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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  July 11, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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corrupted, you need to this end ah, to join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, ah, the me, the me a welcome to was a part of type 2 diabetes is one of the call with data list of more than time predominant as it is preventable. it's ravishing. a fact uncle with 900 complications are well established, but does it also work the other way around? you can call it 19 con diabetes,
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but it's because i'm now joined by holmes and professor of diabetes as menache university in a trolley and founder of the international diabetes institute. trip isn't it is good to see you. good to talk to you. thank you very much for your time. lovely to talk to her. now i know that you have devoted many years of your life warning about the dangerous and the snow balling. nature of diabetes is ravaging effects on the body. it's kyle rocketing race around the globe. but i wonder before this current car on a wire, it's been demick struck, give it ever occurred to you that diabetes would find such a powerful and calming ally as it didn't start to i think it's a very good question to study. and i certainly didn't expect the pandemic obviously, but people with diabetes, for a number raises, whether in stockton, adequately managed,
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or that they have some immune problem. then their risk of infections and something like the coven 19 pandemic, was very bad news. the people diabetes. and we considered as one of the very high risk situations in terms of people being in now correct me from wrong. but my understanding is that what these 2 viruses or 2 conditions actually produces some sort of a hybrid monster who is viral nature and get amplified by the pre existing chronic conditions you just started your wrote about. and before that, most nations prove unprepared for the condemning. but what is really so hard to predict, because as you just mentioned, we have known all along that, you know, form of the bulk how predisposition to all sorts of viruses go hand in hand. well, it was bound to happen, we just didn't expect that and, and this has been
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a shock for socio economic reasons and many other reasons. but certainly in terms of diabetes and it's twin brother are based on t. these are 2 of the very high risk situations. now, it's been clear from the beginning of it's been done that diabetes substantially increases the profitability of both 19 mortality complications. but starting from late last year, the medical community has been buzzing about the reverse possibility. that is the experience. i'll call it 900 triggering diabetes. i know that your institute is keeping your register all 5 cases from around the world. how widespread it is. well, we are collecting data fully funded mind just as the room as it goes of the research in collaboration with kings college in london. and
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we've now since the band to make staff is only the we've been experiencing it. we've rolled something like people from about 4550 countries now who are reporting cases into the register and for us to look at and the well, i think we have something like now that we're heading for near 400 cases. and the cause, this is a way of an under estimate because many people in the developing countries don't have the facilities only the way of collecting data that we would name for the register. but it is a significant problem. now i know that there are several hypothesis as to what may produce such an office. what is it, what it is in the composition experience that may lead to diabetes?
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which of these hypothesis looks more likely to you at this point? well, that's a good question. and there are still people in our profession who's convinced actually that code is causing all this trouble because many of the people who may have just develop but may have had pre existing diabetes. and we know time to be adult form can be very modeling symptomatic, cannot be picked up from the many years. but in terms of the theories, one of the one is that there is a direct attack by the virus on the insulin producing cells in the pancreas. which will result in taiwan diabetes, right. will type one, but also it can type 2 in the sense that it doesn't cold, can cause complete destruction. there's of course,
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the fact that when the virus gets in the cell and into an organ gun, inflammation, and inflammation is a trigger for diabetes. and people who may have a family history of diabetes, or even if they don't have it. and the real sneaky thing about this is that in every cell we have what we call a receptor in the wall of the reset of the cell. and if a hormone comes along, it gets into the still going through like a gateway. this key virus has worked out how to get into the still using this gateway, which is a normal in someone who hasn't got diabetes, who is a normal pathway for any woman to given the cells in different organise. so it's called the ice receptor, and that is a theory. a lot of people are hanging the cards on. now if i understood you
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correctly, let me know if i'm wrong here. obviously this is still much on there if there's subject, but from what it says you're saying is that covered i didn't can cause some sort of hybrid diabetes, so it's not strictly type one, no, strictly type 2, but that didn't mix of both of them with compromise. capacity for insulin production and also compromise capacity for insulin resistance, or rather a triggering wind resistance. well, i think you put a very good case there. i think we are seeing type one diabetes to, to direct distraction of the pancreas. but if you're looking at the whole picture, you're not seeing just one or the other. and we know there are issues that the virus, when with the diabetes, creates a situation in people with diabetes that they may need more insulin, for example,
