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[000:00:00;00] the putting a country when your opponent to that is the strongest tower, all the rule and between the us. well, i'm going to start getting all war reports recapture territories of the about. it is once again, imposing severe restrictions on sharia law. russia and anyway, so germany, how to devote knowledge of what would happen to will explain evolving, reveal that but in the double even send a team of experts on the very day, the covenant critic fell ill on board a plane inside russia. a hot topic in the u. k. as a new animal welfare bill could make it illegal for chef can boil lobsters alive,
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but the issue up with the bag would you go on what this tells us? and right now it tells us that automated system and config pain and stuff that i actually want to be honest about, i'm sorry about finding the siding station starting paul ford so small to us for the purchase. ah, like from oscar, thanks for joining us in the nation tonight on daniel hawkins river. you are welcome through the program. and that's one of our has been making further social gains and i've got to start including it major border crossing points with the ron and took many stun reports that suggest the groups imposing strict sherry a lot similar to those deployed when they were lost in power 20 years ago, including forbidding women from leaving home without a male companion, has come to america, pulls all its troops out of the country,
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prompting echoes of an earlier conflict. assess gear taylor reports. it only took 20 years, 47000 civilian deaths and 2 trillion dollars for the u. s. to finally realize that i've got to stop has the right to determine its own fate. i will much send another generation america's toward. i can stand with no reasonable expectation of achieving the different outcome. we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill. it is the right and the responsibility of the afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. a think saving way of saying, but nothing has been achieved into decades. i'm backing out of the yes nation building promises made all those years ago. piece will be achieved by helping i've got to on train and develop its own national army and peace will be achieved
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through an education system for boys and girls which works to one of the many pledges that never came through. forgotten about as the u. s. army hastily packed up and flew out, having struck a deal with the very enemy, it invaded to annihilate, leaving no long last in peace plan. but hey, as a ton of bond recap to swathes of territory, at least washington sending its best wishes towards a band and allies in kabul. we're going to stick with you, do our best to see to and you have to. and so america, for as a war rap stop with its enemies, surging back to ascendancy its allies vulnerable and 1000000 still desperate for that piece. they were promised all those years ago, travel 4 and a half 1000 kilometer east. and you'll find the cause of another of america's so as a was vietnam. yes, the us was then saving the people from the red, tara,
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not the taliban, tara, but really the parallels a striking, starting with time old promise of freedom, stability and democracy. first, the vietnamese with our help, and that's about all the allies really making any progress. is there a ford movement? the reports, i see, make it clear that there is certainly there is a positive movement towards constitutional government. the people wanted elected responsive governments pretty quickly that positive energy fell apart. and washington realized that the victory was impossible ring about. and so just as an afghan asked on ink to deal with the enemy, and that's how to get rid of in the 1st place. the communists in north vietnam, and after years of efforts we negotiated settlement, which made it possible for us to remove our forces with honor and bring home our prisoners. though, at least unlike president biden, today, who dodges questions about to guilty conscience?
