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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 11, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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the ah me, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk
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to me. the news the who's i'm action or times we're going underground on the day of you get prime minister maurice johnson 0 gold freedom day. corona virus announcement as we dig up the stories, the elite don't 20 to find coming up in the show. will the u. k. be returning to
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a policy of heard immunity has been pharma, monopolies count the 1000000000 they've made from vaccinating the world's richest countries, while the poorest become a playground. for covariance, we ask our family policy lead to the people's vaccine alliance. 10 years after the creation of the world, the newest countries out to done, we talked with new ambassadors of the core to st. james, about whether it's future will be it's washington consented, past or as an african oil suv about all of them all coming up in today's going underground. the 1st today, bars johnson leading a country with one of the worst corona virus, death tools in the world. arguably tells britain if he is imminently to let corona virus run through the population as part of a policy of her immunity. no surprise, then that in the liberal policy of competition versus cooperation governs u. k. ames, when it comes to the global south and vaccination. joining me now from the white is the policy lead for the people's vaccine, the lines knock, sam's health policy advisor, anna merritt, and i thank so much for coming on. what is the people's vaccine alliance? will we see johnson every day? tell the nation here that we have one of the best vaccine rollers in the world. say
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the people that seen the global movement, global campaign of organizations, individuals with chapters all over the world, and supported by many current president, some prime ministers, as well as former needed and nobel laureates. i'm basically what the people back in is the last scene that's available to everybody on the planet, free of charge, and the accent is according to need and not ability to pay. and what we have is the absolute opposite of that right now, we have seen a side, an extreme back being inequality. that's not only putting lives at risk in many of the poorest countries in the world, but is actually continuing to be a threat for all of us because we know, unless we get back these to everyone, unless everyone is protected, then none of us say, well, i know china is administered at least a 1000000000 vaccines. i mean what you just said that that's exactly why the g 7
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hosted by boris johnson and coldwell said we're gonna, we're, we're going to give out free vaccines to the board delay so you should be happy with that. so i have to say that, you know, if we look at the level of need to get them from the control the, the trip color charity that was offered at the g 7 is nothing short of a monumental failure. in our opinion. you know, we need another 1000000000 and dice is the chief off adult actually less than a 1000000000 in donations with no urgency in terms of when they say nations are going to be made. and the reality is that donations would be needed now because we are seeing that the rates rising from the port of the country, but they're not going to fix this crisis to be back. we actually need the g 7 countries to back the listing of the patients on the fact that the science a know how can be shed throughout the world. we can get more qualified
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manufacturers making them run production. that's the only way that we're going to get them not to make everybody and i'll get to intellectual property. and in a 2nd, surely these g 70 doesn't know what you are talking about in this raise it so often used about our weather when safe, et cetera. and china exported 48 percent of the vaccines. it produced britain, them, united states. i don't know whether you know, how many they've, i mean it's reportedly as 0. why would they not do what you are saying given that it will harm their own economies? well i think what we're saying is we actually seen a divider 7 that the u. s. president has actually agreed to the proposal that we lift the patients on the batting the rest of the g 7 are either sitting on the fence or in the case as far as johnson. and i'm awfully opposed to this proposal,
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and we can only put that down to narrow back the nationalism and government the missing a profit interest. the big pharmacy corporations ahead of global interest in terms of guessing, i guess, in this pandemic, under control. and we really need to see the government, the german government stopped blocking these proposals that would apply on the right side of history. now if we've done this a year ago, we would be in a very different position. now we would have so many more days to being made developing countries having a short supply. * for themselves, yes, 12 months after all of those commitments that the best thing would be a global public good. and they're still standing in the way back, the not in developing countries. i mean, i've seen case studies in washington dc and the massive big farm lobbying firms. i mean, you saying that the big firm and low being in london in brussels is, is worse than that in the united states. so that joe biden was able to, as you say,
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unlike britain in the you offer some kind of intellectual property waiver. i think i think the farm and lobby is we all know is incredibly strong in the us and explains why the us president is not doing enough to turn those was into action at the well trained organization. but yes, the bama lobby is incredibly strong in europe. europe has the you have a very check and history of putting intellectual property roles in the way of access and developing countries. i'll have the you k. so we need to switch sides that we must learn from history. 20 years ago, we had a huge crisis down to have we had 10000000 people die on fairly well. there was treatment available that could have saved them. yes, a pharmacy to monopolies refused to lower that price. they refused to allow generic
