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the ah, the taliban make sweeping gains in afghanistan? joe biden admits the group is up its strongest in decades. but the u. s. president is still pulling all american boots either of the country by the end of next month . really no mission of the companies that we get to scott, some in log in terrorism is not emanating from that for france refuses to reveal the locations of radioactive waste dumps in algeria 6 decades after conducting nuclear tests. there are when it was one of its colonies also in the stories that shaped the week, the us is granted the right to appeal against britons, refusal to extra di julian. however, one of the whistleblowers oldest friends,
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believed washington's attempts will. ultimately, this appeal is an attempt to pro long inevitable. inevitable is the freedom of julia ah, where they tell stories from the past 7 days and right up to the moment developments as well. this is the weekly an rti hello and welcome. the telephone has been making further territorial gains in afghanistan with the u. s. president joe biden conceding the group is now it's strongest in 20 years, and it comes as the u. s. is rapidly pulling all its troops from the country. your view with making this decision for the last 20 years worth that we win
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for 2 reasons. one, to can you blame him off to 20 long years and no victory? anyone would struggle to answer why? so the 47000 civilians could be killed, so that only half the population could live in poverty. so the country could lie and ruins faced with its ugly reality. is it any wonder the bite and decided it was fine the time to come home? i will much send another generation america to war and i can stand with no reasonable expectation of achieving the different outcome. oh, there was no missing, accomplish permission was accomplished in that we get to scott some and widen, and terrorism is not emanating from that part of the we achieved those objectives. well, not quite. all carnita might be gone,
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but the tunnel bon is ascendant. advancing so quickly that a now claims to control 85 percent of afghanistan and the country view as nato allies having jumped ship. it's people have been left to fend for themselves, calling them they go. every one is worried about how long the uncertainty will continue to the market to the people that the business is because there is no stability before when the us didn't trans withdraw, things were stable, but instability is increased in the last collision. i mean, i'm very clear, yes, contract with markets owners here and we used to purchase from them that we drove up business or we can buy any goods because there are transportation provo. i know some have already fled to neighboring pudgy cust on and iran, but that might not be an option for long. the ton upon controls 2 thirds of the border with tajikistan and recently captured the crossing to iran,
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meaning of the on many escape routes left. an especially dangerous prospect for those who worked with foreign armies, fearing for their lives there, now cooling on washington to get them out. the monday gave us a recommendation. they've not only my life, my family and i did also done a lot of jobs with really when we don't have an issue we have now we want to take, i need to sit on the what you call yourself humanitarian. but what kind of humanitarian saw you left me here after i was 10 years for you? russia is also worried that the fighting will spill over into its territory. so it's arched restraint promised to g, cuz tom back up on the board and maintains dialogue with the taliban and the
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country that created this whole mess just up and left. oh, i the i up to left in the dead of night without what apparently the washington claims that local officials knew that withdrawal was imminent. the very next day newton was seen plundering a background base, funny american souvenirs left behind. with this hasty exit parallel to being drawn with another open us, as for, for was vietnam wage
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a war on terror realize that the tree is impossible in could deal with your enemy found in your allies and get the hell out of that. well, let's just hope the carpool doesn't fall as quickly as south vietnam did. to buy didn't at least has faith. is a tale bond take over that gas? there now, inevitable? no, it is none. is that what the goal was 20 years ago? that the devastation, no plan for long lasting peace. i hope that the government wouldn't crumble as soon as the u. s. left. how many more countries will be put through this vicious cycle before the us finally lands its lesson? united states is a far very global empire. we are absolutely totally addicted to war. our economy cannot survive unless we are either actively engaged in war or
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harry more. and so there's obvious parallels between afghanistan and vietnam when i was in vietnam, i was, i met in vietnam. so i was seeing the rapid disintegration of american involvement in vietnam. so i was seeing the homicides the suicides, the rant and heroin addiction shit out among the american soldiers within our own unit. obviously, at that point in 197071, we were questioning, why were we ever in vietnam? you know, because a lot it was thought that we were there to preserve peace and democracy and the united states government. but that was all a lie. everything was a lie. and the same thing is true for the war and the dentist. and you're going to see a lot of rack and dentist and veterans probably committing suicide. a lot of that, we're going to drink and drugs themselves and death because they're going to ask themselves, what's the point of me ever being in iraq or afghanistan?