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to treat it. so i think there is this background of an in flam, a tree effect. there is. now one more similarity, it's been called the 19 and diabetes is the so called metabolic syndrome. i mean, it's well known. the diabetes is associated with metabolic syndrome, but there seems to be quite a lot of cases when the recovery from called at 19, even if it doesn't produce a diabetes, it produces some sort of like long term chronic consequences on some of its suffers . and i, personally, you are a few people who, after again, seemingly having recovered from the 1900, died of a heart attack a few months later how much you will know about the long term effect of, of over 19. we know just about 0. and this is our concern. i wouldn't call that the metabolic syndrome. this is what we're calling long, kind of,
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we don't understand yet. the long term impact on someone who may have had the infection and sort of recovered the could've affected the heart, the kidneys, the lungs, and of course the pancreas. and we do know from the south lip and demick in china and hong kong. back in 202030 was something that, in fact there were, there were cases of diabetes caused by the corona virus. and in some of the people who got it, they actually the diabetes did disappear afterwards. but at the moment we're very concerned about the long term effects and need to monitor people been infected already. now when i said metabolic syndrome, i didn't mean a medical name for it, but i think in terms of the mechanics, it's pretty similar because it's a long lasting systemic fact. in fact,
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many systems of the body. and i know that you before the metabolic syndrome associated with diabetes was one of the greatest threat to human health. but in order for it to be manifested and to become is news. i'm sorry for saying that people usually don't like to hear that, but it's usually a consequence of people's lifestyles. i mean, it's nice to when it comes to try to diabetes in order to be for that to be manifest, it usually takes years if not decades. but the one thing you care about it 19 is that similar, degenerative or fax on the body seem to happen in a matter of just months or even weeks. is the correct understanding of how it works? we don't we have enough information yet on only this aspect. we do, we do not have these. there is critical organs,
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particularly ones. i've got this receptor that i mentioned earlier, wrong. it's quite common in the heart. certainly in the lungs. one of the reasons why certainly people get this pneumonia is that the virus gets in probably through this receptor into lung tissue. and i think we're really going to have to follow our coverage. been around just the last one and a half years or so now. and the way we really haven't had the opportunity we've been concentrating on the situation and the symptoms intend to k units and whatnot. and take quite a long time now, over ensuring years to work out what is the long term damage now for now, the preferred prevention strategy around the world is vaccination. do you think that's enough? and is there anything the people around the world could be doing apart from lining
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up for their shot if they decided to take it that's, that's a difficult question. and, and really we're concerned here in australia or even that the vaccination isn't going as well as we would hope to. and i think we have to rely, i'm not an expert on the, on the concept, the more people that are vaccinated, the sooner we'll get on top of this. and i can see, you know, obviously one has to be careful of getting infected all the things we've been doing for over a year now. but the vaccination is important, and that really worries me, for example, in that most even mind patients will say you should get back soon as i saw. don't worry, the vaccines got the virus is gone because you know, we've had much lower, right? but here today actually we've got cluster,
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just assembling here in victoria. was the government getting very well, even if this particular virus is gone, diabetes is here to stay and they could be maybe more viruses that bill find you know, in the future. absolutely. now, speaking about myself, i'm a big fan of information 5 thing i'll do jogging, especially during the long russian winters. and i find it 1st of all, very affordable. it doesn't actually take any money. it doesn't even take much commitment because it's very gratifying in various active experience in terms of both rate management maintenance, overall immunity. i haven't had any cold like many, many years. but i gave up on trying to convert people to house the lifestyle because everybody, they are a lot of people. they seem to our sort responsibility for that. how to somebody else. the doctor is, you know, an attrition as society at large di barons who didn't seem properly upset or i
