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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 12, 2021 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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saw y'all be buddy young. we'll go look at that. are you? where was i? me? oh, oh, take even as sage advice, those buzzing ages, a professional manipulator. a spy will 1st show sympathy an interest in the private life and activities of the person they are targeting. they are an enlightened strategist who will do everything in their power to track their target in an insidious spiral from which that person will not be able to extricate themselves without outside help. the i see you all, but coming by is tantalizing. but what model would the french take on until they want to meet aging?
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that's $100.00. 17. so below 70. the james bond, the seriousness of the case is that called the money james james bond. because he's faxing do better 2 of them because i do a book always says 117 and james bond. but i'm in fun. so i'm a little bit more for i want to say or says 117. he says, says because he's french for sure. we will move james bond because he is always the back to james james bond because he's charismatic. but don't get too excited. while a pros says the dream to the pe you, the french secret service may now be more transparent. if you do show enough promise to be recruited, more than likely the only high life you're going to be doing is watching fine movies from your desk. unless you empower that's it for this,
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our international will be more will be back with more news and just about 30 minutes. so stay tuned. ah ah hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered. non peter, as well as the american foreign policy blob, struggles to come determine with washington the peak and have ganesh than others are thinking about the future. how will this country interact with the world and the region also an update on julian sarge. this travesty in crime against humanity continues the
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discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess. better gaming in plymouth. he's to enter turn founder of 21st century wire dot com. and also we have going diesel. and he is a professor at the university of southeastern norway as well as the author of the new book, re power politics in the 4th industrial revolution, or a gentleman cross off rules and effects. that means you can jump in anytime you want. i always appreciate it. 3. ok, let's go to hospital glen. you know, american media is obsessed about the withdrawal of afghanistan. how it got to this point who's to blame. but very few people actually thinking about the future except for maybe the drifters that want to somehow profit from the post more environment having an aircraft outside the country prepared to leap in a net. if necessarily, i mean this is, these are the people that don't want this to end. however, a lot of things are happening and it's been and they're not getting
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a lot of coverage. just recently the taliban visited russia. the russians obviously are very concerned. what's going to happen next because the we have a g and in respect to then ask and it stands borders. and of course, the metaphor of saigon is every on a lot of people's minds. i don't know if it's over rock, but people have to be prepared here because we have american troops going across their border, leaving the country. that is obviously a security risk. so how is this going to be played out? because during the entire course of the history of cross thought, we have talked about how long this was been going on here. and i've always said, and i hope i'm wrong, the region has to take care of itself. and i think that's an opportunity. go ahead and know us withdrawals very quickly. there's a vacuum left behind. it is obviously the challenges for the neighbors because they're not going anywhere. and obviously, as you mentioned,
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direct is obvious. it's quite obvious this. this could very easily be stabilized ventilation, instability in a more instability. and i've not gotten government to read explaining, to touching the poem. and again, the bill having the renewal of the civil war of the 90 s can be quite problematic something and obviously most goes quite concerned about it. but again, there's also some opportunities i would say because the u. s. strategy have gone on . it's all the centralization was to lodge extend to the couple of the central nation region from countries like russia and china. so. ringback this was with economic projects that everything was geared to in this direction now, and this was consistent with the u. s. u. k. history of your asia, which has been brought to divide by the major powers. so the news coming out now from china and russian, but even iraq, the smaller extent, is the us natal condition in the sun while it's created challenges. it also opens
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up for today's military, your ation solutions, something that russia would support as well. this include most of the neighbors come from russia, china, iran, central asia, leaving india and the world integration of this. great, they're your ration region, which is a key project for the chinese and russians call to be complete without and it's coming down through economic coming to the and we are here in the chinese is interested in to push this trillion dollar dumping road initiative on something investments talking about and obviously with the welcome and there's also other years for corporation, i would also just love the shanghai corporation organization, which is now forming us the main organization to organize the ratio which has all the main status. so russia, china, india, the central ations and ideally, would also bring in iran later on as full members,
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not just observer. and this could be of this institutional great mission. so again, this risks, but there's also for tunic, is to finally find the regional solution, which is them based on connecting these countries instead of yes, flipping them. you know, it's very interesting because if you, if you look at and take seriously some of the issues that the taliban has talked about over the years, they don't have ambitions outside of the boarders about whether there's a very important caviar here in the u. s. u, a back door continues to support the corrupt regime and war. they could change the, the facts on the ground because you're going to be that have government, you're using the other side of the border as a paid then you know, have the conflict spill because of the afghan taliban are going to continue their path to power as it were,
