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longer plenty also. initials give us a peculiar use ah, reviving the spirit of near not please segregated in europe. russia takes shots from the coping. seems i thought the senior official health rest of your it should weren't checked. and so i was offered by moscow on vacation as us troops bags african, it's dawn is being torn apart by ranging conflicts and a humanitarian crisis, and a scenario to run a sense of what played out in somalia starvation will eclip devastation of the coven panoramic. that's according to fun. which planes, 11 people are dying every minute from hunger in the world. we've got exclusive insight from the charity also ahead of things. the secret service need
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to drink. come, shaken, not stirred. because the coolest. gotcha. and of course, you always get the bad guys spilling the secret, but it needs more agents. frances, on the look out for the next james bond, the countries and national intelligence agency, how much the recruitment tried ah, making sure you never miss a story that says, of course, and national life from moscow, where very glad that you chose all channel this monday. well, let's start off, so i'm going to send the sour, reviving the spirit of neo not feat segregation in europe. how russia slammed statements by france is your administer who called on fellow e. u. countries not to use voc seems developed in russia. china. we can do france
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for such discriminatory statements by its high ranking representative which of the spirit of neo nazi segregation in europe. it is not for the french foreign ministry to dictate the country and people what jeff they should be vaccinated with. obviously, the french foreign ministry. curtain as the country has not been able to develop its own vaccine. we sympathize with frances failure. the vast majority of european countries recognize only these 4 vaccines as the france and only 3 countries are differently. i regret the greased as this. well, this column says that the french politician expressed regret over greece allowing in travelling, vaccinated with either russian or chinese jobs. athens is allowing russian citizens entry if they've been vaccinated before the end of june. in later announced a code the test would be required regardless of where the passengers had been vaccinated. greece is not the only country in europe to green light russia sputnik vaccine. a san marino, for instance, has included the job and it some oxidation campaign on his par,
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anything on list 0 new cases. we've all agreed to comment on the front statements and will of course, bring you any response. what's her live now to your best couch, regardless, who has full not greek minister of foreign affairs. good to have you on. first thing i want to do is just get you reaction. what do you think about the statements by that french minister about, while these foreign vaccines i will give you my more general insight. i think that we should avoid at any cost, any kind of vaccine nationalism vaccine that must be considered as a public good and a global public good. and in my understanding, the biggest challenge is how to vaccine or see this in their world, not just me. they're also, you know, just in the european countries where we can afford to cover our own vaccine and pay for that. but have a vaccinated to the people in africa,
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the people in india. exactly. because the challenge of the panoramic is global, we will never be safe. if only ask this, he does, it's of the, let's say they're better off counter. it will be again until the rest will be left to the bending while i think a lot of people want to agree with here. now of course we've seen how hungry we've seen how laval within the you have recognized sputnik so they will clearly going against e. you advice. don't see you have any right to tell countries what to do with that maxine policy. the european rule is a simple. we can follow with the european medical agency that you later in europe is a factory mass. we can follow also our national lakers. so every county is free to follow water science say. and i think this is
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a very good advice. you are doing the gates and we have a political pressure for, from some counselors. but as i've said before, the general police going to the stand that we should go is that do some other left to the scientists regarding the attributes of every vaccine. and so in my consideration, my personal course duration splitting is as good as any other vaccines. and then follow the specific instructions of our national medical regulators. and of course, you don't be regulated. now, course he said sputnik is as good as all the vaccines. we also know that that was that long set article that said yes, but nick is as effective as all the frank scenes. but still a lot of countries are hesitant to register it, especially in europe. why as i told you before, that is a combination of our political. we service criteria which my understanding should
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the prevail. there is or you have said that the report is accept in this put in selection. the other i new decision of the good government. they are asking now also vcr from discovery from last year, but this is also within the general regulations have been adopted even got to be in the european vaccines if account because a peak of college cases another, the european county can ask for a substantial for the 1st, county to be to be examined. so the bottom line is the following. we should consider that the us, not the case concerning individual counters, but that's concerning all of us, especially these are the, the board and county since it is who cannot, by havoc since may there. now course the last year has been incredibly tough for lots of people and for lots of sectors, especially tourism. tourism is
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a big part of greece's economy. and do you think that if greece listens to france, this policy here could actually harm greeks themselves? a challenge hill, silent and economic one. but in my understanding hello, simple life for comes 1st. however we got to read it to in the gate also. they cannot be came back to of coverage in our campus, but especially again, sorry, part of the building that's about which was always that having in mind that got been the most use it for the 1st time in the last the gauge. we've got the eyes or the absolute poverty throughout the world. so i missed the made so that i was speaking of for almost half a 1000000000 people. we must have them in mind to do you think the re well stand
