, but to no avail, legend says that napoleon himself attended the funeral, was traditional at the time downtown was returned to his homeland for burial in the family cripps. the rest of his body was interred in one of the millions of fortress bessie and after the war. the few soldiers who attended the funeral provided only a vague idea of the grave location. it seemed, it was lost forever. of her new boss hume, him work girl at home with a spell who loved the combat, the smell is coming to the county law school. isn't more of it. you need that as you are both accessible. marla latimer, could you spell it on sunday? is it keep the extra things in pico, know what you get of issues to t. v and it can get into been charles the natalie i
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was a united health care ducati the bank. i presented nothing quite so she said no, no, no it isn't. it is, you know, a man nicole coins was also you dream on the one when i don't usually we done the last polanski image on the phone before table to the senior region unless you don't get it,
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not the you want to publish. wanted to also know when you were at the new you of the home e. d. a letter of just in the house should reconsider sydney, poor compassion. ah not pretty or the key. you don't need to know when i ask you to stop in or keep them in. we expect your commodity on issues and stuff. people who don't feel you ah, just getting up to traditional like you really confused. i
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saw the local community and certainly down a bit of young own to me to come in and keep your i'm a school from a soon from course poor moody. it's either contrary to eat my callback of yahoo. that's when they put him into the show conductor. position and i for congeal, if we want to get an actual twins, i think if it's small, but could you put in a to do that. okay, sure that i toners and all your dom national the risk when you book it. sure, sure. and you know, treatment and i'm assuming i want the choice as if you're to get here when you're done restaurant in one. yes
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ma'am. are you sure you, michelle? you've only given don't, don't, don't, don't do that being said, you didn't, don't want my specialty to miss your mom. you said the wow don't. and she went on so i didn't want it all fit. yeah. do is on the one push estimated to go out of your discussion was you order in the day boskus you come on before i sit on the wall out on the book with position on the toilet. go to the ship out of the best. i said they were given that the money i was killed the to the to do was more the city. yes, you're doing this for me to do,
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but there's a look in yes, you want to keep up with a cigarette. can resist sort of thing one yesterday to move into the senior and to come up, are you going to put the said you put in additional allusion to cation fair. did your additional i got this from your call history neighborhood. you didn't you, mr. to do you now, you know, if you put through, can you put this in a previous blog section you but as i wanted to see if i need to finish, don't new gets along to plenty. possibly, individuals can separate your whole city, which was the only recently switch out the scope of the list for the phone setting. so no, i didn't want to go from source. i should say no,
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but i'm law. i close this. you know the law when they showed it, but when you're done the the american foreign policy law struggles to come determine with washington, the peak and dennis than others are thinking about the future. how will this country interact with the world and the region also in update on julian and songs, this travesty in crime against humanity continue. when i see black america, my c panel is growing, like america spoke to me. when, why destroyed you did not. you said black lives matter is a movement, we are importing from america. no. nothing. if i lived in a world where the wife lives mattered. i was not white like ms. newman
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and i wasn't new from black america. i learned to speak back to white. i bridge and people dear, if i were at the police were at war with statistics. i'm scared that my children are going to grow up in the country. that thing says no racism but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system than their other fellow friends in daycare. mm. the the expedition begins and the french archeologist who paulette in just a few days killed and grave will be found in the shade best in the news. know if the key for the button. so let me just one ends the jewelry off at the box.
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if you already knew that that is what's all forgive us for somebody. let you what's a good morning? you know move short. do you want me to do this or put in the bigger one time it'll go up and palmer smoke when. if the weather, if you want to reach close more the french optimism is not shared by the russians. we mean, you know, to me so i was hoping that we can make sure we're still creek because for getting
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it they need to go sure. go from here with fusion. so if someone didn't switch to day 5 at the shane busty and the dig has reached 2 meters sofa, there's no sign of the go. let's get mound under which the general might have been buried. what do you wish to see you before the middle school summer school is at the point of north luca, 33 of the sooner across the civil relative. there is nothing by the end of the 1st week, it's clear that the shame bustios will yield nothing but broken fragments of ancient russian pottery. there's even the harsh talk among the friends group that they may not achieve. the primary objective can produce because many shows didn't, but we don't know how to do just a t p have new fancy programmer on every the whole up order. yeah, sooner best interests out was blah. so how bad was surely for, you know,
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to be new. we're now on the, i'm on the shock is usually it turns out that i so i pity mr. wake boots, his friend the toilet on jazz as a told the nam may separate the digit if it was a little dog. lumber lago is 95 i yeah. the break coincides with the may the 9th holiday. so the past was invited to see a modern military parade commemorating russia as great 1945 decree over nazi germany. the expedition is running out of time. 3 weeks of digging have failed to provide any answers. and there's still no sign of the allusive tomb. you're going all the new source with them
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to put the whole for the big push rule that the who yes. well, if it didn't put it, they could keep it loose like the level due to that. going to lose to that. going to get more little more when we went to bo put one of the 22nd before we continue to take your or boy sound. if there is not a receipt showing that it was good for the 1st movie interest, and i just need to know if i have to yourself to come from walker much. just check you ordered on georgia for mr. kildrick angel a mail along with the continuing archaeological drama. another story where the