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wonder how do you persuade people to be more 3 to that with that, how to proceed that help as you know, that treasure that they should keep onto as much as possible rather than being so wasteful with it. again, i didn't pull the point. i've been working more recently in the area of psychiatry and rhythm, the body clock and the body clock. there isn't enough information to the public or understanding of it. i've been pushing here in australia for actually public health programs about looking after your body and that best sleeping well, eating well, exercising well. avoiding stress plenty of sunlight, these a key elements. you know, it's a healthy lifestyle and not just a matter of what you want to eat or don't leave. well,
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how much drink and it's a package. and once we have a clock in, in our brian and then every cell in our body, there isn't clock linked to that. and when things like stress or poor nutrition or whatever, come along the whole body gets disturbed. there is not enough understanding of it by the population and not enough education to make children and young adults in an older adult. understand why it's important to have a healthy life. well, we have to take a very short break now, but we will touch upon this this year in a few minutes station. the me
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me me, me ah, the the me
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i welcome back to all the holes in the professor, diabetes menache university in founder and national diabetes institute professor even before covet 900. you talk about diabetes and decency being the biggest academic in human history. and what's interesting about it is that all that in pretty much one, maybe one and a half generation, i know there are many factors contributing to it. but what would you say is the most important, the most influential, why you wouldn't ask that because there are multiple factors and certainly the genetic background is very important. we should talk about it as a base of the nutrition and in course exercise. so, you know, there's a good key elements. one is important to understand though everyone thinks
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i did as one stage, that it was all genetic. and the same with the base of the but we now talk about a form called epi genetic. where because people thing you inherit the risk and through life. but even if you didn't have the genetic element, we now see this, what we call genetic phenomenon. when during the allies, the j there can be changes in your gene, not is not actually in the structure of the janes, but it's made up of little mato acids little you protein units and they link with the chains and whatnot. and it says chains rust a little bit and they can rush because people drink too much, or they, they will or in, in a famine it, since people are in,
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lays alive for diabetes. now basically and had trouble. so there is this concept now that you actually, and it's very important during pregnancy that women don't smoke or don't drink. and then careful the nutrition because they can make changes in the baby's chain. every genetic changes which an adult life leads to talk to. now are always good at many factors beyond our control that are influencing our disposition to this condition or that condition. and i over my personal experience, the people who are obese they, they tend to blame the genes or that parents or. busy having the gene being express, option degree, no pun intended, here. and he also said that at least 50 percent of all cases ultimately come down
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to your genetics. aren't you concerned that people may take it as a license of not asking more of them? because sure, you know, you may have a hopper load down to your neighbor on this particular issue, but we'll have our sample or abilities just because it's been a little bit more difficult for you personally. doesn't mean i can close that you cannot deal with it as fast as manner. i probably won't give you the answer. one been very complicated. and this whole blind game people, a blind for being a base in the gold fat and, and as a whole, it's a whole saying, and i, and i really think there is a, an element here that people may down to stand. and then, you know, the socio economic there's just so many things and in certain populations, for example, in the pacific to be big, you know,
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base is very prestigious. so there are a lot of community concept for example, which actually people stay in the white because in the community. and except i know that i want to be very contrary and here, i mean, we've been, you know, in the countries that believe you are in raleigh. i'm in russia. we can also include the united states, western europe. your conditions are pretty good for the majority of the people. sure. you know somebody for somebody is richer, but overall there's no famine. for the most part, there's no war stress. yes it is, but it's also manageable. it's not comparable to was people experience. let's say 2 centuries ago when they had to bury pretty much every child that they gave birth to have to work around the flow. so i'm not trying to downplay the influence of the
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socio economic factors, but i, my concern is that with, with all the possibilities that people, me may actually be asking a little bit less of their so they can actually produce because at the end of the day, regardless of who will blame if the person who suffering from a b, c, d, from suffering from the diabetes who is quite literally bearing the consequences. and could come back to the aiden story again here. and there are people actually putting on weight during this pandemic. and then they're under stress because they are losing their job, a lot of elements and background to a basically. and it's very hard to put it in one package to look at it. of course, you know, the strains are great in the olympic games and get plenty of metals that or other sports, etc. but i thought it all very complicated. there is a very important element of self discipline here that you have to be in the
