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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, a very critical time. time to sit down and talk me the me
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to john to even keep will have access over 20 new. she will try to talk. she gets home later. love me. she to, she knew she wouldn't be able to credit for us in a nice total, but i push me to teach sure we should huddle move machines and for our new shoes, if you guess it was you knew best for me was i'll secret outfit for me. to wash it with my food, i would, she should have all this deal and i knew the new new which is what the if the
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executable supple once they put up on that got more seat up for me. i got more for me. i got more sampling, i got most of the by the mid 19th century, the russian bear had grown into a powerful empire. and pro nikolai, the 1st metal in the offense of european states. russia antagonized many and by the mid 19th century underlines headed, britain and france had been forged against russia. all that remained was to bring a match to the powder gunners, transcript. but you know, it's probably not that much out of it. she's even seeing the same thing with the seller, much key so that, that the grooms go away when you go for the police are not there with most of them
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. they have gestures, some sort of would ship it on this guy that are on go for after school for the last short order will be reading and writing here because i was, i didn't i do. what is the lender? she bought us see, let me just keep and she just came up with naval privilege. in september, 1854. the joint anglo french squadron closed on sylvester ball with the upper hand . more advanced than better equip ships. the russian navy didn't stand a chance and took the difficult decision of scuttling their ships at the base entrance to block the watch away. 7 ships who sacrificed creating an underwater barricade and the goal was achieved. the allies fleet failed to reach the city shore line. mr. need again to commit, so by far body suppression, what about the semester?
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but mr. sebastopol, which they don't all just ignore on the memo to gather committed. mr. d. c nichol miguel from le illness because you have to go to some families on they do all my justice. come on so many meal expensive meal study to be all the all of the 3. not the in the old story to suit me. so can you me, this shows the morning. it's about a document i'd exhausted upon you expelled that, i couldn't compare with your homes on which you know, the streets and it was also done that can you keep me keep schepers good about also good, nice stuff. come on, it already came to that song that you're not going to be pushing
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on. i wish you can sort of disciplinary, keep the just on tuesday is what i want to put up with this target. probably going to be the jewish desert, but it's just giving me me
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develop basically don't trust me. don't trisha who are you just repeated back to you. do you really like to show you did you come. ringback ringback if you read the allies succeeded in landing the russians, stay in the anglo friendship von and put up a flight near the elma river. an intense battle. what in the end, the russians had to retreat. ringback when you chance to get to the go to the she wants to know, did you get to control the commission and just have a special mission just potentially me lucia foundation show you this is lorna
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fishing and you really mean you go to presidential to number just threw in from the, the politically that's really good to me that all women interested to me of you to me know which s q knows me pretty record. can lester come from in tears can with the sure you with the school which of the season through easy for the sort of get to need to teach, which would be sure to put additional eas could probably be sort of any period above me. she was i said that she could do to move us in the little screen. we're going to show them what the code compared to so usually when do we just use the unit, but it doesn't give us a call as most needs to be for teach in said, you know, because you knew
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a clear sojourn you shouldn't be as clear and you look like it was an issue, excuse me, but the student nikolai left goes famous child with di lefty him for it to be told the english didn't mean that guns baked us. russian cross will have been to london and seen how much more advanced the english english soldiers in crimea had rifled guns of higher range and accuracy. while the russians may do with sleazeball musket were actually clean with brick dust. the technology gap was considered the major reason for russia's defeat in the crime in war. but the allies also suffered heavy to beat this story and the songs about the atlantic of the british light cavalry on fortified russian positions. british aristocracy. mon down by sorry,
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tra ah, not done them with god. i woke up with email, clark way, but she's to me, when i, when you put in princeton was doing was shima both the the me, mike, you're going to college from from me. the such was for the 1st year by a young was for a blue bus and was in the wake up with my feel
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a little bit. but fortunately the college jake i thought was number was that i need to show it, but that's such a blessing. you might deal this some new ways to lose a barcroft function so that the e, what was kelly over at the region for good enough for me. this is the union. we mean the federal again, i bought a gun. can't i thought a 1000000000 i did this enough? i'm god was right. and i stop, you know, it's that it's pretty complex. next period says such as
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a lot on the open as well. they are nice in and i'm glad to show that in your school, our commercial machine shop that i don't listen ice cream machine. she'll be a full will cut out of the list and i be the will you love the machine? the g p t live this, you can change them then what is the me a moment for them when you get i from the the, in the, with the doc. see chess naturally. much the logging was
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this possibly when you is my child with dealing with me or what they cheated. pre wish for the people machine me at the for the last than the deal and the syria for that. i think i thought i love that i knew so, but on the diet which i knew the post was a chest beloved papers with officially new muscular muslin maturing out by the chest. if indeed
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ah. 6 7 7 i. 2 2 6 imagine, look, good, been over the long bear with me for more i guess i the 1000000 met, you know was it was, i mean you still talk. did you see on cement me exactly. do need if she did, i do me on his be we took off the money that was one of the lee 3 years,
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so we'll be able to make sure it's from the, the san jose. i think i think it would allow laska, was it just that it was at today? i will not. she was ready, but we look it up too much avila told me to call off at all or do in our program, or if it, if i could, if i can, pretty much know could you put on it i, i
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people with the number raises, whether it's not adequately managed or that they have some immune problem. then their risk of infections and something like the coven 19 pandemic, was very bad news. the people diabetes. and we consider it as one of the very high risk situations in terms of people being infected. the the the, the, the
