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initial pathetic female guy. i'm the one that recently come from the script and look at me. started the script you soon. this is the lowest when you use mental complete illusion. actually if i'm going to go on the financial young, moody and delusion you lose good news. you could shoot. yeah, when we took the lower the news, the large demonstrators against the socialist government could be heard from the streets of cuba on sunday, as american flags and chance of freedom were frequently spotted amongst the protesters were to bring you the latest from miami and reaction from the united
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states including r t, america zone rick sanchez and mental health institutions are rapidly increasing in numbers and one state in response to deciding to not accept anymore patients. so what do they get now on the task? sweet brings you this developing story. then we're going to take a look at the round of executive actions assigned by joe biden, and creating more competition in industry like health care and big tech. but we'll politics getting the way of doing what's right for the american consumer. i'm gonna use and you're watching news is huge, right here on our to america. let's get started. ah . you know, from abided just issued a statement supporting ongoing protest in cuba. as the country's president blames america force problems. this as thousands of people took to the streets of little
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havana in miami, florida to show their solidarity ortiz, john, heidi has more from miami as is often the case when cuba speaks sodas, miami's little havana, cuban americans in miami, voice, their support of their cuban brethren and havana, and more than a dozen other cuban cities marching in a rare show of dissent against the government. they say, is responsible for a lack of adequate food medicine and electricity. as cuba grapples with the severe economic crisis. worsened by the coven, 1900. pandemic monday the crowd and little havana was smaller, but just as vocal just behind me across the street is the per sy restaurant. this is a very well known cuban restaurant in little havana and it's really been the main staging area for these protests. you can see there's a good amount of protesters here across the street. there's a pretty sizeable police presence, probably more police than there are protesters today, many of whom have been really driven back because of the ongoing rain and
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thunderstorms here in the area. oh oh, but their voices are being heard about the crackle of thunder and lightning with backing from us president joe biden, who in a statement said, quote, we stand with the cuban people in their clarion call for freedom and relief. from the tragic grip of the pandemic. and from the decades of repression and economic suffering to which they have been subjected by cuba is authoritarian regime, cuban president miguel diaz cannot, however, blame crippling us sanctions on his country's ongoing economic hardships and social media for fueling the unrest come also, we had been observing that in the last couple of weeks of social media campaign against the cuban revolution increase, setting out the route source of the problem around issues and shortages we are facing. because that's the way it's created to try to create the sent to satisfaction that results in the protest by manipulating the emotions and feelings of people on social media based on the problems the people are facing a year
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a lot. but they're still the images of the protests in cuba continue and then field on social media by us officials, including senators, marco rubio and rick scott, florida national security advisor james sullivan tweeted, sunday the u. s. would quote, strongly condemn any violence or targeting of peaceful protesters who are exercising their universal rights. the last time cubans hit the streets and protests against the government was back in 1994. well before the accelerates of social media could help fuel the videos and voices now heard around the world for news use, use john hardy joining me now. so when you have personal knowledge of the cuban people, but also as cards, a major event in cuba over the past few years, including you sat down with fidel castro, 1991. i'm sure that was a interesting conversation. i security getting into it would have been incredible. you know, i want to get your take on the advantage. you watched everything going on industries . i'm not like you, but the american reaction, where are we at what do you see happening right now?
