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the we live in a world where the industry doesn't want any regulation. they just want to put their products on the market the we need a regulation, so we don't do create the things because maybe sometime to decrease things i don't know. but, except that we have regulation, we want to regulation of industry. ah, if we don't then yes, penalty that's fine. ah, i always say the,
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the industry makes money. of course it does. if the industry did not make money, how many people will be out of work? i more sort of the last concern, the public interest in the public safety is definitely not taking precedent. corporate interest, corporate profits have been getting priority with the regulator. so that needs to change, and one of the big ways to do that is just to require trans fancy. ah, we, we love transparency. we would like to publish everything we use. it's just not allowed. and we cannot say, we don't care. there's intellectual property rights, but we are if we publish everything it would be breaking belong. ah, they prefer intellectual property to the health of children.
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oh i, if you made money out of selling pesticide, how much incentive does these company do? these companies have to get a pesticide will they make sure that we could use less specified or will they make sure that we use always more and more to the industry pieces, spend millions of euros in lobbying to delay regulations instead of researching substitutes. and how to make this thing differently. hi, frankly, i've been in the industry for a long time. i have never seen a brown envelope for you or leading to absolutely never at, you know, the, in the, in the industries interest to bring food. prove a table that is safe,
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that it's high quality that is reasonably priced so that you and i and all of those people working in food industry can also sit and eat good nutrition food every day. as i progress goals risk, you are referring to to accidents, industrial incident. so i see there are people who are injured to people who die every time this happens for industry in general. it would defeat with, however, those incidents also allow us to improve, to do it better next time and to progress. and there is no progress without an analysis of risk versus benefit. ah, what is progress? the progress of moving forward, whatever. and using any technology we are capable of invent. but because we know
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how to do something that is useful and good for, for the people. we should put some intelligence on what the technology and what progress is. i don't think that progress is ruining the future generation by using tons of chemical that that can, that can create deeds and he's cancer to, to someone who could use all that stuff with me ah, in
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lieu, if we were today with a profession principal problem, you have airplanes, and these would not exist because an airplane sometimes they fall down. so there is a risk. we would not have automobiles because every year in europe, how many 506-0000 people die with a movie accident. so precautionary principle i think, is a disaster. and yet, what we are now more and more advocating and you apply these to other culture. we are farming in europe with less substances and north americans or south america with less tools heat because we don't use gamers, we don't i mean,
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it doesn't make sense. we want to participate and be competitive on a global scene or not. and in europe, we have this romantic idea, follow that business. people will never cultivate something that is dangerous and they would never cultivate something. they don't need their just business people and we should get them to the business. and we can't expect them to in any other way, except the only way that would change is if there is a root and branch revolution in the way that we do business. and that would need to
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involve all corporations all over the world because as long as we treat like a global commodity, we have a very big problem. and part of that problem is that the food will go to the highest bidder. and the highest bidder may not be someone that wants to feed you the highest bidder. maybe someone wants to feed your car. this is entirely the wrong way to look at food. food should be food
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will be all about making money. profit. it's about the corporation. it's about an informative make uniform lens with one group maximum. it's about corporate control and it's mostly also economically it's about international markets. import export control about companies consoling in far away places. lance to export commodities. not about production is not about feeding people. industrial agriculture is a form of mining me and it produces raw materials and then you subject raw materials to various uses and the most of the
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use go into animal food and textiles. fiber, fuel, whatever. you have the, the rest of it can be so more expensive to some other use will go into processed in food processing. so it's food necessity, always food a business transaction. food is both. yes. so we all need to eat that for sure. but in europe we have a very comfortable full stomach conversation. we haven't had a feminine year of hundreds of years, so we have no idea what it means to have the choice between one tomato and no more . but we have tend to want, doesn't really matter to us if we have a gym or tomato which and i think we are unaware of the impact or
