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tv   News  RT  July 12, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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the ah, we will not allow the opponents of the revolution mercenaries who have sold out to the u. s. government to provoke destabilization. cuba accuses washington of inciting mass demonstrations across the country. thousands have taken to the streets and protests at an economic crisis. and what they are calling the government for handling of the coven pandemic. reviving the spirit of neo nazi segregation in europe. russia takes a shot at france over coven vaccines. that as a senior official tells europe to reject the jobs being offered by moscow and b, jane, starvation will eclipse the devastation of the pandemic. that's according to anti poverty organization, oxfam, which says, every single minute, 11 people die from hunger around the world. we get insight from them.
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ah, broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our international. john thomas, certainly glad to have you with us. now, cuba, the president has lashed out at washington, accusing it of stirring up massive protest across the country. thousands have flooded the streets of the caribbean nation over the economic crisis exacerbated by the pandemic. the anti government movement is being called the largest in 30 years . the the the the protests kept
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a tough year for cuba and the economy has plunged 11 percent and hurt by the colored crisis and american sanctions. the government supporters also hit the streets and cubes. president asked more to come out because funding for our sister channel our to spanish reports now from havana. i can tell demonstrations in support of the cuban government are being held around the country and you can see national flags, portraits of the historical leader of the cuban revolution. fidel castro, and slogans for him. and president miguel diaz canal. these demonstrations, some large, other smaller like this one taking place not only in havana, but in other parts of cuba. the protest appeared to have been organized on social media present, diaz canal appeared to the country on television. let's listen to an x from his money. say about, i'm a little we are addressing revolutionaries who may have become entangled. addressing cubans who may have some concerns, but we will not allow the opponents of the revolution. mercenaries were sold out to the u. s. government sold out to the empire,
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receiving money from subversive agencies to provoke destabilization. and there will be a response from the revolutionaries. and therefore, we call upon all the revolutionaries of the country, all the communists to come out in the places where these provocations are being carried out today. and from now on the demo that is noteworthy that american flags could be seen at some demonstrations against the government. many said this was proof of the involvement in the us in organizing such action many find it all the, even though the u. s. is blockading cuba. people is still waving american flags. this, the marches in support of the government took place in different parts of the city . we spoke with several people who came out to defend the government and heard what they think about the protests. but for the little our lot of course improvements are needed, but we'll, we'll do it in a different way. and we will not police the americans. imperialism wants nothing good for us. and it won't be better if the triumph here that, that is stabilized. they won't get it,
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they will never get it. this is the 3 to fidel role and d. s. can now, since the started the panoramic cuba has suffered from a serious crisis, not only in health care, but also in economics, a lack of food and an energy crisis due to a breakdown of some power plant. all of this, according to analysts, has provided fertile ground for the groups, the people organizing protests against the government us, which has very long standing embargo against the islands set at banks, but people's right to rally and says that claims and fuel the protests are grievous mistake. however, president biden has vowed support for protesters and what he called their decades of economic suffering. we stand with the cuban people and the clarion cool for freedom and relief from the tragic grip of the pandemic. and from the decades of repression and economic suffering to which they have been subjected by cuba also, or a tarion regime, cuba says the us embargo cost at 9000000000 dollars last year alone and is hurting
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its ability to fight depend demik america calls it's sanctions tools for democracy, dr. francisco domingos had of the latin american studies at middlesex university says washington has gone to astonishing links to split the country from cubans in the united states to cuba has been stopped. and then to be discussing sanction emissions being taken by the company instruction and to tore them from coming into the on top of one of the nice a blockading trigger the conjugate and the relation you feel and then they're like matthew all energy from cuba. so be great combination and double the united states is the thing we gain a call and go to something in the region, $14000000.00 to call and you know, provision groups. we've been doing it for many years, maureen,
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groups and going to create a nation in the country. we've been very kind, we'll be for more news and the patriot, which is no good for anybody from cuba. reviving the spirit of neo nazi segregation in europe. that is how russia have slammed called by frances europe minister for you states not to use vaccines developed in russia and china. we can do france for such discriminate restatements by its high ranking representative, which of the spirit of neo nazi segregation in europe. it is not for the french foreign ministry to dictate a country and people what jeff they should be vaccinated with. obviously, the french foreign ministry. curtain as the country has not been able to develop its own vaccine. we sympathize with francis failure. the vast majority of european countries recognize only these for vaccines as the front, and only 3 countries are differently. i regret the greece,