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and you have these troops in going over the border. they may go and go after them, which of course is the worst nightmare for the entire region. it seems to me, it's no barrier. contingent in us is going to leave and i keep asking experts, what does it mean and what does the word finally, leave me go ahead. yeah, there's a good question. what is leave mean? just look over to the situation in iraq, and you can see that even a us pull out could mean nato coming in or multinational force. and that's just moving the chess pieces around. because sensibly nato's controlled by the united states in the, in the u. k. effectively, in terms of the bulk of its forces and its strategic direction. so for, i guess it's a big, it's a big problem. you know, is not an easy solution to it a no, there's never been an easy solution for western powers or, or even your asian powers in balancing the situation of gast and for centuries. so
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right back to alexander the great, so running into the same similar situations in terms of geography. but you know, the u. s. grand strategy. generally, if you look at the arc of the strategy over the last couple of administrations, it's to slowly pull out their hard assets out of places in the middle east, and then rely on what they call local enforcers in order to prosecute western us or largely corporate policy direction and so who is that local enforcer for afghanistan is certainly can't be the afghan government in cobol or the afghan army because they'll fold like deck chairs on the titanic. you know, so it's pakistan would be that local enforcer. but that hasn't worked because they pump billions of dollars into, to fight counter you know, for counterterrorism funding in pakistan arguably is all probably people believe the i s i is partly responsible for
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a lot of the terrorists activity and extremism and gun running and all sorts sorts of things so that there's a huge amount of problems. i don't think there's an easy solution, but what happens in this situation where there's no easy solution as the opportunists will seize on business opportunities. afghans been a great money spinner for the military industrial complex. the global corporate transnational corporate haven't been able to get us a stable footholds. so in the meantime, just make money off of the military situation. the price of heroin globally has plummeted. so, you know, that does benefit certain people in, in the pharmaceutical industry as well as on the black market. and just generally the malays of cities around the world. so is this, the, this was going to be long term, low intensity conflict in and out again. another $911.00 type narrative could be plastered on afghanistan and then they would come in again,
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full throttle in 10 years. i mean, so i don't think the prospects are great looking at it right now in terms of the long historical picture, particularly since 2001 limited. and i keep using like a word here. it's me, it's a grips. i mean, this is really wind, a lot of pockets for people are all very long time and, and saying that it's something that bit of worries. i mean, we have martin milon that had to be going to stop. i mean, you basically crying and running, president biden, you know, what about children and women, you know, and all that. i mean, here's, here's a guy who's supposed to be in charge of the national security being worried about the nation building. and so we're, we're worried about his buddies making a whole lot of money like they have for decades. glenn, one of the things that is very interesting is that go back to your 1st stanza here . this is the real opportunity for russia and china and then,
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and then later as such as pakistan is pointed out here. but i mean if, if there is, if there is a solid consent of these large bowers outside about a span, i think that gives reason the hope here because they all see the back of the matter is the us respected. but we have that get if that doesn't really affect, you know, i would say what happens when i get to spend affects the region greatly. and these, these are real stakeholders here. i mean, what could be a 1st step here? because the russians have been very open as being a fair broker, but they have invited in talk to the taliban, even though they have been in rushes in a terrorist organization when they're going the extra mile here. what, how is this going to affect the internal affairs of, of come who, because the russia can't be a guarantor of the government and can couple because it doesn't have the, the, the strength and the support in the country. go ahead. no. well,
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obviously the vacuum will be filled by some states. i mentioned that economic which where china's main act are about the security of the obviously ross. it's a key security provider, but what it was referred to then was the instability along those based on and then especially project gets done. and they will need to rely on the c s deal, which is the regional russian lead military alliance. so, and this will create a greater demand for when you secured the institutions to feel the vacuum. but that's very different from suggesting that troops or what would be something because there is simply no, no chance at all that most would ever accept putting in and work was on the ground . and neither should i think the lesson over the past 20 years has been well that the piece was to fall in place of control. now we'll have to so obviously more schools would prefer power sharing government in, in income rather than simply taking over. however, if it takes over russia, it's not going to stand in this way and dictates that, you know,
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what government should look like and simply, they're gonna have to make it in place for the best possible. governments come into play and government is in place. use the magic tools to help, but also the economic offers of corporations and simply begin to integrate this, this country into the ration region. so there's some problems about the issue of associated undermine the huge challenges and risk, especially this are still law into huge massive civil war. and now it's very like across the borders. i'll give you the last minute to you, patrick, here as the, as the foreign policy blog watches is unfold. have they learned any lessons from the last 20 years? go ahead. 40 seconds. i don't. i think it's worse for the you go. the younger these people are getting, you know, people like jim sullivan running. the white house is foreign policy port leon,