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oh, the in to keep them all set and the minutes i'll talk with any mobile the end of this or says the service does ask me to call and to do the work of your portable don't just assume to people, you know, they will if you have, you don't, don't get kevin, you know, the book, the clue didn't even get here yet. it's one of the dogs that tells you stuff like go us to put it on plus 3 get the semester bowl was awful lid when ah ah
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ah, ah, ah, false perceived motor from the chief, michael, which seems to are certainly stephanie. she needs to walk us on the last cruise or not, what's present. we can credit some, you can put it on your passcode. what i said, we got that as you could she purchases? isn't it, you know, kitty, i see but i didn't publish a pop also called a bill. it also sean tell also does mr. g. missy back to party. it was a chef. l. a. but it is mr. g from so cranky. com that's difficult says ellers a left, i mean usually you don't have to be so we won't pay on it when i go back to see but still point bit of last year. but the
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guy was saying, well, not a lawyer. i'm just having to guess while i go there about keeping gather to me to, to say, can you please me see the various says i was was up with the us. no good of you came in. she left me 7 foot all off the phone with a new book, just us sales. i need a book, i guess. why are you still getting the confusion of the cruise
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was last june. the moon i as well that i get it made it was a for a dollar he started messing the semester, defend as well. he really can defend the city for a whole year before having to abandon the war was nearly over. among those who defended the city was a young officer in the towns, delay festival sketches became a literary, monumental event free 1st world war play where you can move, you see that was in. yeah, it was sort of a inexpensive as i get a new promotion. she was young to the self, shall i turned on she as soon as you did was already
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a dizzy eric. i wonder if you don't know who who was nash with a phone call. i actually remember, remember, short elementary elementary exposure support visit for jamie smith told me that she had your blue stakes today. there is a note on it. don't get county long. 14 already for research to take a look was she said she was out there and see what you want. like for me call you use it for your song. for us. i don't to, to book is up like, you know,
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the mid of the submittal video long was last fall smith, and i know i feel, you know, i mean i saw the screen. i don't know the, this is just curious, but sure. giving a nice, a soon as i was going to be, you know, just as much kind of push to see what i need to know what the chest i showed the concise sheesh and i knew that she she and then we need them the concept. so i'm up on your skin the gym was because those were some chill, a the q. so that's
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a lame was them? put it on the middle name, the 3 such purely poor this movie, jim. you told me on the when you for them went over, you know, showing what's in the car, gliding motions because i pleasure to hear, well, i will bless someone i see him just to let you know we will, but i seem to be by the ship again but just so do you fish for be sure you will in the blue pencil star. now we just had the potato local had given us and the chinese that was keep the doctor in for choosing the producer of the split. i'm a new yes,
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i'm a permit. and anyway, just to give you the set up at the to be should be, should you give us a quick call, mrs. east, this is for keep in mind we just use to keep the boots, if you will, for new of inform us. i know with the municipality, what is she with a proposal for him to rebel for sure and you know which page you mean the thing for me mr. chelsea? me, me to the police don't in your in your seals and his friends with me not to renew renew in boca australia, nation for nation. wish for closely.
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goodness. no trying thing. it throws me sick too, from the burning conviction of its not completing your own fullness or support for some new to no problem. in susan, the nation, pretty faithfully attorney to huddle. you know, school when i started to use a very would you go to the media to do before the little thing which i'm learning risky. and then when you go to france, across the board meeting with tonight, or are you going to let me just let me know, francisco chechen should come on the new system, but we're used to be a little so let
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me, i don't what i'm is, but the result, no girlfriend just renewed all that. i may just go to school tomorrow. i just thought you don't let me pull my best on that. people looking toward me. it was a victory for pleasure. national sun, lamb in all is all live. don't miss shawnee told them same vehicle for more detail on the classic this is christine west garcia hosted up to me offset unit 12 to follow up with you on any cooper. only on i didn't know. oscar said i get that group. come on. i keep any more,
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no more p pool. surely don't allude on a move out up. i've got to make the appointment with him at no cost to support a new veil. it also said yeah, committed that going to be good to face and like the philosophy they don't move more on and they don't match it. i this shortage from the early 20th century shows the grey head veterans event for the just a decision. i don't want to visit any 2 minutes. i don't know. shaken to see music loud as it is. usual. see no, no no. see, move can truly wanted visit policy book you for, for the jewish she did it. i'm not sure. so to see 1st movie on look ludowici local there with michelle, did i give you the senior question is to answer it. are you
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going to see if i can show you this to you? and then the 1st is news on the, to the soldiers only for sure. it will question to largest city or just i oh,
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the in the today industry 1st meeting of euros in the today, regulations will be all about making money. is a big corporation. international markets import export. do you imagine the number of per the diseases that are in every family today? it's not due to new viruses or new microbes. that's not true. so it is due to environment. they're not going to say either the momentum much accumulate gonna come in today. mostly they don't allow us. the
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food industry is that it will create more jobs, it will create more value added. it will create more. so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest of the industry. we have regulation, we want the regulation of industry and if we don't behave, yes, that's fine. ah ah, the ah .
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the soon as the tele make sweeping gains in galveston, joe biden admits the group is the strongest in decades. but the us president is still pulling most american boots side of the country by the end of next month. you know, michigan, the competition that we get a scholar, some in log in terrorism is not emanating from that. and also in this story shape the week from refuses to reveal the locations of radioactive waste dumps in our area 6 decades after conducting nuclear tests. there when it was one of it's called names in the u. s. has granted the right to appeal against britain's refusal to
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extra julian sons. however, one of the with the blowers.


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