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does this. the minister is regret and referred to athens letting interests who have had russian or chinese shops. greece also requires a coven test for entry, but is far from the only european country to green light moscow's. it's putting the v in addition to the likes of hungry in slovakia. marino has been using it for months and now has almost 0 new cases. the lines medical journal recently published a study on elderly people there, which showed a few side effects and those who got shot. there were also no safety concerns or fatalities reported greek politician, se discriminating against russia's job makes no sense. i think that we should avoid, at any cost, any kind of vaccine the nationalism vaccine must see the as a public who and our global and in my understanding, the biggest challenge is how to vaccine or citizens. and we're not always,
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you know, just seem to be on campus where we can afford to have our own vaccine and safer than that vaccine agencies, if people are in africa, the people in india. exactly, because of the damages of law, but we will never be safe if only as the seasons of the let's see, that better off county will be getting until the rest will be left to the finding. i must stress that, let's say that greece was to accept the french position. that would be, that would be a little bit ridiculous from the point of view of that hunger ariens are having sputnik vaccinations. so we would allow gary and was put new vaccination coming into greece, free preview without any, without any other test discriminating on russians coming in from moscow, which would be with the sex nation,
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which doesn't make sense. south africa has deployed the army to fight writers who have looted shops, blocked major roads and set buildings on fire. 44th day against the jailing of the former president. the me well, yes, we do. you from alexander township, just outside of the big central business district, with a change that looting from the purchases that have begun this past friday. this is all in reaction to the cross duration of phone, the prison jacob, some say unjustly. and it's led to the army being deployed by the current president federal run. that deployment of the national defend force is supposedly going to
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a policing calling the violence under that has led to extensive leasing, as you can see behind me. yet, all of the stuff along this has been broken into an instant and the contents stolen as i speak to you know, about 200 meters up this road. there's several 100 pages that have begun reaching the little equipment and positions that are left in tools that are yet to touch exactly what is going to happen next. and so that, that remains unclear with the deployment of african national defense for this is unprecedented in democratic of africa. we wait with baited to see whether or not it has an impact that the government is waiting for under and the but to be seen whether or not they have the same effect as the police have been having for the last several days. going up again. this is you determined to continue with it under the demands of the release of the former president,
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jacob jacob zoom was in prison for content of court. after missing an inquiry into seth to st assets while in power support to save the unprecedented conviction of a former leader is a witch hunt by his 6 or 6 people have been killed. and more than $200.00 arrested in connection with the riots and looting. sarah, gone ahead of the strategic engagement at the institute of a race relations says the rallies badly damaged the ruling party. this, this was happening now. is a, it is probably do the most damage to the, to the ruling party because it will take the various sections up against each other . more and more. we suspect that they are elements who are close to jacob's demon who would have organized the beginning, a process like that. but in, in an, in period a, and they make a very, very high unemployment. you don't have to do much to bring people out onto the
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street. hunger pandemic could turn out to be worse than the impact of cobra. that is the warning from ok. sam, it says 11 people are dying of starvation globally every minute. while 155000000 people are apparently facing crisis levels of food insecurity, the charity has also published a series of harrowing 1st hand accounts of women struggling to feed their children . i can secure a good quality 14 for my children. therefore, i feel guilty and i feel that no matter how much i'm trying, i still need to do more. i had to look for solutions. i can go hungry, but the boy cannot even dared. i dared allure to go back for food because i couldn't into your hunger. it hurts me. i'm out of ideas on what to do with children. i'm not eating properly. and i sometimes feel like i'm not raising the oil. and most of the time, we have little to nothing treat. i struggle to get my children to sleep at night. they ask for food and i try to distract them,
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telling them stories until they're asleep. then i look at them and pray for a better life until it gets stolen by sleep. oxfam listed at climate change on the conflicts and the economic impact of the chronic virus pandemic. driving forces behind the crisis was loc towns in the closure of borders and businesses only making matters worse for those already disadvantaged. but the head of humanitarian policy at ox m told us there are other factors as well. after understand what it actually means to people on the ground, i mean, it's extraordinarily serious with knowing that hunger figures were increasing. we predicted last year that the tension going to get was a see how about it's gotten that. thank yes, this is jenny, on the shocking, we have to make sure the people are able to get vaccine. so it's not just going to the rich countries because we have to also restart the economies and put a country for me. there are 3 key things we have to dream, firstly on these files and piece. the 2nd is we have to stop boring policies from blocking humanitarian 8. we cannot have a situation where parties are using hunger as a weapon of war. and finally,