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well, i mean, it seems clear the cause is something that is been probably escalated by covert 19. so look, cubans in cuba need to fix 1st of all a vibrant economy which they don't have have never had and aren't gonna have because it's a failed system and it doesn't offer that socialism doesn't work. we know that and they're still trying to push it through in cuba. re clarify who's trying to push it there. because obviously are the people still thinking it's going to work or they who's still trying to people who have resigned themselves to capture wisdom, which is a brand of socialism, which they've kind of become accustomed to. most of the people who would have been against it have already left, which is part of the problem in cuba. you can't have a revolution when half the population is already left and is living in the united states. now the people in cuba today generally are able to get by within the system until coven 19 created this situation. where tourism dry it
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up. so nobody was going to cuba. and what's worse, scotty, and this is the real big prize. you have to understand the cuban economy survives because people like rick sanchez and his family will either send money to their relatives in cuba or go visit them once a year or those relatives in cuba will come to miami and spend the week there. and that week, just that association with the family gets them through the rest of the year. that's enough. we've got enough goods. i've seen them. there's some loss of isolation. that's been gone for the last 2 years. so 2 things have happened. the economy went to hell, the social contact with the outside world disappeared. add to that the fact that cuba liberalize the use of internet and social media. so they were able to talk to each other and say, hey, let's get together next tuesday and have this demonstration. and that's exactly what happened. ok, that's why i was wondering, the timing of this is something spark that was just basically it all came together
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on this, but i have to a wonderful, you know, america been known to get involved and it's not, you know, you obviously have the cuban government accusing the american government of kind of the people here getting involved because they have a good history track record of doing that. that being said, you know, because keep, so geographically close. yeah. we look at thank you for being a bad thing. sometimes being used to mutilate in far away places, but here close, there's a reason, i think why america has a contention as to what's going on in cuba. is there a better way right now to get a, get a regime change, but get a more better communication, better government that works with the us. so he's not seen so confrontational. this history goes back to 898. so this all started with during the spanish american war, when suddenly the united states decided that it was going to take on spain and took on spain by essentially going to cuba and creating this affinity for long periods of time. so if you look back on this historically, you can't help but think that the united states overplayed it's card the sanctions by the way, the anti fidel castro sanctions have not worked. i wish they had. but the fact of
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the matter is in bold in castro it made cat castro, a victim, and unified. those people who stayed on the island then didn't leave for miami. so if you're asking me whether in the end it's about punishing cuba more, creating more sanctions. i think that the ship has sailed. right, and i think we start to, we need to probably look for a new strategy. so what is that? what is the way it functions are going to work? what actually could work knowing the people knowing the government, knowing now the condition to it? what could work where we could get a more friendly government that could work with us. i'm still not even free mark. i agree. and i believe that if you could find a way to do a deal with the cuban government, which would involve, for example, the cruise ship industry, where you would be able to take part of it and do some kind of sharing without completely denying the cuban government in, in
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a role somehow you could probably come up with something that would benefit the cuban people in the long run hall. busy it's hard because we are a stingy people, and we tend to want to go in and own rather than share. so until we realize a way that we can share something with q, but to create a free market economy, or at least a mixed economy, as it's usually described by economists, it might be tough to get that done, but i think that's where the answer it's. i agree because everybody here i think tourism was opening up. we were starting to see the cruise ships go ahead. i think that was working. you're right. then came back down. now you're getting the frustrations at this point. but now you're also talking about what's going on, talking about coded the supplies, went down. now cuba did a great job with sending out doctors from the very beginning. and their medical teams were amazing. looking back on that probably should have held off their resources and said, let's make sure we're out of the blue because now their numbers are going up. that's where the frustration is. they don't have the quality, you know, medicines to take care of. and that's where these people are in the streets. let me explain to you this way. cubans are great when it comes to medicine because they
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have a lot of doctors and because they care a lot. but having a lot of doctors and carrying a lot is not enough to make somebody dying from a disease where you can't get medication to, to live. so the problem with cuban medicine is, it's behind the times. it is not advanced and you can't cure people with covered unless you have a vaccine which they don't have. so that's essentially the problem. the problems we're seeing on the streets of savannah today are being manifested by outside forces not tangentially or not on purpose, but simply because the world suddenly did need cuba and cuba realized it needs the world. and that's why the people that are so hungry, inflation is at 5600 percent. it's going to get worse. and the question is, what will the government do? will they lock down social media? they may have to, well, and they're kind of already have the kind of shut off their internet at this point on that. but you mentioned it and i'm going to go off what you said. the outside force is almost immediately saw these tweets that were coming from marco rubio, and they were very much encouraging this protest for free. i'm saying this is it.
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this is what we've never seen. the type of response in the street. this is the beginning of freedom, the over throwing so cute mark rubio, ted cruz just as excited. thank come on, let's get behind it. guys are a joke. these guys are a joke. have been a joke. hope so that they think that know they're politicians, they survive off of this crap. the only thing that cubans in miami have been fed for the past 70 years is the promises and the whims of politicians. none of which you have made good on any of the promises, whether it's jimmy carter, fidel, i made one reagan. i mean you just go down the clinton probably all of them. they go to miami stumper chest and says cooper, libra we will free cuba. none of them have none of them, none of them know how to and they've all essentially gotten there, but beat by the casto broke crashing the vitamin petitions. don't even talk to me about ball to mention one kind of but you get all of this is bite. and he kind of surprised that bernie sanders kind of insur main silence over the other democrats.
