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tangible, san initials for this particular use ah, as the telephone that makes the sweeping gains in afghanistan, joe biden admit, the group is at its strongest in decades with us. the president is still taking american boots off the ground by the end of next month. the accomplish that, we gotta, some of the log in terrorism is not emanating from that part of the serving teams of self harm in belgium as migrants and go to extremes in their flight for asylum. although authorities and 5th, they won't be black men and britain grant the us the right to try again to expedite gillian assad. however, one of the whistleblowers oldest friends believed that washington attempts were ultimately failed to disappear. this attempt to pro long inevitable,
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the inevitable. the freedom of duty. ah, that's my direct my studios moscow. this is our international. sean thomas certainly glad to have you. with us. the 16 people were killed and dozens more injured in fighting between the afghan army and the taliban in the city of kandahar on saturday. that's according to local officials. this comes as fighting has been intensifying across the country with the tele done making big territorial games. and while the u. s. president joe biden has conceded the group is now at its strongest in 2 decades. he still is defending the decision to pull american troops out your view with making this decision for the last 20 years worth. we went for 2 reasons. one,
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can you blame him after 20 long years and no victory? anyone would struggle to answer. why? so that $47000.00 civilians could be killed, so that only half the population could live in poverty. so the country could lie and ruins faced with ugly reality. is it any wonder the biden defy? did it was find the time to come home? i will much send another generation america to war and i can stand with no reasonable expectation of achieving the different outcome. oh, there was no mission accomplished. i permission was accomplished in that we get to scott some and widen, and terrorism is not emanating from that part. a little we achieved those objectives. well, not quite. i'll carnita might be gone, but the taliban is ascendant. advancing so quickly that
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a now claims to control 85 percent of off canister on and with the country view, s and nato allies having jumped ship, its people have been left to fend for themselves or calling them again. everyone is worried about how long the uncertainty will continue. no one is doing business, the markets, and the people that work there have been badly affected. business has collapsed because there is no stability before when the us didn't plan withdraw, things were stable, but the instability is increased since they left. i mean, i'm very clear the yes, had contracts with market owners here, and we used to purchase from them that withdraw will affect our business. we can buy any goods because there are transportation problems. some have already fled to neighboring pudgy cust on and iran, but that might not be an option for long. the ton of bond controls to thoughts of the border with tajikistan and recently captured the crossing to iran, meaning of the on many escape routes left. an especially dangerous prospect for
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those who worked with foreign armies, fearing for their lives there, now cooling on washington to get them out of the monday, gave us a recommendation. they have not only my life, my family, and i've also done a lot with really when we don't have an issue we have now we want to take any decisions or united nation, or you call yourself humanitarians. but what kind of humanitarian saw you left me here after i worked 10 years for you. russia is also worried that the fighting will spill over into its territory. so it's arched restraint promised to g, cuz tom back up on the board and maintains dialogue with the taliban and the country that created this whole mess. just opt in left.
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oh, i the i up to left in the dead of night without what apparently the washington claims that local officials knew that withdrawal was imminent. the very next day looters was seen plundering 5 grand base funny american souvenirs left behind. with this hasty exit parallel to being drawn with another open us, as for, for was vietnam wage a war on terror realized that the tree is impossible in could deal with your enemy
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found in your allies and get the hell out of that. well, let's just hope the carpool doesn't fall as quickly as south vietnam. did. joe biden, at least, has faith is a tale bon take over that gas that now inevitable? no. it is known. is that what the goal was? 20 years ago? that devastation, no plan for long lasting peace. and i hope that the government wouldn't crumble as soon as the u. s. left. how many more countries will be put through this vicious cycle before us finally, lines. it's lesson. united states is a far berry global empire. we are absolutely totally addicted to war. our economy cannot survive unless we are either actively engaged in war or preparing for war. and so there's obvious parallels between afghanistan and vietnam
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when i was in vietnam, i was only met mom. so i was seeing the rapid disintegration of american involvement in vietnam. so i was seeing the homicides the suicides, the ramp, and heroin addiction shit out among the american soldiers within our own. you obviously at that point in 197071, we were questioning, why were we ever in vietnam, you know, because a lot it was thought that we were there to preserve peace and democracy and the united states government. but that was all a lie. everything was a lie and the same thing is true for the war in afghanistan. you're going to see a lot of rack and ask them better, is probably committing suicide. a lot of them are going to drink and drugs themselves and death because they're going to ask themselves, what's the point of me ever being in iraq or afghanistan? hundreds of undocumented migrants on hunger strike, and brussels and
