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if i do see executable, supple, what's it, what i've got, i'm gonna see the point. i can't move it up on that. i'm not gonna use me the mole down a 120 kilometers from moscow with a population of a little under 75000. it's no more than a tiny dot on the map. it's actually the very center of russian nuclear physics major international scientific facility. the joint institute for the nuclear research. ah, sure. so i just got both of those got eaten element that i'm interested in. since i was out there on the board in the middle of the over the me in they gave me several new chemical elements have been synthesized here to one of them was even named
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after the town. dominic, everyone who works here is seeking an answer to 2 of the hardest questions of the millennium. was our universe formed, and what were its building bricks? and there were more than 4 chairs in the order for delivery cooper is 113, gil. it's clear as part of this international mega science research project, neither is being built into its goal is to allow the scientists to study matter, as they believe it existed just after the big bang that formed the universe. this is a time machine that will take us back 14000000000 me as soon as payment on a couple homes. so that one was one of them was and yet you issue was it was to
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just you so much lower color. the adventure is still player who's expedient to what will you start with, which even that much is going to say at other my as deeper than you mind calling me gillian, we're not you look at it through a kaleidoscope with last night for another past. it only show you the new deal and he was so no grinding stop. would you to god, you know, deal him so was most national ah, with a topical center, right? i called a neutral tron is at the heart of this international mega science project. it was built into now back in the mid 19 ninety's and later fully upgraded. that is in fact what gave the project its name, mika. you've got to ship row, it's got mclaren based. i am collider facility, which no one at the c. c. s. no,
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it she wish to national could even do she used to me. she was also please don't. you can still interview that particular interest was provoked by the energy at which particles collided. 10 giga electronical g p. that way you have 30 minutes. that's fine. yet in the new book i didn't group roster know which was when you go national to anybody show really work these days. this is the most accepted model for describing how the universe began. literally from nothing in the beginning. what the big thing and then don't the size of 10 to the power of minus 33 centimeters started to expand very quickly. it was in the 1st 10 to the power of minus 44 seconds. but the universe came into being, taking matter apart, brick by brick,
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to understand how they were laid is an incredibly ambitious goal. and that's where the collider comes in. we all remember from our physic schoolbooks, the structure of anatomy, which consists of charged particles, protons, electrons, and ions. you only, you want that you to someone that can know is that off a, she placed it on the new system. so that isn't your planner atoms won't accelerate on their own because they're neutral particles that bump into each other. in a collider a charge and when they collide, they release so much energy they disintegrate into clark's includes the smallest particles known to us today. you get if you get what is she was a thing which is good to go to unit with you. if you don't have good news, which is good nor legal english,
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this is to it issues mission the for the could the if you went to the nobody me but that, but it could be junior resource to do that. you par, whether there was no way for me for that because we do need to stay in when we read it to keep it. you know what we think in new york, is that what they call me or not another school since the 1900. thank these more than 30 tonight as have been built around the world famously and switzerland in the us. they run the ultra high energy and apples . the one being built in russia will focus on searching for new stinks of ultra dense nuclear matter. leadership says the white collar, the must be the student, the mcs you my name below the list. yeah. and there, boy, you push them, but on the material bearings are mostly protons and neutrons that make up everything around us that the density research project here is only found in a neutron stone nucleus. me the interest which
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music the most look much shows. so the sun project in switzerland, they had to dig a circular tunnel, a 100 meters on the ground, and with a 27 kilometers a conference, the russian project. nico needs a closed circuit tunnel of just 503 meters. and it's above ground. like i just use a group, it's a which so we can look for your source. do you have to use a dock at the in particular store? what do you finish and stay and you pulling up and you move stuff. it's just kind of the montage moment, some go out and we'll just go play that new evolution. so here we go. i that i that i was the image who just could use that as well. it's just it's because up missing commute, the pollution. so she does know disabilities,
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and we're still interested. that is really interesting. well, it has no start on that old list. you saw him in the store. see him, please see with him to see what it is him, the just the living with him to get them. i do see if she was on the concept for years, but i think you live in a country, you talk to you when you got a pretty worth more than what you can, you know, i've been waiting to hear that they don't blend. yes. you will. yeah. i some $2000000000.00 charged particles, ions will fly at 300000 kilometers per 2nd. collide 7000 times a 2nd to break into clocks. and that will be tracked by special detectors. nicole, which is due to it, but we still need to agree with nor pregnant implicit school getting up with the, with the push the it was going to the bullet. this is an app where they're making
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the multi purpose detector for mpg, for short, medium, but even with a photo to get the detector. also been muted. let me and then you just use the 1st miss to pick the sick one the summer with with this up because i get feel pulled up in the upper portions to meet him. i mean, they just use a genius that they get with you at the cost and you can get the butter, lay your chest for them to torture. what will for push, give images would you for most of the course test was covered in for your family. if wish could glen in good morning, not to participate, sir. of course, i assure you the can you please give me a no more to put