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situation. you know, the, the economic, the social and other situations where you are able to not have to katie and system disrupted. i mean, there's a huge amount of money going into mental health. now in this country, i've seen it in the u. k. and i suspect it's happening in russia to deal with all the problems during this pandemic. and it magnifies what happens usually. so i think there's a lot more to come out in that in terms of how we behave and how the external forces and body and drive this obesity epidemic. now if i'm asking about this, what aspect of it? because a carbohydrate addiction is it is a major factor in becoming healthy and actually getting enough willpower
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to do what you want to do with your body rate with your life. a lot of countries and now considering imposing taxes on sugar, it's written beverage. and do you think that would be enough human be that are there role that carbohydrate sugars play in the industrial chain? again, i think it's a good question. i'm actually i should get tax isn't going to be the big winner. you have to have the other elements will we know that can cross the border and get things which are being held back through the government listening to industry. and i think you always have to look at the other, the social side, the psychological side, the exercise incentive. there's so many, you know, some people, we've got a good lifestyle, but there are a lot of people around the world who don't have that same lifestyle. and obesity
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tends to be much more common in those communities in dispossess communities. so i wish i had the answer and i spent a lot of time in the field and i've been concentrating more on diabetes in a base in terms of my own professional work. because it is such a hard job. now thinking about hard job, one of the things that has puzzled me for quite some time is why there are so many overweight people among doctors and nurses. and then i came across your lecture on how shift work influences a person predisposition to both ability and other conditions as well. wouldn't be fair to say that people who are committing themselves to helping others, especially in the, around the law setting, as has been the case over the last year or so. they're actually paying with how
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i this is again, is another good point. and the front line who health workers actually the ones who are getting very high right infection. thank goodness that vaccines and now coming along. but for nearly a year or over a year, they've been working at the forefront and sacrificing potentially their own lives. and i've actually experienced my family, fortunately by good care of by themselves. they haven't been infected. i suppose it's not just that for you the viruses, but also the way that work day is structure that influences that house outcome. speaking about this or change in arrest the body clock. do we understand at this point, which is the chicken, which is they act? is it the disturbance in lead that makes people on that or is it a disruption?
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in fact, metabolism does make people lose their sleep. in the main point, isn't the people who are doing shift work, for example there, yes, sleep is very important for your health and accounting to size that now and then comes back. sure to come back to katie and that's part of part of the deal. but also people in schiffwood often don't have the opportunity to get the right foods as fast food because they have a quick meal. they, unless they get the exercise they should get. so it is dangerous and there is a the women study in the united states range of nurses, very high rates of heart disease and stroke as a long term effect of having been shipped blood. that's professor we have to
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leave it there. but i'm very grateful to you for spending some time with us and sharing some of you with them. and i've learned a lot from you. thank you very much and thank you for watching hope to hear again next week on walter. pardon me. the me the in the today industry prefers and millions of euros in all of
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the regulations. i will be all about making money. i think it's among the big corporation international markets. import export. do you imagine the number of per, the diseases are in every family today? due to new viruses or new microbes, not true. so it is due to environment less not going to take either the momentum command on much time with abilene accumulate got on the come in the day. they don't allow us. the food industry is create more jobs. it will create more value added, it will create more. so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something industry that we have regulation we want the regulation of the industry. and if we don't behave then yes, penalty that's fine. ah,
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ah ah, the palate bond make sweeping gains and i've done this on joe biden admit the group that it strongest in deck in the us president is still taking american boots off the ground by the end of next month. you know, obviously the competition that we, scott us, some in was in terrorism is not canadian from that part of the disturbing scenes of self harm in belgium. as the migrants go to extreme in the fight, the poor asylum, the authorities, and they will not be black men and britain drunk, the us the right to try again to extradite julianna's. however, one of the worst of all i was oldest friends believed buffington's attendance will ultimately fail.


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