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but the binding ministration came out and said, does what he has to say. whatever administration has said there in florida is about what it is when it comes to cubans and cuba. there is no difference between a rubber republican and democrat, the exactly the same. they're all there to placate the south florida voting popular so they can win florida because they know that that's the most electrically speaking. it's the most important state. ok, so last thing i wrote, i read the military has stepped and they've kind of squashed it for now. you're not seeing it, even we thought of how do you story the fact that even it's kind of dying down little man you are marking me. those are the same people that are always there. does that help the situation, the outside road, when you do see the patrol, the military coming down, sort of like the push back that america got for the january st. matter. it's not a good picture when you have the government coming in with big guns. and again, i think what we need to do is journalists is put the story in perspective. so you've got 121300. okay, let's say 2000 cubans who are protesting in, in, in havana and other communities,
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i hope it gets to be 10000 and eventually they actually can bring about change. but the fair to the thing to do as a journalist is not just a blow that up, but to put it and stand it next to some of the protests we've seen in our own country as you just mentioned. and said before we made too big of a deal out of that let compared to what happened in ferguson and what happened in los angeles and what happened on january changes because of that there has been led to some way, maybe not as much extent, but there has been change, statues are coming down, changes are being made in america on a big scale. so could this be the beginning? are you optimistic? maybe this might get the government's attention. i would say the government will likely pay attention to this. this new president will likely, in that some kind of conciliatory change. i'm not predicting anything big will happen as a result. or you heard here 1st, not predicting at this point, maybe be your cross. yeah. i know if it happens, you will be the 1st to come on and you'll celebrate. your family was personally affected by a cuban. well, yes, yes, you are. and the cuban america with an extra 3 extension is always
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a pleasure to be on camera. thanks for joining mental health facilities are now saying no to new patients as they are filled to capacity. but where are they going next? brings us the story after the break. ah, ah, ah, the who's
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when i see black america, i seen of myself. and i was growing, you know, like america spoke to me when, why destroyed you did not. those who said black lives matter is a movement we are importing from america. no, nothing is in. we lived in a world where the wife lives mattered. and i was know why i like missing and i wasn't new from black america. i learned how to speak back to one aboriginal people in the police were out with statistics. i'm scared that my children are going to grow up in the country. that thing says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system than their other fellow friends in day care. me
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the president biden has just launched this. we being action against big tech, big pharma and big gag. all with hopes of stopping the monopolization of american economy. but part of me, if i'm a little skeptic, as some of the biggest businesses are some of the biggest political donors. so is this going to break up big business or target only those who might not have wrote the big checks last week they were talking about? i gotta bring in the big guy himself. why no, thanks for joining me. thank you. ok. so i have to ask, will biden's new executive order from what you can see on anti trust, but actually lower prices for consumers, raise wages, and give workers more power, and maybe sunshine and roses as president biden states were the main goals when he signed it. i try,
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i'm online. oh no. let's go back a little bit into this our king and not. and the hoary h a r y world of anti trust. the anti trust paradox from robert board member, the grade bork days. and they go something like this. the new way that a lot of the more, really, i think intellectually progressive judges believe is that the model is consumer welfare, not merely destroying big companies. look scotty if amazon owned everything, how would you feel its anti trust? go like this? does rob the nagging behemoth, the sherman and the trust colossus? how would you feel it? if you didn't notice it? if things were better, if they were more efficient, if prices were down,
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if availability went up, if you were happy, you couldn't care less. if amazon was its own planet, but there was a new move dare i say of the, i don't want to say woke, but i'll let you say that this progressive lean a con world that has this selective hatred toward big, big has to be bad bag has to be competitive, big has to be has to be brought down the side unless if it were yo, silicon valley, the lakes. so this is going to be again, an intellectual argument that we're going to get into as to what does the anti trust, what do monopolies really mean? it's the consumer welfare test that a lot of, i think the best legal intellectuals since board have been advocating. not just size interesting and you're right, it's not just the most expensive things come and very tiny little packages we have found. so here's what gets me about this by the end, the by an executive orders. many of these government agencies that have been