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he's what 40 years old. what is, what is he know, the main problem in afghans dance. always going to be. we're trying to impose a western style democracy on was effectively an area that's been governed by tribal forms of government and tribal politics and until they can bridge that gap and do that in a, in a good way for both sides. then i think you're going to have this constant friction . yeah, i think i think the u. s. and western power should stop helping up canister them. it might turn out better. we'll see or get them and they're jumping here. we're going to go to a short break. and after that short break, we'll continue our discussion on some real stay with the ah summer solutions where we focus on the solutions. not so much. the problem, stacy, right. we are joined by jeff booth author of the price of tomorrow. the
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the, the news welcome back across the top where all things are considered. i'm peter labelle. this is the home edition to remind you were discussing some real news. i okay, let's change gears gentlemen. let's talk about the tragic fate of julie, no salvage over the last week or so. we have seen the b o. j a case against filling a size collapse complete, where he collapsed. i mean, it is this, it is floating in mid air gentlemen. okay, though it, it hasn't changed the position of the game, the u. s. government to try again to expedite jolena say their, their,
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their case against them was he hacked, he was a hacker this time, this was what made it different from the, in the previous administration. this is the, there was an informant in iceland, a gentleman that had known criminal history was committing crimes. while he was working with the it is unclear. he was compensated, i'm on a terribly but there's obviously he was the key to they. the prosecution persecution of julian assigned and so and then on top of it, the element of desperation is seeping in the terms and conditions of his detainment and the united states, where he might serve his term if convicted badly, the smells of desperation, the case, the cases collapsed ok and now they're trying to look for a way out to save face instead of just dropping this ridiculous bear in the 1st place. go ahead. no, you're right. it's all about. it's all about saving face. i don't think they can
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save face in the long run. this is just the machine doing what the machine does. you know the amazing that this federal government would, would pay a convicted felon to fabricate evidence for a federal case. and then, you know, and this should cause it to collapse. i mean, the, but it's not because they're there on a mission. and the mission is it's about shutting down parts of the internet globally. this is already being done via silicon valley, but there's some loose ends to tie up independent portals, free, pressed, stopping any real leaks from happening. that's really what we're helix represents. so they're so far down the road with julia signed with this. the sham of a process. it's always been the case of the missing case. ok. and now it's kind of obvious, but where you are so far down the road and now they're making promises that we're going to move it to austria. will be moved to australia and things like this and there's all sorts of other caviar put in. and it's quite clear that this is all an
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abrogation of due process. because, you know, you talk about these things speaking like he's already been convicted basically. so there's that that should give you the signal, that's the dog whistle from washington, that he will, he will be extra dated. he will be convicted, and then what they do after that in terms of shuffling them around, is anyone's guess. so i don't believe any guarantees made by the d o j because they can't even keep an international treaty like, you know, the jcp a that they work 2 years on. don't think that the keep any promises before the fact of what they're going to do to julius time. so there's never been a case. and, but unfortunately, i've sat through that trial in london for a week, and it's just unbelievable how corrupt the system is geared against him. they have him locked down. they'd like to drag this out forever. and i'm sad to say they'd be
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happy if he didn't make it out of prison. that would just make things a lot easier for them to him. i mean, that's the strategy obviously, you know, going also you know, b o, j has egg on his face because it was actually recognize the, the rolling of this very peculiar judge in the u. k. you dealing with this case here. and that ability massage work to be expedited. his faith in the, the american legal system in the prison system would be in question. and i think that is obvious to anyone. but the, you know, to, to patrick's point here is that this is just to drag it out. i mean, this could, i mean, even if he were expedited, i mean the, the case itself could take a decade. it could take that long and considering the way the d o j. previously as preview the case is that even during the sanchez lawyers wouldn't be able to see the evidence against him. the jury is up in the air. a judge would
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determine what that is is valid. i mean, this is just a, i mean, calling it a tank record is insulting, can rooms. i mean, what kind of process is the, i mean they're doing this one should have no, they mean they certainly have no pain in the british legal system. jumping bail. oh my goodness. and being in superman like that. so i mean, it is an atrocity. all the way around and you know, what the biggest route is, is that we're one of the only programs talking about this. there's nothing in the mainstream in the us about this. so i mean, this is, this is, this is a huge conspiracy of silence when the crime being committed in broad daylight. all this was recognized right in early ninety's that a paradox of having essentially a liberal empire that it will start to tear away at the domestic system. and again, this before comes an interesting or unique form of author in isms as correct to
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point out to demonstrates how the rules law is being corrupted. so in a society based on the rule of law, the focus is on the integrity of the process and not the outcome, even though the outcome of august would have been decided. but what we see here is that the decisions have been made to destroy us on which lake males have demonstrated that the legal process is to take them. the weapon that if they don't even need really a conviction, old need is to drive on the court proceedings for eternity and therefore just keep him in prison. and again, it's important for us to walk this back because it's eating away the principles of credibility of their legal system. keep in mind that this is a journalist, they arrested them the you and demanded they should be released. the court, you court said denied extradition in january, and that's the point out correctly. he witnessed recent, there was admitted to advocate and accusations against the function yet now they're going to let's give the u. k, u s. government permission to appeal this is simply because to making all that