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fall or will it have pressure and say ok, ok. we're not going to latin. anyone with sputnik or chinese vaccines? the gums back a little domestic policies. i can tell you that the president of my biofuel cities, up of the left party in greece, have indeed asked the, our prime minister viewing. but i meant that says, you know, january to proceed to such negotiations. but i would not like to proceed in such a domestic discussion. what i told you before. i think it's a valid the throughout all counties and political systems. while i'm sure that you are probably very relieved that you did not have to deal with this. as a politician, i can't even begin to imagine how stressful and must be anyone in the political while at the moment. we very much so appreciate you bring your insight on to the program that was form a great minister of foreign affairs and q august cuts. regardless,
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i let me if you allow me to use this, this will, but it's also a very good thing to be in the position to help people to enter it got to below low grease. what was we lived insane? is cheaper. i believe that when he was visiting russia that they're going to should be, but it's me when europe be on the union and ross. yeah. and this is not stressful to these are very good. think i enjoyed that for. i think lots of russians would agree with you. good to have you. thank you. while fighting is intensifying an afghan installed and has the taliban continues to make large territorial gains. official say that out the we can local security forces repelled in assault by the taliban in a key northern province of the border with jacob stone. while just last week, the group fighters entered afghanistan, 2nd big city of come to home, append to can spokes past and so the u. s. is watching these developments with concern, as american troops continued by, rapid withdrawal from the country or the placing situation is dragging the nation
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farther into a humanitarian crisis. with cobble calling upon european countries to hold people tension, sebastian migrants for the next 3 months. thousands of ox, downey's hopping forth to abandon the home. as the taliban continues, it's offensive. i'll village. we're surrounded by the telephone. there is nothing we can do to help them capture our homes. we have been displaced, we are face and sat changes to the moment. my children live by the road. what should we do? as a mom, several years in the government should help us. our children are hungry and thirsty . our homes are under the control of the taliban and we cannot go there. i lost my cow and a calf, my home and all my goods. then what i am suffering your lot, you can see will live in this tent, even though i have a home. i have been displaced. there is a war in our village. and the area where i lived is under the control of the taliban. and 300 families have been displaced by some one. let's now also take
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a look at another war torn country that's already been down a similar path to kind of stone that somalia and us troops arrived in the $82000.00 in order to fight terrorism. and ended up staying in, in the 15 years. however, when they eventually pulled out at the start of this year, the situation they left behind has been anything bought stable or need this. we can, for example, an explosion in the capital market issue reportedly killed. that means 9 people injured, 8 others. it was the 2nd major expert that interest a month, 1000 about extremist group claimed responsibility. what was more on was a somalian scenario, could now be repeated in afghanistan. it's more i got to i've got to stop was the less a lesson on limits what can be achieved with brute force and what conk. lesson in humility, that farmers and malicious can persevere over super bow. the united states now leaves us gather thought without seemingly having learned anything. is the us
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sending troops back to somalia? are you putting more forces in the hell? how precisely is the us going to be changing its security posture on the continent? carla, i think you can understand why we wouldn't necessarily detail, but the true movements are forced presence in advance, particularly when we're talking about a counterterrorism threat up to 3 decades of unsuccessfully and painfully beating its head against the very solid somalian war. the united states is apparently considering another round. last year you may remember truck pulled most jewish troops out of somalia while they're potentially going back in. there's really no denying that our repositioning fairly sudden repositioning out of somalia. earlier this year has introduced new layers of risk and complexity to our mission there. so what we're trying to do is manage that risk and
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complexity as we still try to help our african partners with their security challenges. somalia wasn't a libya or a rock, it wasn't a prosperous nation that the us invaded and left wreck. it was a poor country to begin with, made that much poor by far and help in the form of bonds and weapons. no somalia is much more like of ghana stun, with insurgence, the extra bob running much of the country. the good don't underestimate the they're smart, that tough and they're motivated. i shall bob according to the b. b. c. collect
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almost as much in taxes as the government, even government officials pay. i shall bob to be left alone. years and years of us as strikes and grades have failed to stop them. so why not try again? the united states has been involved in somalia for decades, and it is very involved in africa for longer than that. this is a product of the poor planning in the pentagon. this is the product of the factional, little within the pentagon. it's no secret that at the highest levels of us war planning, that there are different political tendencies. there are different political factions. and so, one day, one faction will have the upper hand. and the next day, another fraction will have the upper hand. and you see that being played out in east africa, where we were told united states was pulling out of that part of the world. and now
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it appears there on the way back. many people claim that the u. s. last and have gotten a thought. i would disagree they went into kiera cod and they leave with a written promise from the taliban. never to let all kinds of sets up shopping of gas on again. so they failed, but the whole nation building thing, but i'll car is gone. somalia is very different in somali, of the warlords, that rule much of the country, the actual bob, their sworn, the wild card to us has tried everything. they've tried training somalian to fight . i shall, bob, they've tried bombing the militants, they've paid the others to bone. the insurgents sponsored invasions by countries that neighbor samaria, nothing's work. how many decades will the us leave at these star before? come? what may, it just gives up?