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so in less than 8 weeks, the u. s. military operation comes to an end enough gamma done. whichever way the future plays out, it will affect lives both inside and outside the country. according to recent estimates, the exodus of african refugees is rising rapidly. the number is closing in on 3000000, putting an immense strain on countries forced to cope with the new comers, germany from sun romania top the list of you countries taking in the most f can migrants in austria, a 5th of all refugees are now from afghanistan, and the large numbers are also bringing a host of problems. some horrifying, earlier, the tranquil reports. imagine you're in charge of a country shocked by a creepy rave skin. the victim who died had just become a teenager. the suspected rapists are young and again, refugees. you've got no choice but to take action. if you don't,
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the public won't get it. and that's if you're lucky. if you get too tough on those who escape misery and war back home in their home countries, political opponents will give you a p r b t plus that will raise some liberal u eyebrows. let's hear from the man who's lately been facing this precise challenge . sebastian kurtz, the chancellor of austria, often i find it intolerable for people to come here thing protection and then commit, cruel, and barbaric crimes in australia. and politically. this means for me that we will stick to our line. there will definitely never be deportation. coming down or a watering down of asylum also in the midst crime ticket. i think for me, what exactly did he mean by barberick? who's
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in austria, more than 4 percent of all rapes, an 8 and a half percent of all murders are committed by afghans. of course, not all refugees are thugs, but e statistics in 2020 show that afghanistan citizens have the highest number of asylum applications in austria. and for 3 years in a row, they also are the 2nd largest group of asylum seekers arriving in europe as a whole, right after serious, some are worried that higher numbers of refugees could mean more potential trouble . i want to be clear, the u. s. military mission of can stand continues to the end of august, where the future of ghana stan, looking murky beyond the withdrawal of us troops and the taliban, making large territorial gains. it's only natural that a new wave of refugees from there is expected in europe. it's obvious that austria can close its borders. it has already regularly tightened it's asylum policies
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recently. the justice minister for the green party says more such steps wouldn't be right for the country. the asylum law has already been tightened in recent years. our laws offer enough options, but we just had to apply them in a consistent manner. moreover, in 2019, the european court of justice ruled that you members have no ride to the port a refugee even for committing a serious crime. if he or she prove that live back home would be in danger. all of this does seem to tie the hands of cancel or curts, who like you've heard, is in favor of different patients for criminals. the minister of interior from mr. kurtz is party has locked horns with the greens justice minister saying he will push for more rigid migration and repatriation rules. at the level. the e u. asylum system is not working, migrants who committed criminal offenses have to be reported immediately. while the
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advocates of the harsh approach towards refugees in the austrian government are teaming up with colleagues from hungary and the czech republic, the iraq recei doesn't exactly pay the way for quick changes in a solemn rules. certainly, they won't be as quick as joe biden's, keen of dana stand, pull up the silent system as we have it in europe is just a way to turn illegal immigration into illegal immigration when the illegal immigrant arrives in any country of europe. and he, he says asylum, asylum immediately becomes illegal immigrant in the european asylum procedure, which usually takes place. is it a general problem that which your console was want to measure? so at least the ministry minister of interior miss denise has now admitted that the asylum system up to europe in union is a disaster. that austria and the government has done nothing to change that or to
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avoid it. because austria, through the agreement of the european union, has collaborated in creating the system. we didn't send $11.00 single africans, african home for years in austria, not one and hundreds we know austria, for example, have a quote of about 50 percent, the austrian citizen in the long run. this is a huge problem because it tracks and facts my guns from all the 3rd world. years of french nuclear testing in algeria is section of the sahara desert of left a lasting impact on locals and the environment. 6 decades on, on the radioactive aftermath still remains with algeria denouncing paris over its refusal to share where nuclear waste is buried. i
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hurry for france since this morning. it's stronger and proud. ah. back in the 60s, france carried out more than a dozen nuclear tests in the sahara. but according to algeria, it made no effort to clean up the sites or pay compensation to the victims who suffered from radiation ortiz, charlotte dubin ski reports from paris. your theory and government is stepping up the fight. it has acute france of refusing to handle important information regarding the sites from refuses to hand over top, a graphical maps to determine the burial sites of the polluting, a radioactive or chemical waste which have still not been discovered. the radiation
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victims have already died due to unknown medical conditions and causes, but of those to still survive just a single algerian has been compensated differential thought it should at least recognize these crimes then move on to compensation. jerry, people are still counting the victims of radiation and then you create tests of many children, still born with congenital deformity due to the variation. so it makes sense, all these, the compensation hospitals to treat the countess caused by radiation to be built at the very least women know in other crimes, protecting these people. the denial of these, i don't think the suppression of them that time from committed a false report. the un said that the area where the test would be carried out on the inhabited, deserted, and isolated in reality. it was an area inhabited by people, there were coastal areas with a waste, these palm trees and the various animals. this is the 1st lie. and they also said