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manufacturers to make those treatments. once that decision was changed, we have seen millions of lives saved. we need to do the same again. now. ironically, these countries not doing what you want them to really affect be actually felt by global capitalism. is that why even the i m f w t o and we'll bank seems to be supporting what you're saying. yeah, i mean, i think economic idiocy to, to fail to tackle back being inequality the, the i m f is that the cost to the global economy side will be in the region of mine, trillion dollars. we're already seeing in the whole of the economy class. it's not in the interest, but all of us to protect the i'm watering profit, the just a handful of corporations who are very successfully creating new 1000000000 as we speak while the rest of the economy. and that means job losses. that means poverty
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rising and we already see property rising for the 1st time in 2 decades in developing countries, the economic consequences, the social consequences of a failure to absolutely struck that we need to see some urgency. we haven't seen it yet. we need, i'm going on bars. don't seem to get on the right side of support the listing of the patients on these passing. i mean, we've heard on this program has some people are accusing kovacs of being and into failure altogether. but i mean, johnson has pledged 30000000 doses through kovacs any point in that initiative, even. yes, it did say k boxed is an important mechanism. in fact, many developing countries, it's the only source of supply. unfortunately that supply has just been trickled today. and so the foundation problem there is that came back to failed to challenge
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the pharmaceutical monopolies. they have basically just raise money, different corporations, what they want, and come back to the back of the key for those back things. supplies, while pharmaceutical corp, prioritize back contracts with rich nations where they can make the most profit that are always going to do that. and that's why we need to, we need to, to a new model of more distributed manufacturing around the world. you know, the, well, it is currently dependent on just a handful of corporations who are calling all the shots. they get to decide how many get may, what prices charge and who get to buy them. and that always means that the mechanisms like that for developing countries and developing countries themselves will always be the key is re summer saying that government scientists, i mean to today there's this announcement about what people are using. the johnson
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administration of pursuing a heard immunity strategy. do you think government scientists, many of them i do, the big pharmaceutical companies may be saying quietly to ministers and politicians look to many vaccines. you're just going to create variance that heard immunity be the strategy rather than more vaccinations? why no, no, i don't know whether i can comment on the same to governments. unfortunately, many of those stations are behind by the door. well, i can't say is that the people being alliance, a leading academia from around the well just a few months ago back in march. and she said that unless we tackle this been inequality, we all going to see that thing resistant rare, the variance within 6 to 12 months. is that right? that gives us the very frightening prospect that we will feedback the resistance
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barriers on our shores in rich countries that have, you know, successfully rolled out the vaccines where we is feeling protected. we could see the very in the right. by autumn when i'm the service station that will bring, it just doesn't bad thinking about ok trying to be positive for 2nd. do not think that the global south will learn from this and begin to understand the importance of local infrastructure. pharmaceutical manufacturing. maybe they'll get leaked blueprints to these patients, did vaccines and start working for themselves, rather than relying on handouts from, well, it wouldn't be in the via the i m f from the g 7 countries. so, you know, i think we need to be clear that there is already a very strong back been manufacturing based in many developing countries in india. if you look in the navy, those governments, and now saying already we can make these, you know,
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we have proven science that was largely publicly funded. and let's not forget that vaccines were funded by all the files we share. now with those qualified manufacturers, we could see production ramped up in developing countries right now. within a matter of lungs, those manufactures are coming forward saying we can make them as long as you share the client base already exists, but it is without doubt that we need more investment in manufacturing. in developing countries across africa, the african union has put forward a target of making 60 percent of its own vaccines within the next few decades. vicious target price water. but those countries will need support and we need and they need the science now, the manufacturing can be wrapped up when manufacturing already. and to be clear, there's no regulator here that going into vien,
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there's no higher authority the united nations to intervene to force the europe, ian union and the british government to give away the recipe to the vaccine against groan of ours. the reason why i leveled, i mean every, every proposal on the table at the well trained organization that would see these intellectual property listed. but to agree that is dependent on the government coming together and agreeing that now over a 100 countries already supporting this proposal, including president biden, including president micron, including the russian government, including the chinese government government. just a handful less like the u. k. and germany who was standing in the way, if they shifted, we could get our consensus and we could get things moving as quickly as possible. they need to get, they need to start blocking this. and i thank you. thank you very much. after the break, 10 years after the george clooney in washington sponsored creation south to done as