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involved don't even have confirmed nominees to head them up. so it's basically, they're putting the directives before they actually have the leadership saying, guess why? you're not going to be a leader of this unless you go along with my directors. the experts that should be in charge of these agencies aren't even going to be able to have input in with these executive orders. is this kind of putting the cart before the horse? this is symbolism. does anybody keep track of ms? you remember the 1st couple of hours after it might be of a governor la pedo main emblazoned out of work. where he, signing these confessions, the liquor store, robbery can know what he, they sign you, things look the bottom i, you simply does, let's really call it what it is. what we want to go after is not big tech, but the fact that our ability to speak our ability to use this wonderful marketplace to free ideas, commerce, intellectual given, take,
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its being stable than quashed and destroyed by a handful of people who are in many respects scotty are bigger than the government that they might not believe that we feel that the anti trust not the size, whether it's vertical or horizontal. the very idea that if you remember a while back, you could mentioned hydroxy clark. when did you would be in no man's land until they changed their mind that and i'm telling you right now, you remember we talked about this, they're going to bring these people to their knees because everybody you can watch . ask anybody on the street. they may not know anti trust from a hole in the ground, but they do know that speech is being destroyed. this being quashed and it's been smashed and quashed by these people. that's the idea. but that's what i want to get in real quick. i go and got like 45 seconds left. big tech is actually one of the highest owners to this administration. and the part it's in power. so i actually
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see this more as a government is getting access to the data. we know that's already been collected by big tech giants and doesn't it kind of tie big business and the government that they've put into office even closer, but now it's legal. well, of course it does. in fact, if we were to go back, not to because barrow tauriel. but if you look at where these companies started from and how they started, that's another story. but let me tell you so that the consumer and the voter are going to have a lot to say, this is going to be a show down. this is going to be the ok corral and i can't wait. that's if they get their voice is able to be heard if they control both. indeed like you always, it's always a big deal to talk to you and i thank you for joining me on this. thank you. pace of attacks on us soldiers is escalating with rockets and explosive light and drones and targeting bases at a very unprecedented rate. now last week alone, us troops and diplomats for targeted in 6 different attacks. and the attacks are
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thought to be a part of a court date escalation by iranian back to militias and iraq, however, will abide in administration, respond especially now that it seems more here at home or paying attention to help us at the subject. dino mcadams, executive director of the ron paul institute, join says thank you for joining me, daniel. ty, scotty, how are you? you know, i have to say this is all in the week following this big announcement of us pulling out of afghanistan bite and celebrating that. he's getting out, so that's what i think is what's interesting about the environment we're in now, because people are looking at this going, who are, what exactly is the u. s. supposed to be protecting by continuing their presence in this region? i mean, whatever that is, is it enough to keep the rate of $4000.00 troops around? well, the question is rightly, what are they doing there? they are not there at the invitation of the syrian government. that is to be sure, and neither are they at the, at the invitation of the iraqi government, the rocky prime minister was very unequivocal. he condemned very strongly the
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latest series of us attacks on syria and iraq near the border. you also have the rocky parliament that has voted last year and continues to demand that us troops leave. so how can the u. s. claim any legitimacy occupying this church, or when they're, they're not wanted by either side. all they're doing is stirring up trouble, and they're legally occupying iraq in serious soil for that. that's my question, daniel. i mean, i says kind of tongue and cheek may be redundant. why are we there? what is actually the justification for putting the money and these, this military, their lives at risk by being there? what it is, how can you justify this to congress? because the lives of military personnel don't matter to people who really weren't run things in washington. the people who run things in washington or the military industrial complex defense manufacturers. and they fuel this by fueling and funding the think tanks which tell us that if we're not there,