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a process of putting a bullet up cuz we need to look enough in the morning just to know which is interesting to me. but when you cause for me at all, if she the 1st the only to renew that it was to mr. though my yes. to stay at the mission, use the president of b. i do not center with the new year capital budget with master the he gave us times to be fixed. on the other side. she dismissed the collective normal nikoto with a gave you the shades blue where you're at the local crock. them we would probably the vehicle is a mile away from the complex newco,
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darker consumer. to shave, break it in your car. you know, we'll deal it look like a bill to fiji. says here, like the boosters vocalize, it must just reviewed them or what's nowhere for them. but i knew that maybe you could do it to me and you will not let me you. we will go which and explain to some yes, that was not nice. you know, we should say, we know that, you know, when, when you, when you're in some way you can quit in the semester. but nope, i'm a guy in the room says i knew that he was cutting from sleep. but most of the
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postal, which is when you, when you put in the numbers to which is to nothing to do with, into the so in the we can you nation can yes, yes, particularly into this non you go out and look at which the number here on the which the movement goes to move us more than we would need to put previously. we needed that when we were this piece of hardware cause 50000000 euros. it was made in a bush much. i cannot reach enough korea which could some push that push can use it
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seemed to be show what it would be to the among the solution. then you're just doing you kind of needed. what's you at the sun? yes not so the car could not be speech it which in writing the input name of the order. yes. store the new package to the value of that with a much time with them that in the i, keith actually made me up for the water nipple and she took, i just won't get up when it when i'm last name, don't appear that the which wasn't for them to do the dispute. so mclaughlin projects and shell, but to be seen as though it's almost a political which in a little while, which is really that was that was got in your premier money. and she did say that that's not the pin guy, and it does not need immediate fuel for that will go more than losing the c neesha magnesium. please go. fuller. look at what you said. you think he was through to i got a feeling. oh it, i need 2 more stuff. this was the problem with the push to please me. did you get
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the point with us to get the keep the problem that was more than they will produce? it doesn't even deal with it with the, with them that you with a dealer to even yesterday. i me the news the people with diabetes to number raises whether it's not adequately managed or that they have some immune problem. then their risk of infections and something like the kind of the 19 pandemic was very bad news. the people diabetes. and we consider it as one of the very high risk situations in terms of
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people being in the at the about older and my phone. and i show them that, you know what, we've got a live inside of. i see that on them that you're not going. i still got not yours in there. so i do i what i would like to do what i'm not going to be able to move in there more with what was going on. and i was giving you a lot more snow up, but i do. so she asked me on the, at the new me was a the, on the financial, the was, it is another room for the mobile. my social media shaneesa come with the find me on most dillard the most just the with you to use to get on there. what is your list of let you come when she gets in for grammy or when you come when jason and i
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just done the admission of bloodshed nowhere near possession. i was at the moment. so i just didn't know if you just give him a black model for you to be what we're going to finish with going on with your closing additional mission messaging for them for the most wasn't given for the young for the contract. you know, for that shipment just in the morning you percent, when you do that, i just gotta squeeze in dollars because just with the so what i'm, what the was sparking and we're just going to muscle push one more even though
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we'll talk with the new goma boy, as you keep from us that are still pretty much the opinion, you could, you could just be just which, but this is did not state university when teachers physics and so next future specialist for the nico project. the money is an issue. the notion of issue is and go off the dish filial that we need to program on people the fish. it's against the butcher to move to get the results to not a lot of food is done. you just have to which it's what you want to push on. 33 or poach at peasy can avoid watching closely which we thought thumbs at those recording engineering support. she was on my side. i worked at the
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coordinator 3 if you to enjoy each option. you know me, comes a new potion at the origin. check what the group was anyway. sort of that would create that was a way most law control me this with another form i was looking for those over the years in for those that are those now with temporary up in unit you got to put in there getting only see the newest choose me up on this that the both of those moment because i don't why don't you push luck with other pure the doesn't with the results in the when you're doing, do you move shift and nobody's anything you must keep me up with. a little string backpack aches, you don't pick it up. this is the doing the practical music process watching that early motion george vicious for me to come in country and i was more than you could
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send it to me. it said it be in chicago. so mr. latoy will give it another done they will study if engineer is upset when the time he looked at she was a different when she launch for 3 years among younger it'll key that are supposed to do it, but we still are as which each of them and you know, the key of your po, choose jewish, your was motional issue there's the soon to get need to do. so the, what is the issue? a new one you want. if all of that it you that lived on this issue there was only 2 to do, is a new sticking with the nico project, a total investment funded estimated at $500000000.00. any delay in installing the accelerator would cause not just reputational, but also substantial financial damage. so of course, it's just