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a bid to press the authorities to grant them asylum. some have even sown their mouth shut to show that they have no say on wednesday government officials met with protesters. no agreement was reached. but the union representing migrants says that some progress was made. officials now say fighting economic exploitation is one of their priorities. they see that there are a 150000 living here illegally. and the $200.00 people that decide to stop eating should be regularized individually. what would be the result? a week later, you get 202020000 people who would do exactly the same. around a 1000000 migrants entered the u and 2015 and were blamed for terror attacks and sharp increases in crime. some migrants who have been in belgium for more than a decade so that their asylum appeals have still not been processed. and she's trying to print reports now from brussels. indigo term migrants across brussels,
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taking action into their own hands and rooting in some extent to extreme measures to demand their rights seem assigned attempts in sewing up their own lips. just to the shocking moves the migrants have taken to show just how serious they are. well, we've been have 3 people have needed urgent care. some for men and women taking part in this protest have been in the country for more than a decade. and they say that they have simply had enough of government in action. there's also criticism that brussels and even europe as a whole, have been so hesitant and imposing any kind of rooms for their situation, leaving them no choice. before i have started this and i have to continue to the n, i've lost 15 kilos. but i am ready to lose another 15 or 20 just to be legalized. some other people risk their lives even more. my buddy carry me recently swallowed
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a razor blade. he had to get an emergency operation for other people. so the lips always actions of one go to show that we really need the documents. i am the nipple guy, but my chinese not never, don't understand the poly. kennedy speaking the police. and they see the does the things. so my child is, is property of belgium does give me work for me, then i can walk and i can give, put my child. the belgian government says it won't change policy. it's frustrating. we're trying to help people as much as possible to get their dos is to be treated as fast as possible. but of course not every undocumented person, not every person who is here can stay in belgium. the hunger strike is not going to help an issue of undocumented migrant isn't just confined here in belgium, in front of also being processed stage to call attention to the thousands who threw
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in a similar situation. the in the but is a regular is ation unreal. solution in some other countries, of course the e, u, spain, portugal and italy, that's the route that's been pursued. however, that too has caused problems. italy is trying to grant access to around 600000 undocumented migrants. but the process has been food with allegations that permits a being issued arbitrarily. we did have collected regular physician 9 that is only . ready meant you influx of illegal immigrants, doesn't work for political action. is there old responsibilities of the governing
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or citizens of this country? if our government gives it opens the book more actions like this, and for a new labeled immigrants coming to our country, sent you the picture lips together to make your situation more her oracles and go, are these wrongest ortiz all refusing to budge those supporting the protesters that off the 6 weeks, the situation is now very desperate. then documented people who have been in hunger strike, especially those 10. and one of our campuses have reached been point where they can irreversibly put the health at great risk. we grabbed that public a sewer to remain deaf to their quest, which will continue to support, stay faithful to all we're humanist commitments and our sense of justice. yet, despite all of the focus on migration at an in new level, there's still no coherent strategy, which many think will only make the problem worse. the problem is, is huge. it is without any doubt,
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the biggest problem facing belgium and european union right now. every single domain is under enormous pressure because of mass migration. i'm talking about public safety policing and migratory services, but also about things like education, housing, and the judicial system. if we decide to ignore the rules because people go on hunger strikes that we're setting a horrible example. the migration law in belgium is not strict at all. so if your application to get red residence papers is rejected, that means you, you really don't deserve them. and you have to go hope the problem is that the belgian government isn't doing enough to make sure that these illegal migrants who have their application regret your objectives effectively go hope. in many countries, they are, they are put on a plane back to their country of origin. but in belgium, they just receive
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a paper that says they have to return home. the former police officer, maybe new york's next mayor, after winning the democratic nomination, he was picked despite a year of black lives matter protests whose stated aims included the funding. the police in the city crime is soaring with new york state governor andrew cuomo, declaring a gun violence disaster emergency. the new me oral candidate is eric adams. he served in the police for 22 years and is currently the brooklyn burrow president at the forefront of his platform is a commitment to combating gun crime. he supports police reform, but is against the funding force. if black life is really matter, it can only be against police abuse and has to be against the violence that's sitting apart our communities. people want to feel safe. right now. they don't feel safe. crime is happening all around them. shootings are up. robberies are up, homelessness is up. they see in the subway. they don't feel safe in some ways. they