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a light of a new dawn. what next for the country blighted by civil war, corruption of famine and new liberalism. all this more can we help in part 2 of going underground? ah, ah no, you don't do it. you know it, uncle nice number didn't want to, you know, because you know, i don't, i don't, i don't, i don't know that i'll use enough 40 almost there. i guess it's like, i mean mostly that i knew on friday is the most senior. so some of it
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just took a list of the went for me to get through with those who knew that belong upon the porcelain additional. the peculiar summer solutions where we focus on the solutions. not so much. the problem, stacy, right. we are joined by jeff booth, author of the price of tomorrow, the the welcome back. in part one, we spoke about vaccine deposit as richard nation's ward, vaccines to the detriment of poor. but is this merely the way nato nation? imperialism works is 10 years, is the creation of oil rich, south sudan,
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now auctioning oil contract on the global market ribbon buy food insecurity and killing the country's future, though, be brighter than anyone can imagine. joining me now is south sedans, new investors, london, agnes. oswald, thank you so much better for coming on. people might have heard, it's out you don't because george clooney you campaign for the creation of it isn't the 1st 10 years of its existence. been there since 10 years overall has been going well defined. the challenge is also done has made a lot of progress. as you are aware, we build the nation out of scratch, given the devastation and do over 50 years of struggle. i mean, you have a war 3 and a half 1000000000 barrels a day being produced at the moment. 90 percent of the oil hasn't been extracted yet . i mean, you say it's been going well, why does it have food insecurity and why?
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i don't know, take covert, for instance, i was reading, you only had maybe 4 ventilators for a population of 12000000 people. 24 in terms of cabin. right now we have 11 to let us. and thanks to the, when we shift the partners, and we'll have that eventually the and also done subtlety view notate very well. we also have the united kingdom testing and dario health and education. so the number of different tomatoes has increased rate of coverage. 19. you also don't need might not be up to via in comparison to other nation. but dame is rio. yeah. the deaths and no, and near as bad as hearing britain big a catheter. obviously you mention british aid. what did you make of this? so your counterparts in effects in juba, apparently telling the me telling n g o is not to contact me the or especially sky news,
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about any discussion of the foreign aid cuts from london. i have no comment on that. you k as and you know, they have their division because the aid comes from them. however, creating an impact on nations such as the republic of social done, which is a developing state in comparison to develop nations. so what i think also learning for people not be attention being drawn to the money aspect is doug and we are faced with natural disasters such as flog low cost. so for the last 3 years there have been have you flooding throughout the country. so 7 out of 10 states and water and as we speak to have you really supporting the republic. and at the same time this affects the
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livelihood in terms of food security. income is small funding skin because people do from, for some sufficiency, not necessarily for x one for instance, we do, which we had to look to develop. yeah, i mean, we haven't natural disasters in other countries though, that, you know, obviously affect different places. but then they prepare for themselves, it wasn't able to prepare for the learning. we're not able to prepare for the flooding given to what i have noted that it is a new nation build out of scratch. so, and this is where it comes to help and the capacity building will leave and how to mitigate the flood. because he's not just, you know, it's a flood. most of the country speaking on the water. i mean, eritrea has
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a new country. it has no food insecurity at all and amazing health care. you don't think that part of the problem in south sudan is this reliance on washington consensus partners like london and the european union. more than more than the tilting to beijing, which i know is a massive invest in a growing investor inside saddam up as i noted so. so danny, manage out of a long struggle. so building institutions takes time. and currently the government through our region, we actually have region 2040. well we have you to look into how to develop a culture using their money from the oil. basically process of diversifying the economy, which would lead to the reduction of poverty. sol,
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so that being some sufficient instead of relying on 8, but i noted earlier, the lundy is vast vaught of time. so small funding skill makes a difference, such as backyard funding. you know, it's also done. you can throw anything on the ground. money grows. so the land is about a time. so our main problem is the flooding and the impact of natural disaster. or some might say your main problem is being so geo strategic there in africa and having oil in the 1st place is just go back a little. i mean, is it was the end of the ethiopian trail war, important for the creation of south to done is that is that part of the context of the creation of your country is also done. the 1st thing was not created. it came through a friend of the people who also struggled through