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decisions here have on countries where there is no food, no a days. this is a big confusion between what is the general interest and the interest of industry. because the priorities jobs and growth, and he likes growth that drugs are more important than people like the food industry is successful, it will create more jobs. it will create more value added, it will create more growth. so i don't see why. we shouldn't also fight for the interests of the industry, but this should be a communal fight. modern agriculture read eyes on satellites relies on precision farming, which is a connection between satellites digital machinery and then all of the tools which
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are available for farmers. unfortunately, i think europe is losing its edge as far as food production in agriculture because of an overly conservative restrictive regulation and the tradeoff between progress and the risk is not what understood in europe. ah me since i think europe as a isn't best potential to be the leading agriculture all region in the world. we should be the ones who is the best jobs and most invest in hybridization genetics, betty sites gimme calls machinery. we should meet because we,
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we see we need to succeed. and my fear is that we are not using these potential to its maximum enable all pharmacy competitive, the better the trades relations with all the country, the better it is. i mean, otherwise we stay like a fortress and we don't let anything in that doesn't let something out. and you know, this is not the world is not like that. everything is connected. now everything is global. so what we want to see is something very different is a lot of built on diversity on biological diversity that is, you know, different crops planted together, crop rotations. ah, me the board over
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the summer solutions where we focus on the solutions. not so much the problem, stacy, right. we are joined by jeff booth author of the price of tomorrow. the the, the, the,
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the, the, do we get as humanity, our act together to change and reconfigure rate together. how we operate on this planet. we will make ourselves obsolete that's defined, and we have to put the technologies in place where they belong. they have to be then assistant to our goals. well, many people, if i say that would say yes, yes, of course makes sense. but i have not understood that this is not where we are now . we are now defining future visions through technology lenses. but i want to turn it around. i want that we have a collective vision where we want to be and how we want to design our
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environment are now foot systems that operates within the planetary boundaries as scientists. so it's been defined where it respects the rules of the planet and not vice versa. that we manipulate our planet to the point where it meets our needs in economic terms. for me, progress is continuous improvement of existing things because of the impression that let's call it the old continent. the europe is slowing down a little bit in making progress.
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if decisions of taking on the motion one day left the other day, right. this is not the basis of the sustainable farming. what progress do we want? are we willing to trade of some of the benefits for some of the risk because we're facing a world which is more and more globalized? so we are up against other parts of the world which do not always play with the same rules. we're living in a very strange place today because we have on the one hand challenges of obesity and overweight and on the other hand with challenges of under nutrition, malnutrition, starvation. there are geopolitical issues and part of the world where there is less food. and we need to find ways to get food to those parts of the world. either through aid or through producing themselves and to produce more food on the same
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amount of land. because we can't use more land, we can't use more resources. and ah, for ah, less one see either the momentum without command for much trouble with really sick you can only come into a scene to the militia. they don't allow us to plug a scholar. one of them i'd be and you made eco
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do you imagine the number of the diseases that are in every me today it is no due to new viruses or new microbes that have been found in all breast cancer phones. that's not true. so it is due to environment and to currently poisons that are in environment. what are the crummy poisons designed to be toxic initially and spreads all over the place? i can go look at it here. it says my, my la i'm critic. dish into your trying your continuum, not for but now mama can senior, also medical know what i said a marla,
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yoda, it's a tiny community the mama, inflammatory and we just need to talk to my vehicle to kinda put it in the cell either. i definitely the best to go so toxic us cello, pulling up a $1000000.00 down. i, i don't know. commit demos, are there been usually i induced to part of my game based figure. so we're less government nibble's. you a usually hit the market is going to be natal. ah,
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if you don't do that, other guy, this will still just get put in the, there's a chop. it didn't mean you're located call may be the baby. don't this check wish the total of municipal to my yes, my son lost control is this isn't toxic us, but a lot of april fionn by the system. ramona can city finish. i stuck in on peace having such pictures. east of saturday. well then by sub, because from the know the say no, i cannot. she don't know. she put on the limit. there must be murder. she'll. she'll deal it up. we'll give him a note. we are super under. no, it can only be out. we are not that much of a lot of you know, the computer chemicals, not bidding. i get your new model, d, c, l m air can see though let him, he ok comes in, is he looking, you know, by see really sallow. it $31.00. okay. or the mazda total, then it will montalvo will be creamy. mm.