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president ford had the decency to just cross out the words with honor in his final speech and de sharp, who are canister on the u. s. pulled out soon after that speech, leaving the allies with you guessed it, promises would never come true. so pledges were given to us that the united states will retaliate swiftly and vigorously to any violation of the agreement. we consider those pledges the most important guarantees of the paris agreement. those pledges have now become the most crucial ones, twice, survival. 2 years later, south vietnam abandoned of the 2 decades of american presents was con, could by its northern neighbour with the taliban, claiming to control 80 percent of africa lands about 25 percent less than when the us invaded fence growing. but cobble won't even last 2 years. they say history is the greatest teacher. but if that's the case,
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why has the us lot nothing. and how many of the countries will have to lie in ruins before it finally does. when asked by a journalist strobe bought insisted biz no similarity between the us withdrawals from vietnam and i've got to start the president said he believed taliban is not as strong as reports suggest. takeover of the nation is not inevitable in water. former, i've got interpreter who asked, going to fight as rafi for security reasons. told us about the prosecution. people like came face from the tell about since 2001. the narrative was the taliban or terrorist for against dollar bond. whatever was from day one. today, murder, the americans before running away released some 6000 of these terrorists. they have already struck deal that another $7000.00 of these terrorists will be released now who will be left behind to pay for the declines. the americans off committed
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the americans being enough to understand war wasn't a crime. then why would you run away like that and leave interpreters and those will worked alongside you interest? russia has raised concerns about germany's power and playboy. and so what happened to criminal critic collection of only last year notes that brought in asked the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to send them a team of poison x, but writes on the day, the opposition figure fell ill on an internal russian flight. before it was clear, he'd go to germany for treatment, it goes done off reports. so the russian foreign ministries trying to make sense of some new information that came to life in a fresh o p c. w report in the document, the agency is detailing and so creations last year. in one of the paragraphs, it lays out the timeline of its involvement in handling the suspected poisoning of election a volley is this bit. at the request of germany,
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on the 20th of august 2020, the secretariat deployed a team to perform a technical assistance visit. in relation to the suspected poisoning of a russian citizen. so according to this report, the o. p. c. w. having received a pound the all ready, the official request from germany. on the 20th of august, it had already assembled and even deployed a team of poison experts to germany on the 20th of august. the thing is that was the very same day when the whole world had learned about the situation with the russian opposition figure. he felt sick on board of a plane. early in the morning, the plane made an emergency landing in one of russia's siberian cities. and that's where i lex, and i've only received 1st treatment. he was in a critical condition. it wasn't until the 2nd half of the day. in fact, it was evening even in europe already. when angela mcclinton, manuel mac cron, they both stepped forward and the german chancellor offered her help of germany's
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help to bring alexis a volley back to his feet. and this is something that doesn't sit right according to the foreign ministry, because how did the agency the o, p c, w have time to get the request, assemble and deploy a team of experts, everything on the same day. and it even says a german is request, can you imagine how much time is needed to prepare an application from a state to the o. b, c, w with a request for assistance in the investigation of chemical weapons poisoning and germany must have had at least something in his hands to have grounds for contacting the b c. w. but here's the thing, the russian diplomats had the opportunity to ask this question to the head of o, p c, w, and a representative of germany. so when the russian side us, how did the agency managed to be so remarkably efficient? the response from the o. p c w head was silence,
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but then the representative of germany chimed in and he is the recollection of events by the spokeswoman of the russian foreign ministry. maria, the heart of she came up with an ingenious idea and left mistress that was in the presence of dozens of foreign representatives in her opinion. it was a typo which annoyingly hadn't been corrected in time, but the head of the o. b. c. w remained established silent, and then something completely unimaginable happened. the german permanent representative said, she remembered everything on august 20 miracle met with the crone in bread and so and they both expressed their readiness to provide medical assistance to volley. so again, that was the account of murray as of the spokeswoman for the russian foreign ministry, but perhaps one of the dozens of foreign diplomats who were apparently also present at the meeting could confirm or well contradict. deny this recollection of events, but the russian side is adamant they will be demanding answers and not just answers,