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assurances, which let's be honest not going to not really worth that much and you know, even if you will be transferred after a while to say it doesn't get jeffrey in treatment in jail or he will even be allowed to go to australia, even if he, if they will take over the years and years and they're correct. the media does not seem to care about this. if this was one of america other serious gentlemen, there would be time for the media would not stop right about it, but some of the non issues and where's the media? this is quite extraordinary. no interest at all. really. this is quite amazing. yeah, i mean glen, i had you on recently we, when you were tried to explain to me with your intellect, with my minor intellect, trying to explain to me what rules based order is. how does the jewish massage case fit in with the rules based order that we have the secretary of state, lincoln did his, you know,
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rules based order tour and i verified he was in the u. k. what is the journalist day when, when julia found you in prison? so what are the rules based order? when it comes to the fate of julia so much in the fate of journalism which is basically faded away? go ahead. i mean, what i'm getting at it was rank apostrophe continue. go ahead one. no, i agree. and again, this is where international law and the rules based on are obviously diverse because the rules based order gifts for the special privileges based on the so called the liberal complication. so it becomes a huge paradox at the end. but again, this thing with the reason why the media doesn't care because they did, they did like a flash previously when he revealed that bush crimes. then he was a special on the left. he was a bit of a hero. our in the trump era, they then began to lend themselves very much against the obviously they were very much pro journalism and freedom journalism every time from sense tweets about so
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cnn. they were very much concerned about the pac on journalism about this actually actual journalist to go to jail. that doesn't seem to be much interest. and the reason is revealed a lot of the war crimes committed on their obama and also he embarrassed clinton in 2016. they blamed funds to great extent for clinton losing and trump winning. and in addition, in the era of russia gates, when that through the russian agent laid him, all the rules could be thrown out the window. because now your agent, the russia, and it's not a journalist, the rules and law don't apply. and it's very dangerous place to be, so need to find a way of working this back in the media should really go back to may go. well, empire never says, sorry, patrick, let's remind our viewers what the alleged crime, the julian astonish, committed. he revealed the war crimes of great powers, particularly of the united states. that's why he's sitting in prison now. and
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that's why they want him essentially to die in prison because he told the truth about war crimes committed by western powers back in his, his queen's counselors during the crown court hearings before the pandemic, they dismantled the u. s. case just day by day just tore it to pieces of fitzgerald and somers and they did it annually. and the argument from the u. s. side from the, the extradition side in the u. s. had hired guns there. there argue was, well, that, that argument doesn't have standing because this is curly about extradition and not about whether the charges have any merit or anything like that. so that was just kind of a pre, a preview of what you, you're going to see in a u. s. us national security court. but the main thing, the main part about all of this is in a democratic system. it doesn't matter what happens outside the courtroom. in terms
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of the public conversation and the press would normally lead that the press would elevate the issue. people would rally around that again. due process, rule of law is all of that. it's been wiped away. that says little more about the state of democracy. in the democratic world, it's leading the rules based international order and in the rules based international order. you as the, the gold makes the rules or he has the most money makes the rules. but it's funny that when anthony blink and tried to pull the rules based card with china at that summit, alaska, china reminded anthony blink, and who has the gold apparently, because they didn't show any respect to the u. s. is shenanigans at that summit, but so it is very worrying because this is, that is a sunset moment for for democracy. and the assange case, it's just is
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a touchstone of, of that process here. what this is all about is they may never want another julian ever to happen again. 2020 seconds. go ahead. yeah, yeah, no, absolutely. and he is achieving incredible status amongst activists and people who really believe in the free press and he's become a real icon, is the question is, can more people rally around this issue? what, what will that, what would, what would take for that to happen? that's the big question is looming, and if it doesn't happen, what does that mean for democracy and constitutional forms of government going forward a lot it's they want to think i get them off low and implement what i think it would be worth watching if you are the next time, remember, the ah,
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me, the the, the
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we will not allow the opponents of the revolution. mercenaries were sold out to the u. s. government to provoke destabilization, stever keys in washington of inciting mass demonstrations across the country and to take him to the streets and protests has an economic crisis and what they are calling to government for handling of the pan damage. also decide revive you spirits of the segregation in europe. russia takes a shot it from the back seat. that is, the senior official tells europe to reject the job being offered by moscow. by shing, and salvation will eclipse devastation upon demik according to walk spam, which does every single minute. 11 people are dying from hunger around the world. we get insight from the chance.


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