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mm. all he's taken to a brutal cindy wanted you to marketing, as you did for me into he moved to the she a scene for him. does he look? you're getting it, but she will. she did it, but she had to get in the kitchen on the team go. he can put him in the computer. make him a kimono, emma, can everybody hear me more or less? if you need to model it, use an audio m. i will tell you when you can tell it later lunch hour will be document tomorrow. no, i got
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a conflict on what kaloni curry was already gated ross in. the me, she's in the ball park on posters in the middle, and he left us equally need to purchase a new plan. well, the media know what he'll do, the portable eshola she's off my lot. she's plasty go my lot. see though, the law in what i see only not have to in the conflict oper, floor novels call new novel. i say that they probably will model see if you know, i don't remember either. yes. so all his chemical compounds out made out of petroleum. petroleum is if possible, few very sticky. and it is by a cumulative because it's a fertile compound which last long i
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this is why it gives oxy city leavers and in kidneys and cancer because it gives disease that of the disruption of communication in the cancer. and the 1st reason you have contract is because your cell cannot communicate each other anymore with the rest of the body. and homo diseases, it's the same problem, never diseases right back in november or even depression. it's the same problem. also immune disease or other malformations in the babies. it's also the same problems are cell cannot communicate, but this happens on the long term. so that means several years, several dozens of years. so you cannot see because you drink a glass of wine with pesticides or
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a piece of red with 50. so you can see this effect immediately. many of the open and to modern agriculture have understood that it's easy to, to scare people. it's easy to, to use fear as a strong, emotional driver for a changing policy and for influencing policy. but sometimes it's in the interests of the anti industry groups to do that, of course, because it keeps them at work and brings in money for them as well. so i think we should look at this from both sides. we sometimes i visit from them recently they invaded this building and they have done so before and through menu or, and threatening letters and stuff. but okay, that's part of the game. i suppose. we do not we, you know, when we fight against when we fight against when we try and dialogue with people that we don't have the same weapons. i sometimes have the feeling that we have both
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and arrows and they have atom bombs. as soon as there's an n geo, or group of people who are against something, maybe, maybe they balance, maybe they stop using it, maybe of importing. so in terms of development and trust, i think we risk losing a lot of trust as a region when i say industry has the truth. we know what's in our product, for example like that. if i, if i make a product, i mean, you can go home this evening and make a buy area in your kitchen. and you know what's in there and you write it down. that is the truth. sorry, but you know, we are an industry. we know what we're pushing our products. we can tell you, this is the truth. this is what we put in our product. when i say we have to truth, i'm talking about not talking by philosophically the truth. i'm talking about what we do. we know what we do, and we can talk about it meant
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to know comp don't cover, you don't domain delivery assume because if it's are less than the 50 seed, this is. yeah. they put it in the hot have you the book to please understand. i don't want him to see a pattern on mon acre elisa house for a demo. the value has shown me and leave a little shit, his interest in her new buying sample of hedge principle, 50 seed, dumont on our way down on a glass. well, now we don't need phones and that was why don't you go under the bow say most i thought you should have those hear me luck. hope was shown you plenty. eli coffee don't yet new on that. why don't for doing some all me the said cache, the president of the last in the there is
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a bit hard to the public it is federally for miss and the park. her degree was at the gym for the df. yes. used to be because i don't care for was issue 30, they seem to kelly reported to click on the kind of interval on the evaluate counsel locally for that is which was each one of chic. you're under a donor. they are looking for that. and others are me confusing for me. listen, i need the sound is anymore. so coffee share the corner. i put a coffee down here, it is official. i saw the coffee darcia'll for our communities shout to see poor look them up for the consummate that to more so to cook and it could be a sudden i live saw one of the, our physicians on those days. i shot a confusion on me. so i did have a problem with santa paper. ah,
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ah, people with diabetes, for number raises, whether it's not adequately managed or that they have some immune problem. then their risk of infections and something like the coven 19 pandemic, was very bad news. the people diabetes, and we consider it as one of the very high risk situations in terms of people being in the join me every 1st day on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me .
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ah no, you don't do it. you know it, uncle nice number didn't buddy. when will you know? you didn't come home? i don't, i don't gonna don't good down the phone that i'll use enough for the only i get the like are you i mean that i think you on the find the most of it from of it. we can talk to the middle school with those who knew, put that all along plenty personal initials for this peculiar use
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ah, as the telephone that makes sweeping games in afghanistan, joe biden admit the group is at its strongest in decades us the president is still taking american boots off the ground by the end of next month. no vision of the company that we gather scott, some of the log in terrorism is not emanating from that part of the serving scenes of self harm. and belgium is migrants that go to extremes in their flight for a styled, although authorities in 5th they won't be blackmail. britain grant, the u. s. the right to try again to expedite julian authority. however, one of the whistleblowers oldest friends, believed with washington attempts ultimately failed.


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