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see it out in the streets, in their homes, in the neighborhoods, and they want to feel safe. so this gentleman ran on a platform of public safety and making people feel safe in their resume with them. and that's it. you know, the, to find the police movement has been a large failure. demonizing and attacking cops has been a failure and people are ready for change and hopefully this is the capital is to some sort of change. and it's not just new york polling shows concerns about violent crime already 4 year high nationwide with homicide rates climbing across the us. chicago's mayor has asked the president for help after the city saw it's bloodiest weekend over independence day when more than 100 people were shot. policemen, vehicle arkham again says the public is demanding action, but leaders are not listening. the virus is right in people's faces. you can put all the crime statistics out there, say your crime is going down. you can have all the feel good moments,
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but people know what they see. they know be here. and you can't deny that. so people definitely want to change. they want some sort of action to be taken. they want to feel safe. that's what's all about public safety. now, you're not going to convince someone that just finished watching someone get robbed or know about shooting is going on in the neighborhood that they're safe. they want something done. italy is the official winner of the euro 2020 football championship. that is after the beat, england $32.00 in a tense penalty shoot out. the thousands of static italians flooded the streets of rome to celebrate what is only the 2nd time. italy has won the euros setting off fireworks and probably waiting the italian treat killer. now the overall picture in england, you know, it's much more subdued as fans come to terms with the result. however,
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the 10th final did spark clashes near wembley stadium. with around 45 people being arrested. according to british police, he's shot which dusty reports now from a very disappointed london develop sarah, no money was to relate tonight. of course england have now lost the year for 2020 the final again, it's been a really, really interesting night. london is poor right now. the rain is pouring down and the front is it downpours, i feel it was heartbreaking to see the way out. it was just an expected with the goal at the very beginning in expected place. i think we will have that in the same day, like we've really had, like letting everyone considering the last yes guys. absolutely guys. you know,
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my district, i got to finally 55 is still going to be proud of him for what i changed 3 panel. just terrible news through a lot of pain in my life. work through family situation like punches me in the north again and again in the country and everything. but i think the one that i bought i bought jonesy born of course, and i think well go to a final progress. photo photo. all we went well, we lost in penalties, great against the it was so close that it felt like for the entire much thing in which dominating thing is to leave. but in this kind of things were changing somewhat and actually in the 2nd half of extra time, it really, really was kind of in fact very, very strong. but still the english pipe was alive and kicking. i was here right now
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in pub, in london. and it really felt like it was coming home. it's devastating to see that is absolutely not the case. but what told me say we had the experience play as we have lots of sterling realist. we had some all but still it just didn't come to fruition tonight. for many people in central london is my lunch in the whole of england. still some more optimistic saying some point eventually coming home. the 3 england players who missed penalties in the year 2020 final have been targeted by racial abuse online. the football association has condemned the abuse of directed towards the players, while the metropolitan police has launched an investigation calling the situation in tall, intolerable. 6 months after the u. s. last, it's better to have whistleblower gillian. assange extradited. u. k. court has
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granted washington the right to appeal. the judge is reported to have agreed with 3 of the 5 justifications the us submitted. while the bite administration is apparently now prepared to let a sonnet serve any prison sentence in his australian homeland. but his partner claims he already has that right, stella morris this week also gave her reaction to the granting of the appeal from outside the courthouse. i was able to speak to julian now about the decision. and you know, it's mixed because on the one hand it's been 6 months and we haven't had any news. so it's like an endless purgatory. but at the same time it doesn't here. and julian's very on. well, he's happy when, when i went with our eldest this morning and so it's not representative when i see him because obviously it's a, it's a one rest fight. he get off. but even you know, bowl marsh prison is
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a horrible place. he want his case in january. why is even in prison? why is he even being prosecuted? there is no legal case against him. all. there is an indictment based on life. washington wants a song to face charges of hacking and espionage which could lend him a sentence of 175 years if convicted in january, a british judge ruled against his extradition over mental health issues in 2019, he was forcibly removed by police from the ecuadorian embassy in london after quito terminated his 7 year asylum. there were helix editor in chief. christian robinson says, the sheer length of the entire process is shameful. well, it's a great disappointment for julian sounds, and for all of this is continuing. one would hope that the united kingdom courts would to recognize how ridiculous this case is and not to grant the appeal. this means that this will drag on for some time for
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a prisoner to have to wait in a prison cell for 6 months for half a year, just to get a decision of whether the appeal is allowed to to his opponents or not, if rages this decision comes on the week after it is revealed that the indictment against union does not have a leg to stand on the key with and says retracted to the testimony and says basically that testament, which was cited by the business judge numerous times as truthful allegation, doesn't hold true, it is a fabrication and the americans now know it and they're still continuing on this track. this appeal is an attempt to prove pro long the inevitable. inevitable is the freedom of julia. if he does not get his freedom, it is such