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a hidden hunger pandemic could turn out to be washed than anything covert has dealt the wild not wanting from ox on. it says 11 people are dying of starvation globally every single minute. while 155000000 people are currently facing crisis levels of food and security, the charity has also published a series of harrowing 1st hand accounts of women who are struggling to feed their own children. i can secure a good quality 14 for my children. therefore, i feel guilty and i feel that no matter how much i'm trying, i still need to do more. i had to look for solutions. i can go hungry, but the boy cannot. i even dared. i dared allure to go back for food because i couldn't into your hunger. it hurts me. i'm out of ideas on what to do with children. i'm not eating properly. and i sometimes feel like i'm not raising them boil enough. most of the time we have little to nothing to eat. i struggle to get my children to sleep at night. they ask for food and i tried to distract them,
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telling them stories until they're asleep. then i look at them and pray for a better life until i get stolen by sleep. you know, when you say things like this, it's always short. and i think we have to understand what from that actually means to people on the ground. i mean, it's extraordinary. serious with knowing that hunger figures were increasing. we predicted last year, the tension going to get worse at the see how bad it's gotten. i think yes, this is genuinely shocking. but it, it is happening across the globe. africa where the moment we've seen hunger rise significantly in brazil, india, many other developing countries. and i think we also need to look at the kind of safety net that some of the rich countries talk with the poor countries turned off the world's population, have no access to social security, no safety net. so when they see a shock like this, there's just no way to recover from all from listed climate change conflict on the economic impact of the current of virus pandemic. i'll be driving forces behind the crisis with the lock downs and the closure porters and businesses only making matters. wass for those right,
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the disadvantage. but the head of humanitarian policy from matthew talks about, told us out of the factors in play, to the number of billions increasing. and we have a situation now where you have 1000000000 as a big thing to be the 1st to go to space where you have millions still going hungry and not because the systemic inequality, i think also comes back to the back scene. and we have to make sure that people are able to get the axis. it's not just going to the rich countries because we have to also restart the economies and put a country for me. there are 3 key things we after immediately firstly on these files and piece the 2nd is we have warning policies from blocking monetary and 8. we cannot have a situation where parties are using hunger as a weapon of war. and finally, a cost funding funding is crucial and then looking for long term have to build a more equal to $5.00. still i had young breads are left seeing right now it's according to a new poll that revealed me 70 percent and would like to live in a socialist utopia, but i guess it finds out. so break ah,
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me. when i went to the wrong one, i'll just don't need you to fill out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground the
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summer solutions where we focus on the solutions. not so much. the problem, stacy, right. we are joined by jeff booth author of the price of tomorrow. the the the, the, the the hello again, while it seems a socialist paradise of sharon sharon like young brits pining full as if a new poem is to believe it says a whopping 70 percent of respondents have a hot set on living under a socialist government. the apparently hold capitalism responsible for climate change and not being able to get on the property, not to report for things. it gives an interesting glimpse into the potential future . it is a preview of what will be the mainstream opinion in britain to morrow. these results
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show that millennial socialism is not just social media hype. this is a long term shifting attitude, which is not going to go away on its own supporters of the market economy needs accept the challenge and rise to it rather than dismiss it or pretend it's not happening. not long ago. millennials with the i don't know, generation apathetic and totally uninterested. but in recent years the u. k. has seen movements like black, like climate change and violence against women. not telling supported by young people, but let by them to another cause is getting traction among the young 70 percent of them. in fact is socialism. the term used to be a sla, but now it's a badge of honor. people move more quickly and want to live in a community get treated properly. i think it become more and more parents. we don't big system that we live in a system that really benefit very small amount of people and treats others and kick
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me off more. i'm to treat people know quickly i badly. this is why people are all gravitating. more towards ideas that are going to be preparing to gain more and more into the work. pushes them it's becoming more and more mainstream. when jeremy kobus launched his bid for the labor lead, only a fringe few dead to use the label. but now it's capitalism that signals a political death sentence, at least for the younger generation who predominantly associate the term with everything that's wrong and unfair society. when we think about what that means to, to most people, it means focusing on creating well, creating capital, focusing on spending, focusing on creating more more, more money. and i think that is the completely wrong way to think about to call to people. you know, we've seen grand pal, the impact of, you know,