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of course, funding funding is crucial to be able to get people to help they need. and i think we also need to look at the kind of safety net that, that some of the richer countries talk with the poor countries turned off the world's population have no access to social security, no safety. so when they see a shock like this, there's just no way to recover from overcoming the crisis through vaccination is also an issue. as the un secretary general warns about the gap between developed and developing nations and access to vaccines. ox, fams, health policy advisor told our team going underground the vaccine nationalism is a major problem. you know, we need a 1000000000 dice. and the g 7 off the da, less than a 1000000 in donations with no edge. and in terms of when the nations are going to be made. and the reality is that donations will be picking up the bass and we need it now because we are seeing that breaks rising from the country. but they're not going to fix this crisis to be back. we actually need the g 7 countries to the back
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of the patients on the back in the science and know how can be shed throughout. well, we can get more qualified manufacturers, making them run production. that's the only way that we're going to get back to back to make everybody. and we haven't seen a stream back in, in quality that not only but in light of the risk in many of the poor countries in the world. but he's actually continuing to be a threat for all of the phil to come in the program on our to international a battles underway for the future of afghanistan as us head for the exit. the telephone is killing the void and all while he commanded cheering crisis tightened his grip on the country. we'll have a full report after a short break. this is our to international stay with us. i
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summer solutions where we focus on the solutions. not so much the problem, stacy? right. we are joined by jeff booth author of the price of tomorrow. join me every thursday on the alex salmon show. and i'll be speaking to guests in the world, the politic sport business and show business. i'll see you then. in the ah,
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me ah, welcome back. this is our international fighting is intensifying and galveston as the taliban makes a major terrorist territorial games. official said that over the weekend, local security forces repelled an assault by the group on a key northern province at the border with jacob stone. pentagon says it's watching developments with concern as us troops continue their rapid withdraw from the country. the escalating situation is dragging the nation further into a humanitarian crisis with cobble calling on europe to suspend deportations of africa, migrants for 3 months. meanwhile, in afghanistan itself, thousands have been forced to flee the telephone offensive. i'll village, we're surrounded by the telephone. there is nothing we can do to help them capture
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our homes. we have been displaced, we are face and sat changes to the moment. my children live by the road. what should we do? as a mom, several years in government should help us. our children are hungry and thirsty. our homes are under the control of the taliban and we cannot go there. i lost my cow and a calf, my home and all my goods. then what i am suffering your lot, you can see will live in this tent, even though i have a home. i have been displaced. there is a war in our village. and the area where i live is under the control of the taliban . and 300 families have been displaced. so let's take a look at another ward torn country that has been down a similar path that's somalia. us troops arrived there in the late 2 thousands to fight terrorism and ended up staying nearly 15 years. however, by the time they pulled out at the start of this year, it would be difficult to say any stability had actually been achieved. only this weekend, an explosion in the capital, mogadishu reportedly killed 9 and injured 8 others. it was the 2nd major blast in
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the city this month. the officer, bob extremis group claimed responsibility was more on whether a somalian scenario could now be repeated in afghanistan. here is our team, but i deal with commentary to malia wasn't libya or a rock. it wasn't a prosperous nation that the us invaded and left a wreck. it was a poor country to begin with, made that much poor by far and help in the form of bombs and weapons. no somalia is much more like a gun. it's done with insurgents. the extra bob running much of the country, the the
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don't underestimate the, they're smart, that tough and they're motivated. i show bob according to the b, b. c, collect almost as much in taxes as the government, even government officials pay. i shall bob to be left alone years and years of us as strikes and grades have failed to stop them. so why not try again? the united states has been involved in somalia for decades and it is very involved in africa for longer than that. this is a product of the poor planning in the pentagon. this is the product of the factional, little within the pentagon. it's no secret that at the highest levels of us war planning, that there are different political tendencies. there are different political factions. and so one day, one faction will have the upper hand. and the next day, another fax will have the upper hand. and you see that being played out in east
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africa, where we were told united states was pulling out of that part of the world. and now it appears there on the way back after 3 decades of unfair, fully and painfully beating its head against the very solid somalian war. the united states is apparently considering another round. last year you may remember truck pulled most jewish troops out of somalia while they're potentially going back in the us, sending troops back to somalia. are you putting more forces in the hell? how precisely is the us going to be changing its security posture on the continent? carla, i think you can understand why we wouldn't necessarily detail, but the true movements are forced presence in advance, particularly when we're talking about a counterterrorism threat. there's really no denying that our repositioning, fairly sudden repositioning out of somalia. earlier this year has introduced