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a load to our society and what we believe in that it is almost amount to turning off the light. so this must come to an end. and i can fence in my bones that it will be coming soon. meanwhile, australian m. p. 's are urging president biden to drop the u. s. government extradition appeal. the strategy and citizens want juliet assigned to be free is treatment violates for convention against torture. and it's persecution, treatment journalists worldwide. we drop us president joe biden has urged vladimir putin in a phone call to crack down on ransomware hackers operating on russian territory. but despite the white house admitting it has no new evidence suggesting that moscow
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has anything to do with the recent spate of cyber attacks. that hasn't stopped much of the western media from pointing the finger at so called russian hackers as it is . but i guess you have comments in recent weeks, months rushman has a heaving lea gotten to overdraw. and at least if a slew of us media reports about cyber attacks or american entities and corporations. if that is to be believed, credit in gremlins at work, obviously obvious that is only to the us media. we're not, we're not certain. the initial thinking was it was not rushing gums, but we're not sure yet. the media seem to know something that neither biden nor the f, b i, nor an array of intelligence agencies. something that they don't know because where the media is crying, russia, the politicians in the experts are much less sure. listen carefully to the language that officials, they use it, they are saying russia tax,
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anything. what person biden can, and i expect will do his demand. russia live up to its obligations and prevent its territory for being used for these criminal acts in once. russia to be a productive member, the international community. he could certainly arrest and try these criminals in russia or hand them over to stand trial. elsewhere. pundits are saying, it's russia, they, they couldn't possibly know with it's russian government hackers or criminal russian hackers. or even if they're russian, not of the white house itself, doesn't know, but there you have it. russian government hackers breached the computer systems of the republican national committee last week, around the time arrested link criminal group, unleashed a massive ransomware attack. according to 2 people familiar with the matter. it's the strangest thing. usually it's the, it's the professionals or the people that they report to the government that tells you if they believe that someone was attacked, it could even be the victim. they would, they would know,
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but in this case the republicans, which the media has were attacked even they faith, they weren't. over the weekend, we were informed that cynex a 3rd party provider had been breached. our team worked with microsoft to conduct a review of our systems and after a thorough investigation, no r n c date was accessed. what pundents usually do is they right. sensational head loves the caching on your clicks. family, the medium makes money, right? ad thought, even counter from brush collusion, hooked skill down the list of the bunk, russia hackers, stories and you'll see we only learned that they were made up after that generated millions of clicks. but there is also an agenda. the vested interest to keep painting russia bad, to make sure that relations never rebuilt. russian group are evil, the same group that took down j. b. s. hacking into software manager, casea ramps of demand came from a criminal organization,
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likely based in russia. we're learning details of what appears to be a new russian cyber attack. the targets were us and foreign government agencies. we can guess why they keep doing this 1st and foremost, the fortunes that have been made. scam or greg about russia from billions of clicks and media side. so enormous cash injections for the pentagon made possible only by hysteria about russia and the cause sold habits die hard after a century of bashing russia, in all its forms. the american media just can't shake the habit. well, they don't have really any idea. they're simply surmising where these attacks are coming from. they don't have any way of sourcing these attributions. because this is merely, these are merely face of a baseless assertion. there could be a major cipher event coming up in the near future, and they want to have a ready,
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a ready scapegoat in russia for some reason. i mean, there are all kinds of indications that something is of foot in terms of cybersecurity. it's merely a kind of a, a trove to constantly say, russian hackers it's, it's just the common trope that they're throwing around without any evidence whatsoever. that's your weekly for this are i will be back with another look in about 31 and a half to stay with me. i the i
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back dies or financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh you mean the downside, artificial mortgage right now get carried away was trying to report ah, the me, the me
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a welcome to was a part of type 2 diabetes is one of the with data list of modern times predominant as it is preventable. it's ravishing, effect on with 900 complications are well established, but does it also work the other way around? you can call the 19 con diabetes that i'm now joined by holmes and professor of diabetes as my now she never sitting a founder of the international diabetes institute ism. it is good to see you. good to talk to you. thank you very much for your time. lovely to talk to her. now i know that you have devoted many years of your life warning about the dangers and the snowballing nature of diabetes is ravaging effects on.


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