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but something backed by proofs and documents. high end shafts and the u. k. could be having to change their ways as the country plans to ban boarding lopes. there's a live partly thanks dr. is from crew station compassion, who said the animals feel pain. there is more than enough evidence about the ability of this senses if captivating, creatures to feel pain and suffer the undergo appalling treatment in the food industry. the government also intends to recognise crabs, octopuses, and squid as capable of pain is part of the animal welfare bill. was initially applied to vertebrates, a few countries. i've already banned boiling lobsters alive among them, switzerland, norway, and new zealand will include stunning the lobster 1st, either with electricity or ice or killing it mechanically. or some scientist, i argue that cru station nervous systems are differently built and incapable of pain climbing,
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but their bodies respond merely reflexively. the stimuli critics of the bed also argue will be the tremendous fisherman, whose income depends on a lot of the cash. only my colleague will receive a put the issue for debates with political commentator andrew walker, things and chairman ben harris quine, an animal rights campaign at cape warner, showing compassion to more species that does that a good thing, isn't it? a lot of concerns have been raised about this bill that there are going to be many unintended consequences in terms of what we mean for fishermen, for full food production for the final cost to the consumer. and i think there's also a question of why it is being done. now we have a global and domestic panoramic that we are still struggling to get through. there's going to be a huge economic pool. now from it kate's over to you, forgive me for being devil's advocate, but what's next? cockroaches, when would you give them what this land titles us and right now it tells us that
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animals with a nervous system and can feel pain and stuff. you know, we think that this is a really big step forward for the animals. it's not just that, but a sentence by recognizing that you know, lobsters and crabs and other stuff and dr. pods conceal paying the government is, is going to then protect them further with other animal welfare legislation, which will mean that they can no longer be killed in an inhumane way. transported handled, you know, in an inhumane way. it becomes incredibly dangerous because of killing into bonds, then what happens is it becomes impossible to eat it so they get their outcome. i actually would much rather sit and be honest about those. i'd say it reality be about bombing bait fighting fish and bonding all forms of slaughter for the purposes of food. that is something that, you know, this isn't about binding eating animals. obviously pizza would like to live in a world where people aren't, you know, killing and consuming animal. but this is going to make it illegal to eat lots
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different crabs. you know, it requires the bill will require policy make take on and with needs into account while i think it should be left up to the consumer. and i think it is a good thing that we now have much better information terms of the products we are, we have, it makes them a lot more expensive for the, for the average consumer and so predictions, all the sorts of wealth measures will increase the final cost the products by about 20 percent. it's not for the government to tell us what we should or shouldn't be having. you know, this is the 21st century. the people should be in charge. yes. the public need to be in for it, but they also need to know that these animals and their son t and i most people, when they find this information, i will align the materials with the actions. okay? and if it is purely a public information campaign, then we don't need these measures design practices. you don't need these press the
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fishing industry and we don't need these. these will be measured by products. if it's just about the science, we can lay the science before the public and leave the public to decide if you just keep the information to the consumers and let them make their own decision. then the right decision will come about. and that is what, what that is the point about stand that you gave a direct bomb. the problem is the only tried to call only tried to transfer to now remember something that's really important. fishing has been a major part of british political, this tolls. you know, these industries have been really downtrodden by the european union. and now they have the ability to come back. why on earth would we be signing people? animals. ok. but us with humans. that's what we do. some people don't like it, but some people do. and so, rather than, than suggesting that the consumption meets and food is akin to all impacts, let's accept that there are differences in the use and in franchise people to make those differences induce not by binding. what they can have not been massively
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increasing the cost of things. so the chorus in society can't afford to the things they like less inform the public. but let's not control the public. it was an attempt to display its diversity credentials, but it's ended up having the exact opposite effect. the recent report includes liberty by a major u. s. federal agency and folks are wanting to cover, showing smiling office staff from all walks of life. he glad observers, though seem sported, not all was as it seems to me to poke among them. how do you convince people that you actually practice what you preach? well, if you're the u. s. office of the director of national intelligence. apparently you do a bit of bad photo shopping, at least if you go by the cover of the o. d and eyes latest report on diversity inclusion and equity. the intelligence community should reflect the diverse, make up of america and demonstrate well fostering an environment where every