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some other really bad guys going to come there and take it over. so we have to stay there, and that's why we ended up saying, you know, can stand for 20 years achieving and accomplishing absolutely nothing except robbing middle america of 2 trillion dollars, at least, and giving it to well connected people inside the beltway. well, and that's as if i had to bring about kenneth on this because i feel like we're repeating some of the same mistakes, which the us made half guess in. but we're now finding that the taliban has largely taken back over, taken back over control of afghanistan. horrible thing to happen is there that same concern that the us pulls out of the region of iraq of syria, that you're going to see more chairs. and what does that actually have to do with the united states? i mean, it's horrible for the people in the area. but are we not making the situation worse? like sort of what we didn't have to in a stand for 20 years? why knows it as any, more horrible for the people of afghanistan to be governed by people that can stand than it is to be occupied in bombed for 20 years by a country
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a 1000 miles away. the can you see that they have been fighting for their own homeland as we would do in the united states if we have been occupied for 2 decades by a foreign force that wants to impose a foreign political and economic system on us. so if you look at it from their perspective, they're achieving the liberation and they will soon be getting rid of a puppet government that serves at the pleasure of washington. d. c. more than half of the statement to institutions in virginia are closing down to new admissions. while the need for psychiatric treatment continues to grow, or the course wanted to touch a sweet has more on this very alarming trend. i study from the journal it's, i can't read services estimates roughly 3.4 percent of americans, which adds up to at least 8000000 people suffer from serious psychological problems . and now, as there is a major accidents of health care workers from the pandemic overload, the state of virginia is closing admissions at 5 other $88.00, run mental health facilities. hospitals across the country are struggling to keep health care workers. everything from burn out for fear of being harmed. an
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unprecedented amount of nurses have quit. this is just part of the reason the virginia department of behavioral health and development services has announced the closing of more than half of their state run facilities for the mentally ill. according to a letter from the commissioner, just to give you an idea of how many people are giving their notice, there have been 108 new resignation and the past 2 weeks alone for 5500 job statewide. there are more than 1500 vacancies and the staffing crisis has reportedly resulted in at least 63 injuries among both patients and staff since july. first, officials say they are reporting more than 4 incidents per day. but the need to fill the vinyl positions is only part of the issue. back in 2014, the state passed a law called bed of last resort. it came after state senator cree deeds lost his son suicide. amid a mental health crisis, the law requires that patients be admitted within an 8 hour period. if a bed cannot be found at another facility, including private hospitals with behavioral units. so now the burden has been falling on state run hospital to take in those patients. now the law has resulted
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in a massive shortage of beds in the states when its referred to as t d. o or temporary attention order has skyrocketed. in 2013 state hospitals in virginia received an average of 3.7 patients per day. but right now they are seen 18 patients a day, which is a 392 percent increase. so the combination of more patients with less health care workers has lost the state with no other choice. but it's not only a problem the state of virginia is facing its nationwide, according to in our eyes. and so 1950 the number of beds in psychiatric hospital has declined over 91 percent. they, for the time being, the state is halting admission to their state run mental hospitals. official say there is no need to worry about current patients as they will not be kicked out. as for people needing help, a solution for their care remains to be seen, and there is no timeline for how long disclosure will last reporting for new to choose and sweet r t. and that's all that we have time for today show,
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like always download a portable dot tv app for this show and more. and we can always continue the conversation by follow me on twitter at study. you'd. thanks for watching and we'll catch you later. ah, in i summer solutions where we focus on the solutions. not so much. the problem, stacy. right. we are joined by jeff booth author of the price of tomorrow. the o. d 15. lloyd. uncle nice number. no one will. yeah, no. yeah. i don't, i don't gonna don't good down the phone that
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i'm using it and then i get it looks like i am all that i need to find out what is the most senior of it today. we can just take a look at a little bit of confusion with the new law and apply the postal initials for this particular the
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we will not allow the opponents of the revolution. mercenaries were sold out to the u. s. government to provoke destabilization. cuba chooses washington of inciting mass demonstrations across the country. thousands have taken to the streets and protests at an economic crisis and what they are calling the government support handling of the cobra. trans demik, reviving the spirit of neo nazi segregation in europe. russia takes a shot at france over covert vaccines, that as a senior official tells europe to reject the jobs being offered by moscow invasion . starvation will eclipse the devastation of the pandemic. that's according to anti poverty organization, oxfam which says every single minute 11 people die from hunger around the world.


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