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a little bit more much covered into it's the all the the which is rules kissable for nothing. so in the city still, louis will be in your senior on the mean will and with which into room no one issue or the person was not the correct it's a severe reform group, but a lot more premier in the 2nd row, which makes fortune post a new just checking with the former, which was the birth of the moon. kirk or brook movers,
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kozora's of bully lunar bro. bought on the the quad. there's no going, you know, just the approach the money to which you pick it yet, and i'm glad that said start the published a new boy. this isn't from them into know, get a local birds are not in this, you know, are serious to use is just stored me friday, 7 to 750000000. which kind of give me a much more shim delegates because she's paying annually. and the billing scab here, and she wasn't the most. come cost me see you on this issue with your companions. corona's history, right. so maybe you could teach scaly. i clicked on the scab yet
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it says yes. the numbers julia. yes, the, the, the shifted. so when you, when you, when you click it with it, it's on the property and like you go by like a gift or a reunion. they were doing this, mr. william the question on was on the street, me, you'd seen have ship to trust me which should give you nothing more. strange. don't have to use the kettle when you, when you said you almost upset. mentioned the missed with the last assume percent we did show it's all just we want to point you can use that in the get with you know most. 2 0, the greeting, analyzing and storing such a huge quantity of data,
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all based on complex physics experiments. goals with am serious processing. ah, push does not show you the lives they be taken by latch dishes that are but this is that are by just the boss because it really should tell us the ships. let me then use up all the way to shut possible that emotional for me in millions that are by not look as she done the was it done the end of what is it? what we've done is it is again, somehow stung off some color that to remember that with him it's not like it was a start with the nation was incomplete much through the petition who when but the young know that we seem this is them not all? yes. the color that what they can just use him in the either with him just what additional napoleon. it's just you thought that be closer to point us in the dishes
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on 2nd that you, i'm not sure. what's the pewter we did when was know, which is that used to go to the same vicious things you that's why the number of events or collisions could be anonymous all for the sake of studying the structure of the matter that made and makes up our universe scheduled political ridiculous when we were there what it was only that was kind of a bush not wishing when you commissioned me with this it was you use the more than which should up a post the most or not which and from what when but he's going to and you, if you would just please get the engine i suppose, to meet that deductible placement. there's no money missing. i mean, you guys know what i'm saying. you like up even statistical meely. wanna say that those are still to read the shows, i just told me that you were going to put you where you're going. yes. and you
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should do the slow where the switch and this bureau, what other people buy. so mostly scheduled pickup, which they do deal with a new problem can typically go down. it's like searching for a needle in a haystack. you can search for a year or 2, or even considerably more. and even then there's no guarantee you'll find it. but i will, and those the british woods, and that's the core of newton new. so that's in bush. there's no statistical nor did i go the another the yet another i used to do the famous higgs on with discovery switzerland in 2012. 2 its existence was 1st predicted as early as 964 and the deluxe is lit up, share with the but i was just though i still want to get into some medium, but the ones that are moving that into your function, wish them so not stronger than those and it was a pursuit when us ship lung double game. so when you go to the board,
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which only live at that level delinquent has a forklift. i was ok to share. but this thought only discrimination, not thought or is i do yes. lead to some crazy school for a video who is more for me, my theory of little girl stuck in i do to those mean tedious news, alicia, do you need me to ensure that you're playing with the yes the next one you probably would use this new move the only load real slow, which portion told there was a room for it to go, which is just as easy as the nutrition says. michelle cruz
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the ah, to don't to leave. you will move a toy, knew he will tell when she will be ready to love me. as soon as she too will grant groper. i was startled me to teach julia totally traditionally, but she's a tradition, etc. if you see the one you need from me was over. she
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said for me and lasted with the metro. okay. she yeah she sure. so i've always been in business for dealing and if that is a for the new new new which is what i do see executable football once he put up on the seat up when i got it up on that got moved up on me. so rather driven by shaped by those in
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me dares thing. we dare to ask me. oh the ah
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ah no, you don't do it. you know, it was nice to number didn't pull the one where you know, you didn't, you don't, i don't, i don't go down the phone that i've all use in the body, only it up on there. i get the like, are you? i mean that i think we're pretty on the find me to the most of it from of it to get back to your call. so we can just talk to the, went through the middle, who was nice with those who knew belong plenty person initials going to separate your
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the as a tell about make sweeping gains in canister. joe biden admit that the group is the strongest for decades to the us president is still taking american boots off the country by the end of next mission to the companies that we get to scott us. some in log in terrorism is not emanating from that part of the disturbing scenes of sell hall in belgium. as my grants go to extremes in the fight for asylum, although authorities and says that they won't be blackmail. and the u. s. is granted the right to appeal against britain's refusal to extra julian songs. however, one of the whistle blows, oldest friends, police at washington's attends, will open up this appeal isn't this.


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