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not thinking about people not thinking about safety, not putting people before profit. and if the con, demik has shown us anything, the divide between rich and poor, it's only guessing, was pushing hundreds, if not millions onto the front line, while the wealthiest one it so best thing up, the themes from what you young people have always had it. bad, but it's going to survive know that it's actually bringing people together. if they're divide and rule strategy that's being used by governments and by capitalism is backfiring in a way because it's, it's assuming that the morale, it isn't there in the use when it is. and we're engaging in these conversations that were meant to divide us that were meant to pay us against each other. and what we're actually find him is that, you know, we have our humanity in common. and, you know, if you've got any aspect of humanity, well, can you do,
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but reject capitalism. today, young people are typically seen as intensely politicized with many embracing radical left wing. i did, and pursuing the utopia of equality for all. and while scoffers may say how she'll grow out of it, in fact it's a case of she'll grow into it as polling suggest socialist ideas are just as popular among people in the forty's as those in the late teens. so socialism looks like it isn't going away anytime soon with research suggesting today's hype is actually a fresh frame into the future. but it's socialism is so popular. how come the conservatives have been in power for the last decade? perhaps because so she has never been tried and tested here in the u. k. with the younger generation increasingly taking massive into their own hands. change could be on its way. socialism built on fairness and equality. and i don't see that once socialism takes take hold that does any kind of expose in
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anything that because it's, it's a very transparent system and it's, he's going to rebel against it if we're all get and, and if you believe what they say you might just be a socialist yourself, chuck dusty. i'll see you k. that's a brief look at some the latest news for all around the globe. the dozens of people were arrested police officers injured riots broke out in london before and off the final of the years. football championship. crowds of heart broken found pooled onto the streets off to italy, beat england in that tenant match the huge crowds off fueling says of a new wave of co good in the u. k. as experts and officials are the public to remember, the health crisis is still him. meanwhile, and what's being described does the biggest anti government demonstration in 30
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years, thousands to the streets of cuba to protest the economic crisis that the president has blamed us for tightening embargo on the island and stirring up resentment. he called on supporters to go out and defend the country. washington said it condemned to any violence towards peaceful protesters. on not such a secret service france, his main intelligence agency is giving a rat pink bind of cotton's, launching a website to attract new talent towns out. but more than half french people think they could give me something to run for his money. as all to charlotte gibbons key reports, it's made out to be one of the coolest job in the world, working for the secret service. it's only june drinks come shaken, not stirred. because the coolest gadget on of course, you always get the bad guy that a newer certainty work for the french with 52 percent thing that they want to be a fine
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muslim kind of want to be a spy, to have a big car, a beautiful wife money, a lot of money. i'd love to because it would be fun. you don't have a monday advice run investigations. and sometimes it's very sensational to discover the hidden truth. and i would love it if you want to. i always have the best tables in restaurants. the best cars, the most beautiful women, and totally spectacular. and they know it all because they are the people who know everything in afraid to make the pro sac black cloak and dagger the french secret services and the g. i saw you giving us me a mortal, a peek into its work, launched the 1st website, which snippets about top secret missions pending on terrorism. i saw you were a tax on foreign agents and no, they're not talking about me. so just hold on for a 2nd. nobody didn't put it in dog dog. be buddy young. oh
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good. look at that. are you? where was i? me? oh, oh, it's a very as sage advice, the buzzing agency, a professional manipulator. a spy will 1st show sympathy. an interest in the private life and activities of the person they are targeting. they are an enlightened strategist who will do everything in their power to trump, their target in an insidious spiral from which that person will not be able to extricate themselves without outside help. the i see you all, but coming by is till i think but what model would the french take on until they
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want to be a june 100? 17 double. 0701. the james bond. but the seriousness of the case is called the money james james bond fakes because he's taxi. do better 2 of them because i do, i bought it. oh, assess why 17 and james bond. but i'm in fun. so i'm a little bit more for i want to say, oh it says 117. it says a hippo to says because he's french for sure. we will move james bond because he is always the back to james james bond because he's charismatic. but don't get too excited while approach as the entry into the pe you. the french secret service may now be more transparent. if you do show enough promise to be recruited, more than likely the only high life you're going to be doing is watching spine
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movies from your desk on the tv, or see empower. and that's good buy from us to have a great day. me the driven by drink shaped by those with me in ah, dares thing we dare to ask me.


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