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professional can succeed. promoting diversity, equity and inclusion is fundamental to always, mccracken, the values and critical to meeting the isis mission physics work every single day. it didn't take long for people to notice that the cover was in fact, the picture from shutter stock. literally titled portrait of multicultural office stuff standing and what's more, it was doctor to include a woman in a wheelchair and a blind guy with a guy dog problem is these 2 were photoshop in so lazy that half the internet noticed is a blame guy. you've brought the shop and you missouri analyst law. you glowed for the shop, the blind guy and dog in there, talk about virtue signaling because nothing says national intelligence light penalty visual signaling with the shutter stock photo. while our enemies laugh, it's all woke feckless italy. you might wonder why they didn't just actually take
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a picture of their actual staff if they're so diverse. but perhaps that's because the audience just isn't as diverse and inclusive a place as they would like you to think it, it just won't be on the front cover. inside the report itself, there, the figures suggest that since 2019th women have seen no change in representation whatsoever, while minorities gain just half a percent, people with disabilities even less than that. it's almost as if they're not really going all in on hiring people based on skin color and gender, perhaps shockingly, merit and qualifications that they're actually after. but then again, even the us intelligence community has to keep up appearances, especially under the biden administration. maybe that's why the us media has been kind of silence on the story. after all, can't have people thinking that the current administration isn't woke enough us president joe biden is ours. about an opposing and a phone call to crack down on ransomware. because the appraisal on russian
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territory, despite the white house the missing, it's got no new evidence suggesting moscow's anything to do with the recent spite of tact. that doesn't stop too much of the western media though from pointing the finger at so cool. russian hackers result. he's senior correspondent, morgan vf, explain in recent weeks, months rushman hackers of have keeping you gotten to overdraw and at least of a slew of us media reports about cyber attacks on american entities and corporations. if that is to be believed, criminal gremlins at work, obviously obvious that is only to the u. s. media, we're not, we're not certain. the initial thinking was it was not rushing gums, but we're not sure yet. the media seem to know something that neither biden nor the f, b i, nor an array of intelligence agencies. something that they don't know because where the media is crying, russia,
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the politicians in the experts are much less sure. listen carefully to the language that officials use it. they are saying russia tax, anything. what president biden can, and i expect will do his demand. russia live up to its obligations and prevent its territory for being used for these criminal acts. it put in once russia to be a productive member, the international community. he could certainly arrest and try these criminals in russia or hand them over to stand trial. elsewhere. pundits are saying, it's russia, they, they couldn't possibly know with it's russian government hackers or criminal russian hackers, or even if they're russian. not of the white house itself, doesn't notes. but there you have it. russian government hackers, breach the computer systems of the republican national committee last week around the time. irrational and criminal group unleashed a massive ransomware attack, according to 2 people familiar with the matter. it's the strangest thing. usually it's the,
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it's the professionals or the people that they report to the government that tells you if they believe that someone was attacked, it could even be the victim. they would, they would know. but in this case, the republicans, which the media has were attacked. even they say they weren't over the weekend, we were informed that synnex a 3rd party provider had been breached. our team worked with microsoft to conduct a review of our systems and after thorough investigation, no r and c data was accessed. what pundents usually do is they right. sensational head loves the caching on your clicks. fabulous, medium makes money right? ads. thought even counter from prussia collusion. hooked skill down the list, the debunked russia, hackers stories. and you'll see we only learned that they were made up after that generated millions of cliques. but there is also an agenda, the vested interest to keep painting russia bad to make sure that relations never rebuilt. rushing group are evil,
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the same group that took down j. b. s. hacking into software manager, casea ramps of demand came from a criminal organization likely be in russia. we're learning details of what appears to be a new russian cyber attack. the targets were us and foreign government agencies. we can guess why they keep doing this 1st and foremost, the fortunes that have been made. scam or greg about russia from billions of clicks and media side. so enormous cash injections for the pentagon, a possible only by hysteria, about russia and the cause sold habits die hard after a century of bashing russia in all its forms. the american media just can't shake the habit. well, they don't have really any idea. they're simply surmising where these attacks are coming from. they don't have any way of sourcing these attributions. because this is merely, these are merely face of a baseless assertion. there could be
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a major cipher event coming up in the near future, and they want to have a ready, a ready scapegoat in russia. for some reason. i mean, there are all kinds of indications that something is a foot. in terms of cyber security. it's merely a kind of a, a troth to constantly say russian hackers it's, it's just the common trope that they're throwing around without any evidence whatsoever. united kingdom will no longer prosecute migrants who enter the country illegally software updated. got it from the government department responsible for prosecuting criminal cases in england and wales. the drum prosecution service stated that those entering the country y c. or laura may not have a choice in how they travel and could themselves be the victims of exploitation. it also said that immigrants should not face criminal charges for entering illegally