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that these with another french themselves, amid these, when you click solution that's now and from these explosion, the radiation are not limited to the l g b. and does it spread to the african jungle and even europe? the current french president has aust for a commission of memories and of truth to be established to address the countries colonial passed in algeria. but it's really, it will focus on the torture, the disappearance. hundreds of thousands of deaths that occurred during the war for independence. not on those nuclear test, algeria was the only place that france carried out such deadly testing. an independent investigation recently criticized fall and damage in hiding the devastating impacts of the nuclear explosions that it carried out. the majority of which were in french hall anesha. it said in that report,
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the radiation levels were up to 10 times higher than those that had been estimated by the countries own atomic energy commission. back in 2016. you can't erase 60 years of state propaganda, denial, intimidation, contempt, an arrogance with a wave of the hand. that pressure led to talk at the start of july to assess the impact that those detonations had. the strong remains completely firm that there was no cover up some fall that's only branch has been extended to algeria. that is likely to great with the fall out of those nuclear tests still polluting relations between l. g s and paris. charlotte ski ot see in paris a nother big story of the week 6 months after the u. s. law. busy states
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bid to have whistleblower julian assange extra talented, a u. k. the court has granted washington the right to appeal that judge is reported to have agreed with 3 of the 5 justifications. the u. s. submitted on the biden administration is apparently now prepared to let a son serve any prison sentence in his history in homeland. however, reacting outside the court to son just partner stella morris said he already has right done. i was able to speak to julian now about the decision and you know, its mixed. on the one hand, it's been 6 months and we haven't had any news. so it's like an endless purgatory. but at the same time it doesn't here. and julian's very unwell. 7 he's happy when, when he i went with our eldest this morning and so it's not representative when i see him because obviously it's a, it's
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a one rest fight. he get off, but even bellmarks prison is a horrible place. he won his case in january. why is he even in prison? why is he even being prosecuted? there is no legal case against him. all. there is an indictment based on life. washington one says, sounds to face charges a fucking under espionage would, could land him a sentence of 175 years. if convicted in january, a british judge ruled against his extradition over a fears about his mental health. in 2019, he was forcibly removed by police from the ecuadorian embassy in london. after quito terminated his 7 year asylum there. wiki leaks editor in chief, a long time friend, all the sons christian, her reference in the sheer length of the entire process. she thinks it's a great disappointment for julian sounds,
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and for all of those that this is continuing, one would hope that the united kingdom courts would to recognize how ridiculous this case is and not to grant the appeal. this means that this will drag on for some time for a prisoner to have to wait in a prison cell for 6 months for half a year, just to get a decision of whether the appeal is allowed to to his opponents or not is rages. this decision comes only a week after it is revealed, that the indictment has to be an does not have a leg to stand on. the key which says retracted to testimony and says basically the testament which was cited by the business judge numerous times as truthful allegation doesn't hold true. it is
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a fabrication and the americans now know if they're still continuing on this track . this appeal is an attempt to pro long the inevitable. inevitable is the freedom of julian. if he does not get his freedom, it is such a load to our society and what we believe in that it is almost amount to turning off the light. so this must come to an end, and i can fence in my bones that it will be coming soon. meanwhile, was trillion m p 's are urging president biden to drop the u. s. government extradition appeal. the strategy and citizens want juliet assigned to be free is treatment violates for convention against torture and it's persecution treatment journalists worldwide. we dropped the
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julian sounds recently, celebrated his 50th inside a maximum security prison in the u. k. it's the 3rd straight year. he's marked his birthday in june, his supporters helping shaking to the streets of new york and london to demand his reign. george christine since was among the australian m. p. 's, who filmed the video in support of their fellow countrymen. not a lot of paperwork viewing. behind the assange campaign, feeling this is just something that the trump administration was, was doing well. it actually wasn't the trump administration that was doing it. of course, we know now that don't trump considered issuing a pardon to join assigns for someone that wouldn't. that was going after him, you wouldn't be thinking about issuing a pod inside. this is something that the u. s. department of justice is showing and there. that's why nothing is simple as simply dropped with the change of regimes in