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event on checkoff is unfolding and france. cute and modern descendants, giving up their ancestral castle. the glue to hello can son done that? production? isn't your house to live in your your front and she wanted to be home into p. you and get those in secular must not pay for college who she that haven't shown that if she can do that, then we can talk to you more than that. we shipped to her and i want to point out that this is young, savannah shuttle. actually no autumn. yes. on the you know them on the computer and i for them when you when you put him on the 5th of any assistance, please ignore the quote. was released from the dentist to kill them on what to do to didn't know if anyone had
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a hard time consuming it in the budget of nelson. this is just the so he's like oh you down to 2 minutes. money isn't over yet. there's one more theory to dentist about where he may be. it also happens to be the theory that many of the russians had proposed from the start to think it was just water. i cheated for this, for sure. forgetting what you're asking for for mom. so i thought, you know, move on to meeting this money a little, we're going to go after new years to new papers to just some other news. right? you're probably for a good, seamless, epic conflict on this. let me read you to
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the citadel is huge. and there's no time for more to go wrong. a french officer who attended the funeral left a clue in his memoirs. the grave was inside the best unit to the right of the gate . playing football, if you need me, i'm a strong, more sophisticated me to do a song and feel a doozy and push me the day when you sounds when you see the come. because if you that this position went to phone edgy cars, it was. this was the best show describe those. i mean, don't mean while the security, the speak to go box is sort of goal based on what you're doing. dr. moody's attribute is along with the goal, should go to why the book you saw was mr. me with some that i see that then mr. decision, up, what remedial got what you mean when it actually if you want you did your mysteries, are they all the bargain is a different one. i mean it's a much, it is $4.00 consult on. we'll try to do the left off the 1st days of
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digging bring only more disappointment, benita dance floor that was built in soviet times. only rocks are found to new jersey and new enough for you. and if it wasn't very low cost or she would see her, you know, for, for when there was something you told me as much increase from them that comes to strictly on flesh at home office issue. are you going to get your position in between the former student on the bus, but then right in the middle of the dig, something unusual is revealed. neesha? well, but i wouldn't want to or do you think me that question when you go to come get through with them? i'm sure on the sort of went probably been a little bit of the
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outline of a coffin and gradually emerges from the soil. and it's very old and barely intact. i mean dorski, efficient dos fit for you. if i was clear enough for sure, you weren't really me to go. walker was correct and there was, i'm not, i wouldn't go through the don't give over please region for me. no doubt, but before proclaiming that you down to him has been found. they need to see a whole skeleton. the general often leg baffled fellow in a mountain views and up from suntrust idea shot sufficient. no, i want to gun associate. give me a definitive decision. now you don't follow this up with up with this. when you go
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see your own product is actually a criminal pilot. was used to excuse the module girl choice because i've also yet as all last on days i've dealt with tradition newcomb. meanwhile, gentle building up are the only shows on the portal. so gonna see if i'd be me for what it costs the course. of course i just i'm in office go found on a book by reported to the view goes out or do some always 2 weeks don't follow us. mobile was responsible to be don't suddenly say no mental didn't show mental that i thought it is where i
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me ah miss you and i did it with kids on your graphic. when you, the not just such a block was stuck around this is what you thought i shit is the valley of the teeth. grass each other when you're still before she walks along. so you could have been, you know, i thought i got some ways to be a smith when you watch on each dentist and using your 3. did that. i thought if the la struck in the design ways just and then put that. so that isn't, that's it. for my teacher genius, do you feel the need to get some thoughts seem in no,
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not when you have not. oh sure. yeah. i wouldn't see him and they teach scam alice, and i'm glad that she can get me on that. believe you're on the big g, we don't to come out and so guess that's the way it is. it's you know, how much was it you know, how do i begin to do
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that? there's no one of the most who is all profit is going to be me i me
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i i i the long when i would show the wrong, why don't i just don't. i mean, yesterday out the same because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart and we choose to look for common
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ground. she seemed pretty real thing a little slow, letting them go by susan. well, i don't want to come a little to go see me when you have a week when you have a meeting in the room, initial pathetic female guy. i'm the one that we're going for the script and look it down for me. and i'll start with you soon, this new class and just looking here when you finish the mental thinking complete illusion actually done on normal financial young moody and lose you lose you could shoot. yeah. when we took the lower,
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the the, we will not allow the opponents of the revolution. mercenaries were sold out to the u. s. government to provoke destabilization virtues in washington of inciting mass demonstrations across the country and thousands have taken to the streets and protest at an economic crisis. and what they are calling the government for handling of the kobe pandemic. reviving the spirit of neo nazi segregation in europe, russia takes a shot at france over covert vaccines, that as a senior official tells europe to reject the jobs being offered by moscow. and jake salvation will eclipse the devastation of the pandemic. this is according to anti poverty organisation oxfam, which says every single minute 11 people die from hunger around the world. those
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are your headlines. i am gone for.


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