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a long civil war. we like to didn't know where she ations. i'm so so i mean in dependence merged through that random which marks day july 9th, the reverse center. but in the armed fighting, i mean we know from wiki leaks, julian assigns is currently in jail in london. of course revealing that the ca paid people in south to don's army to, to fight for the creation as well end to the, the circumstances in which the referendum began. and in that aspect, we grateful for the friends are also done, such as you k is historical friend or social than us is a friend of thousands of them. the people are also done with their one on the front line de died over for we lost over 4000000 lives to arrive, where we are. therefore,
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we are grateful for us and friends who stood with us during this trial. i mean, you say a story call friends with the u. k. i mean, anyone who knows the colonial history of that area once done knows we slaughter and atrocities committed by british colonialism in what is now subsidized, actually, or they forgot that, well, i mean, on the other mega see, has its own history. or in fact, you know, that the creation of what i'm, which i correct is that it's not the creation per se, because the people of south with died for the, for the coming historically good relationship with london. i mean, you're going to attach a lord kitchener in juba presumably. i mean you don't to mend relationship only by creation of statute for them. but we have a good relationship with the u. k. we have an embassy. and before that,
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you k give social access to half emission in the united kingdom. and this was before that a friend them after the signing of the comprehensive piece algorithm and in 2005, i don't know whether it amuses you that britain has a few problems with chinese investment in the past few days. big bosses of virtual meeting with the chinese government communist party. and at the same time, under pressure from washington, arguably, britain is that the ban. have some chinese companies. is that the same in south sit down because it goes to your president salva gear, had to shut down oil production with a chinese investment and then reopen it. at least pressure is similar between britain and don. in this geo political war between washington emerging in relation to invest man south. so that is open to investors. meeting is open to
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the entire universe and not we. we are ready to invest in the new k. we china as well as we do washington and whoever. why, why did the president have to shut down the chinese oil facilities and then reopen them? i mean, is the problem here that the people that give you the age money, do the talking and prevent development in south sudan? oh. can you make it clear when, when the chat 2 years ago, 2 and a half years ago, president suffolk, you shut them down under pressure from washington, and then said, actually we are going to reopen it. and of course now there's massive chinese investment, hopefully coming into your country. but as you are aware, you've been before the independent, my d. o. actually the investment or the chinese investment.
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so and also our friends, such as the us, was offering the block or ploy. and so if others are willing to come invest in the oil industry, they're welcome to come to 1000. i mean, you don't think they, you're close relationship though with washington create problems. i mean of venezuela is the country with the biggest known all resources do you think it's out today? we'll be able to do a deal for oil infrastructural investment in your country while london and washington are looking on bobby and bar. johnson wants to overthrow the venezuelan government. he's talked about that nobody said, well, it's all tables for what you've done. i'm not going to invest in social and he's not like managing them yet. reading you've really and you saying that british companies are welcome to get these new bids for these 5
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blocks and establish the 402-5000 square kilometers. have just about to go they are welcome to south, so down in the world come to inventing the oil industry in agriculture and minerals and different resources that we have. i just, i just finally of the environmental degradation of the country, the settlements paid by british oil companies. i is the government going to protect the environment of don as it allows investment from british companies. we have ministry of environment, i'm sure father street as well as the ministry of what's going on on commissions that are concerned with the effect. and we doubt we've called full capacity building in the area of the environment master. thank you. and that's for the show
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will be back on wednesday when the un security council meet to discuss the world's worst humanitarian crisis. yemen whose was fueled by british weaponry until then keep in touch by all our social media channels, subscribed to the channel on youtube. and let us know when you think that saddam should pursue in on the lines path for a prosperous future. ah, ah. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk me the
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news. the, as the taliban makes us, we can gain enough dennis, dana and joe biden to admit the groupings at its strongest in decades. but the u. s . president is still taking american boots off the ground by the end of next month . the accomplish that we get to scott, some of the log in terrorism is not emanating from that part of the serving means of self harm. and belgium is migrants who go to extreme in their fight for asylum, although authorities and they won't be blackmail. britain granted the u. s. at the right to try again to extradite julia sancha. however, one of the whistleblowers oldest friend, believes washington's attempts were ultimately failed. if
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a feel is an attempt to pro long.


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