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the us or administrations in the us. you know, it's almost pain swept to the side by a lot of the mainstream media. and you even have some journalists to die that still protest at calling him a journalist will are going to say that julian assigns is form of journalism. is probably the most pure it comes with that any spin with that, any sort of opinion that's added to it. he's just giving the raw data to the people and i think he should be applauded for that. a former police officer may be new york's next mirror, after winning the democratic nomination. he was picked despite a year of black lives matter protests which included a key demand to the fund. the police in this city crime is soaring with a new york state governor, andrew cuomo de carrying a gun violence disaster emergency. the new may oral calories. it is eric evans. he served in the police for 22 years and is currently the brooklyn barra president of
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the for france of his platform is a commitment to combat gun crime. he supports police reform, but is against the funding, the force if black lives really matter, it can only be against police abuse and has to be against the violence that's sitting apart our communities. people want to feel safe. right now they don't feel safe. crime is happening all around them. shootings are up, robberies are up, homelessness is up. they see in the subway. they don't feel safe in some ways. they see it out in the streets, in their homes, in the neighborhoods, and they want to feel safe. so this gentleman ran on a platform of public safety and making people feel safe in their resume with them. and that's it. you know, the, to find the police movement has been a large failure. demonizing and attacking cops has been a failure and people are ready for change and hopefully this is the catalyst of
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some sort of change. it's not just new york polling shows concerns about violent crime or at a 4 year high nationwide with homicide rates. climbing across the u. s. chicago's mirrors asked the president for help after the city, so it's bloodiest weekend on july. 4th, when more than a 100 people were shot, policemen z arkham again say the public or demanding action, but he isn't sure. leaders are listening. the violence is right in people's faces. you can put all the crime statistics out there. say your crime is going down. you can have all the feel good moments, but people know what they see. they know the here. and you can't deny that. so people definitely want to change. they want some sort of action to be taken. they want to feel safe. that's what's all about public safety. now you're not going to convince someone that just finished watching someone get rob's or know about shooting is going on in the neighborhood that they're safe. they want something done. now the haitian government has asked the united nations and the
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us to send around 500 troops to help protect some of the countries key infrastructure. it follows wedding stays assassination of president job and l movie by a $28.00 man hits squad, killing banners left the country in the state of political turmoil that we had to do, right? you would come in and head so we're asking for the condition of the question. we're asking for more tools to proceed and head us and response to the haitian governments request for security and investigative assistance. we will be sending senior s t i n t h s. officials to port a prince. as soon as possible to assess the situation. well, hundreds of haitians this week have gathered outside the american embassy in puerto prompts and a bid to leave their country and fears of further and rest. it comes after rumors
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circulated on radio and social media saying that washington would be issuing humanitarian. visa was haiti's police have so far detained. 17 people are looking for 8 more involved in the assassination. 3 others were killed in a shoot out the country's envoy to the u. s. so the attack had been well orchestrated and curry, dogged by heavily armed foreign commandos, the military house, the 3rd nationwide marshal law for 15 days on close the countries borders of brooklyn, bass, the editor t. liberty magazine, kim ives, believe the u. s. may use the crisis in the region to further it's lighter goals. so we're likely to see an upsurge and uptick of haitian refugees leaving the country. and the u. s. is going to say that this is a threat to international stability, etc, etc. and they may, they may try yet another military or military occupation of haiti,
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which will be the 4th. this would be something that i think would be poor and gasoline on the fire. patients are very proud would be very upset to have their sovereignty trampled once again. washington has been the king maker if you will, in haiti, and in the case of a job now my weeds and his predecessor michelle marcelli, they had a big hand in having them elected into office. many haitians call that an electoral kuda. tar. so washington is very interested in haiti, of chairs the island with the dominican republic. it is a neighbor of cuba right across the windward passage. so geo, strategically, it's very important. lot is a snapshot of the we can use, i'll be back in just over 30 with more stories on the latest updates this sunday as
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well bye for ah ah ah ah, people with diabetes to number raises whether it's not adequately managed or that they have some immune problem, then their risk of infections and something like the kind of 19 pandemic was very bad news. the people diabetes. and we consider it as one of the very high risk situations in terms of people being in the
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join me every 1st bit on the alex, silent show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the me. so if someone wants to authorize a broad market in europe, let's say a plan protection product. this person, the, we call this person or this company, the applicant has to provide data that allows us, as the risk assessors to judge whether these products disable or not. and this information comes from the applicant and the studies that are commissioned by the applicant to allow us to assess the safety are paid by the applicant, obviously. so it's the intellectual property of the applicant.


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