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unless they're involved in other criminal activities. we've certainly proven controversial. here's what was in the form of immigration policy. advisor had to say the crown prosecution service has just sent to come to britson advert to every would be illegal immigrant in the world and to the organized crime, gangs, and people traffic as he facilitate them. some believe the decision will only encourage would be illegal. immigrants the head to britain. so for this year, when estimated $6000.00 margaret's of cross the english channel, which is already 3 quarters of the total for 2020 proven hilbrick leader of the english democrats party, told us he was concerned about the consequences to mobile half the u. k. the fact is we at the moment of got no control able people coming in realistically, we don't know anything about their backgrounds. we don't know whether the criminals or what, what they are all terrorists, even we are not, we're not properly exercising any control. and that's
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a great failing on the part of the state. the enormous comes to people who come as a result of it over the years. and of course, one of the consequences that is the full facility is what it re, medical the roads. even the question of housing, you know that they're all plugged up and then we need we, as a result of immigration, we basically need to build something the order of 10000000 houses in southern england. and so the government now telling us, and that means of course that, but that's basically a to new, greater london that have to be built. and that is definitely going to be damaging to what we like to think in the lives which is agreement doesn't land in italy, do 20 finance ministers met for a summit during which they prove the tax reform for multinational that aims to stop the use of tax haven,
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the meeting that was mobbed by classes between environmental and social justice activists and local police. over a 1000 we are the tides which i took to the streets of venice. demonstration, initially we got to peacefully but to send them to the volume when a small group broke away from the approved protest area. demonstrate as could be seen throwing flare that police are blockading a street as officers in full right. get. attempt to disperse them a spanish man was attacked by a man wielding a knife in central paris on saturday, a man who was with his wife at the time received money injuries, according to local authorities. the suspect who's been detained was intoxicated at the time. the street where the incident occurred was temporarily close to pedestrians and traffic. over 350 people have been evacuated off a huge wildfires for 3 central russia, leaving one person dead and 18 injured. according to local authorities,
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10900 people have been put up and temporary accommodation over 70 buildings, including almost 50 homes, have been destroyed. $600.00 firefighters would deploy the tackle of fires in the lab in screven, which have now been brought under control. knocked us. no, it's coming up in just a few moments time. we're back in half an hour. the latest join us again that me the ah ah, people with the these to number raises, whether it's not adequately managed or that they have some immune problem. then their risk of infections and something like the kind of the 19 pandemic
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was very bad news. the people, diabetes, and we considered as one of the very high risk situations in terms of people being in the welcome to reject have denied the show where americans in america covering american news are called boran agents. recently writer caitlin johnstone pen to calm about the differences between horrible totalitarian states and lovely free democracy like we have here in the us. so let's take a moment to go through some of those differences and expand on her point because it's important we all understand the difference between good guys, like the united states and bad guys. like most other countries in totalitarian regime,
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they have massacres and wars in 3 democracies. they of humanitarian intervention. it sounds so lovely doesn't humanitarian intervention. like we did no rock and up can a stand in theory, libya. yeah. and like we want to do in iran and venezuela, china and north korea don't be upset. we just want to intervene in your humanity. it will only take a minute and we'll use lube into italy, terry, and regime. they fund terrorist groups to create instability, and for democracies, they fund terrorist groups to create stability. yes, all of the terrors we fund help make things better. it is now well known that the us funded and supported osama bin lawton, and the merger dean which became alco even after 2001. the u. s. government has funded and timed allied with al qaeda and their offshoots. in fact, right now,
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just last one of p b s frontline, special was the latest vehicle in a p r campaign to legitimize re branded syrian al qaeda. h t yes. and market. it's liter mohammed gilani as a competent american asset. that's right. the founder of al qaeda as brandon very a is now our friend did we say it was a bad guy now and a bad guy. we just needed to get to know or turn down the beheading people in the street was may have understanding. he was actually helping them. you see they had an infection of the body in the removed it, the body, it had gone bad and so he helped them get rid of it. and that's why we like him, he's our friend, enjo, talia, terry,


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