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new layers of risk and complexity to our mission there. many people claim that the u. s. last and of ghana thought i would disagree. they went into kiera, l cod and they leave with a written promise from the taliban. never to let all kinds of sets up shopping of gast on again. true. they failed, but the whole nation building thing, but i'll car has gone. somalia is very different in somalia, the warlords, that rule, much of the country, the actual bob, their sworn, the wild card to us has tried everything. they've tried training, somalian stuff, fight. i shall, bob, they've tried bombing the militants, they've paid the others to bottom. the insurgents sponsored invasions by countries that neighbor samaria, nothing's work. how many decades will the us leave at these star before? come what may make just gives up. meanwhile, india has evacuated its diplomats and other workers from it's kinda hard consulate
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that has telephone forces. enter the outskirts of afghanistan's 2nd biggest city and aircraft was deployed to pull out some 50 staff members. local employees will continue to operate. the facility of taliban troops entered the city. 16 people were killed and 57 injured within the authorities warning the number of casualties could rise in political commentator like n p says the developments are particularly disturbing for his country. india has a lot of stake, enough, kindest on them, because they are very much involved in the reconstruction of afghanistan and bright from 2001. when the american forces invaded the country, not only bought one to rebuild a brutal theocracy that did that brand name, the country from 996 to 2000. 1 of course in debt, spend a lot of money in afghanistan, but it also emboldened the changes enough kind of sun also emboldened
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a lot. randy and get a group you did shifted. it's based function, purity in kind of to the bottom of the bottom between i've got a son and bucket, especially next to the pe bought. dozens of people are dad and several injured after a fire broke out on monday at a cove. it insulation ward in an iraqi hospital in the city of know, syria. officials say at least dozens of people on respirators, died as the infernal rapidly spread through the building, the toll is expected to rise of patients and visitors remain missing. we will give you more details on that tragic story. as they come in home grown violent extremism. that's where the f, b i and tends to fight with a call for americans to snitch on their own family members in case they quote, witness signs of mobilization to violence. the suggestion has left many side
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yes. report friends and family members to the government. like you see in totalitarian regimes, 1984 wasn't meant to be your orgs instruction manual. who do a report f, b i extremism, to migrate my kids with bacon fat, which is a recipe for hard disease. i hope you guys and i use that term loosely take her down. mike has been reading and he came on web pages and follows a bunch of dogs doing stupid things. instagram pages, i am concerned because then just idea follows the f. b. i directors, testimony in the aftermath of january capitol hill riot. he then called it an example of domestic terrorism, an issue that have been quote, metastasized in the country for years. the 6th of january, incidence of donald trump support storm the capital in the wake of his defeat in 2020 presidential election over 500 people have since been arrested in relation to the attack with some turned in by their own families and colleagues. earlier political podcast host justin robert young told us we binding administration can
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use such threats as a cajole politically. from the patriot act on forward they've consistently looked to crisis, is to try to expand their own policing tools, many of which were the law held wishes for them. and now they have yet another reason to do it. people that have been across the line and are now being legally held accountable for it, but the call for domestic terrorism has not only been seized on by the f b. i will be doing this for a while, but also of course, the biden administration, which can use it as a cudgel politically the f. b i is inherently a political organization. now, the definition and exactly where it politically aligned with a more interesting question on whether or not a new, straight, liberal, conservative or loyal to a republican or democratic party, or what i think is most accurate,
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loyal to washington dc. and the fact that there are just columns of power that exist in that political town. that's your news for this hour. and just under 33 minutes, i'll be back with another look. this is our contract will stay with us. the the the she won't hold simply real thing a little slow, letting them go by susan. well, the girls come a little to go with me. when you have this week, when you have a meeting in the room, initial pathetic female spelled on the one, let me know which was good for me,
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you will give me a list of the which nicholson is going to you soon. this new when you finish the mental, begin quickly, elude initially thinking what's going on. normally, financial young, hoody an illusion. you lose could you could shoot it to the lower. ah, the is your media a reflection of reality? the in a world transformed what will make you feel safer. tyson lation, for community you going the right way or are you being direct?
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what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths. will remain in the shallows, ah ah, ah, the you don't do it, you know, it needs to be number 41 way in to live in the home, and i'm not gonna put you
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down for that. i'll use enough for the only 6 that sounds and then i get to to pick him up tomorrow. we see that i think pretty all the room, the room for the friday before noon. that is the most senior. so from having to go to your office with each other shows what's your question? thank on it out there. he can inform me for me that you know, i don't have a member dog by fear ma'am. cedar tissue. i just really need to know either one of them are you are you doing? my renewal was due on the premises that shania good is filling.


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